Dominant Warfare Pt. 08

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This was originally titled Quicksilver Messenger, but based on some ideas from readers I have made some changes and retitled the series. In addition, I have a new editor that helped clean up some of the speed bumps in the story. Thanks to Glenn514. It is still the same basic story and the changes are not massive, but to me it is enough to warrant a new version. I hope you enjoy the series and please give me feedback.


Chapter 21

Steve saw the distant trails of dust in the air and knew the Sheriff was about fifteen minutes away. Obviously, he had misjudged how fast the Sheriff would be here. His early estimate of 20 minutes was closer to 45 minutes. The plumes told Steve that there were at least three vehicles and maybe more. He knew they were both in for a long morning, giving a report of everything that had happened. With April asleep in his arms, he thought he would just enjoy their time together before the chaos gathered.

There is something heartwarming and special about holding April in his arms as she slept. In the last three days, both of them had changed. April seemed even more beautiful now than when he first met her. Her face was softer more feminine, more open and giving than she used to be. The hard lines around her mouth and eyes were gone, and she looked almost doll like in her serenity. It was as if the worries of the world had disappeared from her face and her body relaxed in a trusting contentment.

He lovingly stroked her hair and kissed her forehead with a casual loving gesture. April responded by sighing his name and snuggling tighter in his arms. Their bodies fit perfectly together and his arms tightened trying to get her as close as he could. He watched her sleep in awe. She would twitch in her sleep, erotically moaning his name and afterwards snuggle tighter into his arms. At one point she had a particularly violent shutter and in her sleep whimpered, “Stay Steve, stay with me Master.”

Steve was pleased that even as she slept he dominated her dreams. He wanted to reassure her and responded by tightening his arms and whispering into her ear, “I’m yours baby. I’m not going anywhere my love.” Even in her sleep, April preened against him as she heard those words and her lips curled into a blissful smile.

Steve absent-mindedly stroked her hair and caressed her face as he watched her sleep. She had very quickly captured a place in his heart and he knew they both needed each other. He felt a strong ache in his chest when he heard her moaning and whimpering his name as she slept. He knew she had captured him, but he could tell that he owned her as well. Looking at her he felt very possessive and growled, “You’re mine and only mine.”

The smile on her face broadened until her whole face glowed with a dreamy happiness. She had morphed into the perfect woman, at least perfect for him. It was hard for him to even remember the hard-bitten, arrogant, cock-tease that he first met. She was so much more than that now and she belonged to him. His smile tightened, because with ownership came great responsibility.

She was a very strong independent woman, and she had protected her heart by hiding it behind her castle walls. Now he had breached her castle walls and captured her heart, so it was his responsibility to keep it safe. There had been a pure beautiful, innocence woman hidden inside her and he had forced her to reveal it. It was his duty now to make sure that she has never hurt again.

He had come to Alpine reveling in his freedom and promising never to open his heart again. At first, he had been willing to play April’s games, but everything began to change after the spanking. Somewhere during the time, he had her on the rafters the real April was revealed to him. In those moments with her heart open, raw, and vulnerable to him, he fell in love with the real April. Those moments of unbearable pleasure had cracked open the castle around her heart and the brilliance of the real April had shown through. He didn’t want it, but he couldn’t stop himself from falling in love with the innocent little girl he saw inside. His heart seemed to have a mind of its own.

Steve’s musings were cut short as he heard the Sheriff’s vehicles grinding their way up the rocks to where they were. He looked down at April’s serene face and bent down to kiss her lips. He let his tongue trace her lips until her mouth opened in a plea for more. He knew she was awake now and Steve softly whispered, “The Sheriff’s almost here baby, it’s time to wake up.”

April’s eyes opened with the purest look of love Steve had ever seen. She studied his face almost as if she was seeing it for the first time. She had expected this to be one incredible dream and he would be gone when she woke up. He was still here, holding her, with his eyes telling her that he loved her as much as she loved him. She had been dreaming of the way he made love to her and she wasn’t ready to get up. Her eyes closed, with her lips curling into a petulant kağıthane escort pout as she moaned, “No, I’m not ready to wake up!”

Steve knew how she feels he wasn’t ready for her to be out of his arms either, but the sheriff wouldn’t wait. Steve wove his fingers into her hair, nodded his fist and pulled her face away from his chest. Her eyes were open now looking at him intensely and he could see her craving for more. “Little girls who pout and say no to their master could get a spanking!”

April’s whole face lit up in impish grin, “Oh Master, do you promise.”

Steve laughingly said, “Absolutely, my spoiled little girl!”

Steve flipped her over in his lap and gave her a quick pop on her very inviting ass cheek. April moaned, wiggled her butt and seductively whimpered, “One master, may I have another?”

Steve laughed as he flipped her back over in his lap. He loved her playful manner and he almost felt giddy as they played together. “Yes, my sexy little imp, but there’s a time and place for everything. Right now, the Sheriff will be here any second. As much as I want to play with my baby, right now I have to protect her reputation.”

April’s playful look faded and was replaced by one of complete and total, giving everything you have, love. Her eyes glistened with the intensity of the love she felt for this man. While their lovemaking had been nothing short of incredible, she could tell he really loved her, all of her. Every other man in town would’ve wanted to brag that they bedded April, but he wanted to protect her. He was her teacher, her lover, her master, as well as, her knight in shining armor.

April jumped against his chest wrapping her arms tightly around his neck. In an emotion choked voice said, “Oh, God, Steve, I love you so much.”

Their lips merged in a deep, loving and soulful kiss that affirmed everything both of them were feeling. They held each other tightly as their mouths fused in a passionate kiss. The kiss would’ve gone on forever, except the engine sounds of the Sheriff’s vehicles were within seconds of being there. Steve broke the kiss suddenly and lifted April out of the car so she could stand on her own feet. She smoothed his jacket down over her butt and it fell about mid-thigh.

Steve jumped out of the jeep and stood directly behind April holding her shoulders. April needed his hands on her to give her the courage to face the upcoming inquiry. She felt him kiss the top of her head just as the Sheriff’s SUV appeared around the boulder and came to a screeching halt in front of them. Steve gathered April’s long hair and draped it down her back. Once he made sure the Sheriff was watching he put his hand on her neck and chills ran down April spine. She knew what it meant. He was publicly announcing to anyone that could read body language that she belongs to him.

The Sheriff immediately understood the gesture and his eyes swiveled to April. She felt chills and butterflies as the Sheriff waited for her response. She could have publicly rebuked Steve and let the Sheriff know that no one could claim her and she was still on her own. However, that was not anything close to what she was feeling inside. She did belong to him; body and soul. She wanted him to own her, use her, fuck her, torment her, adore her, pamper her, cherish her, hold her and protect her. April leaned back into Steve’s chest and covered his hand with hers. Their fingers wove together around her neck, further demonstrating their commitment to each other.

The Sheriff’s eyes opened wide as he understood what was going on. Apparently a lot had changed in two days. These two seemed like the most unlikely list of couples, but he had never seen April look like this. She was softly radiant like only a woman in love can be. As he looked into her eyes he could see the spoiled bitch persona wasn’t there anymore. She had given herself to someone she could finally trust. He could tell none of this had anything to do with sex or lust. The Sheriff could tell there were deep loving feelings on both sides and Steve was just making it known to everyone there to keep their hands off.

The Sheriff had known April since she was 10. He had seen her self-centered self-indulgence. He had also seen her inner beauty when she volunteered at the old folk’s home and at the hospital. He knew there was a kind and beautiful woman inside, hungering to get out.

April had been like the daughter he never had and he wanted her to finally achieve her dreams. He had always wanted to see her get out from under her father’s influence and he wanted to see her very happy. The Sheriff never expected Steve to be the person she would fall in love with. He had seen how shaken she had been when they kissed in his room, but he never expected this.

The Sheriff nodded his head silently letting both of them know that he understood. He gave April a fatherly smile that told her he was very happy for her. He quickly turned off his elit escort istanbul smile and became the Sheriff again asking, “I’ll need statements from both of you and I need you to separate. I have that infamous backpack of yours in the back of my Tahoe. However, first one of you has to show me where the kidnapper is.”

April turned in Steve’s arms, giving him a quick hug and a kiss on the chest before she went back to the Sheriff’s car to write her statement. Steve’s heart and arms ached to have her back, but he knew they had work to do. He took a deep cleansing breath, looked at the Sheriff and said, “Follow me.”

Steve walked over to the ledge by the mining shack and pointed over the edge. The Sheriff looked over the edge and grimaced. Steve had grown used to the Sheriff’s nonverbal communication and when he looked at him questioningly, he knew what the Sheriff wanted. Steve left out everything about their night together. He began with the car chase, Peter abducting April from her house and concluded with her exposing herself as a distraction so he could take out Peter.

The Sheriff glanced over to his car and smiled tightly as he saw April in the front seat writing out her statement. He turned back to Steve and put a strong hand on his shoulder. Their story told him that both of them had put everything on the line to save the other. The Sheriff gained new respect for Steve and truly felt a little choked up that April had finally found real love. He had seen all the bullet holes in Steve’s car and now with this story he knew April had found someone who would love and protect her. Steve had already put his life on the line to protect April and that meant a lot to the Sheriff.

The Sheriff got back on track and asked Steve about what was so important in his computer backpack. Steve explained that he had done the mercury consulting job for Hunt Oil and Peter had been the refinery manager. Peter had apparently signed off on the plan to send mercury into the atmosphere and Steve’s report had detailed the entire scheme. If the truth came out, he would be sued in bankruptcy and most likely go to jail. Steve explained that April had been only a pawn to discredit Steve. When that didn’t work he had resorted to more drastic tactics, but April had been innocent of any wrongdoing.

The Sheriff looked off in the distance while his mind tried to assimilate this complicated scheme. Steve could almost see the wheels turning in the Sheriff’s head as he tried to put all the pieces together.

Steve started thinking about mercury and its uses. Because it’s a liquid metal, it has long been used in place of ball bearings. Mercury seals could withstand much more pressure than most bearings. For places like water treatment plants with huge trickling filters, a mercury seal was ideal. That ideal slippery metal created havoc whenever the seal broke. Trying to track down the slippery metal was why the old-timers used to call mercury, quicksilver. Once the quicksilver gets loose it slithers everywhere and it’s almost impossible to clean up.

Before its risks were fully realized, mercury had been used in everything from part of the amalgam in dental fillings to make-up. It had even been used in many drugs before its danger was known. Once it was in something quicksilver was hard to get rid of. Steve had written his master’s thesis on mercury detection and had gained a huge respect for quicksilver. Hunt Oil refinery was only one of many mercury consulting jobs he had taken on. He had been finding mercury in almost everything and had in effect become a messenger on the dangers of quicksilver.

Both Steve and the Sheriff were startled out of their musings by the sound of a helicopter coming towards them. The Sheriff didn’t want the crime scene contaminated and he gestured wildly for the helicopter to land on a flat spot about a mile away. He then sent one of his deputies to pick up whoever was in helicopter. Both Steve and the Sheriff already knew who that was, since the helicopter had Hunt Oil emblazoned on its side.

About five minutes later, one of the SUVs came back and Mr. Hunt bailed out of the car and headed directly to the Sheriff. He totally ignored April as he walked by, but Steve could see her watching him with a quizzical look. He walked right up to the Sheriff and with arms akimbo demanded, “What the hell’s going on here?” Then he cocked his head at Steve and added, “What the hell is he doing here?”

The Sheriff seemed to be playing things close to the vest as he responded, “April has been kidnapped again and Steve saved her … again. That’s what he’s doing here.”

Mr. Hunt didn’t seem to relax when he heard April was safe. He was still stiff and tense with his eyes darting around trying to take everything in. His eyes finally came back to the Sheriff and he asked, “What kind of ransom did the kidnapper demand and did Peter hurt April?”

Steve’s eyes quickly swiveled to the Sheriff to see if he picked fatih escort up on Mr. Hunt’s slip of the tongue. The Sheriff didn’t show any outward signs of recognition, but Steve noticed he was visibly stiffer towards Mr. Hunt. As far as Steve knew, the identity of the kidnapper was only known by April, the Sheriff and himself. So how did Mr. Hunt know that Peter was involved?

The Sheriff’s voice was a little tenser than it had been earlier as he answered, “The kidnapper was definitely going to hurt April. Steve intervened and saved her from being raped and killed. We have him in custody and he is undergoing interrogation right now.” The Sheriff looked closely at Mr. Hunt as he added, “He is being very cooperative.”

Steve looked at the Sheriff and wondered where he was going with this. While Peter had definitely wanted April to be naked for his viewing pleasure, he never tried to rape her as far as Steve knew. Obviously, Peter was in custody, because he was lying in a mangled heap at the bottom of the cliff, but he sure wasn’t talking.

The Sheriff was looking intently at Mr. Hunt trying to discern any kind of reaction. As far as Steve could tell, the thought of April being raped didn’t seem to get any kind of a rise out of Mr. Hunt. He did, however, look agitated, but not angry or upset, just fidgety. Certainly not the kind of reaction you would expect from a father worried about his daughter. In fact, the only time he showed any reaction was when he mentioned Peter being in custody.

Steve took a step back to watch verbal chess match. He looked over at the Sheriff’s SUV and saw April watching them intently. With his eyes he tried to tell her to stay where she was and turned back to look at the Sheriff.

Sheriff continued on, “As far as a ransom goes, the only thing he mentioned was Steve’s backpack. We were just getting ready to send somebody back to the hotel to take a look and see if there might be something there.”

Mr. Hunt suddenly looked very anxious and volunteered hopefully, “I can use my helicopter, go back into town and pick up the backpack. If you think that will help?”

The Sheriff chuckled, “No, thanks. I have some folks going there as we speak.”

Mr. Hunt quickly turned and started walking back to the helicopter with his phone to his ear. He never glanced at April or paid attention to her at all. The Sheriff immediately got on his phone as well, issuing orders to someone. Steve’s focus was on April and he could see the hurt and confusion on her face as her father completely ignored her.

The Sheriff quickly finished issuing his orders and Steve grabbed his arm before he could get away. He turned to face him and Steve ask, “What was all that about raping April? Are you just goading Mr. Hunt? Are there things I don’t know?”

The Sheriff looked at him with anger showing on his face and between clenched teeth just, “In the back of Peter’s car we found a rape kit. He had rope, duct tape, gags, blindfolds, as well as drugs to subdue someone. The worst part however, was that we found a bag of trophies. We found 21 different items in his trophy case. So we assume that he’s been doing this for a while. There was a rapist nicknamed the Ship Channel Rapist in Corpus Christi and Peter fits the general description. We still have a lot of investigating, but I think you saved April from more than just a kidnapping.”

Steve stood like a statue not believing what he was hearing. Peter was the Ship Channel Rapist! He could have destroyed all the beauty and wonder that he had found inside April if he had gotten his way. He knew this had started as a way to save his job, his and Mr. Hunt’s fortunes. If the Quicksilver Messenger report had made it out into the public both Peter and Mr. Hunt would have been sued into bankruptcy and possibly gone to jail.

Mr. Hunt would’ve lost not only his Corpus Christi refinery, but also his windfarm and most of his ranch. Everything he had built over a lifetime would’ve been lost. Peter didn’t have as much to lose, but he would’ve lost everything as well. In addition, he would’ve gone to jail for the intentional mercury poisonings around the refinery and the twenty-one rapes. Both had lots to lose and plenty of reason to kill Steve.

In the midst of all of this plotting and conniving, April had just been a pawn of Peter and her father. They had kidnapped her, taken lewd photographs of her, kidnapped her again and even tried to kill her, all to preserve their money.

Steve shook his head realizing the things that apparently they never knew. The love of a daughter and the love of a wonderful woman like April was a blessing worth more than either man deserved. Steve knew he was the lucky one. He had found the love of an incredible woman and someone he knew he could never be without.

The Sheriff turned away and made another call before he ran after Mr. Hunt. He stopped him from getting on the helicopter by telling him that he needed some more background and he needed answers to additional questions. The irritation of Mr. Hunt’s face was obvious for Steve to see, but he stopped and let the Sheriff steer him towards another SUV and away from April. Steve took the opportunity to walk over to April to see how she was doing.

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