Disobedient Ch. 02

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Big Tits

The next morning…

I slowly wake up, I reach for her, but she isn’t there. I look at the clock, and it’s 11 AM. I sit up and see a note with some items next to it

*Morning Princess, Remember what I said last night. Here are the items you need for the weekend. I’ll be waiting for you puppy.

Love your impatient Mommy*

There is a butt plug tail. It’s a fluffy white tail. A set of ears. The butt plug looks huge, but she has left some lube. Thank god. I slowly start to get dressed as she wishes. I stand in front of the mirror and look at myself. I just thought what people would say if they saw me. Wonder if she will be pleased.

I make my way downstairs, remembering not to walk but crawl. I find her and the girl in the living room. I learn her name is Alyssa.

“Finally sleepyhead, don’t you look perfect princess. Crawl over her so I can inspect you” she says with a wicked smile. She knows it’s embarrassing when she inspects me. She knows it makes me wet. I slowly crawl over to her. She gently touches me, and she plays with my tail. Then she rubs my cunt.

“Such a dirty girl, she is wet again. I’m starting to think you enjoy this cunt.” She takes me by the collar and makes me look at her.

“Bark cunt.”

I quietly bark.

She attaches my lead and takes me into the bedroom again. Alyssa comes to us. Mommy leans down Ümraniye Olgun Escort and kisses me. Then puts a spider gag on me and tells me to stay. She leaves, I notice Alyssa laying on the bed touching herself. I didn’t want to stare, but I count help it.

Mommy comes back wearing her strap-on. It was a new one, a bigger one. She walks start over to me and forces it into my mouth, making me gag. She fucks mg mouth fast and hard. Hitting the back of the throat. Then she fucks Alyssa, her moans as she slides her cock into her. God, she loved it. Mommy was fucking her so fast. Mommy removes my gag and pulls me behind her and tells me to lick her ass… She pulls me in tight. I slowly start to circle, trying to please her but I can’t help but think of what she is doing. Alyssa cums. Mommy quickly forces her cock into my mouth and makes me clean her cock. Making me taste Alyssa.

“Such a good puppy, cleaning my cock. How does she taste” Mommy laughs.

I growl and try and push away. Mommy pulls me back in place. And takes the strap on off. And starts to piss in my mouth. Covering me in it.

“Bad puppy, look at the mess you’ve made. Clean it up NOW!” I slowly lick up her piss.

“Time for walkies cunt. Remember if you need to go potty now is the time” before I can react she is dragging me outside. It was a short walk. I was so Ümraniye Sarışın Escort embarrassed hoping no one would see me. O have nothing on except a collar, tail and ears. I need the restroom so bad, but I left it too late. Mommy says we are heading home and I had my time.

I refuse to move and bark. So desperate to go. She grabs the crop she carries and starts to spank me. I yelp and whimper trying to get away, but she holds me in place.

“Cunt, I told you, you missed your time. You will need to wait. Now, get in the house.”

The anger in each word was scary, I ran into the house and tried to hide from her, but she catches me. Grabs me by the hair and takes me into the playroom. She and Alyssa tie me up. My legs spread painfully wide and my arms above my head.

“The disrespect you have my puppy needs to change. Time for the first part of your punishment.”

Alyssa gets between my legs and starts to lick. My god, my bladder full and she was so gentle. My clit was pulsing. Mommy watches for a bit when she puts pressure on my stomach. Fuck, I need to go so bad.

I bark so loud. “You had your chance cunt. No.”

She adds pressure again, and I can’t hold it. I start to pee over Alyssa. Mommy begins to use the Dragon tail whip on me. I scream so loud. I say sorry, I can’t hold it anymore.

“Wrong move cunt.”

She Ümraniye Şişman Escort hits me harder. Alyssa still licking away. The piss didn’t seem to annoy her. She licked it all up.

“Looks at how much you are enjoying my friend’s tongue. You are such a slut.”

She hits again. Fuck! She washes up a bit and lets Alyssa work her magic. God, I needed to cum. I was so close. I looked at mommy, letting her know I was so close. She says no.

She smiles watching me try and control it. She whispers to me… “cum baby” I moan her name, as Alyssa send me over the edge. Just as I was calling down. Mommy pulls Alyssa into her cunt and makes her lick her. As I’m tied up and made to watch. My eyes never leave them. I pull against the ropes. Mommy gives me a look. I stay quiet as I watch Alyssa make her cum. Wishing it was me tasting her, pleasing her.

God, she is so beautiful when she comes. She walks over to me slowly and kisses me so gently. “Its nap time puppy” she untied me and led to me my bed. She kissed my forehead and disappeared back into the room with Alyssa. K could only imagine what they were doing.

I quickly fall asleep before I know it mommy is waking me up telling me it’s dinner time and Alyssa had made us a fantastic dinner. I sleepily follow once I’m in the kitchen my dinner is in a bowl on the floor next to mommy’s seat.

She encourages me to eat. I slowly start to eat from my bowls as they two speak, laugh, your. Mommy gives me some wine in a bowl. She smiles as he sees me lap it up.

“Good girl, such a clever puppy” she pats me on the head.

I wasn’t to know this was only the beginning of the night…

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