Discipline Correspondant 07

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Sunday morning, Tammy is in the bath and I have just finished cleaning up from the fun last night. Tammy called me, “Ray, can you come here please!”

I hurried off to the bathroom expecting a problem, entering there was Tammy stood up in the bath with soap suds all over her body. “What’s up?” I asked.

“Nothing, I just thought you would like to hose me down!” she said with a large grin.

“Hose you down, why are you going out in the garden like that?” I jokingly asked.

“No, Silly I mean with your man hose!” she replied pointing at my crotch. I quickly removed my trousers and underpants, climbed carefully up on to the bath edge and aimed my hardening prick towards Tammy. A slow trickle of golden yellow piss soon turned in to a full flow as I aimed at Tammy’s breasts. She moved forward and knelt before me allowing my piss to cascade down her body, before she took a mouthful and swallowed eagerly.

When the flow became a trickle she took my prick into her mouth and licked the slit hole clean. I then climbed down and turned the shower attachment on to a warm setting and showered her clean of piss and soap. I wrapped her in a large fluffy towel and kissed her open mouth, she slipped her tongue into my mouth and I tasted for the first time the tangy taste of my own piss.

“Master I love you!” she said as she pulled back from our kiss. “I would love to remain here with you forever and you could use me as you see fit” she added.

“I love you too!” I responded.

“Tammy, As much as I would love you to move in here, I think we both need the separate environments as a differential to what we do together!” I replied.

Tammy pouted a sulk but nodded her agreement. “Besides you have a task to complete before tonight” I reminded her.

“Oh what master?” she asked.

“Your emailed Diary on last night’s activities!” I pointed out.

“But I am not at home till tomorrow!” she quizzed.

I took her hand and led her to my computer room and sat her down in front of the screen; turned on the computer and instructed her to log on to her own email account.

I left her to write her Ümraniye Grup Escort report, whilst I went to make a cup of coffee for the two of us.

Master. Here is my diary entry for Friday and Saturday.

Friday night.

My journey to your home was an adventure in its own right, the balls in my cunt set up delicious rippling feelings in my cunt and this caused the Thai beads in my arse to come alive.

When I arrived at your Home, Master, I was on the verge of a large orgasm, and it only took the merest touch of your finger on my clit to trigger it. Then you ordered me to strip and clean the coffee table, I knew I was in trouble, the movements I needed to use caused the balls and beads to act against each other to the point I could feel the juice running down my legs.

I nearly freaked out when you told me that Trevor was going to be present whilst I was punished. I could not help but wonder how I would ever be able to face him in the future. Then you blindfolded me and tied me to the same table I had cleaned, I confess I was worried incase you allowed Trevor; to fuck me and he found the balls and felt the beads. In the finish you had me only give him oral, which was a great relief, but knowing he was watching you punish my naked body and then being allowed to punish my left tit himself, was awesome. It took the excitement level to fever pitch; and to have to thank him as my master’s friend showed him my subservient side and again I wondered if he would try to take advantage of me later around my own home.

Then you revealed to me it was not Trevor; I was really pleased at that, at least I would not be embarrassed when I next meet him. But part of me wanted it to be him and for him to know the true me and the fact that I already had my master; therefore nothing would happen between us unless you so ordered it.

The sight depravation really enhanced my experience, and thrilled me to new heights, but the most exciting thing for me was the privilege of sleeping beside my Master.

When I woke as you got out of bed next morning and I saw your beautiful prick all swollen Ümraniye Manken Escort and hard I wanted to swallow it and coax you’re cum into my mouth. Then we went to the shower room where you used me as your private toilet, I could not resist from showing you my devotion to you by swallowing your delectable piss.

I really was shocked when your son, let himself in and caught me butt naked in the morning, I froze for a split second before hiding in the shower room. I could not get over how handsome your son looks, I could easily imagine you looking similar when you were his age and that made me love you even more.

I am truly honored Master that you see fit to treat me as your equal away from play times and I was overjoyed that you wanted your slave to entice other me into seeing the parts of me that are yours to display or use as you want.

I was high on heat all afternoon in the park, and the final act of your superiority over me, flashing my tits to the football teams left me walking on air all the way back to your home.

Then the feeling of the drying cum on my cunt constantly reminded me that I was your slut and therefore your property to use as you saw fit. You allowed me to shower after the meager meal I prepared, but you were gracious in your compliments about my cooking.

I found myself wanting to play with my cunt as I showered, but as you did not give any such permission I respectfully avoided playing with myself.

You took me to the guest room, I nearly fainted when I saw the toys laid out on the bed and then you tied me spread eagled to the cross, it raised my horniness even further as I knew I was now powerless to resist. Again you placed the blindfold on me and took away my sound sensors. Then the next thing I knew my orientation was distracted as I felt I was being turned cartwheel.

Then I was really confused as I could not work out if I was on my head or my arse, but I soon realized I was on my head as the blood pounded in my ears. Then I felt what I thought was your cock pressing into my mouth, I eagerly sucked it only to have it took away from me before Ümraniye Masöz Escort I got to taste the fruit of my efforts.

Suddenly I was scared, as another cock different to the first was pushed in to my mouth, I was forced to suck it and then I felt your first slap on my arse. The cock slipped deep into my throat and I almost gagged. I lost count of the number of cocks I sucked but was always on the verge of Cumming and even deprived of the cum as they seemed to pull away before shooting.

Then again my brain scrambled as I was turned again, and to have cocks in my mouth and cunt at the same time was beyond my wildest dreams, I confess to breaking into a continuous orgasm for the first time ever.

I kept expecting the blasts of cum but they never happened and it was driving me insane. I suddenly felt the binding being loosened and lost my sense of balance as I was man handled over someone’s knee. I was my biggest fantasy to be spanked as I was fucked and you even added the extra thrill of a cock in my mouth to that.

Eventually you removed my blindfold and I was shocked to see so many men, who had fucked me, but the biggest thrill of the night was being handed from on man to another as a sex doll, and being powerless to stop it; being held down and my nipples teased as I was double fucked was out of this world. Thank you master for the thrill of a lifetime.

It seemed only right when you made the guys kiss me after that wonderful cum cocktail (pardon the pun) I take it that when the guys pulled away it was to deposit their load into the glass you had e drink later. I bet it was a thrill for the guys to taste the after effects of their mixed cum as we kissed. But it made me go all goose bumps and tingly.

The over all memory, I will take away from this weekend is that fact that you said you loved me too, although I must confess to being a little upset at the thought of us not moving in together just now, but I can see where your coming from.

Your obedient slut, Tammy.

Slut Tammy,

Your activities this weekend have soon great potential and I think we are ready to move to the next level, I shall arrange for you to self punish yourself whilst I live feed to a select few over the internet. If you achieve this then you shall truly be my number one slut slave and as a reward will be allowed next week end as my equal to choose what you want to do.

Your Happy Master, Ray.

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