First Time With The Group Ch. 01

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Mistress Claire is my Domme. She and I had been seeing each other, mostly for games with her in charge, for a few months when she introduced me to some of the friends who got her involved in the scene. She told me that every month or so they all get together for a quiet party. People who want to ‘swing’ can, but it’s mostly a sexy get-together of friends. She’d been telling them all about me at the last few sessions, and I didn’t even know!

Claire’s a year or so older than me, and my height, with long black hair and green eyes.

She read me the email she’d had announcing this get-together. It was from Tim and Lucy, a couple she tells me are both bisexual switches, and who have the largest house of the group. We’d be meeting there, which it seems they hadn’t done for a while. There were instructions to come dressed casually, but to bring all the kinky gear we wanted. I liked the sound of that, but Claire wouldn’t even let me see what she was packing. She just gave me a big holdall which clinked to carry.

Then we headed for Lucy and Tim’s place, a big detached house on the edge of town. Claire and I were both wearing jeans and casual shirts, but I didn’t expect it to stay that way. Claire drove, and pulled the car up next to a couple of others beside the front of the house. The door was answered by Lucy, who’s just as tall as Claire, but with a fuller figure and lighter brown hair. Lucy was wearing a long cream skirt and a snug-fitting sweater that showed her figure off well, and suggested she might be corseted beneath.

‘Hi Claire’, she said, showing us in. ‘Is this Alex, then?’

‘Yes – my pet.’ Claire answered, giggling.

I tried to look submissive, although it felt a bit odd in ordinary clothes, in the hallway of someone else’s house.

‘We’re all in the sitting room at the moment’ Lucy continued, ‘just having a drink and a snack before people start getting changed.’

She opened a door into the spacious sitting room, where various people of roughly our own ages were sitting and standing around sipping wine and eating light snacks. She introduced me to all of them.

Tim, her husband, is over 6′ tall and moderately muscular – bigger than Claire likes them – with short brown hair. He was also wearing a sweater, with jeans like my own. Lucy and Tim are both IT people, fairly highly placed, so they’re pretty rich, and their house is extensive.

Dave and James are a young gay couple, dressed very similarly in slacks and rugby shirts. Tim chipped in that Dave (who’s dark-haired) was the Dom. I’d never have been able to guess which it was. James, a cute redhead, just smiled as the introductions were made.

Sam, a man a bit older and shorter than me, but more muscular, had brought Suzanne, who’s ‘one of his girls’ as he put it. Sam was more smartly dressed than the others, still with a tie on, and Suzanne wore a demure flowery dress. She was blonde, but I guessed her a natural brunette.

Lastly, I was introduced to a curious threesome. I wasn’t the only newcomer – a young black guy called Roy was there with two girls. Lucy introduced the girls – both wearing miniskirts and satin-effect blouses – as Sally and Mary. She didn’t spell out their inclinations, just said they were ‘adventurous’. Sally was a natural blonde with long hair; Mary had brown hair in a bob. Roy was there to see the sights, it seemed, as the girls were more interested in each other than him at this stage.

By the time I’d met them all, and had a quick glass of wine myself, Lucy declared it was time for everyone to go and change. Each group had a room assigned to them in the spacious upstairs. Roy might be in for a little treat already, as he was in with his ladyfriends. Claire and I had a bedroom to ourselves, and she made me put the bag on the bed and open it. Inside were a whole load of toys and kinky clothes I recognised, and some that I didn’t. She selected four matching leather cuffs and set them aside, and then ordered me to strip. I did, and she handed me a familiar pair of snug rubber shorts with front and back zips. I pulled them on, and she fitted three small padlocks – one to the waist, and one to each zip. Then she put the cuffs on my wrists and ankles, and put my heavy leather slave collar on me.

‘Now dress me, boy.’ she ordered.

I gently undressed her, taking care not to touch where I wasn’t allowed yet, and smiled at her naked body. She keeps my body hair trimmed short, and her own sex shaven almost clear. She told me to go to the bag and get out her new corset. I found myself handling a heavy leather corset, with straps as well as laces. I caught my breath when I saw that lying under it in the bag was a fair-sized strap-on, but I said nothing. I obediently put the corset on her, and slowly tightened the laces.

‘Careful boy – tighter!’ she told me.

I pulled harder, and suddenly she called ‘Stop! Tie it right there.’

I did, and admired the effect. Her breasts were strongly pushed up, and her nipples peeked over the top of the corset. She put on a pair of stiletto heels herself, and a slender collar with studs but no ring. Then she took up her riding crop, and ordered me downstairs. As we went, with her leading, she clipped the keys to my shorts to a little ring on the corset, so they hung down between her breasts. I was impressed at her boldness in going with her sex exposed so soon, but then if mine looked that good, I might too.

Tim and Lucy were waiting for us – she was also wearing a corset, this one in red vinyl, exposing her breasts fully, with a ring in each nipple. She was wearing black kneeboots and gloves, and red vinyl panties. Tim knelt in front of her, on a leash. He was wearing only a little black leather skirt, and also had nipple-rings.

Claire said ‘So Tim drew the short straw tonight, then?’

Lucy laughed. ‘That’s right. Serves him right for saying he’d serve the snacks on my naked back if I lost.’

Tim kept his head down as she said this, and I wondered how they decided who’d be sub for evenings like this. Sam and Suzanne came next. He was wearing tight leather trousers, and she had only a black bikini bottom on. She wasn’t bound at all, but stood next to him with her head bowed. He had a better-looking body than I’d expected. It was then that the thought struck me that I didn’t know if I was to be shared.

I’d expected to be exhibited a bit – that didn’t bother me so much. Being offered to Lucy would be all right – I’d fancied her straight away. But what if I was handed to someone else – one of the men, say? Sam didn’t look my type, but he might not agree.

Roy, Sally, and Mary came in then. Sally and Mary were in matching black Domme gear, shiny leather from head to foot – corsets, bras, gloves, panties, thighboots. Roy came in in front of them on his hands and knees, wearing only a collar and a chastity belt. He looked pretty pleased, all the same.

Dave and James were last – not sure why. Dave was wearing a tight vinyl shirt with a fishnet panel in the chest, and tight shiny trousers. James had a body harness, and a pouch which just about covered him.

When we were all back in the sitting room Lucy announced ‘Let’s get going, then. The basement’s open – I’m sure some of you will want to visit’

Then she turned to Tim and sternly said ‘And you’re going to lick my boots before I let you do anything else – understand?’

‘Yes Mistress Lucy’ he answered, and bent right down to do as she’d commanded.

Claire grinned at this. ‘He’s better trained than last time, dear.’

‘Thank you, Claire. Is your boy as obedient?’

‘I think so. Want Tim to have a little help?’

‘Why not?’

‘Well then. Alex, get down there and lick Mistress Lucy’s other boot. Don’t touch her body or her slave unless she lets you.’

I knelt immediately, saying ‘Yes Mistress’ relexively before putting my tongue to Lucy’s shiny black boot

It tasted strange, but not bad. What distracted me was the nearly-naked young man kneeling beside me, doing the same. When he’d turned, I’d caught an entertaining glimpse of his backside under the skirt, and I wanted to see – and feel – more. I was already getting hard, which wasn’t comfortable in the shorts. I slowly licked my way up toward Lucy’s knee, trying to steal glimpses of him. As we both reached the top, I caught his eye, and he winked. I was so distracted by this, I let my tongue touch Lucy’s bare thigh. I flinched, not having realised how tense I’d become in my kneeling position. Lucy looked down sharply, and I guessed Claire had seen it too.

‘Bad boy!’ my Mistress announced.

Roy, who was watching, flanked by his new Dommes, jerked almost s sharply as Tim or I.

‘Do you want to deal with him, Lucy?’ Claire asked.

‘If you’ll let me, I certainly do! Slaves do not touch my flesh without explicit permission!’

I was shaking now, all my earlier false confidence gone. How much did Lucy know about the punishments I enjoyed – and the ones I feared?

‘Stand, slaves.’ she ordered. ‘You were supposed to lick my boots. It’s not difficult. Follow me, you wretches. You’re getting the first turn in the basement.’

Claire, Roy, Sally and Mary all came behind us, wanting to see what would become of us. The other two couples seemed to be somewhere else at the moment – upstairs, from the slapping sounds we heard as we headed down to the cellar. The basement was divided into two main rooms, each one fitted out as a dungeon. The walls were whitewshed brick, and the fittings sturdy wood and steel. We went into one of these, and Lucy turned to face us. She took a whip from a rack on the wall, knowing where it was without looking, and cracked it in the air.

‘Drop your skirt!’ she ordered Tim.

He did so immediately, revealing as cute a butt as I’d guessed at, and a fairly long, thick cock, which became more erect as I watched – and so did mine.

‘Step over to that wall, and stand facing it’, she told us.

I did so, reluctantly, not knowing quite what to expect.

‘Put your hands on your heads.’

We both did, and I felt very vulnerable, not able to see either Mistress at all, and only glimpses of Tim.


The whip snapped out, and I felt Tim twitch beside me. He didn’t cry out, though – I was impressed. Then it was my turn. The blow came without warning, running from one shoulder to the opposite hip.

‘Ah!’ I cried, unable to help myself

I didn’t know how many she intended to give us, and I had a mental image of my back red and sore all over. Her next blow ran the other way from the first, making an X on my skin. She alternated between Tim and me for a few minutes, seemingly at random. He seemed to be getting whipped more, but he took it better than I did. Every blow was a nasty shock to me. At last, she stopped, and ordered us both to face her. I glimpsed Tim’s back, and his butt. There were surprisingly few marks on him – perhaps I’d over-estimated how many she was giving us?

Tim was now fully erect, and I couldn’t help looking at him. Lucy beckoned Claire over, and they had a brief whispered chat. Then Lucy chained Tim to the wall where he now stood, with his hands above his head and his legs apart.

Claire gave the next order:

‘Since you seem so distracted by Lucy’s boy, perhaps you should get a closer look. Kneel down facing him.’

I guessed what was coming, and even though it excited me, I was seriously nervous in front of an audience. My hesitation annoyed both Dommes, and they nodded to one another, and then each grasped one of my nipples and squeezed. I winced sharply, but fell to my knees obediently as soon as they let go. Facing Tim, I could see he’d been recently waxed – he was completely smooth.

‘I whipped my boy more than you, because his butt was so tempting.’ Lucy said. ‘I think he deserves a reward – so you’re going to suck him off. I want you to do a good job for everyone to see – even the three over there ‘ – Sally, Mary and Roy – ‘who aren’t supposed to be so interested in boys.’

‘You can say your safeword if you want, Alex’ put in Claire ‘and we’ll go home.’

For a brief moment I considered wimping out, but it was no contest. This would be an embarassing introduction to men, but I wasn’t going to pass it up. Tentatively I kissed and licked the head of his member, before slowly taking the head in my mouth. Claire had made me suck dildoes before, but this was so different. The warmth of Tim’s flesh in my mouth was an amazing feeling. His cock-head was moist already from arousal, and has a sweeter taste than I’d expected. I heard an approving ‘mmm’ from behind me, and took more in my mouth, breathing through my nose. Tim, bound as he was, couldn’t respond much, but he purred encouragingly. I rubbed my tongue over him, stroking him firmly. I tried to imagine how I’d want my manhood treated if I could be out of my shorts right now. I began to move up and down along his length, pressing harder and softer with my lips as I went. I began to worry again – what if I couldn’t do it? What if I couldn’t make this gorgeous, naked, bound man climax? I must have betrayed my nerves in some movement, because Claire’s riding crop came down on my sore back.

‘Put more feeling into it!’ she told me.

There was another whispered chat. I kept my efforts up, feeling Tim responding more now, moving his hips. He moaned loudly, and as if that were a cue, Lucy said ‘And stop!’

I hesitated a moment before obeying, not wanting to lose the moment. Reluctantly, I gave it up, and leant back from the hard, slick manhood.

‘Too slow!’ Lucy announced. ‘I was thinking of letting you give him his climax when he earns it – but you’re too keen.’

‘Stand up’, Claire said.

I obeyed immediately, still disappointed by being taken away from Tim. The two Dommes seized me and chained me up beside him in the same position. Then they turned to face each other, and kissed passionately. My first thought, irrationally, was jealousy. Then I remembered my Mistress can do as she likes. Watching her kissing Lucy, pressing her lips against the other Domme’s, I groaned – my erection was tightly contained. Tim’s eyes were wide, too. Then they broke off, and Lucy said smugly ‘Claire and I had a good time last time. We let Dave spank Tim, and Luce and I went to my room.’

Tim looked as surprised as I was at this. Lucy reaches down and touched Claire’s shaved sex, and Claire purred, giggling a little too.

‘You wouldn’t imagine how horny I get, watching men work on my slave’ Lucy said.

Lucy nodded to Sally and Mary, and they pushed Roy forward.

‘Take my panties off, and then go back to your Mistresses,’ Lucy told him.

Roy knelt obediently, and began to ease Lucy’s tight panties down. Sally could be heard saying to Mary ‘Failure to say “Yes Mistress” – we’ll punish him for that.’ When Lucy had stepped out of her panties, Roy went back to his Mistresses, and she gave Tim and me a god view of her sex. It was waxed clear, and glistening slightly. Without speaking, she sat on the edge of one of the bondage tables, and Claire knelt in front of her. We couldn’t see all that was going on, but Claire was clearly a lot more expert with girls than I’d realised. Lucy moaned and writhed, her pierced nipples going bullet-hard. Lucy wrapped her legs around Claire’s shoulders, and climaxed vigorously, crying out incoherently.

Tim and I just groaned as we watched. Roy looked frustrated – he couldn’t even get hard – and Sally and Mary were stroking each other’s bodies through their tight clothes. Once Lucy had subsided, she noticed Roy’s frustration, and beckoned Sally over. They had a hushed discussion, and Roy was sent over to join them.

Sally said to Roy ‘You really want me, don’t you?’

‘Yes Mistress’ he answered, remembering this time.

‘Well, I’ll kiss you – your lips and your body – if you can pass a test.’

He nodded.

‘I’ll take the belt off – and if Alex can make you hard, you get the kisses, and we might even not put the belt back on. Do you accept?’ she asked him.

He looked nervous – and so did I. I’d no idea if I could arouse a guy I thought was straight.

Then he picked up courage, and said ‘Yes, Mistress.’

Lucy released me, and Claire said ‘Don’t get too carried away this time, boy. And if you can’t arouse him, I’ll deal with you myself.’

Sally took the belt off Roy, and went back to Mary. Roy’s well-endowed, but he wasn’t turned on at that moment – probably afraid of me, ironically. I stepped up to him and placed my hands on his firm chest. He looked into my eyes and smiled sheepishly.

‘Go on’ he whispered.

This encouragement cheered me up, and I began to stroke his chest firmly, running my fingertips over his nipples. For some reason I found myself wondering how it would be if his nipples were pierced like Tim’s. Then I moved my hands lower, not daring to see how I was doing. When I reached his crotch, I found him more aroused, but nothing like fully. I stroked his balls, and looked into his eyes again. A curious inquisitive glance was shared, and we instinctively leaned together and kissed. At the same moment, I squeezed his balls firmly, and felt him perk. I wondered if Sally would approve, but she said nothing.

What if she just didn’t think he was aroused enough? She could get me punished by Claire, and if I gave it everything, I could get punished too. I pressed my chest to his, and summoning all my confidence, took him in my hand. He perked again, and I started to try bringing him off. It was difficult, because it felt the wrong way round compared to how I do it to myself. But somehow I managed it OK, and Sally called out ‘That’s enough.’

I stopped reluctantly, and stepped back. Immediately, Claire’s crop stung my back.

‘I didn’t tell you to stop, and nor did Lucy! You aren’t under Sally’s control.’

Lucy added ‘But you can stop, now.’

Looking over at Roy, I saw Sally kissing him firmly – lucky guy.

‘Keep your eyes on us!’ Claire said, stepping into view.

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