Do You Think Her Son Knows

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Author’s Note: All characters in this story are at least 18 years of age, and, even in role play, are “playing” characters at least 18 years of age.


The birthday boy was center stage, as all his friends, the guests at his party looked on. He was sitting in a chair made of dark wood. On the matching wooden table behind him, was a mess of unopened presents, cups, soda bottles, and a cake that had yet to be cut into. The open room set-up meant that his friends in the living room could look right at him in his kitchen, as it all blended together into one area with no walls. The only real distinction was the sudden changeover from comfortable carpet to cold tiles. Everyone was looking his way, and he was nervous as hell, but not because of the people looking. No, he was nervous because, just like the people looking on with held breath, he knew what was coming next.

The party consisted of only his straight, male friends; and there was a reason for it. His Dad had proposed for his 18th Birthday, that he hire a very expensive call-girl from the town’s famous, and infamous, high end service. With that kind of thing, you needed a bit of discretion involved. So his guests had been carefully chosen, close friends only. Plus, they had all been in on it in advance so that no one freaked out and bolted last second. Some of his buddy’s couldn’t make it because of work, or family vacations, or some pretty big sporting events that happened to be going down that same weekend. But those guys hadn’t been told what they’d be missing, so it was understandable. Besides, the birthday boy was already a bit worried about the male to female ratio since, hiring this woman meant that there was exactly 1 woman, and, at current numbers, 10 guys… plus his Dad.

That had been how the whole thing started. He and his Dad had been watching a movie, when an intimate scene came on. One of those rated R affairs, where the pretty people get into it and nudity is shown, but the actual sex is hidden and brief. Then, out of nowhere his Dad had blurted out that he’d always had a fantasy about a “Father-Son team-up”. Apparently he had been the Son when the fantasy started, but, he didn’t stop talking about it. He just kept musing about it outloud. He started by talking about how it started, then how it stuck with him, then how he’d thought about the nearby whore-house (called The Resort) over the years. Before he was done an hour had passed and he was excitedly suggesting the very plan that they were now all carrying out. He and his friends were going to share a very beautiful, very expensive, very talented call-girl for his birthday. But, before anyone else got to touch her, the birthday boy and his Dad were going to double team her first.

So, there they were. Him and his friends, all waiting while his Dad met the woman at the door, and got ready to bring her in. When she came in, she came from behind him and to the side. His Dad had, very specifically, wanted to bend her over and take her from behind, while he got a blowjob from her in the chair. Again, tying back to his Dad’s fantasy from when he’d been younger. Honestly, he didn’t care how much his Dad had made it about himself; he was kind of psyched for the whole thing anyway.

When she came into the room, his buddies all gasped. Some of them blushed, a few of them said “no way” like they couldn’t believe it was really happening. A couple of others commented on how it was “So hot!” But, as gorgeous as the woman must have been to garner those reactions, he couldn’t bring himself to look. He knew he was blushing and he was insanely nervous.

She WAS gorgeous though. The place they’d hired her from had a reputation, not merely as one of the best around, but as one of the best in the country. She had long strong legs that were capped with the most perfect ass any of them had ever seen. Her breasts were huge, and her clothing only served to highlight how truly breathtaking her cleavage line was when they were pushed together by said clothing, or a pair of hands. Her long hair was truly beautiful, and she had eyes that almost matched that same level of loveliness. One look at her, and you understood why wealthy people paid small fortunes for access to her time. And that wasn’t even all of it. In her profession, there was a lot more to the job than simple looks or skill in the bedroom. The best of the best were charming. Smart, funny, easy with a laugh or a flirt; and this woman had charm to spare.

Of course, he knew all of that about her at a glance when his Dad asked, “Ready for this buddy!?”, and pushed on the woman’s shoulders. As he did, she smiled, gave a wink to the boys waiting in the “audience”, and bent forward until she was hovering over the birthday boy’s bulge. His Dad told him to “take it out already”, not even pausing when his Son gasped and his eyes went wide at the sight of the woman he’d brought in. His Dad had his pants around his ankles, and was working to get her dress hiked up over her ass before he even paused long enough to ask, “What?” in a semi-annoyed tone.

But while his asyabahis yeni giriş Dad may have started out as annoyed, his Son’s answer turned that mood around in an instant as he gasped out, “I know her!” At first, he gave him an approving grin, and continued to get himself into position as he remarked; “No way! Nice going stud. How on Earth did you manage to afford that?!” But as his Dad began bumping the head of his cock into the plump, wet lips of the woman’s pussy, causing her to give an approving little moan and glance back at him wickedly, his Son clarified what he’d meant.

He tried to get it out before his Dad could, you know, finish doing what he was doing… But he didn’t manage to spit it out in time, and so the sound of him saying, “She’s my best friend’s Mom! It’s Misses (my last name)!” was immediately followed by the sound of her moaning loudly as his Father finally lined everything up properly, and buried the full length of his cock inside of her very snug pussy.

At first, he didn’t believe his ears. He didn’t know all of his kid’s friends, so he sure as hell didn’t know all of their parents. But the kid he was talking about had been his Son’s best friend for YEARS. He’d heard the name a thousand times, even if he didn’t know a ton about him. In the moment, he paused. In part because his brain was trying to process what he was hearing, but just as much so because he was currently balls deep in the tightest, most amazing pussy that he’d ever felt in his life. After a second, he managed to swallow some of the overwhelming pleasure he was feeling down, and ask outloud a question that he was sure that his Son couldn’t possibly be right about the answer to.

“You’re (my first name)’s Mother?” When he asked, my Mom flipped all that beautiful hair over one shoulder so he could see her face as she smiled back at him over her shoulder. From there, she flashed him a teasing smile, and addressed him by his full name. First, middle, and last; and she said it in that admonishing way that only Moms can do.

She seemed genuinely surprised as she said, “Our Son’s have been best friends for, going on 13 years…” His blush deepened, but he didn’t say anything. My Mom’s grin grew bigger, and with even greater shock and amusement she continued, “Your wife and I are both on the PTA board… She and I go to the same church…” Her grin grew even bigger as she added, “I’ve been at your house no less than 100 times! Are you really telling me that you didn’t know who I was when you propositioned me at The Resort?” In response, he just gulped. His face was red, but it wasn’t from embarrassment. He seemed to swallow something down, and, once more, he tried to confirm, “You’re Misses (my last name)”.

At that, Mom gave a little laugh, and seemed to let it all go. Instead of continuing to push him, she instead just answered him. “I sure am”, she assured him. “In fact, I was here for (the birthday boy)’s birthday party last year too. Of course, back then I just helped your wife bake his cake, and then played hostess for him and his little friends.” Then she looked out at the guys who were all watching with blushes as big as the obvious erections that their pants were failing miserably at hiding, and asked, “Isn’t that right boys?” They answered almost on instinct. A friend’s Mom asked them a question, so they nodded and replied. “Yes Mrs. (my last name).”

At that point, the birthday boy’s Dad was gripping her hips tightly and cursing. This, this was more than he bargained for. By a lot. It was… GREAT! But he needed a second to catch his breath so it didn’t end the very moment that it had gotten so much better than he’d ever hoped for! He has his cock buried in the very tight pussy of little (my first name?)’s Mother! AND she looked like she did, and felt like she did, and she worked at The Resort, which meant that she was a high class… FUCK! It was all way too hot!

He was biting his tongue, and doing math his head trying not to let it be over before it got started, when his Son piped in with something that snapped him out of all of it in an instant. “Do you need us to stop Mrs. (my last name)?” His Father froze again, and spent several seconds living in fear of her answer.

But she just propperself up on one hand, and with her other, she guided the birthday boy so he was looking her in the eyes. The gesture put them face to face in such close proximity that he was almost certain her lips must have been touching his Son’s whenever she used too big a word. Still, all his fear fell away, and was replaced by a rush of excitement, as he heard her tell his kid, “Oh sweetie… now you know where I work. And since you boys were all sitting here waiting for me, you also know what your Dad asked for when he went to where I worked, and hired me for today. So, with that in mind, do you think that I looked, or sounded uncomfortable, when your Dad brought me in here, bent me over like the whore that I am, and jammed his big cock into me?”

For his part, the birthday boy just whispered “Oh fuck!”, in a tone that could have asyabahis giriş easily been interpreted as a moan. Then the woman who still had his Father’s dick throbbing inside of her, reached her hand down, and began to slowly unzip the birthday boy’s zipper as she asked him, “Can I show you something?” He nodded, a short rapid bobbing of his head that clearly told everyone that he didn’t have the air to answer her. But no one was judging. Even though he was the one in the hot seat, the whole room was every bit as turned on, burning with heat, and every bit as breathless as he was. This was insane! Hot, incredible, unbelievable, madness!

Once he’d given her permission, she reached into his pants, and he moaned loudly as she found what she was looking for. She wrapped her cool fingers around his hot and throbbing cock. She eased it out of his pants, and brought it out into the air; providing him with relief that he wasn’t aware he’d desperately needed. Then she said, “Okay, I want you to pay close attention to how this feels, okay?” She was tender with her words. Her appearance managed to perfectly blend sinful wickenss, and Motherly care. Her clothing, the pretty dress with too low a dip and no panties underneath it, somehow managed to match her tone and attitude perfectly.

Then she looked back over her shoulder again, and said, “Hey (birthday boy”)’s Dad. Would you be a dear and give me, just a few, HARD, SLOW, THRUSTS… so I can show your Son something?” Then she grinned, and turned back to the birthday boy as his Father smiled so big he practically glowed with it. In a quick whisper she said, “Kiss me.”, and then her luscious red lips were pressed into his. A moment later, that first hard thrust hit her from behind, and she half moaned, half screamed with pleasure, straight into the birthday boy’s mouth as the force of it rocked her forward and made her press into him, hard. Her grip on his dick tightened, but only in a way that highlighted his intense pleasure. If he’d been able to stop and take a moment, he would have rated it the hottest, most intense moment of his life. But then, after a brief pause, it happened again. Another hard slam pushed her into him, and she moaned into his mouth as she struggled to keep kissing him.




He was certain that if this kept up, he’d have had the best orgasm of his life, even without her touching his cock. Then she pulled away, and glanced at his Dad in a way that made him stop too. She took a moment to catch her breath, as she seemed to be panting, and every bit as turned on as the men on either end of her were. Then, after a few moments, she asked, “Now. Imagine that… but we move my lips from here…” and as she said it, she smiled, and began to move her face down towards his lap. “… to here.” Then, without any space in between, she wrapped her lips around his cock, and her warm, heavenly mouth engulfed him. One minute, he thought the air felt amazing, and the next, a woman skilled enough to be rated one of the country’s best whores, had her lips wrapped around the base of his cock, and the rest of it halfway down her throat. He moaned, and yelled, and bucked his hips up; but she didn’t seem to mind. She simply gave approving little moans of her own, until he’d settled his hips down enough to control them again.

When he’d regained control, she eased her lips up the length of him, so slowly that it felt like she was slowing down time itself just to drag his pleasure out. Then, with a pop, she released him from her mouth, and brought herself up to face him again. “So kiddo,” she said with a smile. “Think you might want to feel some more of that, while your Daddy here,” she said, gesturing at the man behind her; “pounds me from behind?” He was nodding again, hard. But she just grinned back at him and teased, “Even though I’m (my first name)’s Mother?” And this time, he didn’t even hesitate. “Yes! Yes! Please, yes!” he pleaded.

With that, she smiled back over her shoulder once more, and with a low, seductive purr to her voice she said, “I think we’re ready to get started now”. Then, without waiting for any kind of reply, the beautiful and busty woman that 10 out of the 11 men present, had known and been secretly lusting after years… once again lowered her mouth into the birthday boy’s lap.

Ten horney teenagers ranging between 18-19 watched on as “the reply” came a moment later; and the birthday boy’s Father began fucking their friend’s Mom in earnest! She was wicked, and wild. She slurped, and sucked, and moaned. Her mouth and her hands never stopped moving, yet, despite her constant attention to detail, and the grown man fucking her from behind, the blow job was still slow and attentive. She put great care into what she was doing with her mouth and hands, and it showed. Even though, every time another thrust came in from the back, her lips would temporarily be forced down the dick she was clearly giving all of her attention to.

Then, as if watching a beautiful, busty, and familiar, master of her craft, give the greatest asyabahis güvenilirmi blowjob that any of them had ever seen wasn’t enough somehow; the birthday boy’s Dad started talking about how hot he thought it all was and why.

“Hey Son…” he started. Trying to get his kid’s attention in a moment where only one person deserved it. “Do you think (my first name) knows what his Mom does for a living?” The question threw everyone off, and no one could tell if it was in a bad way. On the one hand, it sounded like a rude thing to ask, like, on principle. That was Mrs. (my last name) up there, and she’d been nothing but sweet and awesome to everyone there their whole lives. On the other hand, it was the fact that she was so familiar, and so sexy, and so, “Mom”, that made this whole thing so hot. She was 20 different kinds of “forbidden” and the taboo of it had everyone burning up inside as they watched the Father-Son-team taking her from both ends.

But he wasn’t done yet, and the birthday boy’s Dad just kept asking his rhetorical questions. “Do you think he knows that she’s here right now?”, he added. The birthday boy didn’t answer, but Mrs. (my last name) just smiled around a mouthful of cock, and shot the man behind her a mischievous glance that seemed to say “naughty!” But… she didn’t stop. “Fuck!”, he continued. “Imagine if he didn’t come today because he DID know… OR! Imagine if he didn’t come today for some other reason, and any minute now he’s going to walk through that door and see us working his Whore-Mother from both ends!

Again, there was the briefest flash of discomfort from the watching teens, but it was undone a moment later when, driving himself crazy with his own words, the birthday boy’s Dad started fucking her harder, and in response, she began moaning louder than before.

The thing was, no matter what the answer to any of his questions were, my Mom was a professional, and she was very, VERY, good at her job. So, if the fact that she was my Mother, was going to be the greatest thing ever to her clients, then she was all too happy to play it up for them and please her customers. Especially since, in a very rare twist, she actually knew and liked most of the “customers” who were there that day.

So, as the Father of the birthday boy’s weird, twisted, and taunting questions continued, she just kept flashing him grins, then looking at their audience, and moaning louder. Everyone watching wanted to pull their dicks out and masturbate to the show that was being put on right in front of them, but they were afraid that if they touched themselves they’d cum. If that happened, they might miss out on what was supposed to happen next!

“Oh god!” The Dad grunted, his face bright red as he fucked the woman in front of him harder than he’d fucked anyone in more than 10 years. “Fuck! God your so fucking tight! I can’t hold back!” And that, was the first thing that he’d said in several minutes that she actually replied to. As he began grunting, and talking about how he was right on the edge, she eased her mouth off of the boy in front of her, and looked up at him as his Dad hammered her from behind just about as hard as he could. But even under that assault, she managed to smile up at the birthday boy, and in a voice that was broken and jerky from how hard her body was being rocked, she asked him; “Do you think (my first name) knows that you and your Dad are about to fill his Mother’s cunt and Stomach up with your huge, hot, loads?!” Then she drove her lips down the full length of him and instantly took him from the slowest, and most attentive blowjob that anyone watching had ever seen, to a hard, fast, and nasty blowjob! One that included her hand pumping the base of his cock in a blur, as she sucked, slurped, and drooled all over him.

In seconds, the Father and Son were both screaming, and cumming, and grabbing on to whatever they could as they experienced the most intense fucking orgasms of their lives! They both grabbed on to, and fucked his friend’s Mother from both ends, being rough with what they had, and shooting load after load down into her body!

When it was all done, and both men had finally finished, they both looked like they’d just run 10 marathons. The birthday boy’s Dad couldn’t even make it to the nearest chair, and ended up collapsed on the floor, laughing and gasping for breath, with his pants around his ankles as he laid on his floor, too spent to move. His Son was slumped in the chair, and after a minute, joined his Dad on the floor. Both men looked as pleased as they’d ever looked in the whole of their lives. Then, the woman who’d been between them just a few minutes prior simply stood up, adjusted her dress so that the bottom of it fell back into place, and turned towards the rest of the guys as if nothing had ever happened.

Besides her hair having a few stray, wild strands in it that had looked pristine before, and her lipstick being smeared and rubbed off to the point of being gone, she just looked, kind of, normal! “Oh my”, she said breathily. She was still panting, and a little red in the face herself. “You boys certainly do know how to throw a party.” Then she gave a little laugh, retrieved her purse from where it was hanging by the front door. Then she dug out her lipstick so she could apply a fresh coat of red to her lips as she spoke to them.

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