Finding Our Way Pt. 03

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Adult S

My body ached in places I didn’t know I had. My ass felt battered and bruised. And you sat there, cradling me tenderly against your chest speaking of blow jobs. Had I been doing them wrong for the past 10 years? I took a slow, cleansing breath, unsure of what to say. What DID one say when told by their husband—their Master, that they must learn how to give a blow job correctly? I said the only thing I could, “Yes Sir.”

Your hand rubbed my scalp in a way that I have always loved, and a soft kiss was pressed to my forehead. “Good Girl,” you told me.

I sighed against you. Those two little words did perplexing things to me. I melted against you, happy to please you, while a part of me screamed, “Are you insane? Why are you doing this?? Why are you bending your will to his so readily?” The simple answer was because it made me happy. I wanted this. I needed this. My world now made sense.

“You, my darling,” you continued in your smooth, sexy voice, “will be required to give me a blow job whenever I request one.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good Girl. It will be at any time, and can be anywhere. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir.” That gave me a slight trepidation—the anytime, anywhere…

“I am going to show you how I want my blow jobs to be, but I can feel your tension. Does this make you nervous, my girl?”

“Yes Sir, it does.”

“It won’t. I promise you that. In time you will have no hesitation. Do you trust me,” you ask, holding my face still to look me in the eye.

“Yes Sir,” I whispered, lost in the blue of your eyes.

“Good girl. Let’s do something to ease that tension, shall we?” You eased me up so that I was sitting taller in your lap. I winced only a little as the pressure shifted on my sore cheeks. “Kiss me.”

“How shall I kiss you, Sir?”

You smiled at me, a little amused, a little tender. “Just kiss me how you would like to be kissed right now.”

Slowly, cautiously, I pressed my lips to yours, enjoying their fullness, soft and pliant under mine. I let that kiss wash over me, allowing myself to loosen, Betturkey moaning as your tongue danced around mine. I wanted more than your tongue inside me.

Your fingers began to slowly tickle my sides, playing softly with my curves before settling to explore my breasts. Your fingers found my nipple and gave it a quick tug before moving on. I moaned against your mouth again, this time in frustration. I wanted your hands to pull my nipples, to pinch them. I wanted your mouth on them, sucking them hard.

You smiled at me, amused by my need, “Be patient my girl. I will get there.”

The slow exploration of your hands was driving me wild. I arched under your hands, trying to shift so that you would touch me where I needed you to. Each time I shifted, you moved your hand again, never touching me where I desired.

“No, no,” you admonished. “Keep that up and I’ll have to tie you down.”

I instantly stopped moving. I wasn’t sure I could handle being tied down right now. “Yes Sir. I’ll be good,” I promised.

“Mm. I don’t think I can trust you right now, sweet girl. You’re just so needy.” You grinned wickedly at me as you shifted slightly to slide me onto the bed, with my feet still planted on the floor. You laid one leg over my thighs to still them, and pulled my arms over my head, keeping my wrists together with one hand, effectively pinning me in place. “Yes, this will work for now, don’t you agree, my girl?”

“Yes Sir,” I panted. This was so damn hot. Why did I like this so much? It didn’t really matter. Your mouth had found my breast, and I lost all train of thought. I moaned as you scraped your teeth on my nipple, and I arched against you so you would take the whole thing into your mouth. But, of course, you did not. I whimpered in disappointment.

You took one of your warm, wide hands and slid it from my breast, over my belly and down until you cupped my pussy. “Mm. I haven’t had a chance to explore this yet. It’s so smooth. You did a very nice job here. Good girl.”

“Thank you, Sir,” I barely managed to get the Betturkey Giriş words out. Your fingers were playing with the lips of my pussy, over and around my clit, making me moan. You bent your mouth to my breasts and took in as much as you could, sucking hard, while two of your fingers slid inside me, fucking me with your hand.

“Oh, God. Please Sir. Fuck me.” I was panting hard as your fingers continued to play with my pussy, increasing your pace until I was on the verge of coming.

“Sh. No, not yet. Not yet,” you soothed with your voice as you took my clit between two of your fingers and pinched.

“Oh, Fuck,” I groaned. “Please Sir…”

“You are so wet right now, my girl, absolutely soaking. You like this, don’t you? Being at my mercy really turns you on, doesn’t it?”

“Yes Sir, it does. I am so hot for you right now. I’ll do anything you ask, just please, fuck me.”

“Mm good,” you replied, letting go of my wrists, and to my great dismay, my pussy as well. “Kneel before me, my girl.”

“Wait. What?” I couldn’t track my thoughts. You stopped. Why had you stopped??

Deftly, you flipped me onto my stomach, and gave my ass a few hard spanks. “Do not question. Only obey. Do you remember that rule, or do I need to remind you again?”

“No Si—Master. I remember.”

“Good girl. You may continue to call me Sir. Now, get on your knees. It is time for your first lesson.”

I knelt before you, trembling slightly. I ached from that smack to my ass, and my pussy ached for an entirely different reason.

“Be a good girl, and I’ll fuck you, understand? Do as I say, and this time, I will cum where you need me to. It won’t be down your throat, or on your face, or even over your beautiful breasts—it will be in your pussy.”

“Yes Sir, thank you Sir,” I said eagerly.

“Good girl. You may only use your mouth to suck me off. Now, hands behind your back—there’s a good girl. If only you could see yourself right now. You are so beautiful kneeling before me like that. Thank you for this my darling. Your Betturkey Güncel Giriş submission is a wonderful gift.”

“Thank you, Sir.” I scooted closer, admiring you. Your cock was so thick, so hard. I ached to have it inside me, pounding me.

Slowly, I licked you from base to tip, letting my tongue dance across the slit there, enjoying the salty taste of you. I put my mouth around the tip of your cock, gently sucking on the head, rolling my tongue across the top before sliding my mouth down the your length, taking in as much of you as I could before sliding back up.

“Mm. Good girl, that’s right, nice and slow. Savor this. Savor my cock in my mouth. It is your privilege to do this.” You gathered my hair into your hands, pulling it into a pony tail, guiding my head up and down over your shaft, controlling my pace.

I increased the pressure of my mouth, and I was rewarded with a groan. “Careful there or you won’t get fucked.” Instantly I gentled my mouth. I needed your cock inside my soaking pussy. I did not want to lose my chance at that.

I let go of your cock to slide my mouth down to your ball sack, gently licking them before taking each one into my mouth in turn. I ran my tongue over them, playing with them before letting go to return to what I hungered for most.

I let my jaw relax, and took you deeper into my mouth—more than I ever had before, and sucked in earnest. I felt you grow even harder and firmer still and then abruptly, your cock was out of my mouth. You drew me up by the hair, shoving me face down on the bed.

You spread my legs wide open and found my slick wet pussy with your fingers before shoving your thick cock into me. Once, twice, three times you pumped. One hand grabbed my ass, the other my hair. I moaned loudly, on the verge of coming.

“You better cum now, if you want an orgasm tonight,” your voice was rough and thick. “Cum now, cum with me,” you demanded. I felt you thicken and spurt deep inside me, your climax forcing me into mine. My muscles tightened around your cock, milking every last drop of your seed into me. I shook beneath you on the bed— blown away by the intensity of my release.

I felt the heavy weight of you drape over my back, spent. I could lay there forever in the afterglow, warm and content.

But this was just our beginning.

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