First Blush

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((This is my first attempt to try to get over my squeamishness of writing erotica. Please be gentle.))


I am on a bed. I can feel the softness of the mattress under my knees and lower legs, but that is all that is touching it. I can feel the ties around my ankles, binding my legs to the spreader, keeping me open to the world. Around my chest and arms, I can feel the rope. It is that rope that is keeping me above the bed, binding my arms behind me, preventing more than minimal movement. My world is blackness as my eyes are covered so that I do not see who or what is there, or what is about to happen to me.

I feel the mattress dip behind me, I can feel the heat of someone close to me. Futility, I turn my head, straining to hear something, anything, that will give me a clue who it is. I cry out, more in startlement than pain as their hand comes down on my ass. For a moment, the hand remains, rubbing where it just hit. It is large. Male, I decide.

Again, the hand comes down, this time on my other cheek. I whimper this time, feeling myself getting wet, being jojobet embarrassed that this person can see it, that I cannot hide my excitement. As he continues to alternately spank and rub my ass, I can feel that is is starting to turn pink. I wiggle to try to move away, but that seems to only encourage him.

A soft sound escapes me as I feel something briefly brush against my thigh, something unmistakably male. I hear him chuckle as he moves closer, touching me lightly on my wetness with himself. I try to move back towards him, but the rope won’t allow more than a lean. For a while, all I do is try to lean back, trying to impale myself on him. Finally, he relents a little and I can feel him just teasing my entrance before his hand comes down, harder than before, hard enough to make me cry out. I jerk away from him, leaving the warm promise of his cock behind me as I try to escape the punishment he is giving me. His hands on my hips, he draws me back, again teasing me with the promise of being filled. As he torments me, I feel the mattress move again, this time in front jojobet Giriş of me.

There is no doubt in my mind that this person is male. I can smell the musk of his sex as he comes nearer. My breathing quickens as I feel a hand on the back of my head, guiding me to swallow him. I take him in my mouth, running my tongue along his length. His hand grasps my hair, moving me, encouraging me to a pace he likes. Behind me, I feel myself slowly invaded. I try to move my hips towards him, but his hands on my hips hold me still, forcing me to wait until he is ready to fill me. I whimper softly around the cock in my mouth, keeping the pace, but going longer, deeper. Sucking and licking, feeling his fingers in my hair tighten slightly and relax again as he takes pleasure in from mouth. Finally, behind me I feel him push up to touch me with his body. He is deep within me and remains there for a a while, not moving as his hands kneed my ass. I feel as though I am losing my mind. I move my mouth around the cock faster, only to have the fingers tighten and draw me down until jojobet Güncel Giriş my nose is pressing into his belly. I feel as though I am going to choke for a moment before he lets me pull back. Again, he moves my head to coach me back to pace.

I feel the man behind me pull back until he has almost left me. I feel so empty, without him in me. It’s almost startling when he slams back into me and begins to fuck me, pounding into me as his hands tighten on my hips. He controls my body as the man in front of me controls my head, moving me as I give him pleasure.

The man before me is getting close, I can feel his hips moving up to meet my face. I’m feeling his cock trying to force itself down my throat. I can feel my own climax building quickly as I am used by these two people whose faces I haven’t seen. I’m making noises now, trying to cry out around the face fucking as I get fucked. Without warning, I taste hot salty cum in my mouth. I swallow quickly, knowing better than to let any go to waste as his motions begin to slow, but his hand remains in my hair, gripping tightly. I can hear the man behind me letting out a low sound. It sounds like a low growl, like a predator taking his mate. The sound is too much and I crash over, screaming around the softening cock in my mouth as I feel him cum inside me, slamming into me hard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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