Dreams Of You

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Electricity hung heavy in the air as she stepped into the room. Gently she closed the door and twisted the lock, “I’m here”.

Reaching out he pulled her close into his arms, “Did you miss me sweetie?”

She replied with her sweetest smile, “Always!”

Laughing he kissed her softly on the forehead, her slightly blushed cheek and finally her tender lips. “Are you ready? And are you sure?”

“I’m sure. And I’ve been ready.” She replied. “I’ve wanted to but I’ve been nervous. I don’t feel nervous tonight though.

Running his hands down her back he embraced her tightly, enjoying the feel of her hands on his shoulders and her face pressed against his chest. “How much can I take off?” He asked. In barely a whisper she breathed “Everything.” Looking quickly into his eyes and then away, trying not to blush, she could see the surprise and delight in his face.

“You’re really sure?” he asked while running his fingers across her breasts.

For the first time she didn’t pull away. “Now, before I change my mind.” She snickered.

Slipping his hands beneath her sky blue top he lifted up as she raised her arms, exposing tender cleavage and a lacy white bra. “Turn around.” She said suddenly. Turning around he could only laugh to himself thinking, “Sometimes she was so silly”. “Ok” came the soft command. Turning he saw that she still covered herself with her arms. “For me?” he asked with a grin. Lowering her arms she blushed deeply. “Yes.”

His fingers drifted lightly across her full and beautiful breasts, lingering over her stiffened nipples for a brief moment and then tugging them slightly. “Mmmmm…. Be nice.” Was all she said. Smiling devilishly he slipped his fingers into the top of her jeans, kneeling down as he unbuttoned them. Her breath quickened as he pulled them slowly down her hips, her thighs and finally to the floor. She ran her hands through his hair as he leaned in to kiss her panties, white and lacy like her bra. He slipped them down ever so slowly, torturing himself, his heart pounding like thunder in his chest.

“Oh my.” Was all he could think to say.

Giggling she pulled his head in. With hands on her thighs he leaned in to drink of her freshly shaven honeypot. “Just for me huh?” he asked. bursa eskort “Shut up and eat me.” She replied with a laugh.

Her lips were damp with excitement. His eager tongue darted in to taste her, parting her lips and rolling around her swollen clit. She sighed deeply as he kissed and sucked, running his hands back to caress her ass. “Oh god, I want to cum.” She breathed. Kissing her pussy firmly he suddenly stood up. “No!” she cried. Reaching behind her to the desk he grabbed the rope. “We have other plans tonight, remember?”

Without a word she put her wrists together, which he tied securely but not very tight. He didn’t want her first bondage to feel anything but wonderful. Lifting her arms by the wrist he looped the line over a hook on a bookshelf. They’d be in the way for now otherwise. She was beautiful. Soft naked skin glowing in the dimmed room, nipples stiff and begging for attention, her wonderfully round ass ready to be touched. And her pussy, shaved that morning just for him, misted in the dew of her own juices, waiting and wanting to be licked and sucked and fucked.

He pulled out a long length of green jute twine and doubled it over, making a knot just in from the halfway mark, creating a loop to lay down her back. Running the loose ends over her shoulders and down her front he quickly tied a serious of knots, above and below her breasts, one on her belly, one at her panty line and finally one just below her aching clit. She’d enjoy that one when the tension drew the knot up higher. Passing the line between her things and back up her ass he secured them to the first loop he made. The knots on the front had made loops; the loose ends were passed through these loops and back behind to be secured. With each “diamond” shape that was created the line became ever so slightly tighter. As he passed through the lowest loop the “cherry” knot slipped into place against her clit. She gasped. By breathing deeply she could encourage her own orgasm.

He lowered her arms and secured them behind her back. “Kneel down.” He whispered in her ear. Helping her to kneel he enjoyed the look on her face as she realized what he wanted. “Ok,” she said. “But only if you’re going to do me too!” Grinning wide he quickly slipped out bursa bayan escort of his clothes.

Standing in front of her she watched his cock swell to it’s largest. “Come here.” She commanded. Stepping close to her he ran his hands through her hair, sighing as she kissed the head and took it into her mouth. “She may not like to do it,” he thought “but damn does that feel good.” Her head bobbed slowly, then quickly as she tormented him with her tongue, sliding it down the length slowly and then sucking him fully back into her mouth. She could see the pressure building in his face. Drawing her head back she looked up at him. “Fuck me. Now.”

Kneeling down beside her he loosened her hands from behind her back and untied them. She ran her hands down his engorged cock quickly before he managed to retie them. He positioned her in front of him so she was sitting on her feet, arms stretched out ahead and firmly secured in place. She could move her body forward but could reach no further backwards than she was. In this position he could tease her by only letting her have what he wanted to give her.

She leaned forward, her upper body lying on the floor, rock-solid nipples pressed into the carpet, her perfect ass raised in the air. Rubbing her lips gently he separated the ropes to either side of her pussy, the cherry knot squeezing tighter against her clit. Spreading her lips he slid two fingers inside her, the feel of her so wet and hot and ready for him made his cock throb. Kissing her sticky-sweet juice from his fingertips he gently slipped the head of his cock into her. She tried to move back to take more but was to well bound. “Please.” She begged. Running his fingertips along her back and ass he leaned in close and slipped his cock, full length, inside of her. She moaned quietly as he held her hips, his cock resting inside her, feeling the pulse of her pussy against him. Slowly he withdrew and re-entered her, increasing his tempo with each thrust. Her hands pulled at the rope that bound her as she pushed her ass backwards against him, trying to feel every inch of him inside her. They had teased and played so much. The tension had been building up for what seemed like an eternity. And suddenly bursa ucuz escort she could feel it; her pussy clenched tight, every nerve alive to the feel of his cock pounding into her. Her muscles tightened, her blood boiled, she wanted to scream out loud. A maddening rush came over her, he felt it come and grabbed her tightly, fucking her hard as she moaned his name. She forced her ass back, the ropes on her wrists digging in, but she didn’t care, she didn’t feel them. She only felt that cock, and that fire exploding inside her. Crying out she pushed hard, his cock forced deep inside her; she came and felt him fucking her furiously. Her pussy ached for more but she knew he was close. And he knew he was close.

Pulling out he mumbled with a flash of lightning in his eyes, “Roll over:. Quickly, without asking why she rolled her body and was now on her back. He straddled over her, stroking his cock, precum and pussy juices glistening on the head. Her nipples stood firm as she watched him, knowing what he planned.

“You’re going to eat me until I say I’m done for this one!” she announced. A deep wolfish growl rumbled through his chest as he exploded, staring into her eyes as he shot his load of cum across her face. She could only smile, watching him in tortured pleasure. His cum bathed her cheeks, her chin, her lips and her waiting tongue. She was surprised that she didn’t care; she knew she drove him crazy and this warm, sticky bath was the proof. She tried to hide her smile as she licked her lips. “Eat me.” She whispered, followed by a playful, “Ass.”

Breathing deeply, trying to recover himself, he leaned forward to untie her hands, his cock brushing against her cheek. The rope had held well and left wonderful spirals around her wrist where she’d pulled them hard during her orgasm. Slipping down the length of her body he caressed her breasts then ran his hands down her belly, pausing to touch the dolphin belly-ring she’d gotten when they were out one day.

Smiling he thought to himself, “Fair was fair.” His cum covered her beautiful face and he had work to do. He’d never hear the end of this one but he didn’t care. He settled in between her waiting thighs, running his fingers over her shaven mound as he leaned in to kiss her pussy, dripping wet with excitement. He felt her hand on his head, encouraging him in to drink. Looking up into her eyes he firmly kissed her clit, and then went to work on her. She moaned softly as he thought to himself, “Now I could get used to paybacks like this.” Smiling he leaned in to drink.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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