Down Under

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All characters in the story are above 18, readers must also be above 18.

This is a story of an Australian family Samantha, Alan, their son Mickie, and Rose (Alan’s mother).

The story has an underlying Incest theme.

I hope you all like it. enjoy …


I was born in an academic family, and I grew up mostly in Sydney. Both my parents were scholars and professors.

As a single child, I was lonely most of the time, apart from the time when my Mom took me to her home in Darwin, North Territory, where she was originally from. I would frequent every other summer to Darwin and came to like my cousins and also became pals with their friends. Even though only a couple of them were of my age, I liked Darwin much better than a big town like Sydney.

When I was nineteen, I met my future husband here in Darwin and also lost my virginity to him at his home, in his room. I kind of liked the idyllic setting of Alan’s home. He lived alone with his Mom, in a very large house with about ten rooms. His dad had left him a stud farm, and it was clear Alan was not cut out for the job. His mother, Rose, on the other hand, was a natural studmaster.

Alan managed the business side and handled the auctions, books, and such. I wasn’t aware of his role at the time, and I got entranced by the overall feel of him being this macho rancher and stud owner. He, too, led me on. I visited their stud farm a couple of times, where Alan took me on a tour. I was impressed with his knowledge and how he conducted himself, very mild-mannered while managing a roughshod business.

I also met Rose, a beautiful woman with a depth of knowledge in breeding horses. Alan had taken after her in looks clearly. I wondered how his father was like, but I never could meet him. His father had passed years earlier.

Less than three years later, we were married. The marriage was in St. George’s in Darwin, and we had a fantastic reception where a couple of hundred guests had a wonderful time.

I shifted into Alan’s large family home in Howard Springs, a suburb of Darwin, neighboring their huge stud farm. The farm housed some fifty workers, mostly farmhands.

It did not take me long to realize that Alan wasn’t running the show; his mother, Rose, was. I was momentarily disappointed but came to like Rose, who loved me like her daughter. In many ways, she spoilt me aplenty and helped me settle in. She got me engaged in the stud farm operations and took me under her wing, realizing my interest.

Alan and I spent a lot of time fucking every day for the first few months. In time we both outgrew our almost adolescent hunger for sex and had a steady relationship of mutual respect and conjugal obligation.

As we did more and more work together, Rose and I developed a stronger bond. I liked her very much. Our son, Michael, was born a year and a half into our marriage and Rose was there for me all the way. In many ways, beyond what a mother-in-law would, she helped me back on my feet. We fondly called our son, Mickie.

My respect for Rose grew even more when she let her stud farm duties suffer when Mickie was growing up. Mickie took after his father and his grandmother in looks and his demeanor.

While raising Mickie, I would often be breastfeeding him in the main sitting room with a bare breast even while Rose or Alan were going about their routine. Having stayed with Rose, I had come to realize that she was a very liberal kind of woman in terms of sexuality, nudity, and open discussions.

Having discussed that we wanted a small family and that Mickie was enough for us, Alan got his tubes tied and got a vasectomy done when Mickie turned two.

When Michael turned eighteen and shifted to Carins for his university degree, I shifted to Rose’s room to take care of her. She had been regularly ill and had developed lung cancer.

Rose chose to not go for chemo or any other medication that would have probably given her a couple of more years. Night after night, I held Rose in my arms and soothed her to sleep, hugging her and calming her.

What we had thought would be her last couple of months, turned into a few months and then into a year.

Each night, I’d hold her in my arms, caressing her head, her shoulders, her face, and her arms, to help her sleep. Often I’d kiss her forehead and on many occasions, her cheeks.

Out of compassion and my love for her, in time I grew intimate with Rose and would often kiss her many times on her lips in follow-through of soothing her and caring for her. Rose received my love well and kissed me back passionately, in appreciation and in her love for me.

Her cancer paused after a year and went into a surprise remission. Exactly one year later from diagnosis, where we were told she would last no more than a couple of months without treatment, she was hale and hearty, though at not her best.

We all partied and celebrated Rose’s remission, but I never moved out of her bedroom. We still loved each other, and I had gotten used to her in my Beşiktaş Escort arms. After many years with Alan, I had never felt this kind of intimacy, and I did not want to lose it.

Rose battled her cancer for another year, and when her cancer hit back, it was sudden and instant. It broke me and Alan badly when Rose was taken from us. Mickie met her for only a few days before she was gone.

A few months later, Mickie returned after his graduation and almost immediately took charge of things on the stud farm. More so when he saw Alan and me struggling. He was very comfortable around the staff, the work, the horses, and the breeders.

Rose, before passing, had written some detailed letters to each one of us. Given by what she had written to me and about me, and the kind person that she was, I could easily guess that her letters to Alan and Mickie were equally heartfelt and tender.

It took us another year to come back, but Alan and I slowly got back into the grind, even though we did half of what we earlier used to because Mickie was clearly in charge.

What had gone unnoticed to me even after a year of Mickie having come back, was the perpetual attention he gave me. We have been a close family, so it wasn’t my fault that I overlooked this detail.

Another thing in our house was our comfort around privacy. We usually did not sleep with our bedroom doors locked, neither did we bolt the bathroom doors while taking a bath or a piss. It was not that we would barge into each other’s bedroom, or walked in on others having bath or pissing, but it was just that there was this leniency around each other, that we would not balk if someone unintentionally walked in.

After Rose passed away, I shifted back to our bedroom, but we kept Rose’s bedroom as is. All around our home we had many family pictures, a major lot had Rose in them. She was forever part of our daily lives. We buried Rose on the farm, in the family burial plot.

Upon Mickie’s insistence, Alan and I took a short vacation to Sydney, where we met my retired parents. After a couple of days with them, we stayed around Bondi for a few days before coming back fresh to take on work at the stud farm. Slowly the routine got established again. Both Alan and I doted on Mickie and gave him enough leeway to handle the stud farm the way he wanted. Thankfully Mickie had a good business acumen and an amenable personality around the staff. Results were there to corroborate this.

On a personal front, the fact that Alan and I were married made little consequence to the other fact that our sex life was deteriorating. It would be fair to say we hadn’t had sex for over a year if we did not count the two instances in Bondi.

Off and on, if I got horny, I ended up sleeping frustrated. When Rose was around, my proximity to her in bed, in her last year, often got me worked up. Somewhere down the line, we even found a way to satisfy the urges. The time with Rose, also brought out within me love for a woman, mostly because I already loved her enough and respected her plenty.

Ever since we returned from our vacation, and it had been four weeks, I was unusually horny and hot. I had wet dreams as if I was being sucked diligently and fiercely, but without a climax. I often ended waking up hot and bothered. The dreams themselves were so vivid, it seemed as if my pussy was getting a fine licking.

Alan wasn’t much into sucking my pussy, and neither did he expect me to suck his dick. On the other hand, Rose did suck me often, as I did her. With the latest bout of dreams, I started to believe maybe I was missing Rose more than I thought I did. Or maybe, it was my body that was missing the love Rose had provided.

Either way, I felt strangely hornier most of the day that followed the night when I had the dream, and it would often last a day or so without some release.

A few weeks later, I started seeking out sex from Alan. “Now that had not been happening often,” I thought.

The situation was such, that I would wake up horny, and if I did not mellow down all day I would get Alan to make love to me later in the night. By which time, I was so worked up, I still ended up sleeping needy because Alan could do only so much to catch up to my level of excitement.

It took me a couple of days to settle down, and then I would end waking up horny again. It became a cycle, and it would repeat inexplicably once every four or five days. My sleep cycle too got disturbed, and at the same time, Alan seemed to be sleeping even better because I guess I was wearing him down even more than usual.

Our sex life was upped to twice in ten days, minimum, more if I had my way. I am sure Alan must be wondering what had gotten into me. I felt ravenous. He felt probably it was the vacation we had taken.

One night, I was already restless when I felt movement near my legs. I was in a half-sleep state and did not know if I was coming out of a dream or if I was currently dreaming. Beylikdüzü Escort I opened my legs nonetheless. I wanted the feeling to linger on.

Then I felt lips on my toes. Ideally, I would be shocked to note Alan going out of the way, down to my toes, licking and kissing me in foreplay. But I decided, these were rare occasions and I mustn’t questions the love gods on their timely gifts.

My state of dreaminess lingered. With every kiss and lick, on each toe, I was tingled blissfully.

I shut my eyes harder and thanked God for knocking some playfulness into Alan. I shivered a little but otherwise did not move much. My feeble movements must have got read as an affirmation by him.

The kisses reached my calves, and licks became longer. He switched between my calves greasing both with saliva.

I did not know Alan had the kind of patience and perseverance to go after the prized goal. At least he hadn’t shown this kind of skilled foreplay earlier. Better late than never, I surmised.

When he reached my thigh, my shiver was complimented with a low purr of welcome.

“mmm,” I let out.

He repeated the patient licking and kissing on the other thigh, and before long had found the junction where my thighs met, my pussy a couple of inches further.

Had I not been half-awake, this was probably as far as he could have gone, but today was my lucky day. I willingly opened my thighs further, adding a soft moan of encouragement, “mmm,” hoping he won’t give up after reaching this far.

As soon as his tongue touched the pussy lips outer band of my panties on my thigh, I shuddered in delight.

My moan grew stronger, “MMMM.”

My hands were on the sides, above the cover. One crawled over to my breast and squeezed it lightly. The other involuntarily reached for his head, from above the cover, and pushed him deeper.

He stopped for some reason.

For many seconds there was no movement. I pulled his head again to urge him on.

He tentatively started licking the deep insides of my thighs, one by one, very near my pussy, avoiding the gusset.

I released his head. I assumed it would give him space and time to work down my panties. But he went straight forward and dug his lips into my gusset.

I moaned, “mmmmm.” I shook gratefully.

His licking turned to sucking, and he sucked my pussy lips along with the panties.

The exhilaration itself should have woken me up, but it was as if I wanted to stay out, I wanted to remain asleep, I wanted to stay in the dream state. My eyes remained shut. Not that it would matter, the room was completely dark.

I moaned again, “mmuuummm,” urging him on.

After some tense few moments, when he almost had me on the edge, he stepped back. His head moved down between my legs. The rustle of the bed covers was apparent.

Alright, he is shucking his boxers and is going to climb back up and pull my panties down. I waited.



I opened my eyes, in panic and frustration looked towards Alan. I saw that he lay back facing up towards the ceiling. His eyes were closed, and his breathing steady, rhythmic.

“are you fucking kidding me?” I thought.

If I could, I would have punched him on the chest at that moment. “Why in the world did you suck me, if you wanted to sleep?” I asked him in my mind.

I dragged my hand under the covers and half rolled on top of Alan. I could not believe that he wasn’t even hard after doing what he did to me. Why?

So he decided to retreat because he couldn’t get it hard. “He should have told me. Dammit.” I thought.

I started kissing him, licking his lips and his face. I groped his dick and tried to pull on it to get it up and ready.

After some heavy work, I got him ready and rode him to heaven. If I could see his face, I would have noticed a puzzled look on him before I took over the reins.

I did not care if he came or not, I got him hard enough to mount his hips and buck him until I came and then fell forward in his arms to sleep once again.

When I woke up the next morning, I could not make out which part of my night was a dream, what part was imagination, and what part was real. I was buzzed and groggy at the same time.

On the other hand, having climaxed, the rest of my day was better than my usual days off late, where I would be distracted and on edge.

During breakfast, Mickie looked at me quizzingly, seeing me cheery.

“good morning Mom. You look happy. Did you sleep well?’ Mickie asked.

All I could do was smile back. Kissed him on the cheek, before adding, “yes I did. Good morning to you too.”

We went about our work the rest of the day.

We had a handsome man in Mickie. A young stud himself, he had spurted above 6 feet and buffed-up, on his chest and biceps, with all the work he did at the stud farm. His wavy signature hair complemented his long face and carved cheekbones. His waist gave way to a solid bum and strong Beyoğlu Escort legs. He rode horses naturally and elegantly. He was not much into exercising but managing the stud farm gave him plenty of activity. He went about his work with passion, and it was clear he liked what he was doing. He loved both Alan and me, and he adored his grandma, Rose, when she was with us. He was a darling of my parents, as well, and loved to go to Sydney to meet them regularly.

Three days later, I was again half asleep, when I felt kisses and licks on my legs. Slow and light, almost like a feather’s touch. He had already crossed my calves and was near my thigh. That’s when my sleep broke out. The glacial pace was admirable given that I knew Alan was generally hasty when it came to sex, especially if he was between my legs.

Ten minutes later, the licks had reached the inside of my thighs, and air from his nostrils blowing on my panty-covered pussy. I smiled, my eyes remained close.

To cheer him on, my hand came behind his head and I rubbed his neck, lightly. For some reason I realized he had stopped, I pulled on his neck to pull his head into my pussy. He appreciated the encouragement and restarted kissing the inside of my thighs and going up towards the junction.

Upon reaching my pussy, he kept on kissing until he had reached right on the gusset of my panty that embraced my pussy lips. His lips took the entire section of my pussy lips and pulled it into his mouth. He sucked on the pussy along with the panty until it was wet from juices coming from inside as well as his saliva.

Suddenly I started shaking and trembling. My climax hit me, slow and long.

By the time I steadied myself to go further, I realized Alan had returned back to his side after giving me the climax. I was grateful and did not bother him the rest of the night.

It amused me to note Alan’s behavior. What in the world was he getting out of this. Why did he suck me and sleep?

And then I dozed off.

“good morning, Mom,” said Mickie.

Morning rituals at the breakfast table were the same. I kissed Mickie on his cheek before he went out to the farm for his rounds. Alan sat in a corner with his coffee and papers.

“good morning, honey,” I replied.

“did you sleep well?” he asked.

“as a matter of fact, I did.” Then I looked towards Alan who could not be bothered to pick on my innuendo.

Mickie smiled back and took off soon after. I went and sat beside Alan. His slack response to my flirting put me off and I went out for a stroll.

Exactly three days I was tossing and turning. I looked towards Alan and saw him sleeping. I only wished that he would give me a tongue treatment. Out of hope and anticipation, I pulled off my panties and kept them between him and me, outside the covers. Just in case he would notice, though the chances of him finding them were little as it was pitch dark in the room.

I could not remember when I slept but I was woken up by lips and tongue on my thighs. I wondered since when had he been under the covers in between my legs.

Incidentally, my right hand was under the cover at that moment and I pulled my hand behind his head. He froze briefly. I pulled on his head again to tell him to go ahead.

He tentatively kissed me high on the thighs, giving me a shiver. My hand caressed his hair that felt longer than usual. By the time his lips reached my pussy he was confused to find no fabric covering the pussy. I wish I could look at his face at the time. His lips have landed on my pussy lips instead of my panties. He stopped again. I smiled. My hand lowered to the nape of his neck, and I pulled him in again. He willingly obliged after only a moment’s hesitation.

His kisses turned to licks, and his licks turned into sucking until he had reached my clitoris and I started whimpering and shaking and convulsing.

My throat letting out a low grunt, “aaah, mmuuuaaah.”

He kept licking and sucking, intermittently flicking on my clitoris and getting my orgasm to last longer.

By the time I had gathered my wits, and turned to look at Alan, I found him straight and lightly snoring. I wondered what was up with him. Suddenly, I reckoned what was happening. Alan was getting too much sex from me, off late, and he had realized that getting me off by sucking and licking would satiate me enough to leave him be.

“Smart, I’d say, Alan.” I almost said it out loud.

Both of us happily snuggled and slept in.

Yet another repeat morning routine. greeting Mickie before I got to the kitchen, “good morning, Mickie.”

“good morning mom. You sound cheerful this morning.” Mickie replied.

“every day is good with you around,” I replied. I kissed his head before heading to the kitchen for my coffee.

I went about my chores, as did Alan and Mickie.

Four days later, and then a few days later I got a repeat treatment of licking, sucking, and orgasm in the middle of the night.

Sprinkled with lovemaking every couple of weeks, our sex life had become appropriately active, I’d say. I mentally thanked Alan for the thoughtfulness, though I still couldn’t nail down why would he want to do it in the middle of the night instead of before we go to sleep.

One night, I was getting a proper licking and kissing that developed into sucking and flicking, and my climax hit me harder.

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