Everything I Want in a Mistress Pt. 02

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At 6:15 I woke up to my alarm blaring the tone I had become conditioned to hate. My aggravation towards the sound that disrupts my sleep every morning was soon pushed to the back of my mind as I came to my senses. I had only stayed the night in my cock cage a handful of times before, so my skin was painfully tender from being pushed against the steel all night by the blood trying to flow into my penis. My bladder was full from downing a couple bottles of water in an attempt to avoid a hangover. While the water served its purpose, peeing became quite the difficult task as I had to sit on the toilet and try to keep my mind off my new situation while the fraction of an erection my cage allowed me subsided.

During a quick shower my mind raced between Kate, going to work today, and how exhausted I was. I had recently finished law school and was working at a small practice owned by a close friend. One of the perks of my work was that, aside from meetings with clients, I didn’t have to be in the office much. In fact, I was originally looking forward to waking at 11 am today; I didn’t have a meeting until noon. Kate, on the hand, was finishing up her Master’s in Architecture, and was up at 7 am three days a week for her 8 am class. The other two weekdays she was up at the same time to go running.

Near the end of the hour I was sitting on a barstool in Kate’s apartment with two omelets, French toast, bacon, and a pitcher of orange juice on the bar. Eventually I heard her alarm beep, and soon after there was rustling in her room. She emerged wearing a tee shirt that was comfortably loose, but tight enough to contour her cleavage. The shirt covered her panties, and the only other clothing visible to me were the tube socks covering her feet. She never wore tube socks, so I figured this was a way of teasing me. Her hair was a mess, but it gave off a sex-hair look that, combined with her outfit, drove me crazy. Kate walked towards me with a grin, tugged at the collar I had put on again before cooking, and greeted me.

“Good morning, slave.”

“Good morning, Mistress. How’d you sleep?”

“Mmm amazing,” Kate said in a groggy voice, “how about yourself?” She sat beside me and felt the cage around my cock as she looked at the meal I prepared for her.

“This thing is going to take some getting used to, I had to take shots before bed or else I would have never gotten to sleep.”

“Well, you’ll have plenty of time to get used to it, bitch boy.” Kate flashed a playful grin at me and then began her breakfast.

Over the next 30 minutes before she left, our conversation was mainly real conversation with frequent references to our new situation. I was hoping for a little more teasing, but I figured Kate still wanted a friend, and I didn’t want to annoy her by constantly wanting to be treated as a slave. Plus, Kate and I had always connected, and she was one of the few people I could hold and enjoy a genuine conversation with. After she changed into a sun dress and a pair of sandals, I walked her to the door.

“You can stay and watch my new TV if you want,” she said with added emphasis on ‘my’.

“Oh thanks, Mistress,” I replied in a sarcastic tone.

“Thanks again for cooking me breakfast, slave boy. Soon it’ll be a routine for you, but I guess I should reward you.” She looked down at her feet to signal me to do the same and wiggled her toes. “Would you like to kiss them goodbye?”

“Yes, Mistress, I’d love to.” Finally, I couldn’t wait to be at her feet again.

She looked me in the eyes with a smile and said, “too bad!” With that, she turned around and walked out of the apartment, the door slamming behind her. Kate’s natural talent for denial had the same effect on my caged penis as the foot worship she teased me with would have had; I had never been so crazy about her.

I took Kate up on her offer and tried watching TV at her place for a bit. Despite my eyes being locked to the screen, my mind was focused on running my fingers over what little skin showed through my chastity cage. After a few minutes of trying to get just minimal stimulation, I decided to make myself useful and started cleaning Kate’s place. She kept her apartment organized for the most part, but there was plenty of vacuuming and cleaning to be done. I spent about an hour making her one-bedroom apartment look flawless, then headed back to my place to get ready for work.

I arrived at my office just after 10, well earlier than I needed to. I was hoping that the work would distract me from my aching cock, and to some extent it worked. The problem was, every time I was able to focus on work I snapped out of my horny mindset, which led to temporary disappointment with myself. Of course, it would only take a few seconds to start thinking with my other head and start enjoying my predicament once again.

I got a text from Kate around 5 o’clock that read “Can you stop by after work?” I started typing back but was interrupted by a second text. “Well, I guess don’t really need xhamster porno to ask 😉 I’ll see you soon.”

I replied with “Of course, Mistress,” and hurried to finish my work. Since I generally don’t come in to the office until late I often stay until 7 or 8 pm. I still had more work to do, but by 6 o’clock I couldn’t wait any longer. I packed my things and headed for Kate’s.

When I arrived at Kate’s she was waiting on the couch watching TV. She immediately got up and walked towards me. I said hi to her but she ignored it, wrapped her arms around my neck, and thrusted her tongue in my mouth. I hesitated for a moment, knowing that I wasn’t allowed to do this while she was with Peter, but I very quickly decided to ignore that and kiss her back. After our kiss she spoke.

“I’m single again,” she said with a smile that wasn’t as devious as the others I had seen over the past 24 hours.

“What, really? What happened?” I didn’t think Kate had any intention of breaking things off with Peter. This certainly had its ups and downs; I was looking forward to serving the two of them, but at the same time I wasn’t sure how long I could take being totally denied freedom from my cage, as well as only being allowed to touch Kate’s feet.

“I don’t know, we’ve only been dating for like a month and the best part of it was the sex, everything else was kind of bland. He also seemed a little hesitant about your role here, and honestly I’ve wanted that kiss we had for a long time. So, I decided I want you as my slave and my boyfriend.”

Wow, I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. There was always some sexual tension between us and we loved spending time with each other, but the fact that she broke up with her boyfriend for me was unbelievable. I responded the best I could.

“Oh my God, are you serious?”

“Yep, and as my slave, you don’t have much of a choice. I hope you don’t mind having a new girlfriend.”

“Not at all, Mistress. I couldn’t think of a better situation.” I pulled her in and kissed her again. We made our way back to her couch while we continued kissing, and when we finally sat down she paused and moved towards my ear.

“I still fucked Peter today, and I might just fuck him again tomorrow too,” she whispered. I moaned and we resumed kissing. Moments later, she paused again and went to her room. She returned with the keys that I had given to Peter yesterday.

“So, I guess I’m allowed to unlock you now.” I had completely forgotten about the keys.

“Oh yes please, Mistress. This thing is killing me.”

“I couldn’t believe you agreed to go indefinitely in that thing. Do you really think you would have made it?”

“This thing is driving me crazy right now, but I’ve heard after a week or two you get used to it. Even still, I had to push a million red flags to the back of my mind in order to agree to this. I’m fairly sure after a month or two it would be torture, but at the same time you know how much I want my limits pushed, and I was excited to be forced to push them.”

“Hmm,” Kate replied, “get out your phone and google how long the average relationship lasts.” I did as I was told, and was frightened by the result.

“The first thing that pops up says 2 years and 9 months.”

“Jeez, how many days is that?” I did the math quickly and told her.

“It’s just under 1,000 days.”

“Well I’ll tell you what. I want to tease your cock to no end, so you’ll be let out of your cage plenty. But, I’m not going to let you cum for 1,000 days. However, I’ll let you buy back days for a dollar a day. So for a grand I’ll give you the best orgasm you’ve ever had right now.”

“Wow, well I certainly don’t have an extra thousand laying around on me, so I’ll see how long I can last without cumming, Mistress.”

“This is going to be fun, now get your clothes off and your collar on.” I obeyed and stood in front of her.

“On your knees,” Kate commanded. Again, I obeyed. “Now, I’m going to take this cage off your dick, but you are not to touch it under any circumstances. Got it?”

“Yes, Mistress. Would you mind tying my hands behind my back? I’m not sure I trust myself to keep my hands off.”

Kate left for her room once more and returned with a shoe lace. I put my hands together for her and she tied them together, making sure that I wouldn’t be able to escape.

“Tight enough for you?” She asked, knowing full well she tied me uncomfortably tight.

“Definitely, Mistress. Almost too tight.”

“Good, just the way I like it.” She then sat down in front of me and stuck my caged cock in her mouth. She ran her tongue up and down the cage, providing some pleasure as she moved across the exposed parts of the cage. She then stood up, placed her foot on my chest, and pushed me backwards so that I fell on my back. I spent a minute trying to find a comfortable spot for my arms that were secured between my body and the floor.

“You know, maybe I’d prefer you to stay yaşlı porno locked up while I tease you. How would you feel about that?”

“If it’s what you want, it’s what I want, Mistress.” That was true, but damn I wanted to be free of the cage.

“I think I do,” Kate replied as she got on her knees between my legs and continued her caged blowjob. As much as I wanted to get out, I thoroughly enjoyed being teased through my cage, and loved the unnecessary cruelty. Kate held eye contact with me as she fit the entire cage in her mouth. This was particularly hot for me because Sarah had always been too shy to make eye contact during sex.

Kate continued to tease me for a half an hour that went by very slow. Eventually, she moved to the couch, took her pants off, and left me on my back.

“You have 10 seconds to get on your knees in front of my pussy,” she commanded. I immediately rolled on my stomach, arms still tied, and used my head to balance while I got on my knees and got in front of her.

“Good boy, now take these off.” She tugged at her panties. I had no way of doing so except with my mouth, so after a couple minutes of Kate laughing at my struggled attempts, I finally had them off. She held her feet up so I could pull the panties all the way down, and I stopped to lick her gorgeous soles. Kate allowed this for a minute, but soon pulled my head towards her pussy. I immediately went in and thrust my tongue inside of her. I had imagined when this moment finally happened I would tease her a little and start with her clit, but as soon as I tasted her I greedily went in for more. Kate moaned as I first penetrated her, which reminded me of who was supposed to be receiving the pleasure here. I pulled my tongue out and began rubbing it over her clit. She responded with more moaning, and within a couple minutes her body shook as I brought her to a climax.

I continued eating Kate out for about 15 minutes until she instructed me to join her on the couch. We laid down facing each other and made out while she started feeling my caged cock again.

“I like having you tied up like this,” Kate teased, “I can do anything I want with you.” As she said this, she moved her hand to my nipple and squeezed it hard.

“And I’ll say thank you Mistress every time,” I replied after letting out a moan from having my nipple tugged on.

“Hmm, let’s test that out.” Kate put her hand up toward my face and rubbed it softly. Then she wound up and smacked it. It wasn’t the hardest she could do, but it was probably strong enough to leave her handprint. I was thoroughly enjoying the pain she was inflicting on me.

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“You’re very welcome, slave. You’ve been such a good boy, cleaning my place, cooking me breakfast, obeying my every command. I think you deserve a reward.”

“Thank you, Mistress, I’d love that.” Kate reached for the keys to my cage and stuck one in the lock.

“You’re lucky I’ve wanted this cock in my mouth for a long time. Once I get tired of it you won’t be fucking any part of me.” Kate couldn’t have played her part any better; she was perfect for me.

“Yes, Mistress. My cock is for your pleasure only,” I replied, and to my delight she turned the key and freed my cock of its cage.

Now it was my turn to sit on the couch as Kate got on her knees to tease me more. By time she had gotten to her knees my penis was already standing at full attention. Kate opened her mouth wide and covered the upper half of my cock. She didn’t close her mouth, however; instead she lifted her head back up and gently brushed her lips over the tip. For the next few minutes Kate continued teasing me with very light stimulation, running her fingers and tongue ever so gently over her new toy that was throbbing for attention. Once again I found her lips on the tip of my tongue, and this time I thrusted my hips up in an attempt to get my cock fully in her mouth. Suddenly there was a hand squeezing my balls tightly.

“Unless you want to be locked back in that cage with no release for a month, you’d better not try that again.” Kate’s tone was nothing but serious.

“Y-yes, Mistress. I’m sorry,” I replied through the pain Kate was inflicting me. She was still holding my balls, and before letting go she gave them one final squeeze as hard as she could. I yelped in pain while Kate smiled at how easily she controlled me.

I continued to be teased gently for a few more minutes before Kate finally put her mouth over my cock and closed it. She slowly bobbed her head up and down, giving me a real blowjob with full stimulation. My cock responded all too quickly, and just seconds in I was on the verge of cumming.

“Stop, Mistress, I’m about to cum,” I said in a hurry. She paused and looked up at me with surprise.

“Wow, really? I’ve had guys finish pathetically fast before, but I think you top the charts.”

“I’m sorry, Mistress. It’s because I’ve been tortured by you and the cage all day. This aldatma porno wouldn’t happen normally, but I have serious blue balls and I’m desperate to cum.”

“Well you better start saving your money,” Kate replied, “because if you don’t pay up you won’t be cumming for 1,000 days.”

“I know, Mistress, and I love that you’re disciplining me like this.”

“I’m happy to help, slave. Now I want you desperate enough to pay up soon, so I’m going to make your balls ache as much as possible for the next 30 minutes before I lock you back up. Stand up.”

“Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress.” I stood up and Kate led me to the other side of the coffee table, where she sat down and had me stand in front of her.

“I was going to let you fuck my pussy now, but since I don’t think you could make it all the way in without cumming, there isn’t much point, is there slave?”

“No, Mistress. I shouldn’t be allowed inside you unless I can pleasure you.”

“That’s right. Maybe you can try fucking me after your first orgasm, whenever that ends up being. But for now I’m going to put my hand around your cock and you’re going to fuck it for the next 30 minutes. Every time you get to the edge you’re going to pause until your orgasm has subsided, then start again. Got it?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good. Begin.”

Kate placed her hand around my cock firmly and I began fucking it. I didn’t want to worsen my blue balls, but I did want to please my Mistress, so I fucked her hand hard and with enthusiasm to humiliate myself further and bring myself to the edge faster. Just like before, I had to stop within seconds. Kate enjoyed this, laughed, and told me she was going to send a snapchat of it to Renee. During the 10 seconds of film I was able to start, fuck her hand, and stop to avoid cumming. The fact that her friend would be watching only made my orgasm build up quicker.

About five minutes of this went by, with Kate occasionally saying something to tease or humiliate me. My balls were aching, and it was starting to become somewhat of a task; standing up with my hands still tied around my back while I fucked Kate’s hand was exactly the type of dominance I wanted from her, but I could see it getting tiresome after the next 25 minutes. It turned out I wouldn’t have to.

A minute later I brought myself to the edge once again, and this time a little too far. I pulled out completely from Kate’s hand to stop all stimulation, and hoped that I had pulled out in time. We both watched as my cock twitched a little for a few seconds before a half-size load of cum dribbled out of my cock.

“Remember those ruined orgasms I told you about when I told you all about my fantasies? Well, there you go. Once I pulled out I lost the sensation of the orgasm but I still came some, which will help with my blue balls a little bit. I’m sorry, Mistress.”

“Wow, you’re lucky that I loved that and that I’ve been dying to see you eat your cum. Lick it up slave, this will be the first of many messes you’ll be cleaning up.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Reaching the tipping point of the climax had made me a little less horny and eager to be a slave, but I didn’t want to ruin what I had, and I wasn’t sure Kate would let me back out now if I wanted to. So, I complied without hesitation. I dropped to my knees and leaned my head down in front of the puddle of cum I had made. With my arms secured behind my back, I lost my balance and fell on my head. Kate laughed as I regained composure and tried again.

“I want you to get a big glob on your tongue and show me,” she instructed. I licked the pile and let the taste soak in as I turned to Kate to show her. She was waiting with her phone pointed at me. This time, the red flags popping up in my head outweighed the erotic thrill of this being caught on camera, but I kept my thoughts to myself as I kneeled silently while Kate took pictures from multiple angles.

“Good boy, now finish your mess and we can get you back in your cage for the night.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied, swallowing the load I had been carrying on my tongue for the past minute. I got back down to the ground and licked up the rest of the cum. When I finished I looked back up at her.

“Aww, does my little slave want more? Don’t worry, I’ll let you clean up after I’m done getting fucked by real men. I think you might have to stay caged for a while though, since you can’t be trusted not to cum.” Kate’s continued degradation of me originally aggravated me, but by the time I had processed everything she said my cock began to override my brain once again.

“Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress.” I replied, relieved to be happy with my situation again.

Kate got up to get some ice, and five minutes later my cock was locked snugly in its cage.

“Since your little man can’t control himself, it’s going to be at least another month until he’s freed again. I’m not really sure yet though, it’ll probably be a lot longer.” It’s like Kate knew exactly how to drive me crazy. Then again, I did spend a decent amount of time telling her what drove me crazy yesterday. The minimum period of denial plus the uncertainty of whether that month would even come close to the sentence my cock would actually serve made it instantly try to break free from its cage.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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