Dolly Pt. 02

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Molly was not the innocent little thing this guy thought she was. She knew she had to stop playing shy at the start, she was giving the wrong impression. She had come across this before. Guys her age were never prepared for her. She had a tendency to scare them off. This guy was older though; he might be up for something more adventurous.

She was a little disappointed when he didn’t show up at the pool tournament but it wasn’t a total loss. She had still been a little sore from his fucking the shit out of her ass. She hadn’t expected anything more than a drunken quickie. He surprised her though by eating pussy like a champ. She had played shy but he had kept pressing. One orgasm turned into another. He used his tongues and fingers deftly to work over every bit of her and when he had finally slipped his cock into her pussy she had been able to rub herself into a little orgasm fest.

When she thought he had blown her off she was disappointed. Stephanie, the always-protective roommate had gone over the top though. He seemed to work it out for her and even got her number. He was up for seeing her again and she picked her favorite little pizza place. He was game and she prepared herself.

For two days she flirted with him. He was pretty good with the texts. He could talk dirty without going overboard. She teased him with selfies finally working up to full on shots of her in bed with her favorite toy. Wednesday night, later than she knew he would be up she sent the shot of the handcuffs. Lots of guys got excited at the idea then shirked away when she told them she wanted to put them on him. She wondered what Dan’s take would be.

She woke up to a text from him and she knew it was going to be interesting. “Kinky! Who gets to wear them first?”

She left work early saying she wasn’t feeling well. They didn’t buy it anymore but the only reason she still had the job was they didn’t care. She showered and took her time with the razor leaving her entire body smooth and clean. She pulled on the corset. She liked the way it held in her belly and pushed the girls up front and center. She topped it with her rockabilly shirt, added stockings that stopped half way up her thighs. She was torn between the Goth boots and the dressy boots but decided he might get off on the whole freak look so she laced on the thick army style boots. It would be a bitch to get them off later. Hell, she might leave them on. She thought she should pick up but blew it off. She was late. She scurried to the restaurant.

It took a second for her eyes to adjust when she entered the restaurant He was at a table not the bar and she got to make a good entrance She turned to slip between two tables and did her best to jiggle as much as she could in the tight get-up. He seemed pleased with her look.

“Wow.” Was all he could say.

“You like? I thought I would dress up a little.

“I like.. the eye makeup.”

“Uh huh…” she giggled back. “Have you looked at my eyes yet?” she teased, thrusting her chest out. Her tits slid out a little as she did and she twisted a little.

He was drinking beer so she had one. He ordered pizza. She wanted to eat more of it but the corset was not the way to go to down a third slice so she held off.

He asked her about work, she shrugged and asked him about threesomes. It was a good opening and she got to tell her story about her lesbian girlfriend and how it fell apart when she invited a guy to join them. He raised his eyebrows from time to time.

“Your wife. Did you guys get freaky?”

“We did it in the kitchen once.” He laughed back at her.

“But you don’t mind, I mean, I am pretty open to trying new things.”

“Oh, I’m okay with it.”

“Okay with what?” She really wanted him to give her a little more.

“I am a little afraid, the other night, that was a little over the top.”

She smiled. “You liked my ass.”

“I liked your ass. I would have liked, well, you know.”

“Don’t worry. I am prepared.”

“I saw. You didn’t answer me about who gets to wear them first.” Now he was smiling too.

“Did I really need to?”

He asked her if she wanted another beer. She made it clear that wasn’t what she wanted. He suggested it was still kind of early. She asked if that was a problem. She leaned forward and twisted just a little. She had practiced the move and it worked to perfection pulling just a taste of each of her nipples out of the top of her corset. He agreed quickly to follow her home.

She had kissed him at her car and he had run his hand up her thigh to the bare flesh of her ass. She liked the mecidiyeköy escort way he took little tastes of her. She wasn’t a young twenty-six, she had come to learn some men didn’t just appreciate her curves but actually wanted them. Dan wanted them.

She kissed him again at her door. She liked having the boots and their two-inch lift. He was fairly tall and it made it easier to kiss him. She offered him a drink once they were inside and she was happy he said no. She didn’t think they had anything but a half bottle of Jaeger in the freezer. She had planned to pour a shot or two into him eventually but not yet. He looked around their apartment for a minute. He checked out the bookcase, the pictures, and the videos next to the TV. She watched him for a minute then, when his back was turned, she reached behind her back unclasping her skirt and letting it fall to her feet. She kicked it aside beside the couch and waited for him to turn around.

He didn’t say anything when he saw her; he just started to move slowly towards him. She turned and moved to her room letting him catch up. His hand moved over her dimpled ass as she reached the door and she pulled him by the hand before closing the door.

“So smooth.” He said. She had been undressing him and letting him move his hands over her ass, he had gotten around to the front and run his fingers over her freshly shaved mound and pressed his hand between her legs.

“Take those off.” She told him, having already pulled off his shirt and belt. He obliged dropping his pants and a paid of boxers with little hula girls on them.

“On the bed.” She told him. He complied. He sat at the edge of the bed and she let his fingers back between her thighs. She thought it was only fair that she should get some attention before she took his hands away from him. He was good, he knew just where to touch her and she had to struggle not to get distracted. She was close to coming and if she let herself, she knew she would straddle him and his cock before she got to have her fun.

“Lie back.” She told him. She took a deep breath and let herself get back on task.

He was tall and filled her small double bed. She wanted to upgrade to a queen but even at Ikea that got pricey. Beside, she liked the black iron, especially at times like this. She turned and from the top of her dresser, retrieved the fuzzy handcuffs. “Now, don’t try to get away. Even with the fuzzy part you could get some terrible marks.”

“I’ll be careful.” He grinned at her. He willingly ran his hands through the bars of her headboard and she clipped them in place.

“Now, just to be safe, your safe word is ‘Olives.'”

“I hate olives.” He answered.

“So do I, so don’t use it.”

“Am I going to need one?”

“I hope not.” He hadn’t noticed but the crop was right behind the headboard and after she cuffed him in place she had slipped it out. SWAP. “But you never know.”

He grimaced but hadn’t made a sound.

“Now spread your legs.” He did but not very far. SWAP came the crop again. “Wider,” she said as the red mark began to take shape on his chest.

“You sure liked lubing up my little ass Friday night.” She slapped the crop softly, repeatedly on his cock. She liked how it twitched as she did.

“I love your ass.”

Swap. Not too hard, but right on his cock. He moaned. “I don’t think you asked me if I like a big fat cock in the ass, did you, Daddy?” He raised his eyebrows as she said it. “Oh, you forgot, didn’t you? Do you still like it when I call you, Daddy?”

“Yes.” He said, looking up at her.

“Well, Daddy. You didn’t ask if you could fuck my asshole, so I don’t think I will ask either.”

He didn’t say anything but she watched him watch her. He was a freaky old man after all, she thought to herself. In her top drawer she pulled out the lube. She bought good lube. “I mean, I do like a fat cock up my ass, but you didn’t know that, did you?” She poured the lube on his cock first and it twitched as the cold hit it. She drizzled a fine like down his shaft and then squeezed so that a fat glob dripped down from her hand to his balls.

“Don’t be too noisy now, the neighbors will hear.” Fuck that, she liked them to hear. She ran her hand down his chest. He looked up at her, his eyes as wide as he could make them. She ran her hand over his dick, she got it nice and slippery and then moved down to his balls, drenching his fingers in the sticky clear goo. “Now relax for me, Daddy.” She warned softly rubbing her fingers in small circles. He closed his eyes and waited. His legs spread wider, his hips raised vip escort istanbul just a little. “Oh, you like that…” slowly she slipped a finger into his ass.

“Is this a virgin asshole, Daddy?”

“Yes.” He hissed through pressed lips.

“Oh, poor Daddy. You really should have gone softer on my ass, shouldn’t you?”

“Yes, he hissed again.”

“Too bad.” He groaned as she pressed a second finger into him. His hips thrashed and although she started slowly, she didn’t go slowly for long.

He groaned louder the harder she fucked him. She cooed at him. “Good, Daddy.” “Look how daddy likes to get fucked.” The louder he groaned the harder she fucked him. She thought about trying a third finger but he seemed to like it as it was. His cock twitched and from time to time he would more than groan, he would growl. She wanted to make him growl. She slowed down, finally taking her fingers out of his ass.

He was breathing heavily, his cock twitched, but he kept his legs wide for her, his arms moved but never pulled against the cuffs. What the fuck, she thought. “Lie there quietly, rest.”

She had to dig through her top drawer for a second before she found both pieces, she looked at the size of the cock, it was a little large but she thought the width compared nicely to his. His cock was still hard. He was going to be fun. She pressed the dong through the hole in the leather panties/strap and pulled it up her legs and strapped it firmly to her plump little waist.

She let him look at her. He didn’t say anything though.

“Spread your legs.”

“Really?” he asked, the first fear slipping into his voice.


“Oh fuck.”

“Tell me you want it.” She dared him.

“I don’t think I can.”

“Is it too much?” She shook her rubber cock like a guy does when he pees.


“Too bad.”

It was tricky getting between his legs. He helped her though, finally letting her position herself with her dong pressed below his balls. His cock limped a little, he must have been worried. She took his dick in one hand and hers in the other. “Spread wide for me, Daddy.”

“Oh, Fuck!” he exclaimed as she entered him. “Fuuuuck.” As she slid it six inches deep. She stroked his cock for him as he squirmed. Again she started slowly and he groaned. Again, she got faster and he growled. “Oh, Fuck me.” He growled out, loud enough to be heard just about anywhere in the complex. She did. She worked his ass until her tits had fallen loose and she had sweat dripping down her temples and tits. His moans and the leather strap across her clit and gotten her to come already. She wanted to make him come.

“Oh fuck, make me come.” She made him beg. “Oh Please! Fuck.”

She yanked her rubber dick free of his ass and tugged it off. She straddled his chest. “Eat it!” she told him, pressing her dripping cunt onto his face. His dick was still sticky but luckily she had the good tasting lube and she swallowed his cock into her mouth. Just because she could, she slid her finer into his ass. It was well fucked and took her finger easily. He came quickly and she spit it out, letting it drip down over his balls before fucking it into his hole. He moaned loudly as he came and growled louder as she sucked his dick after. He squirmed but was trapped and she rocked her hips rubbing her pussy over his face. She was close and fucked his now loose asshole faster with his dick in the back of her throat. She could feel it coming. She rocked and he licked. He pinched her lips between his tongue and teeth. She was moaning now and let it build up. When it hit her it hit her hard and she rocked back releasing his cock and ass and he kept licking, drawing out her orgasm. When she was done she climbed off of him. He looked up at her, still admiring her tits.

“Now I want a drink. You want one?”

“Please.” He raised his hands as if she was going to let him go.

“Are you going to say it?”

“The safe word? Are you not done?”

“I’m not even close.”

“Oh fuck me.”

“I’m going to.” She strutted for the door jiggling her ass for him. “All I have is Jaeger.”

“Shit. Water?”

“I guess. You are still doing a shot.”

“Oh fuck.” He muttered something else but she didn’t hear him from the hallway.

She poured the shot of Jaeger in his mouth and he did a really good job of not spilling. She poured water in his mouth next and splashed out on his face. She poured it down his chest and onto his cock.

“That’s one.” She said, settling down in the small bed next to him. “I know you are all old and everything sarıyer escort but what’s your record. How many times have you managed to blow your load in one night?”

“I don’t know, three?”

“Oh good. We have a goal.” She turned on the TV. “You rest.” She opened a box of crackers. It was pretty much empty but it was a small snack. She flipped around. He moaned when she chose a reality dating show on MTV. She told him he could suffer. She dug around the bed till she found the lube and put a little on his cock. Look, he’s getting better already. She watched the show and stroked his member waiting for him to recover.

His second one was what she was really waiting for. She climbed atop him and slipped him into her. She was ready and came quickly but kept at it. She watched him watch her tits bounce so she made an effort to put on a show. She liked the way he growled before he came.

She asked him what was his favorite. They had a pleasant conversation about his oral fixation. She thought a little about uncuffing him because fuck, if she didn’t like the way he ate pussy but in the end she liked that he was settling in to being locked down. She sucked his cock for him until he was hard again and then straddled his chest, pushing her pussy into his mouth. She sucked his dick while she rode his chin. She didn’t think she was going to come again but once she had him pinned down, his tongue in her hole and her fingers up his ass he started growling again. She worked his ass good. He deserved it after the way he had fucked her. Finally he was begging.

“You have to stop.”

“You can say it whenever you want.”

“I’m not going to say it.”

“Then I am going to fuck this little ass until you can’t walk again.” He was a trooper and took it. It got her off in a big way, one of those orgasms that slaps you right in the back. She released him and then sucked his dick till he finally came. Her jaw was sore but she had gotten three out of him.

She climbed off of him.

“If I let you go, are you going to behave.”

“Of course I am.”

She clicked the cuffs off and he sat up.

“Not too much, daddy?”

“Fucking shit ton more than I expected but no. You are a freaky little thing, aren’t you?”

“I warned you.”

“You did.” He stood up and took a long drink of water finishing her glass.

“Unlace me?”

“Mm, I don’t know.” He was taller now that she had gotten rid of her boots. He stood looking down at her and kissed him, his large hands grabbing her even larger ass firmly.’


“No. I like it.” He pressed her up against the wall.

“Hey, you were going to behave.” With remarkable ease, he spun her around. He lifted her at her waist and she came off the floor. Together, they more or less fell to the carpet, she landed on all fours.

“Daddy!” she called out. Her protest just a little too playful.

“You were a bad, bad girl.” He must have recovered because he slid his cock into her cunt from behind.

“Daddy…” she protested again. He took her hair in a large ball in his fist.

“Oh, Yes! Fuck me Daddy.” He thrust into her hard. “Fuck me hard.”

When he was done he left her on the floor and got into the bed. She lay on the floor catching her breath. She liked that she probably looked pitiful.

“You okay down there?” He asked. She looked up at him and he had rolled over to look down at her.

“I’m pretty fucking good, actually.” She grinned back.

“Are you going to come up here?”

“Do you promise to behave?”

“The last time I promised I lied, so does it matter?”

“I just wanna make sure if I come up there I’m not going to get mauled again.”

“I think you’re safe, but no promises.”

He reached down and helped her up. He unlaced her and let her loose of the corset. She felt the fat wriggle free and although she felt better she was suddenly overly self-conscience.

“I think I look better in it.”

“I think you look delicious.” As if to make his point, he took a solid hour eating her out again. She only realized how long it had been because Stephanie had come home and slammed the door.

“I think she’s Jealous.” She said to him. She was curled up in a ball in his arms.

“She has a boyfriend.”

“Not really. He’s gay. He just doesn’t know it.”

“Does she.”

“God no. She is clueless. I think she’s still a virgin.”


“You are a dirty fucking old man.”

“You are a dirty fucking young slut.”

“Do me again.” She told him.

“Fuck, not yet.”

“Wake me up if he does.”

“I should go home.” She thought it was strange he was still there.

“Stay here and fuck me in the morning.”

“Nice mouth on you.”

“You want it on your cock again.”


“Okay.” She didn’t like that she was starting to like him.

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