Finding a Lost Puppy Ch. 08

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Big Dick

I had calmed down enough by the time Sarah returned with Patrice in tow. It also gave me time to think of who I should ask first. It wasn’t an easy task either because I might lose everything at once. I didn’t want that to happen in case I was wrong. I determined it would be easier to get the truth out of Patrice first using the tablet. I was too afraid of getting all choked up and losing my new found voice.

“Patrice, tell me the truth. Do you want Rick?” I asked knowing what the answer was already.

“Yes and no.” Patrice answered lost with the question.

“Why yes?” I asked.

“I have always liked Rick. You changed him into the man I have always dreamed of. He never got my hints as he thought I was always joking. Then you walk in and change him to what I desire. I am jealous of that and the love you two have for each other. The love I want some day.” Patrice answered trying to hold back the tears she knew was coming.

“Why no?” I asked after I basically got the yes answer I knew was coming.

“You give me hope that I will get my dream one day. I love you for that. Rick is right, Teddy might be the type of man I want and it may not work. I need to find out, tonight was just a setback. I may be teasing Rick to no end and harbor thoughts of stealing him, I always have but it is out of jealousy not love. For that I am sorry. Didn’t you hear his words of love for you? I have no place with him.” Patrice said with an empty smile, tears starting to flow and sniffling.

That answer surprised me, I had not considered that aspect. It is a game Patrice plays with Rick and probably others as well. The oldest game in the book played by both sexes. Find them, fuck them and forget them, she uses it to her advantage to get ahead. Rick must have known and loved to play her silly game but never fell into her trap because there was nothing to gain by either. Both had their chances before I came along and didn’t act. Rick is a prize but not one Patrice could use to get ahead in life.

I have bent Rick to my desires and showed him the power he could wield. He doesn’t want Patrice, he wants to win the game they have been playing. The big problem, if Rick wins this game, Patrice actually wins also and I lose. Patrice would easily succumb to his power and would stop at nothing to possess him. Rick would enjoy the spoils of her actual victory unwittingly. I have nothing to compete with other than my love for my Master. Basically, that is what happened with Lionel, though a somewhat slightly different situation. What words of love? Did I miss something?

That is when the cramps hit me, shit! It is that time of the month. I had a choice to make and this wasn’t helping. Though it could help me formulate a plan. I needed a shower first unfortunately.

“Sarah, I need some help as I need to take a shower and change. It is that time of the month also, so if you would be so kind.” I politely asked.

“Patrice, you look a mess, care to join me and help.” I asked with hope to talk to her a little more privately.

“Heavens yes.” Patrice said after looking in the mirror.

“You don’t mind sharing the shower?” I asked.

“It isn’t the first time and I doubt it will be my last.” Patrice joked.

“Patrice, you are about to win and lose your game with Rick at the same time. I am the only intervening thread stopping it from happening at this moment. His order that you dismissed earlier was real. He was about to make that order again til I interceded and left crying knowing what was about to happen. You may or may not have followed that order but I think you would have. I have nothing but my love to offer him. I cannot win in this game, so I beseech you to stop.” I said playing to her decency as my only hope.

Patrice looked at me stunned with the water cascading over us wiping her mascara streaks away and calming my nerves.

She is right but I think she missed something, he loves her too much. What have I been thinking though? Rick has changed to what I want but there is no love between us, only desire. That desire could turn into love but at what cost? Rick loves her, but she didn’t hear it, she was lost in her own world of thought before then. I looked at her nipple rings and understood. I couldn’t be like Sarah, I couldn’t settle for second best. I doubt if I could be like Jen either, I would become a selfish bitch like his ex. That isn’t what I want. That is what Rick was trying to tell me about Teddy. Teddy and I will work but it fully depends on me, Patrice thought as she began soaping the rag.

“Jen, you are right. I am so sorry. I know how to fix this. He loves you to no end by the way. Can we still be friends as I might need your help in the near future?” Patrice said with a knowing smile.

“Of course.” I said hugging her with my good arm and kissing her.

We finally finished in the shower. Sarah drying me off.

“Sarah is good at applying makeup since I have an absolute problem with it at the moment.” I laughed.

“Sarah, do you love Master?” I asked as Betturkey I felt Patrice needed to hear this.

“In a way I do. He gives me what I have been searching for, you both do. He is the man I dream to control me one day.” Sarah answered perplexed.

“Do you love me?” I asked hoping I didn’t have to make her admit it to herself first.

“Of course I do. I don’t understand where this is leading.” Sarah replied.

“You do know I have been the one controlling you the entire time?” I asked giving her a passionate kiss she melted into.

“No, you were following Masters orders. He orders and we follow them.” Sarah said rebuffing me.

“Actually no. The only time he actually controlled you was when he made you suck his cock for revenge against me. The rest were always my ideas to find out about you, though the dinner episode was His idea but I controlled you. He just played along. He has never really touched you matter of fact, always me. Even with my game and the paddle, he could have done it.” I said trying to make both of them understand.

“Just like my roommate in college, when I came in.” Sarah said with big eyes.

“Exactly! We are too much alike. Rick is afraid of you falling in love with him. He isn’t exactly ready for more than one yet.” I explained knowingly.

“What do we do? Sarah asked looking at me with her big blue eyes.

“It will come to him in time.” I said remembering my struggles at first.

“What about everything he has done for you?” Patrice asked.

“He did it being a gentleman and a woman in dire straits. It would not have mattered if I was a slave or not. He moved me into his bed for convenience and because he was lonely and I provided the love he craves. I bent him to my desires, all our desires as a matter of fact and he learned quick. I am blinded by my love for Him. The love I have been searching for. Remember what I told you Sarah, about the three of us?” I said further explaining.

“Yes. You wouldn’t let anybody undermine your lover status with him, because you were his girlfriend.” Sarah stated understanding.

“Exactly. He has kept you as distant as possible because of my need for you. He was making sure you didn’t fall into that kind of love with him. Because he knows it hurts when it is time to leave. It will happen anyway but not as much with you Sarah, I think. I know, I have been there myself. It hurts knowing you must leave even if it is for the best and the right thing to do. I am a slave at heart and doing the right thing will please my Master always.” I stated cupping my breast, feeling the placard with slave etched into its very core.

“You are teaching me a life lesson.” Sarah stated.

“Yes, both of you.” I stated knowingly.

“I understand.” Patrice said.

“Patrice, you are like Sarah and me. We love pain with our pleasure though Sarah has a lot more kink involved. Am I right?” I asked thinking I was sure.

“Yes, but it has always been self inflicted as I have never trusted anyone before.” Patrice said with a small smile.

“I see, much like I recently learned about myself.” Sarah said comprehending.

“Where did you learn to do other peoples hair and makeup as you are an artist? Patrice asked surprised.

“Sorority, we all had to learn and look out for each other.” Sarah said amused.

I got dressed in a pair of shorts, tank top and sandals following orders.

“Here is the plan. I suddenly had painful menstrual cramps which is understandable and had to get cleaned up. Sarah, you just need to act yourself. Patrice, you need to execute your fix.” I said hugging and kissing everyone.

We rejoined the rest of the party.

“What is wrong Jen?” Master asked.

“Can’t you tell?” I asked displaying myself.

“Oh, sorry.” Master said ashamed of himself.

All the ladies were laughing at him and he turned redder.

“I must be going. I might be back later.” Patrice said making a quick exit.

“But you left crying, I didn’t know what to think.” Master said.

“It hurt. Especially the ribs suddenly though it might have been from earlier also.” I said with an impish smiling wink.

“I am sorry. I didn’t know.” Master stated apologetically.

“We usually know when but not precisely.” I said laughing.

“How about some food. Makes me hungry for some reason.” I said.

Sarah went to warm up the leftovers. Master came behind me and rubbed my shoulders lovingly.

“That changes our morning surprise Jill.” Rikki said.


Patrice went to her condo. How could I be so damn stupid this time she thought. If they weren’t a couple then it would be different. I knew better and didn’t stop. Jen was willing to give up everything because of her love for her Master as a slave but fought as a Lover to keep him. I have never really let anyone into my life and my desires. Now for the fix and what I wanted earlier as I dialed Teddy.

“Hello my Treasure.” Teddy answered.

I just love that from him, always Betturkey Giriş something different and witty.

“Can you get away for a little while? I really need to see you.” I asked with fingers crossed.

“Actually, I am off in thirty minutes for the weekend. I was planning on surprising you.” Teddy said grinning.

“Great! See you real soon. I will leave word at the door. Just walk in when you get here. Kiss. Kiss.” I said.

“I will be there.” Teddy said hanging up.

This will work out nicely. I need a drink first to calm my nerves, vodka and…I really need a grocery store, grape juice, better than nothing. I have dreamed about this. Am I sure? This wasn’t my original plan but why not, no need to wait. Add my wrist cuffs, collar and leash to my attire. My only worry is Teddy actually, would he accept me in this way?

Lights dim, check. Door and wait on my knees. Damn I am dripping down my thighs already or is that sweat? I can’t tell because I am so horny in anticipation. I hear the handle turn slowly and the door push inward.

“Patrice.” Teddy calls out stepping in.

“Right here you handsome hunk.” I speak.

“Well! Well! What have we here?” Teddy says.

“Our hopes desire?” I squeak out.

“A true treasure indeed.” Teddy said gazing into my eyes.

“That, I hope I am for you.” I said holding my leash out for him to take.

“A golden treasure offered for my taking.” Teddy says taking my leash.

“To do with as you wish Sir.” I state lustily.

“Are you sure?” Teddy asked.

“Yes Sir, it is my desire.” I said.

“Let me test that theory and we shall see.” Teddy stated gruffly.

“As you will I am sure.” I state.

“Stand my Treasure.” Teddy ordered pulling my leash up roughly.

I hurried to comply, I should have tested that with these shoes. I stood before him gazing into his eyes and his mine. He was testing my truthfulness.

“Turn the lights up Treasure. I want to see what I am getting.” Teddy laughed out.

He let the leash go. I turn the lights up but night real bright but softly glowing as is my normal. I return to where I was standing in front of him.

“Better Sir?” I ask.

“Much better. I can see my Treasure glow now.” Teddy said smiling retaking my leash.

Teddy pulled the leash bringing my lips to his in a long crushing kissing. I bring my arms around him but Teddy stepped back.

“Oh no, my Treasure. Arms behind your back like a good girl and leave them there.” He ordered.

“Yes Sir.” I relinquished to his order.

He once again brought me in for a crushing kiss pulling the leash tightly. It soon developed into a hungry french kiss that lasted several minutes.

“How long have you played this dangerous game Treasure.” Teddy asked.

“Never Sir.” I answered truthfully.

He looked at me in disbelief but I didn’t blink from my answer.

“I find it hard to believe but I see the truth in your eyes.” Teddy stated.

“I never found the right man til now. This piece of me is desired only with the man I love.” I said.

“Why?” Teddy asked.

“I am use to the wine, dine, and fuck menu. You treated me like I have always wanted with romance and sex as an after thought when we were ready. This part is only for my man as I like the pain.” I said exaggerating a little with the menu.

“You like rough sex?” Teddy asked.

“Yes Sir. I want to feel loved and owned by my man.” I said further explaining.

“You want what Jenifer and Rick have when I first met you?” Teddy asked.

“Not exactly Sir. I can’t be a true slave like her but I can be with the man I love.” I intoned.

“Well then, let me see what treasures my Treasure holds.” Teddy said laughing unzipping the front of my corset, letting it fall to the floor after I moved my hands.

My tits sprang free, nipples hard and pointed. I stood still, his eyes examining.

“Very nice.” Teddy said licking his lips.

Teddy teased a nipple with an index finger gently. Then grabbed each with two fingers and thumb and pinched them hard, milking and pulling them. I gasp at the pressure, holding my stance, the pain bearable and pleasurable as I bit my lip trying to be silent. Satisfied he let go of the left, sucking it into his mouth licking and biting it teasingly. Then switched, the left soaked with his drool causing a tweaking action as his fingers would slide off from the pinch delectably. I was breathing heavy and gushing with desire.

He looked into my eyes so lovingly not believing I stayed silent from his manipulation. I had actually caused more pain to myself many times. Then he slapped each one with a glancing blow from his hand and each globe bounced. That was unexpected and my ouch shot from the back of throat from the stinging blows. Teddy smirked with pleasure from my little distress. Teddy grabbed my leash and pulled me in for another long kiss, keeping my hands behind me as ordered.

“On your knees Treasure.” Teddy Betturkey Güncel Giriş ordered.

I took my time as I didn’t want to move my hands and it wasn’t easy in the heels but easy sliding down his body. I was not prepared for what came next as Teddy dropped his jeans my mouth watering. Talk about an Italian Stallion, eight maybe nine inches of hard meat bounced onto my face. Not overly fat and not skinny either. My mouth watered as I captured the head with my lips. I had many before but this was a rare sight. A little bitter from coffee I knew but I could easily get over that.

A little over half is all I could take, it would take me some time to get use to that monster. I was happy as Teddy didn’t force or jerk deeper and allowed me free reign in my ability. I was hoping he was happy with my skill. I don’t know how long I sucked on his pole but my jaw was tiring before he tugged up on my leash to stop me. I looked up at his smiling face with drool running down my chin. He tugged the leash wanting me to stand. I had to use my hands and his body to get up.

He led me to the couch and pushed me over the arm. My ass in the air, he pushed my skirt up.

“I am sorry my Treasure. I know what you want but I haven’t been with a woman in over six months. Before the weekend is thru you will have your desires fulfilled, I promise.” Teddy apologized.

With that he slid the head of his cock up and down my saturated slit, wetting his cock with my abundant juice. His large head captured by my tunnel of love. Sliding in gently into my tight hole til it wouldn’t go no more, I felt full and on fire.

Sliding in and out slowly with small strokes til he was in all the way. He began with long slow strokes and I started meeting them rocking back. I was breathing hard and grunting wanting him to speed up. I was so close, my muscles eager to please his cock and my need. It didn’t take long til he was slamming my aching and wanting cunt. I was screaming trying to hold on to my own desire as he took his pleasure. It didn’t take long as he drove in hard and deep, erupting inside of me with a long grunt. I squeezed and milked his cock as my own desire let loose. I was trembling and quaking as my orgasm spilled forth. I held my breath grinding every ounce of pleasure from both of us. Then let out a long sighing grunt before tiredly relaxing. His body laying on top of mine.

I couldn’t fault Teddy for that one iota. It may seem like it was quick but highly satisfying. I hadn’t had a real cock in me for a long time either. I know Teddy, it was late and he always led a very active life. Normally he works grave shift which didn’t meet my schedule very well. Today he was called in as an afternoon replacement.

Teddy finally extracted himself after a few minutes. He helped me up and we set on the couch, my head on his shoulder, my arm clinging to his.

“Are you sure about all this Patrice?” Teddy asked.

“Yes Sir. It has been my desire since college. I just never trusted anyone before.” I replied.

“Why me?” Teddy asked.

“I am actually a simple woman with simple tastes. I love being with you. You make me feel special. I like the name Treasure even.” I replied.

“You know our schedules will be a problem. That has always been my problem with women.” Teddy said.

“We will find a way to make it work. I am yours as you are mine.” I said joyfully.

We kissed passionately for several minutes.

“I can’t refuse a beauty such as you Treasure.” Teddy said.

“Hungry Master?” I asked.

“Yes actually.” Teddy answered.

“I know where there are some yummy tacos and Chianti.” I said smiling.

“Sounds good. Where?” Teddy exclaimed.

“Next door.” I answered.

Teddy got his pants back on. I was going to put the corset back on but decided on the black sparkly cover up shirt instead. I tied it under my breasts and was rather see-thru and showing a lot of cleavage. I thought it was appropriate for my plan. I had dried cum on my still damp stockings and thighs. Covered enough I figured as I wanted to strut and show off anyway.

“You are going like that Treasure?” Teddy asked grinning at me.

“No, you are taking me Master. I have my reasons.” I answered handing him the leash.

We walked the few feet down the hall with my Master holding my leash. Teddy knocked lightly just in case.

Sarah answered the door smiling with a wink at me and welcomed us in. Everybody was sitting at the table. Puppy was sitting in her Master’s lap smiling at me.

Rick introduced Teddy to Rikki, Sarah and Jill.

“Treasure said there might be Tacos and wine.” Teddy stated.

“Sarah.” Rick called out.

“On it Sir.” Sarah replied.

I went to help Sarah of course. While Teddy had a seat at the table.

“Outstanding fix. Mistress will be pleased as I.” Sarah said.

“Trust me, I am more than pleased.” I laughed.

I brought out two plates, three tacos for Teddy and one for me. Sarah brought the wine.

“I see Patrice has captured you Teddy.” Rick said laughing.

“It didn’t take much convincing. Though we have some issues to work through. Patrice is very willing and accommodating however.” Teddy stated smiling.

Sarah went around filling every ones glass finishing off the remainder of the wine.

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