Dinner Time Ch. 03

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In part two, Lexy was reminded what is expected of her. For her transgressions whe will not be permitted to cum under any circumstances for three days… Oh, she is in for quite the test…


Karl unlocked the door to the spare room with one hand still holding me by my wrists. He flipped the light switch illuminating the room with black fluorescent light, enough to see and move about, but still quite dim. The black light softened the room and gave it a nice purple hue. It occurred to me how rarely I’d ever seen that room. Oh Karl had taken me in there many, many times, but I was blindfolded before even entering, at least 90% of the time, and it seemed he was constantly making changes.

I was guided into the room as he closed the door behind us. “On your knees, hands behind your back, eyes forward,” he simply yet clearly instructed, as he motioned with a glance to a softy carpeted area just near the door. I quickly slipped into position as instructed.

The room looked like something out of a movie. I took advantage of the chance to soak it all in, and was in awe of just how much thought and care Karl had put into that room, our special room.

Karl set about lighting some amber scented candles that were spread across a thin wooden shelf attached to the wall. He had made that shelf in wood shop when he was in high school and kept it all these years. He re-stained it last year with a black stain to fit the style of the room more appropriately.

The aroma from the amber candles was already filling the room, and the memories evoked from that scent were heightening my arousal even further, which brought my attention back to the fact that I knew I wasn’t going to be permitted to cum. My thoughts were racing, “Oh… what is he going to do with me? … How am I going to control my self? …When he can make me climax with the slightest touch … With a look … With his voice.” I began to squirm on my knees as I tried to clench the juices back into my sex.

“Be still! … Legs apart!” he commanded.

When ever he used that tone of voice, I completely melted. It took every ounce of self control I could assemble in me just to remain still. I had to hold my breath briefly and then took long slow breaths, and focused on my breathing.

Karl mumbled something under his breath and started to leave the room, He turned to me and said, “I’ll be right back … Don’t move.”

I took advantage of that time to explore the room again with my eyes.

The window was covered in a rich red, heavy, almost velvety textured fabric, which hung from an intricate thick iron rod. The walls were painted in grays and charcoals in a faux brick pattern, but done so well that it really looked like brick. The ceiling was done in thick stucco which almost appeared dripping in some spots. The floor, with the exception of a few throw rugs here and there was a basement like cold gray concrete.

The wall opposite the window had several hooks which displayed Karl’s good sized collection of spanking implements. Even in the dim light I was overwhelmed just looking at it. There were floggers of leather, suede, rope, and even one that looked like fur. Just looking at these made me feel like something was crawling up the back of my neck as I shivered violently for a second. To the right of the flogger collection was a leather paddle and I saw two tawses, one with two fingers one with three fingers. I felt a little tremor at the thought of how that one might sting. Hanging underneath were wooden paddles and of course Karl’s favorite cane, the one that made the swishy sound I knew all too well, although fortunately for me Karl had never used it harshly, I imagined if he did it would be quite unpleasant.

Hanging in a very orderly fashion, were various cuffs and restraints. There were leather wrist and ankle cuffs the ones that attached to the eye rings on the St. Andrews Cross that stood in front of the wall perpendicular to the window. Karl had constructed it when we first bought this house. The Cross had been stained in that same dark stain as the shelf, and had 5 coats of polyurethane; I remember him telling me that, so it was quite smooth and had a little shine to it. He had also attached plenty of eye rings for attaching the wrist, ankle and thigh cuffs. Next to those cuffs were two pairs of police type handcuffs, several long strips of soft leather, a variety of silk scarves and two different kinds of rope.

There were two chests side by side that sat on the floor just under the window, one topped with red leather and the other in black leather. The last time I was in this room and allowed to see, the red chest was the one that contained some of the other toys. From memory, I Ümraniye Sınırsız Escort think there were two butt plugs, one smaller and one just a little too big for my liking, a variety of dildos and vibrators, several containers of lubricant, the dreaded evil little nipple clamps and various other items.

The St. Andrews Cross was really the focal point in the room; it is the classic dungeon piece that made this room look so ominous. Although there were several places in this room that Karl could restrain me, like the door hangers, the thick iron rings that were somehow fastened to the floor and customized just for me at just the perfect distance to spread my arms and legs to their limit, so that I could not move at all. Between these rings lay a very soft white thick fur rug.

I heard Karl coming and it sounded like he was dragging something. I made sure my legs were spread as they were supposed to be. My sex was throbbing as it squeezed out another droplet of fluid onto my thigh. I had another chill as the hairs on the back of my neck raised again in anticipation, and once again my thoughts began to race.

From where I knelt, my back was to the door. I could hear whatever it was Karl was dragging was left just at the door as he approached me from behind and slipped a silk over my eyes. I strained my eyes a little and I could see shapes and shadows through the dark silk, so I wasn’t completely in darkness. I wondered if this was intentional.

Karl placed his hands on my shoulders and leaned down and kissed me softly and sweetly on my neck letting his lips linger there for a moment, breathing onto my skin, causing goose flesh to rise all over my arms and up and down my sides. He whispered into my ear, “Tonight, I have a special surprise for you my love.”

I released a long sigh, as the internal dialogue in my head continued, “This is going to be so hard… I feel like I could cum right now, over and over, just from his slight touch, just from his provocative voice… Oh please don’t let me fail him.”

Karl went back to the door and resumed his production of bringing in his surprise. As he dragged it to the center of the room, I could make out the shape of it, sort of. It was large and square… no, rectangular. There was something rather large at the top of it, looked like a mushroom shape. I wasn’t sure, but I was very curious. “What could this thing possibly be?” My mind was swimming with curiosity.

I suddenly became very aware of my body as my shoulders were beginning to ache a little from clenching my hands behind my back all this time, and my legs were falling asleep from kneeling and sitting back on my heels. I hoped he was going to release me from this position soon.

No sooner did I have this thought then he approached me again. He slipped in close behind me and twirled a few strands of my hair in his finger and lovingly planted a warm kiss on my cheek as he applied a gentle tug to my hair causing another quick chill to pass down my spine and land deep in my groin. I clenched tight with resistance, I was determined not to fail him. I wanted so desperately to show him my obedience.

At that moment he freed the blindfold from my eyes and said, “Happy Birthday my love.”

My birthday was a week ago so I was quite surprised by his gesture. I squinted for a moment to readjust my eyes, and in the candlelight and the purple hue of the room I saw before me what Karl had lovingly constructed with his own hands.

A very large red silk ribbon sat atop a beautifully constructed and well-designed spanking bench, it was stained in the same dark stain as the St. Andrews Cross and the wall shelf. It had padded top and knee supports that were covered in soft black leather. It actually looked very comfortable, almost welcoming. Attached to several points were large eye rings similar to the ones on the Cross. It almost made me look forward to my next spanking. “Oh God… I was in trouble tonight,” I thought to myself as I felt that all too familiar drip on my inner thigh. “God help me”

Karl instructed me to stand now. I was clandestinely relieved as I complied, slowly letting the blood run back into my legs, as I stood with my hands still clasped behind my back.

Opening the red leather covered chest, Karl was digging for something specific. I could hear the subtle jingling of a chain, and I shuddered, because I knew what was coming. I tensed up all over whilst he approached me slowly; he had that fierce look shining in his eyes. That look, I knew all too well. I shivered again, a little too obvious this time, causing him to smirk at me mischievously.

Karl held up the chain that held the nipple clamps and swung Ümraniye Suriyeli Escort it playfully at my eye level and grinned as he saw my eyes widen. He cupped my breasts, leaned in and softly began to nibble at my nipples, one and the other as I tried desperately to muffle the moans escaping my lips. He then took both of my nipples, one in each hand and tweaked them with his thumb and finger, rolling them, squeezing them until they were nice and hard. I inhaled in a backwards pant as the pleasure waves rippled down to my groin. He then took one nipple clamp and pinching the end open he placed it over my hard nipple and quickly let go. I gasped loudly at the sharp pain as it bit into my flesh.

“Breathe my love…You know it will ease,” He said so lovingly, and he was right as usual, after five seconds the initial shock was over and the pain had ceased to include pleasure that shot from nipple to groin. As he placed the other clamp on I began to pant at the sensations rippling through my body. A small whimper escaped me as my eyes watered a little and Karl just chuckled deviously at that. He reached up and dragged his knuckles across the clamps sending bolts of pleasure/pain to my groin. I involuntarily squealed and jumped ever so slightly.

As Karl stepped back towards the spanking bench he took a look at me and I was told to let my hands rest at my sides, while he unraveled the red silk ribbon or I should say ribbons. The big red bow was made up of several lengths of thick ribbon which he collected now in his hand and smoothing them out one by one, he threw them over his shoulder. I shuddered again in frustrated anticipation.

My nipples were throbbing as was my sex. I inhaled deeply and felt the passion brewing deep in my belly. He approached me and took my hand and walked me towards the Cross. I wasn’t expecting that at all. I thought for sure he was going to want to try out his new toy. I really should know by now, to always expect the unexpected when it comes to Karl. He has never in all the time I have been with him, ever done anything predictable. That was one of the many exciting things I loved so much about him.

He held my hand as I stepped up the few inches to the base of the cross, with my front facing it, it seemed so menacing and the little hairs on the back of my neck stood once again. He didn’t tell me where to put my arms or legs as I leaned forward and raised my arms in a vee against the flat wood. Another mistake on my part, I should never assume to know what he is expecting at any given moment. He cruelly reminded me of that fact by once again dragging his knuckles across the clamp on one of my nipples, causing me to squeal involuntarily again as the searing sensation shot straight down between my legs, causing further heat to emanate from my pussy. He decided at that moment he wanted me facing forward, not backward, and instructed me to turn around.

I immediately complied with his wishes as I quickly spun myself around to face him. He took my right foot and placed it against the bottom of the cross. He pulled one of the red silk ribbons through the bottom ring and wrapped it around my ankle. The softness of the silk against my skin felt exquisite and as he looped it through again and pulled it tight I felt a familiar twinge of excitement in my sex. He began spiraling upwards as he proceeded to bind my lower leg to the wood plank, tying off the red silk just above my knee at the next ring. He repeated this with the other leg making me feel a little off balance. He slipped around behind me, behind the cross, and pulled one of the ribbons across my hips and around the center of the cross where he tied it snugly at the back.

Karl stepped back to have a look at me as if deciding his next move. He looked like an artist deciding which part to mold next. It was actually quite fascinating to watch him so intent in his design. He approached again and pulled one of my arms up and began to wrap it in the same fashion as my legs, but he started at the top of my arm close to the shoulder and worked his way up to my wrist. This pulled me back on an angle in such a way that although my body was supported, my head and neck were leaning back uncomfortably.

Karl being exceptionally observant and attentive as usual came up with a clever solution, as he once again slipped behind me and tied two ribbons to the hooks closest to my elbows and pulled them taught across behind me creating a hammock for me to rest my head. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes as I let out a soft sigh of appreciation for his caring as I thought once again about just how much I loved him and how grateful I was to have him in my life.

My one remaining Ümraniye İranlı Escort arm was next, and was bound in the same fashion. I just loved the feeling of the silk against my skin and I felt so secure bound so tightly against the cross. With my eyes closed, I reveled in these sensations.

My nipples had finally ceased to throb as I became accustomed to the clamps that pinched them so tightly. I swear just like he could read my mind, he reached into the red chest and pulled out a small shiny black box. I shuddered to myself as I wondered what he was up to now, as he and the little shiny black box disappeared.

Karl returned just moments later with a large glass of ice and two glasses of red wine. He held one of the wine glasses to my lips as I sipped appreciatively and he placed the glasses on the little wooden shelf.

I suddenly felt pressure against the highest part of my inner thigh. He was wrapping the ribbon not around the cross this time but just around the little fatty part of my inner thigh and attached it to the hook pulling tightly and doing the same on the other side exposing me as much as I could be exposed in this position, and also with the tops of my thighs and my hips tightly bound, there would be no wiggling for me.

Once I was in this position, Karl began to tug on my labia. I would have given anything to be able to squeeze my thighs together at that moment. I inhaled sharply as he continued this torment, pulling, stretching, squeezing and rubbing my sex lips causing them to plump. I closed my eyes for what only seemed like a second and unexpectedly and without warning I felt a sharp pain biting into one of my pussy lips. I gasped quite loudly, as I heard Karl shushing me as he kissed me softly on the belly. I looked down to where his hand was, and I saw a shiny little clamp in his hand and realized what was happening. He was putting clamps on my labia too. I braced myself for the next one, knowing it would be worse if I were tensed up, but I couldn’t relax knowing it was coming.

I closed my eyes again and drew in a couple of long slow breaths… and before I had a chance to brace myself, the next one was already biting into my flesh. “Ahhh,” I screeched, but before the sound was completely out of my mouth, I felt the soothing sensation of my moisture being squeezed out of my pussy as it involuntarily clenched with pleasure causing my juice to trickle onto my aching lips.

Karl began to stroke my clit at that instant and I thought I was going to lose it, but then he shifted and started stroking me just ever so slightly off that spot. I tried to grind my hips into his hand, but they were bound so tight against the cross, I couldn’t move them at all. I let out a frustrated groan, and was rewarded with a tug of the chain on my nipple clamps, causing a repeat of the initial bite of their placement. This time I bit back my cry and inhaled deeply and was surprised that the pleasure waves came much quicker this time.

Karl reached for the wine once again and I noticed the little black box was resting open on the little wooden shelf. He again brought the glass to my lips and after I swallowed a sip of wine he reached up and kissed my lips softly and lovingly. The taste of him, the scent of him, made me ache with desire once again.

When Karl returned the glasses to the shelf, he took something out of the little black box. I couldn’t make out what it was but I feared it just the same when I saw the little smile forming on Karl’s lips. As he came closer I saw dangling from his fingers what looked like a pair of earrings. I was quickly corrected of that thought when he hung one of them to the clamp on each of my nipples. I half whimpered, half moaned as the weights, I now realized they were, tugged at the clamps causing them to bite into my nipples once again. The pleasure/pain raced to my sex and the throbbing in my nipples and the throbbing in my sex lips all turned into an ache of desire in my pussy as I desperately tried to clench my inner thighs only to be reminded that I was completely helpless.

Karl turned to the shelf again, and I tried to hold in the soft whimper that threatened to escape my lips. He turned back to me and reached his hand out to my nipple and once again I gasped as I felt sharp coldness and wetness and realized he was rubbing ice on me. I tried to withdraw, but I couldn’t move my body, the sharp attempt to move away was enough to jiggle the weights causing another pull to the clamps. I was completely imprisoned as his other hand came toward me and joined in on the torture.

After tormenting my nipples with the ice for a minute, Karl leaned close to me and asked, “Are you cold love?”

All I could manage was a shaky, “mhmmm.”

The next thing I knew the wine glass was at my lips again. I gratefully sipped at it, and closed my eyes as I swallowed. Suddenly Karl fisted one hand into my hair and before I had a chance to let my pleasure sound escape my lips, I froze as I realized what he was about to do…

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