Extreme Tutoring Pt. 02

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This is similar to my introduction to BDSM. I will add more. Please post your comments and feedback. Good or Bad all is appreciated. Thank you for reading.


Ashleigh is nervous. Her boyfriend Lemar is at another basketball tournament. He is gone over night. She is expected for tutoring again. Her first tutoring session was epic. She steps up to the door, her back pack over her shoulder. She really does need help with her Algebra. She passed her test with an 85 with the help she got last time. She rings the door bell. Her heart pounding.

Mr. Rains opens the door expecting his latest student. He grins at her. “Come in, come in. How did you do on your test?” His eyes rake over the petite dark haired girl. Her skirt is very short and tight. Her nipples are already pressing into the thin material of t-shirt. Obvious there is no bra. Ashleigh steps through the door.

“I do pretty good on it. Got an 85 this time.” She heads to the dining room. She sets her pack and the floor. Bending over to get out her notes and worksheets she gives Mr. Rains a view of the thin blue bikini panties she is wearing. She sits at the table. “We are working on Surface Area this week. I think I have some of it down but some is confusing.”

Mr. Rains sits down. He is still in his gray slacks and white business shirt. “Ah. Some of can get complicated the more surfaces you have. Let’s see.” He sits down next to her. His hand resting on he thigh. He leans over and they start going over the lessons she brought with her.

There are not a lot of problems to really go over. She has a good grasp of most of it. The longer formulas were throwing her off.

“See right Ash…the easiest way is to do each surface one at a time then add them all up. Takes longer

Ashleigh nods and finishes working out the problem. Her legs part slightly as his hand goes higher on her thigh. “I see. So just keep it simple. That makes sense. Th…thank you Mr. Rains.” Her legs have parted even further.

“You are quiet welcome Ashleigh. Take off your shirt.” Ashleigh does not even blink. She pulls off her s-shirt and drops it on the table. Her nipples are hard and have been since she rang the door bell. She lets out a moan when Mr. Rains leans over and starts to suck on a nipple. His fingers slide up to the thigh. He pushes her panties to the side and starts to tease the pussy lips which are already moist.

Ashleigh sits back and groans. Her eyes closed. She has brought her hands up to run xslot fingers through his hair, pulling him into her tits. Her mouth is open letting out moans and gasp. He nips at he nipples with his teeth and she feels it shock through her body. The energy stopping at her pussy. She cries out when he starts to play with her clit.

Mr. Rains keeps teasing the young curvy body. He slides a finger from her clit to her entrance. The finger pushes in. Ashleigh coos and whimpers. Her pussy clenches around his finger. As he pushes in his thumb hits her clit. Ashleigh’s mouth hangs open. Her head back. Her hips bucking off the chair. He pulls his hand from her pussy getting a whimper from her. “Stand up and strip. Everything.”

She does as told. Fire burning through her body. She lays her clothes on the table. Turning she finds Mr. Rains has stripped as well. He has his tie in his hand. He comes up to her, pulling their bodies together. He drops her head and kisses her hard. His tongue invading her mouth. Ashleigh wraps arms around him. She clings to his chiseled body. Her tits smashed against him.

Mr. Rains breaks the kiss. He turns her around pulling both of arms behind her. “I love doing this. ” He uses his tie and secures her wrist behind her back. He leaves enough of a tail to have a leash. She blinks. Her heart racing. He pushes her over the dining table. Her face to one side. “Stay right there. Do Not Move.” He leaves her there. Her chest barely able to contain her pounding heart.

“This is going to be fun. Spread your legs further apart. Further. Good.” He kneels. He loops another tie around her ankle to the leg of the dining table. He does the same with the other ankle. Standing up with a third tie he covers her eyes. “How do you feel? Nervous? Excited?”

Ashleigh bound to the table, wrist behind her. Her eyes covered. She nods her head. She is not sure how to put what she is feeling into words. “Yes. Nervous, excited, scared, curious, aroused…I I am not sure hooooowwwwww…Ahhhhhhh!!” Mr. Rains has slammed into her from behind. His thick long cock stretching her pussy and going in deep. She shatters instantly. Her climax ripping through her like lightning in a bottle.

Mr. Rains holds still just for a brief moment. He starts to pound into the rippling pussy. The sensations keep Ashleigh on an orgasmic high. She peaks and stays there. Her head spinning. Her pussy flooded with wave after wave of her juices.

“Mr..Mr…Mr. Rains…wait wait..I can’t, xslot Giriş AHHHH!!NNNNNNHHHHH!! … FUUUUCK FUCK FUCK MEEEEE!” He grabs the tail on the tie around her wrist and pulls up. His other hand reaches forward taking a big handful of her hair and pulls. Her head comes off the table.

Mr. Rains slams into her over and over. He is Dominating her body. She is overwhelmed with the orgasm. Tears roll down her cheeks. Her pussy ripples and squeezes his cock. He stills in her. She is still cumming. Her juices running down her spread thighs. Her body trembles over and over. He leans over her body. Kissing the back of neck and shoulders. He is massaging her gently.

Ashleigh’s body begins to settle. She can hear his voice in her ear. “That was intense, I know. Settle down. Take a breath. It is more intense when restrained and blindfolded. Sshhhh…Breath in, good girl. Better.”

Ashleigh does as she is told. His deep calming voice helps her relax. His fingers working her flesh. “Yes Sir. Thank you.” She inhales deeply. Her body releasing some of the tension.

Mr. Rains pushes up but remains leaning over her body. He starts to stroke in and out of her very slowly using the full length of his cock. He does not pull all the way out leaving in the mushroom shaped tip. He does make sure he buries his dark rod into her deeply.

Ashleigh whimpers as he starts to slide in and out of her. A gasp escapes her lip punctuated by oohs and ahhs when he hits that deep spot. Her fingers and toes curl. He is giving her a slow build up. His lips kissing and sucking on her skin at random. She can just feel his weight pinning her to the table. “Oh God Mr. Rains, it feels soo soo good. Don’t don’t stop.”

Mr. Rains pushes up. He lifts his hand and brings it down on her right ass cheek with a loud slap. Ashleigh cries out stunned. Her skin stinging where his hand hit. “Do not give me orders young lady. You may ask or beg. Never give me an order. Understand?” He smacks her on the ass again.

Ashleigh cries out again. He timed the swat with his cock driving into her. It was a weird mix of pain and pleasure. She whispers softly “Yes Sir. I am sorry.”

Mr. Rains rubs the spot he swatted her, soothing the sting a bit. “Good girl. You will learn.” He speeds up his stroking. Ashleigh responds with her noises. Gasping and panting. Her body is in a slow burn. His stroking fans the embers till they are a roaring flame. She tightens her pussy around his thick cock. He lifts his xslot Güncel Giriş hand and lays a hard swat on her ass. She cries out. It is like throwing gas on the flames.

Ashleigh feels it roaring through her body. She can’t move. He has her restrained with his ties and his hands. If her eyes were uncovered she would be rolling them up. Another burn through her body as another swat hits her ass. He is spreading it around. Going from one ass cheek to the other. She is more prepared for it this time. The pain of being swatted mixes with the slow build of pleasure.

Mr. Rains is encouraging. “Doing good. Don’t fight it. Let it course through you. You can handle it and more.” He starts to thrust faster into her. His cock swelling. He is not far from releasing in her. He keeps swatting her ass with one hand then the other. Her ass is glowing brightly.

He brings his right hand to his lips. She sucks on his little finger getting it wet. Pulling back he presses the tip to her tight virgin ass. He pushes the wet pinkie in. Melody moans and cries out. “What..What are you you doing…OH God…Mr…Mr…Rainsssssss” He slides his pinking in all the way as she slides his cock in. He starts to pound into her with his cock. His pinkie buried into her ass.

The slow burn that was building up is a raging fire. She has held it as long as she can. Her lips come open. She is letting a long “Oooohhhhh” that evolves into a scream. She shatters then shatters again. Her juices are flowing freely. Mr. Rains slams in hitting the deep spot. His cock stays pressed against as he cums. He floods her pussy with his juices. They mix with hers.

Mr. Rains lays over her body. His cock still in Ashleigh. Her pussy is rippling around his shaft milking him for every drop. He stays in her till they both catch their breath and he goes soft. He stands and pulls out slowly. “You did good. Proud of you.” He releases her wrist then kneels and releases her ankles. He turns her around pulling the tie off her eyes.

Ashleigh blinks. She is sore but oh so good. “Mr. Rains…That. Was…That was like right out of the movie.”

Mr. Rains chuckles. “Not really, this was real. Would you do it again? Maybe go further.”

Ashleigh nods, “Yes Sir. I think I would.” She is pinned to the table as she is kissed deeply by Mr. Rains. The kiss leaves her wanting more. She knows when it is time to go. She gathers her clothes. Her panties are gone. She dresses and gets her school stuff together.

“Come back tomorrow night. I have another lesson for you. No panties or bra. Understand?” He escorts her to the door.

“Yes Sir. I understand. Good night.” She leaves walking a bit stiff. Already eager about the next lesson.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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