Eve and Ryan’s First Swing

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Aria Lee

Dear Readers,

To anyone who has read my other stories, this is a bit different. Had a ton of fun with this one, with special thanks to my friend Lee, who has reawoken the ‘fantasy’ in me and helped me develop this tale. Would love to hear what you think!



Eve and Ryan had been dating for about two years. They met during an exhibit at her friend’s art gallery; he had included a few of her pieces. Ryan had caught her eye while he studied one of her paintings: he was perhaps an inch or two shorter than her 5’10” frame and of average build; about the same age, maybe a little closer to thirty than she was; short, brown hair, and, of course, he had good taste since he seemed to be enjoying her work so much.

When he did finally step away, he only paused for a few moments in front of the next couple of pieces by other artists. She felt a thrill when he stopped again for several minutes in front of another work of her own, and she immediately approached him.

“What do you like about this?” she had asked.

She had startled him, and when he turned to look at her, he was surprised that he needed to look up, as she was several inches taller. He looked down to her feet and saw that her red, strappy heels were adding a couple of inches to her height. His gaze took in her delicate gold anklet, smooth calves, and the hem of her black skirt, just above her knee. He didn’t see any panty lines and wondered what she had on under that skirt.

He looked up into her light brown eyes. “Beautiful.”

She turned her gaze to the canvas. “I’m glad you think so.”

“I wasn’t talking about the painting.”

She smiled at him, a sly smile he would get to know very well. “I know.”

They left the gallery together to get to know each other over some good food and wine, and the rest, as they say, was history.


The pair had a great sex life, and they were always trying new things together in the bedroom. Trying every position they could think of, role playing, experimenting with different toys, light bondage. About a year into the relationship, they realized they enjoyed having sex in public places because of the thrill it gave them.

About 6 months after that, during one of their many candid conversations about their fantasies, Eve admitted to Ryan that she had always fantasized about being with two men at the same time. Like every other red-blooded American male, Ryan had fantasized about being with multiple women, so they had many erotic discussions about what they might like to watch each other do to another man or woman, and what they’d like to experience. They found themselves coming back to this scenario often, and at some point had mutually decided to try swinging.

After extensive internet research, the pair learned where to go, what they should discuss beforehand, and how to communicate discreetly with each other while they were with another couple. They decided that they wanted an open swing, where everyone would be in the room together. For them, much of the draw of changing partners was seeing each other with someone else. Also, if one of them changed their mind about the whole thing, they could stop it as soon as they were uncomfortable.

They selected a nightclub, and made plans to check it out on Saturday night. They spent Saturday afternoon on one of their favorite past-times – lingerie and shoe shopping.

Ryan would get so hot watching Eve model different bras and negligees. If it was quiet in the store, he would sneak into the dressing room with her for a little groping and kissing before they finished their shopping. That day, they were both so excited with the anticipation of their date that evening that Eve couldn’t control herself.

She had picked out a red and black lace bra that had a matching g-string. When she saw the hungry look in Ryan’s eyes as he admired her lacey D-cups, she cast a quick look around to see if anyone was in the immediate area. She gripped his wrist tightly and dragged him into her changing room, plastic hangers clicking furiously as she slammed the door shut and launched herself at him, pressing him into the wall across from the mirror.

Breathless, she panted between kisses, “Do whatever you want to this bra, we’re taking it the fuck home.” He responded by grabbing her breasts roughly, pinching her nipples through the fabric. She bit her lip hard to avoid crying out. With one quick motion, she undid the fly of her jeans and shoved them down her hips, exposing her black g-string.

“Touch me,” she ordered.

He reached down to stroke her through the thin swatch of fabric covering her clean shaven pussy, smiling devilishly when he felt how damp her panties were. He moved the material to the side so his fingers could slide inside of her. He could hear her struggling to keep quiet, making very small, insistent sounds in her throat, which he kissed hungrily.

He knew how to stroke her to make her come fast, and soon she was clawing at his shoulders and raking her nails through his hair, whimpering xslot Yeni Giriş quietly, her whole body quaking with the force of her orgasm.

Trying not to laugh, he held his finger to his lips to shush her as he heard two female voices enter the changing area. When her eyes opened and saw his gesture, she nodded weakly, trying to regain composure. Now, it was her turn to grin wickedly.

“Let’s see how you do,” she challenged, dropping to her knees. She deftly undid his fly and released his painfully hard cock. He sighed with relief, and she looked up at him and mimicked his shushing gesture.

He watched his cock disappear into her mouth. In the mirror he could see her bobbing up and down, and took in the site of her long tresses bouncing with the movement of her head, down to the bit of lace that clasped behind her back, the round curve of her ass, and her g-string. Her jeans were still around her calves and he looked at the heels of her pumps, excited by the thought of picking out a sexy new pair for that night.

“This won’t take long with me watching your hot ass in the mirror, you dirty little thing,” he whispered.

She pulled her head back, teasing the sensitive tip with her tongue. She then wrapped her lips around the head to create just the right amount of suction, stroking his shaft with her hand, then swallowed him once more. She bobbed with renewed vigor, anxious for him to fill her throat with cum.

He shuddered, pumping several jets of hot cum down her willing throat. A grunt escaped him, and she heard the two disembodied voices cease their chatter for a few seconds after they had obviously heard the masculine sound of pleasure.

She stood, wiping delicately at the corner of her mouth with a glossy-nailed finger, and smiled smugly as her partner sagged against the wall, panting. While he recovered, she removed the new bra and got dressed. She collected her things while he made himself presentable and then she stepped into the hallway. The two young women were at the end of the hall using the 3-way mirror to try on bathing suits, and she made eye contact with their reflections. Ryan stepped out beside her and she watched the girls’ eyes widen. She gave them a grin and a wink and they went to the cashier to check out.


Ryan relaxed on their bed in his boxers with his hands behind his head, watching intently as his girlfriend prepared for their evening. He had already showered, so he was happy to lay back and watch the show until it was time for him to get dressed. He was at the perfect angle to see into their bathroom, and had watched her silhouette as she showered and shaved her long legs.

While he watched her smooth lotion over her arms and breasts and stomach, he imagined her hands running over another woman’s skin. After she had moisturized her legs, she brought the bottle into the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Do my back, please?” She gathered up her hair and held it out of the way. He sat up, squeezing lotion into his hand, and kissed the back of her neck while he started rubbing her back.

“Are you going to kiss her for me, baby?” he asked softly. “You know how turned on I get thinking of you and another woman playing together in lingerie.” He kissed her neck again, reaching around to cup her breasts. She arched into him as he pulled on her nipples and felt his erection pressing into her back. “Do we have time for a quickie?”

She moaned. “Why do you do this to me, Ryan? You’re like a horny teenager sometimes, I swear to God,” she laughed, pulling herself away from him to stand next to the bed. She grabbed his face with both hands, leaning in close. “I’m all clean and showered, and I don’t want you to get me all sweaty, so save it for later, boy.” She shoved him backwards onto the mattress.

He growled, frustrated. “You’re such a bitch,” he pouted.

She grabbed her new lingerie off of the dresser and stepped back into the bathroom, turning towards him in the doorway. “You’re being punished,” she said primly, and slammed the door.

“Now I can’t even watch?!”

“Fuck off, Ryan. Find something else to rub your dick on while I get ready.”

“Fine, how much time do I have?” He made a production of pulling drawers opened and closed loudly. “I’m going to ruin a pair of black silky panties,” he called, digging through her undergarments. His hand bumped into something that wasn’t fabric and he smiled, pulling out her 8″ purple silicone vibrator.

He knocked on the bathroom door and she turned off the hair dryer. “Baby?” he asked sweetly. “Please open the door.”

She pulled open the door and laughed when she saw him holding up her vibrator.

“This won’t sweat all over you.”

Laughing, she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. “This is why I love you. Your persistence, and your willingness to compromise.”

“And my skill at making you come,” he added, turning her around and guiding her to the bed. When she had backed into the mattress, he pressed into her, forcing her to lay xslot Gir down. He rained kisses on her neck, collarbone, and breasts until she was squirming beneath him.

He moved lower – her stomach, hips, and thighs – teasing. He turned on the vibrator and ran it lightly over her sensitive lips, drawing a moan from her, which turned into a wail as he pleasured her with his tongue. His fingers opened her up for the humming toy to run across her sensitive flesh, and he thrust it in and out slowly.

He raised his head to watch as she played with her breasts, thrusting her pelvis.

“Use your mouth.”

He kissed her inner thigh.

“Baby, please,” she whimpered.

He kissed the other thigh. He wanted to hear her say it.

“My clit, Ryan. Suck on my clit.” He obliged. “Ohhh, good boy,” she yelled, bucking faster, but he pulled the vibrator away, wanting her to beg for it.

“Fuck me harder, you little bitch,” she panted.

“Are you going to suck me off with that dirty mouth?”

She nodded, and he plunged the silicone cock in and out, sucking hard on her clit and bringing her to a noisy climax. As she lay there in the afterglow, he moved up to the headboard, propping himself up with a pillow. He watched her breasts heaving and he idly stroked himself, waiting for her to catch her breath.

When she was ready, she crawled up to him and teased the tip of his cock with her tongue while he stroked up and down. He pulled her hair out of her face and held the back of her head with both hands, gently urging her to deep-throat him. Feeling his warm fingers tangled in her hair, she swallowed him, wanting to return the pleasure he had given her.

After he found his release, they finished getting ready and drove to the club.


They walked in, holding hands, feeling the music pulsating as they took in the variety of people in the club. They felt excited and nervous, knowing that their fantasy had a chance of becoming real that night. They decided to get a drink to take the edge off.

As they approached the bar, they didn’t realize they were being watched. A tall, slender man stood facing the bar, requesting another beer. His wife stood close, her back against the counter, cocktail in hand. She murmured to him and he turned his head as Eve stepped up next to him and ordered two shots. He appraised her profile in her short black dress. She was much curvier than his petite wife. The couple seemed slightly anxious, so he asked her if it was their first time.

She tossed back her shot, then returned his welcoming smile. “Do we look that wet behind the ears?” she asked loudly, to be heard over the music from the speakers across the room.

“We’ve all been there, so we can tell when someone is new.”

Ryan stepped up beside her, putting his arm around her waist. “Making friends already?”

“I’m Corey, and this is my wife, Stephanie.” His wife stepped up to his side, and she was easily a foot shorter than he. Eve felt a little envious that Stephanie could pull off that dress. The neck-line plunged so low it would be impossible to wear a bra, and you could see the swell of her small, perky breasts before they disappeared under the thin, blue fabric.

Realizing that she was staring at the woman’s chest, Eve met Stephanie’s eyes and felt herself blush. “I’m sorry to stare. You look stunning in that dress. I could never pull that off.”

She smiled warmly. “Thank you…” she raised her eyebrows questioningly.

“Oh, I’m sorry again. Eve. And this is my boyfriend, Ryan.”

“It’s very nice to meet both of you. I love those shoes,” she gushed.

Eve glanced proudly at her open-toed pumps, black with red satin trim and a 4″ heel that put her eye to eye with Corey. “Thank you. Ryan picked them out this afternoon.”

“They match what’s underneath,” Ryan added, getting a laugh from the other couple.

“Let’s dance, ” Corey suggested. While being led onto the floor, Stephanie’s gaze lingered on Ryan as he exchanged a look with Eve before pulling her away from the bar. She felt a thrill at picking up a new couple to play with. Her sexually-charged brain was flooded with images of Ryan in bed with her. She couldn’t wait to get her hands, and other body parts, on him.

Facing her husband, she looked up at him, mouthing the question, “You like them?” before they started to dance. He nodded and turned his head to watch the other couple picking their way through the throng of bodies twisting to the music.

Eve and Ryan’s eyes were on each other as they began to dance a few feet from the other couple. The married pair watched as Eve turned her back to her boyfriend, pressing herself against him. Ryan looked down at her body and swept his hands up her sides, over her ample breasts, then back down to hold her hips as they danced. She rubbed against his thigh with greater urgency, feeling his excitement growing against her hip.

Both Corey and Stephanie were becoming aroused by the sexual chemistry between the other couple, imagining xslot Sitesi what would happen when the four of them were alone. Jealous of the sight before her, Stephanie wanted to draw greater attention to herself. Taking Corey by the hand, she worked up and down his thigh. Her years of experience taking exercise classes in pole dancing were paying off. A furtive glance confirmed that Ryan was watching her, and she shot a coy smile his way when their eyes met.

They danced hard for about an hour, then made their way back to the bar for drinks. Sipping his beer, Ryan couldn’t pull his eyes away from Stephanie’s mouth. The drink stirrer slipped through her lips suggestively, and his eyes moved from her sensuous mouth up to meet her heated gaze. He almost spilled his drink when the corners of her mouth turned up in a smile and she slowly ran her tongue up to the tip of the plastic stick.

Suddenly, the pounding pulse of the music was interrupted by the voice of the DJ, announcing a lap dance contest. The first 4 couples to make their way to the designated row of chairs near the bar would have a chance to win a gift bag of fun things to use in a complementary private room upstairs.

Before the DJ had shouted, “Grab somebody’s else’s partner and get over there!” Stephanie was already dragging Ryan to a chair.

Laughing, Eve stepped closer to where Corey had seated himself at the bar so they could have a conversation without speaking in a near-shout. The music had risen to its previous heart-pumping volume. The DJ had chosen the Pussycat Dolls singing Don’t Cha.

Leaning in, she asked, “Are you enjoying watching your wife grind her ass all over my boyfriend’s lap?”

He brought his free hand up to the back of her head to gently prevent her from straightening, so that he could breathe her in. After inhaling the pleasing scent of her shampoo mixed with a subtle amount of perfume, he turned his face so they were nearly nose-to-nose. “I love to see the reactions she gets from other men and women.” He moved his mouth close to her ear. “Same as I know your boyfriend will feel watching me fuck you later.”

She shivered at his hot breath on her neck, as well as at the thought of screwing someone new for the first time in two years, while her Ryan watched. While he fucked that gorgeous little blonde.

“I’m glad we’re all on the same page here, then,” she murmured breathlessly into his ear. “Does your wife also enjoy the attention of other women? Because I’ve always been a little curious, myself.”

As Corey nodded, Ryan’s gaze briefly settled on the pair as he wondered if Eve was having as good of a time as he was. He could see Eve’s chest rising and falling rapidly, so he could tell that whatever they were discussing was turning her on. He watched for another moment, and Corey brought his hand down to caress her hip, then ass, nudging her closer.

Ryan was achingly aware of his erection pressing against his pants. Stephanie turned to face him, pressing her groin into his and pulling his face to her breasts.

He wasn’t sure if he was more turned on by this sexy woman pressing herself against him, or the sight of his girl being groped by another man. Ryan was finding it extremely difficult to keep his hands off the woman gyrating in his lap, but they were told to treat the contest like a real lap dance, so the men were not supposed to touch.

Corey had set his drink on the bar so he could use both hands to hold Eve. He had pulled her into the space between his legs. “I love my wife, but sometimes all I want is to get my hands on someone with a few more curves. She pointed you out, actually. She knows what I like.” He squeezed the soft flesh of her ass, and she could feel his erection between their bodies. “How old are you, anyway? Are you even thirty?”

She moved her face close enough that her lips brushed against his. “Twenty-eight. You?”

“Thirty-five.” He groaned as she kissed him agressively.

She pulled away from him to turn back to the contestants as the song came to an end and the DJ announced that they would decide the winner based on the crowd’s response. The cheers were loud as the waitress assisting with the contest had two of the ladies stand together and held her hand over each to judge the response. The one with the louder reaction remained while a third contestant stepped up and the process was repeated.

Finally, it was Stephanie’s turn to be judged. As the waitress gestured over her, Corey and Eve’s shouts were drowned out in the roar that ensued. They handed her the prize. She and Ryan approached the bar, grinning, and Eve jumped up and down, clapping excitedly.

“Let’s have one more drink to celebrate Steph’s victory and go upstairs to see what we’ve won!” Eve exclaimed. She ordered a round of shots and as they raised their glasses, Ryan shouted a toast.

“To Stephanie’s gorgeous ass!”

After swallowing their drinks, Stephanie stepped closer to Ryan and brought her hands up around his neck. Feeling caught up in her spell, he followed her urging and leaned close, their lips meeting in a soft kiss. He slipped a hand under the fabric of Stephanie’s dress, rubbing his thumb across a tight, erect nipple, sliding his tongue teasingly along her lower lip, then into her waiting mouth. He felt her moan into his mouth.

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