Dr. Allen’s New Patient Ch. 06

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“No, Doctor, I don’t allow myself to talk to them or bother them anymore. I don’t put any guy on the spot anymore, or make him feel uncomfortable; it’s not fair. I’ve learned to be happy with whom God sends me, and I’m very happy with the man I have.”

“So you don’t ever look at other men anymore, Sally?”

Initially looking at Dr. Allen straight on, Sally now hung her head down.

He continued, “You must notice one every once in a while, even if you don’t want to, like on the street?” Dr. Allen surmised that it was impossible for Sally not to look at other men while she was out in public. He was thinking out loud that she would be better off with someone who didn’t strike her like Damian did, alcohol-induced or otherwise. In fact, as soon as he found out that it was Damian who had been the one to whip her, Dr. Allen immediately informed her co-worker Abby, whose hunch was proven correct. Since then, he and Abby each tirelessly looked for ways to get Damian the hell out of Sally’s life, and have someone more “safe” replace him, in her heart that is. The two older, slightly protective presences in the young girl’s life were seriously considering reporting the incident as a case of assault to the police.

Sally finally responded, “Yes, I guess it happens even when I don’t want it to. Like maybe once or twice, I slipped.” Sally looked down at her old shoes yet again, “but it was okay, because I went to see Damian afterwards.”

“You went to Damian to tell him about it?” Dr. Allen was puzzled.

“No, I went to suck his cock.” Sally clarified, matter-of-factly.

“I don’t understand. You went to suck Damian’s cock after noticing an attractive man on the street?” questioned Dr. Allen, now thoroughly confused by what he had just heard, not that he ever understood Sally very well to begin with.

“Well, whenever I forget to keep my eyes down and remain humble, I sometimes see a good looking man. It happens once in a blue moon, when I let my guard down. I’d see someone tall, muscular, and handsome, sometimes in a suit, or in simple jogging shorts and a T-shirt. I would forget to look away, and then he’d notice me staring at him, because I’d be up in the clouds, fantasizing about, you know, having him inside me. And then he would meet my eyes, and that would make me snap out of it, realizing the impossibility of the situation. And then…” Sally suddenly stopped.

“Go on, Sally, finish your thought.” Dr. Allen encouraged.

“… and then afterwards, it would leave me feeling really empty inside, hopeless, you know, in despair, like I was going to starve to death or die somehow. You see, that man I was admiring would surely never let me taste his cum. At that point, I would get a strong stirring, like an aching feeling, tugging at me down there, and when it got really bad, I would go to Damian right away. Sometimes it happened in the middle of the day, like during the weekend when I was running errands. But then the thought of having Damian’s cock later would be enough to tide me over, and give me hope to get through the feelings of desperation. Afterwards, after swallowing Damian’s cum, I’d be okay again.”

“And Damian himself, do you ever feel that you’d be bothering him?” Dr. Allen was curious to know.

“Oh no, he always welcomes me with open arms. Whatever he’s doing, he just drops it, and lets me know I’m important to him, that he’s plenty glad to see me.” Sally was now smiling, beaming from ear to ear, actually. “I mean, here’s a man who’s kind enough to give me all his time and all his cum, and I hungrily eat it all up. For a few days afterwards, I’d still have the taste of him in my mouth.” Sally was in the clouds again. “And the smell of his body comforts me, too. Like one time, he had a scarf of mine for a few days, and when I got it back, it smelled like him. He said he had kept it close to his heart, inside his jacket the whole time he had it. Mmmmm, it smelled so good! Now I just keep that scarf in my purse.” Sally looked as happy as a clam, so Dr. Allen let her enjoy her bliss for a few seconds, before injecting a dose of reality into the discussion.

“Sally, I expect it’s not that comfortable over there where Damian stays, and not too clean either”, he commented, careful not to let on that he’d actually seen the alleyway where she and Damian cavorted together.

Sally smiled understandingly. “No it’s not, but it doesn’t matter, because what I get from Damian by far outweighs any discomfort or filth. Anyway, no one’s making me go to him.

I choose to go on my own. Sometimes I can’t even stand the waiting, and I have to have him in my mouth right away. You see, Doctor, when I’m sucking on his cock, everything’s alright in the world. I know I’ll get to swallow all of his yummy cum, and it will nourish me, give me all the energy I need to face the world. The feeling I get beşiktaş escort when his dick is throbbing inside my mouth, inside my pussy, inside my ass, it’s amazing. It makes everything okay.”

Shit. Dr. Allen was throbbing really hard himself. At this point in their therapist-patient relationship, he was no longer able to wait until the end of the session to jack off. He began stroking his rock-hard cock right there, under his wide vestibule, just a few feet away from his young patient. The more Sally talked, the harder he got. Jesus, he surely couldn’t cum in front of her; that would be too risky. He had his license to think of. So he decided to change the subject slightly, and maneuver the conversation toward something less sexual, like “normal” boys her age, like Vincent, for instance.

With a slight roll of her eyes, Sally now had an aggravated look on her face, yet again forced to deal with the hum drum reality of her surroundings. Nevertheless, she started, “I hear them talking sometimes; those “normal boys”, the ones with jobs and apartments of their own. They talk about girls they’re not into, but whom they’d fuck anyway, because they’re just horny guys, after all. They say ugly girls are easy, because we’re so desperate for male attention. They just want to use the girl, and then simply throw her away like a piece of trash. But I’ve found that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. There’s so much truth in that.”

“You think all normal boys are like that, Sally?” Dr. Allen wanted to know.

“Yes, when it comes to girls like me, that’s how normal boys are. But I’m not angry about that. I have no illusions, Doctor. I may have been naïve before, but not anymore. And I may be a little inexperienced, but I’m not stupid. You know, in another lifetime, Damian and I could be man and wife, but in this life, we are what we are, and I accept it.”

“You don’t think it’s possible for you two to be man and wife someday?” Dr. Allen inquired, getting a case of the déjà vu’s, because he vaguely recalled them having this conversation before.

“No” Sally concluded with no bitterness in her voice. “You see, he will continue living on the street, and I want to continue living under a roof, especially during the winter. My disposition can’t take the cold for too long. Sometimes, after I’ve been with him out in the open air for a few hours, I come home and I’ve gotten sick, like with a case of the sniffles, coughing and sneezing. So I don’t think we could live as a ‘normal’ married couple, he and I. And Doctor, to be honest, neither of us is normal anyway, which is why we’re right for each other.”

“You don’t think there’s any possibility of him getting off the streets?” Dr. Allen posed the question thoughtfully.

“No, I don’t want him to”, Sally quickly retorted.

“You don’t?” Dr. Allen, bewildered, hadn’t expected Sally’s answer.

“No, I like him exactly the way he is. Besides, if he gets off the streets, it’ll probably be because he got a job. Then he’d probably get a phone, and then have some money to spend, and that’ll be the end of us.”

“Why would it be the end?” Dr. Allen was endlessly confused with the day’s discussion.

“Because then he’d be a ‘normal guy’, and I’m not meant to be with normal guys, remember? The ones who can call me but don’t, who can spend money on me but don’t, who are busy with their jobs and have no time left for me.”


“Oh Damian, you can’t even imagine how much I was craving your cock!” Sally indicated breathlessly to her lover, rushing over to him as if she hadn’t seen him in ages, when in actuality, it had only been days earlier that she had blown him.

“Here it is, baby, all for you”, Damian gladly offered, quickly unbuckling, unzipping, and holding out his cock for her, very graciously and generously.

Sally greedily enveloped his member with her luscious lips. His prick was still soft, but it would harden up fast in her warm mouth. She was getting to be an expert at this, he thought to himself. While she sucked him, her right hand held the base of his cock firmly, and her left hand aggressively massaged his balls underneath. All the while, the pretty bracelet he gave her dangled from her wrist.

Since her hands were occupied, Damian proceeded to undress Sally slowly. It was not the first time that he observed that the welts on her back had long ago healed, but the scars clearly remained, protruding up from the otherwise flawless skin on her back.

Reminded of what he did to her, Damian again was guilt-ridden.

Choosing to fix his eyes on her long black hair instead, Damian ran his fingers through Sally’s soft, silky tresses, taking in her sweetness, which was a mixture of fruity-smelling perfume, soap, and her own exquisite scent. He then looked at the skin on her arms and legs. God, she was istanbul escort so soft and smooth, and her voice was so sweet, she was indeed, like an angel, his angel.

While his dick enjoyed what Sally’s tongue had to offer, Damian looked down, waiting to meet her eyes. When she finally looked up at him, his intense green eyes were instantly able to mesmerize her, who, in turn, was gazing up admiringly at him. This immediately prompted Sally to stick Damian’s cock straight down her throat! Her eyes watered instantly, which was when Damian closed his own and let out a big moan. Fuck! The feeling was so intense! If this continued the way it was going, he’d be cumming in a second. He didn’t want the pleasure to end so soon, so he decided to give his dick a little break.

“Baby, I wanna eat that juicy pussy of yours now. Give me that sweet pussy…” he commanded.

Sally stopped sucking and got up. Her legs were dirty and damp from kneeling on the ground. She switched positions with him and lay down on the dirty blankets doubling as his bed. She then spread her legs wide open, ready to be devoured by her hungry lover. Damian observed that her legs were not Sally’s only wet body part, as her cunt was now dripping wet. It was drenched, in fact. He took in the scent of her juices. He found her juices delicious, just like the rest of her.

Damian positioned himself directly facing Sally’s sweet twat, which seemed to be inviting him in with its swollen lips and wetness glistening in the moonlight. Her legs were spread so wide, that her tight little asshole seemed to be flirting with Damian as well. He felt like a lucky bastard who had just been served a scrumptious meal fit for a king.

He started by slowly slurping up the plentiful juices that had trickled down Sally’s smooth white thighs, all the while staring up into her eyes. After all this time, Sally still couldn’t believe her lucky stars. Damian’s green eyes were so damned hypnotizing.

After licking her thighs clean, his tongue playfully flicked at her clit, and Sally instinctively shut her eyes gasping. Oh God, his tongue was teasing her so fucking good! The feeling was like little surges of electricity shooting down her spine. She didn’t know how long she would last at this rate.

“Oh Angel, you taste so good, I’m gonna eat you up real nice, just you wait!” Damian warned her.

After only a few minutes, she was damned near screaming her head off. Not wanting her to cum just yet, Damian decided to focus on a different area. Otherwise, her clit didn’t have a fighting chance at the mercy of his tongue. For a brief second, he eyed her little asshole, and from the way Sally had slightly raised her pelvis up in the air, it seemed her ass was eagerly waiting for his naughty tongue to pay it some serious attention. He proceeded to do just that. Wasting no time, Damian licked, probed, teased, prodded, poked, sucked, cajoled, and skillfully pleasured Sally’s sweet little asshole, while at the same time, he gently started to finger her clit again.

“Oh my god! Jesus Fucking Christ! Yeah, baby, eat my ass. Yeah honey, that’s right. Lick it clean! Holy shit! Oh God, Oh Mother-Fucking God! Eat it baby, eat it all up!!” Sally was losing her mind.

After five solid minutes of spoiling Sally’s tight little ass, Damian was wondering if her hole was now ready for his raging cock. If not, maybe it would accommodate his finger instead. Since he was the one who prepped her asshole so well, loosening it up for bigger and better things, Damian figured it was now his responsibility to also ram into it with a slightly blunter object, a slightly harder object, to finish what he had started. He tried to gauge how she would feel if he…

“Oh God, Damian, please fuck me, please fuck me in the ass! I can’t take it anymore! I need your cock in my ass!” Sally was officially asking for a good ass-reaming. That was it; that was all he needed as encouragement to ram his throbbing cock into her.

His dick was as hard as ever, and it would need to be, because it was about to be met with some tight, albeit slippery, resistant walls. He got on top of her, and slowly, gently put the tip of his hard cock at her moist opening, which was more than ready and willing to welcome him in. He stopped for a second, glanced down at her; she was staring up at him intently, nodding for him to continue. He slowly pushed his tip inside, little by little, hearing Sally’s gasps at each interval. Slowly, he let it slide all the way in, entirely engulfing her. At this point, Sally’s eyes were rolled up to the back of her head. She was now completely silent, simply allowing herself to revel in all the sensations her body was joyously experiencing.

He fucked her gently, in and out, back and forth. Shit, the tightness of her ass was almost too much for him to take; it bakırköy escort felt like Heaven. He closed his eyes, too. No longer was he in a dirty, cold, damp alleyway. He was now in Heaven. He gradually began to pick up speed, his cock, as well as his pelvis now starting to acquire a mind of their own.

Sally felt Damian’s hot breath on her face as he was moaning uncontrollably. She relished all of it- the smell of the Whiskey, cigarettes, weed, and her lover’s own musky scent. All of that, coupled with his hard cock in her ass and his fingers teasing her clit, all of it had put her in her own Heaven. She thought to herself, “I could do this all night long…”, but what came out of her mouth instead was an urgent, “Fuck, I’m gonna cum, Damian, I’m gonna fucking cummmmmmmmmm!”

“Yeah baby, cum, cum as loud as you want, Sweet Angel…”

With that, Sally screamed like a banshee for the whole world to hear. She couldn’t stop screaming her fucking head off; couldn’t keep quiet even if she wanted to, because the sensation was too intense to keep in. She went on for an entire minute, and didn’t give a shit who heard. Damian couldn’t keep his pleasure to himself either, and so he shot a good five streams of warm, gooey cum into Sally’s sweet ass.


“Oh man, the first time I fucked her, she was a virgin.”

“Did she tell you that?”

“No, I could tell, because she was really tight, like the tightest pussy I’d ever had, and some of her blood was left on my cock afterwards. Besides, she screamed like hell.” Damian indicated to Dr. Allen, who took it upon himself to pay Damian a visit in the alley.

The shrink apparently felt a need to approach and interrogate Sally’s guy and warn him that he knew about their torrid sexual relationship, and that he was seriously thinking about informing the authorities about it, that is, if Damian didn’t cooperate with him and answer all his questions.

“Why do you think she goes to you, Damian?”

“Beats me”, he replied nonchalantly.

“You have no idea at all?”

“She likes cock.” Damian said quickly, almost without blinking.

“That’s it?” Dr. Allen wasn’t satisfied.

“She likes me.” Damian followed up.

“What do you think she likes about you?” Dr. Allen was persistent with his questioning.

“My cock”, Damian wasn’t trying in the least to be funny or short. He was just being honest.

“Do you really think it’s just your cock that she travels so far for, that she braves the dangerous streets for? Is it just your cock that she withstands the cold, discomfort, and filth in this alley for?”

“I suppose she likes the way I am with her”, Damian managed after thinking about it a little. He, like many men, wasn’t all that complicated. He correctly assumed that Sally liked the way he treated her, and that good treatment, including his perpetually hard cock, was what kept her coming back. It was as simple as that; nothing mind-boggling or ground-breaking.

It was no surprise that when Sally and Damian did get together, not many words were exchanged, as they simply were not necessary. What Sally got from her guy, and what Damian got from his angel, were enough to keep them both happy, and that was that.

“Can we talk about her scars?” Dr. Allen bravely asked.

Damian’s face suddenly hardened. He had been caught off guard. He then closed his eyes firmly. Hesitating for a minute, he finally said, “Yeah, I’ll regret that night for the rest of my life. She didn’t deserve that.”

Dr. Allen replied, “Ah but you see, she says she indeed deserved it, because she went out of town for a while without telling you, which made you think she abandoned you. She said she herself was thoughtless, and that you were really hurt by her staying away so long.”

“Nah, she didn’t deserve that whipping. It was me and my boozing that did it. Just me and my own demons did it. Angel had no fault in it. And everyday, I gotta live with the fact that I hurt my sweet angel.”

“Listen, Damian. It’s not just me, but Sally’s got a co-worker that’s really worried about her well-being too, and she’s not really keen on standing by and letting Sally get hurt like that, especially since you’re still drinking heavily. Who knows what will happen the next time you get really drunk and get it in your head that she’s hurt you again somehow?”

Damian was quiet. He had a pensive look on his face now, truly not knowing if it would happen again, and if it did, would she come out of it alive, to be honest.

“Damian, I want you to think about Sally’s well-being. Just think for a second. Is she safe coming to you at all hours of the night, in the dangerous part of town? What if something were to happen to her on the way here? What if a guy heard her in your alley and decided to follow her home, what then? And the filth here, the rats and bugs, not to mention all the rotten food and water, they can’t be all that healthy for her, or for you for that matter, and…”

“Okay. I get it. You don’t have to say anymore. I get it.” Damian now saw his relationship with Sally in a different light.

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