Domestic Bliss Ch. 02

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A few hours later Drew woke feeling aroused, her body was wet, aching… ready to cum. Suddenly she felt Kaci’s mouth engulf one of her rock hard nipples and at the same time she felt something hard rub between her legs, teasing her throbbing clit. She moaned softly under her breath.

“Finally awake my love?” Kaci’s amused voice washed over her.

Drew trailed her nails up and down Kaci’s back. “How long have you been up?” she whispered.

“A while,” Kaci replied. She bit Drew’s neck and left a mark. She stroked her lover’s clit again with the strap-on she was wearing.

“Oh … God …,” Drew gasped breathlessly. “Please …”

Kaci slipped the dildo inside, easily moving through the heat and wet. Her hips met Drew’s as she buried the toy deep within. She pulled back a bit and started to thrust with short sharp strokes.

Drew rested her weight on her shoulders, she rocked her hips. “Just like that,” she groaned.

Kaci ducked her head and buried her face in Drew’s breasts – biting, sucking and licking the firm globes … she continued to thrust hard and fast, while the base of the toy pressed against her own clit.

Drew moaned loudly, she was so close to coming when she woke that it wouldn’t take long with Kaci bursa otele gelen eskort inside. She wrapped her legs tightly around her lover. “Harder.”

Kaci answered Drew’s request, she thrust the toy harder and faster, she reached one hand between their bodies and found her lover’s clit, she squeezed lightly.

“Fuck … yes!” Drew cried out as she came.

Kaci felt Drew’s walls close around the dildo, the base was pressed harder onto her clit. When her lover cried out … she came with her. Before she realized what was happening … the other woman flipped her onto her back.

Drew grabbed Kaci’s hands and raised them above her head and pressed them to the bed, she lowered herself back onto the toy and began rocking up and down.

Kaci braced her feet to the bed and raised her hips, reaching deeper inside her lover.

Drew let go of Kaci’s hands and sat up – she pinched and squeezed her wife’s nipples as she continued to move.

Kaci grabbed Drew’s hips – pushing and pulling – watching her lover’s eyes – waiting for that moment when she lost all control.

They moved together – bodies thrusting and straining towards a common goal.

They exploded together, bursa eve gelen escort bayan their climaxes fed off each other, crashing through their bodies. After several long minutes they collapsed to the bed, limbs tangled.

“That was a wonderful wake up call,” Drew whispered after she caught her breath.

Kaci gently withdrew the dildo, she removed the harness and put it on the table. She turned back to her wife. “It sure was,” she said softly. “But I’m not done with you yet.” Kaci slowly moved down Drew’s body, kissing and nibbling along her way. When she reached her lover’s center she lightly ran her tongue along the soft folds and then kissed the little bundle of nerves that awaited her attention. Her wife always tasted so good after she came.

“Please …,” Drew begged, the teasing was driving her mad, she rocked and flexed her hips.

Kaci blew cool air over Drew’s hot throbbing flesh. “Please … what?” she whispered.

“Fuck me … take me …,” Drew barely managed to reply.

“How?” Kaci asked as she traced her tongue over Drew’s clit.

“Doesn’t matter,” Drew gasped. “Just make me come.”

Kaci covered Drew’s clit with her mouth. She sucked on bayan eskort bursa the hard throbbing nub while she eased two fingers into her lover’s pussy, easily sliding through the wet and heat. She reached her fingers deep. Curling them she rubbed and tapped her lover’s g-spot, stroking her clit at the same time … softly … teasingly.

“Yes!” Drew cried out. She shuddered deeply, wetness poured from her body. “Don’t stop.” She raised her hips, silently begging for more.

Kaci started a hard fast pace, thrusting her fingers in and out. She sucked on Drew’s clit again before gently nibbling.

Drew came again, she moaned loudly and then relaxed into the mattress.

However, Kaci wasn’t quite done. She withdrew her fingers, but moved to nuzzle and lick Drew’s pussy, starting again.

Drew’s legs trembled. “Sweetheart …,” she murmured, she rocked her hips faster.

“I love you,” Kaci said against Drew’s center. She kissed, nibbled and licked her lover’s pussy – taking her up and over again and then again. She came too, just from the sounds her lover made, the way she tasted … the way she felt.

Finally, they were sated – they lay wrapped together – gently kissing and caressing.

“I love you too,” Drew whispered.

“Mmm, I could take you all night and never get enough of you.”

Before Drew could respond they heard a cry come over the baby monitor.

“I’ll get her sweetheart, I haven’t seen her all day.” She slowly got out of the bed. “Hmmm I’m a little sore … I wonder how that happened.”

“I have no idea,” Kaci answered as she grinned evilly.

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