First Submission Ch. 2

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In her dream, Hannah was running naked through a long maze until, with a loud moan escaping from her lips, the man, Dave, jumped out and caught her, throwing her naked body to the floor, spreading her legs, proceeding to push his face deep between her thighs and start kissing and licking his way up and down her slit. Hannah heard her own moan. It seemed as if it came from another world. She felt his tongue play over her erect clit as, in an instant, dream blended with reality.

Her mind locked on the feeling of Dave’s tongue, Hannah forced the thought of the dream aside as she felt his hands roaming up to her breasts, cupping them just enough for their body heat to merge, giving her tiny breast a soothing, warm feeling.

“You’re a crazy man.” she giggled, her right hand coming down gently to rest on the hand over her right breast. She laughed softly. “But it sure is about the best way I have ever been woken up.”

Dave didn’t responded as his lips closed in around her swollen clit, sucking it into his hot, wet mouth and forcing saliva back and forth over it.

Hannah moaned, spreading her legs even further apart. Her left hand moved down and touched the hair on top of his head. This wasn’t at all like being dominated, this was much softer and far more relaxed…. Basically, just as nice, but somewhat less venturesome.

His tongue flicked back and forth over her clit, her hands reach down to the surface of the bed cover and fingers clutched at the material as her mind concentrated on the pleasure emanating from her clit.

Hannah felt his fingers running up and down her hips as he bore down on her. She closed her eyes, listening to her breathing becoming harsher and harsher as Dave demanded so much from her.

“I’m yours,” she moaned out from between lips now willing to express what she had wanted to wait much longer to say. “Oh, God! I am all yours.”

It took Dave only a minute, or two sex hikayeleri longer before Hannah’s hips were thrusting violently against his face. Her moans had turned to deep hissing-sounds, each hissing growing louder as her breasts heaved with her hips.

“Oh, fuck, Fuck. FUCK!” she wheezed, her head rolling from side to side as her mind exploded.

“Mine, huh?” Dave said, positioning himself between her widely spread legs. “Prove it.”

“Fuck me,” Hannah replied. feeling the head of his cock at her wet entrance. “Do what you want, just fuck me so hard.”

Instantly the cock was thrust deep into her hot body, bring a yelp from lips not yet recovered from the climax brought on by his tongue. Body slapped body then, as she moaned out a sigh, her held himself hard against her body, his lips moving to surrounded her already hard left nipple.

Dave started to slowly fuck at Hannah, his lips and tongue exploring first one nipple than the other until, with gurgling sound, Hannah thrust her hips up, burying Dave deep into her as her body went rigid.

Before her climax had fully subsided, Dave rolled over on his back, carrying Hannah with him till she was laying on him, his cock still buried deep in her. His lips still worked at her nipples as she tried to balance herself on her arms, allowing him unhindered access to the parts of her body that he needed to ensure his total ownership of her.

She felt him pushing her upright; Felt his cock moving around playfully in her as her body took on the new position. By the time she was sitting totally upright, she could feel his cock slowly sliding into her as far as it could go.

Hannah wanted to lean forward to her hands but, as Dave’s hands smeared her breasts with their taunting touch, she moved a little from side to side, amazed at how easily she could make the head of his cock tickle at spots in her that she never knew existed.

From porno hikayeleri side to side she explored, then started moving her body up and down his, feeling a whole new set of sensations being created in her. She felt her climax start to grow, slowing her movement to draw it out to it most delectable end.

As Dave’s hand locked over her tits, Hannah ground her pussy against him, bring herself to the limit of her control. Once there, she threw back her head, slammed her body down hard on him, grinding her wet pussy around and around as she screamed out to the onslaught of her climax, feeling her hot juices slowly leak past his cock and flow from her onto him.

Dave didn’t wait for her to catch her breath. He guided her body up his till her cunt was just touching his face. His tongue entered her swollen lips, licking at the wetness as it moved as far as it could into her body. Licking and sucking at the wetness, Dave moved his sub closer and closer to her next climax.

The climatic explosion tore into her mind unexpectedly. It forced her to lean forward and put her hands against the wooden headboard as she felt the flood of hot love juice begin the trip from its creation in her body to the consumption of his lips as his tongue seemed to swim crazily in her, as if a skin spoon, forcing as much of her come into his lips as he could manage.

As soon as Dave was finished with licking at her, her pushed her back down his body until Hannah, knowing exactly what to do, was sliding his wet cock back into her wet pussy. But, as she tried to relax, she felt Dave take control, slamming his cock in and out of her as hard as his hips would allow. Her mind crashed, becoming only the caretaker of her most demented of lusty needs. In this instant, she was truly his, now being willing to cast herself into a spell that she knew was little more than utter servitude to her own needs of being fulfilled time after time.

Hannah seks hikayeleri lost track of time. She forgot how many times her body and slid form his cock to his face and back again. All she now knew was the song her body was caught up in as, with loud grunts and shrill yelps, she found herself able to let go and become the person she had hidden from even herself for so long. As her body slammed down around his hot cock, her climax now almost unending, the woman vowed to the universe that she would do whatever it took to keep such passionate needs fulfilled, even to becoming his little sex slave.

By the time Dave rolled her onto her back, slid his cock into her, forced her legs together and fucked his come into her, she had become his lusty-filled sex slave… A slave now ready to embark into a world she had never knew could exist, let alone one with her as the center of it all.

The two of them gasped together as Dave slammed his body against hers. Hannah meet him thrust for thrust, even with her legs tight together. She felt tighter in this position, knowing that, if she did, Dave’s cock had to be thinking virgin and, to her way of thinking, she may have been more virgin than she knew before the start of this adventure.

When Dave’s body went rigid, a loud animal-like grunt coming from his lips, she knew she was about to feel his cock swell a bit more as he pumped his hot juices deep into her pussy. As his hot juices exploded in her, she responded with her own explosion, her bodies thrashing more than making up for his rigid, lust-wracked bodies inability to move.

Hannah now wanted this for her life. Wanted to be here and do whatever he wished. She chattered on and on as Dave fought to stay awake. Quickly she not only talked him in to her becoming more of a live-in sub, she even, after many protests from the sleepy man, managed to promise to take her to the bondage club he had talked about.

As the sun started to paint a tiny line of light far to the east, Hannah curled up against the now sleeping man. Her mind wondered what such a party would have to offer, resolving to find ways to make this whole wild world become even wilder.

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