First Time

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This is the story of my first time with another man. It was the summer after the end of our last exams at school, before we set off for university. We had nearly three months off altogether and I and two of my friends, Justin and Ben, decided to go backpacking round south east asia – Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

I guess it was a fairly standard trip of that kind – lots of drinking, little bit of drug taking, lots of crappy guesthouses, some loafing around on beaches, lots of hanging around waiting for buses, trains and planes, and lots of failing to pick up girls. Ben was the most successful, as always, getting laid with an american girl he met in Vietnam. He wasn’t classically good looking, a bit lanky if anything, but he had charisma: he had been the first of my friends to loose his virginity (a full three years ahead of me), and always the most successful with girls. Back then, he was the only guy I knew who’d had one night stands – the rest of struggled to convince girls to sleep with us after dating for months on end. There was just something about him that made him attractive to the opposite sex. And, well, some of his own sex too.

I had been a bit of late bloomer, had a couple of girlfriends and only finally lost my virginity with one of them at 17. I suppose my heart wasn’t really in it as I knew all along that I’d rather be sleeping with another guy, but, the opportunity had just never come along. It would not have been easy to be open about it at school, though I guess some of my friends, including Justin and Ben, probably guessed, but never said anything or acted weird about it at all.

Anyway, it was towards the end of our trip. After nearly two long months together we were all a bit fed up each other’s company and getting a bit tetchy. Thailand was our last destination, and tired of traveling, we decided just to head down to one of the Kohs and hang out on the beach for the last couple of weeks, waiting for our flight home. Justin’s flight was a few days earlier than mine and Ben’s as he had to get back for some family do. Ben was going on to Hong Kong, where he was staying with some cousins who lived over there. He wouldn’t get back home until just before term started, and as he was going to university on the other side of the country from me, I wouldn’t be seeing him again for months. This left a little pang in my heart, though obviously I couldn’t tell him that. I’d always been attracted to him, but dismissed it as he was just about the most heterosexual guy I knew, so there seemed little point even fantasizing. But now, at the end of our trip, I faced three days alone with him, sharing a small, sweaty, hut by the beach (air conditioning was extra, and by now we’d spent most of our money), too tired and broke to do much, just hanging around bored. Ben took to just laying around in his baggy linen shorts and an old straw hat, reading his book. I took to pretending to read while just kind of watching him – his tanned, sandy torso, the wisps of hair on his chest now gently sun bleached, the nicely defined abs leading down to … ahem, yes as I was saying, no point even fantasizing.

The last night before we were to leave we had a good meal and a few beers with the last of our Baht, and took a few more beers back to the hut with us to drink as we lay on our beds waiting to fall asleep. Fındıkzade Escort There was a funny atmosphere – we were both kind of elated, relieved I think to be leaving the next day, all the tetchiness of the last couple of weeks vanished as we lay on our beds in our boxer shorts, staring up at the ceiling fan failing to relieve the heat, chatting and laughing about all sorts of things in a way we hadn’t done for ages. The discussion turned to sex, as it often did, as Ben liked to boast a bit about his conquests, often going into some detail. He was telling me now about what he’d got up to with the American girl back in Vietnam (pretty vanilla stuff), and then we started to discuss what we liked and didn’t like doing in bed. Naturally he was far more experienced than me, and he knew it, and as he described to me what he liked girls doing to him it was as if he was deliberately teasing me, deliberately trying to turn me on – maybe he knew I fancied the pants of him and was playing some cruel game. Whatever, it was working, and as Ben was describing to me how it felt to have your toes sucked (call me naive, but I’d never done this, or even thought of doing it) – I felt the familiar rush of blood to my dick.

Suddenly I became very much aware of his presence, his all but naked body, close to me – the twin beds were crammed into the small room, less than a foot apart – if I wanted to I could reach out and touch him. This thought didn’t help the situation and I couldn’t stop the rapidly growing bulge in my boxers.

I glanced over to see if Ben had noticed. He was staring right at me – right at it – and grinning. I flushed with embarrassment and sat up hurriedly to hide my now rapidly disappearing boner from Ben’s view.

“Err shit man, I haven’t got laid in months” I stammered out, by way of explanation, “Anyway I gotta go for a pee” I said as I stood up, just wanting to get out the room and away from my embarrassment.

Ben stood up too, and stood right in front of me, blocking my path.

“Let’s do it.” He said


“Why don’t you suck my toes, and I’ll suck yours, then you’ll know what it feels like. I mean it doesn’t make us gay or anything.”

Well that was an unexpected turn of events. He seemed serious, but could he really be? What did he think would happen if we did…

I just looked at him. He took a little step closer to me, standing now right in front of me, almost touching. I felt an urge just to plant my lips on his, but that was too much, certain to freak him out. Like a rabbit in the headlights I froze stiff for a second, not knowing what to do.

“Err, ok. Sure.” I said eventually.

He grinned again and sprang back onto his bed, lay down and proffered his foot towards me.

“Go on then.”

My heart was thumping, I gingerly knelt by the end of his bed, his foot in front of my face. This was it, time to call his bluff. I inched my face forward, opened my mouth and gently lapped my tongue around his first two toes. He didn’t pull away, or laugh, or call me gay: he let out a long groan, and dropped his head back. Christ, it must be good, I thought. I took his whole big toe into my mouth and sucked gently, whirling my tongue around it. More groans from above. I moved along his toes in succession, taking them in, sucking, nibbling Fındıkzade Escort Bayan and licking.

After a couple of minutes of this he said “Ah man that’s good” and I glanced up to see his cock straining at his boxers. Mine was too, of course, but he couldn’t see that from his position.

We made eye contact, his barely hidden bulging dick between us. I had no idea what was going to happen next.

“Tell you what else is good,” he said, this time looking a bit terrified himself, “having your balls sucked.”

Now I’d had girls give me blowjobs a few times, but just like the toe thing, it had never really occurred to me to get them to do that.

I feigned disinterest for a second or two before saying “Go on then”, and nodded towards his boxers. He smiled nervously, hesitated briefly, then, raising his bum off the bed, pushed his boxers down, and kicked them off. As he lay back down, I saw his cock for the first time, rock hard, straining now against its own skin. It was maybe seven inches long (bigger than mine), with a big purple head, a gentle backward lean, and to me at that moment, the most enticing thing I’d ever seen. But of course, despite the reality of what was going on, I didn’t want to let that on to him. There seemed to be some bizarre charade that what we were up to wasn’t gay, and I didn’t want to be the one to break the spell.

He sat up and moved forward towards me, presenting his crotch to my face at the edge of the bed. The smell was intoxicating. I didn’t hesitate this time, immediately leaning forward and working my tongue up the crevice between his scrotum and thigh and then up and around his left ball.

He moaned like an animal, arching back. “Shit man… urghrrrr…”

I slowly lapped my tongue over his balls, then took one of them in my mouth and sucked. As I did his body shivered, and his big beautiful cock throbbed, bouncing up and down and gently slapping my face. I licked around the edge of his ballsack, going down to his perineum, he groaning all the while. As I reached the perineum, he thrusted himself forward and began rocking himself up and down on my tongue. He grabbed his dick and began pumping it urgently, his fist brushing past my face as I worked the sensitive skin with my mouth and tongue.

He seemed to come to his senses, pausing- “er, man, do you mind if I jerk off while you do that?” he asked, awkwardly. This was clearly something he enjoyed a lot.

I stopped what I was doing briefly to say “Sure. Let me know when your’e gonna cum.” I had plans for that moment.

As I took both his balls in my mouth and sucked, he said “man it’s not gonna take me long, I haven’t had a wank in weeks.”

I picked up the pace with my lapping and sucking, and began to nibble and bite the loose skin, stretching it out. All the while he was moaning and pumping away at his dick. I worked back down to his perineum, and again he started thrusting himself into my face, rubbing himself against my mouth and tongue. His thrusting became more urgent, and the strokes longer, and I lapped my tongue along the whole seam of his skin almost from his asshole up to the base of his shaft, allowing my tongue just to wrap around the bottom of his dick a little, and back again. As he let out another gutteral moan I know he was Escort Fındıkzade close.

“Urghhh man I ‘m gonna cum.”

I moved my head up and took his big purple head in my mouth. It was dripping and foamy with precum. The taste, the softness, the firmness of it, the whole thing was better than I’d ever imagined. My own dick was rock hard and dripping precum too. I glanced up at Ben – he looked shocked to see me with his bell end in my mouth, but he was already over the edge. He kept pumping his dick and I felt him cum powerfully in my mouth. I swallowed and sucked as he kept on cumming, until it began drooling out of my mouth. Finally finished, he collapsed back and I swallowed what I could and let the rest drip back down onto his dick.

He looked at me. “Man…” was all he could say and lay his head back down.

“I just figured that was just the neatest thing to do. Didn’t want you spunking all over my hair.” I said.

“Hey yeah, good idea.” He smiled in agreement. Clearly it would have been a bit too gay to cum in his friends mouth without a practical reason.

I sat there for a minute or two, as we both caught our breath. Then I stood up, freeing my own raging boner from my boxers as I did so. Standing before him, rock hard dick bobbing before me, I said “so, do you wanna…?”

He said nothing, staring at my dick, and lay there without moving.

“I mean,” I said, “we kind of agreed.” It was Ben who now looked like the rabbit the headlights.

After a moment he said “Um, yeah sure, of course.” But he still didn’t move a muscle.

“Hey I know what,” I said, and clambered onto his bed, straddling him beneath me. His flesh felt red hot where it touched the inside of my legs. He lay there still, not saying anything or moving, but glanced up at me, now with a small smile on his face. I shuffled up until I was over his face, my dick bouncing over his nose and forehead, my balls over his mouth. I felt his lips against them, followed by a tentative tongue. It was an amazing sensation – I could see why he liked it so much. I began slowly jerking myself off as he continued to explore my balls with his tongue. It wasn’t going to take me long to come either. He was pretty much immobile beneath me and I found I could direct his licking and sucking as I moved my body around over his face. I began rocking back and forth on his face, his firm tongue licking me all the while. As I arched my hips forward such that he was now eagerly lapping at my perineum a thought occurred to me – there was one thing I did know about, that I’d never asked a girl to do, and doubted Ben had either. I continued inched myself forward until Ben’s tongue was at my asshole. He didn’t stop but changed his motion from lapping to probing, and I could feel his firm tongue work its way into me, exploring my hole. Jesus the feeling was intense. I felt my orgasm coming almost instantly.

“Ah, shit, man” i said as the first thick rope of come looped out of my dick, hitting the wall behind Ben’s head and landing across his pillow, his hair and forehead. Great though his tongue felt in my ass, I quickly pulled away, sending my second spurt over Ben’s face and kind of up his nose until I managed to shove the tip of my dick between his open, eager lips and to shoot the last couple of jets into his mouth.

Exhausted, I got off Ben’s face, staggered back and fell down onto my own bed. We lay there in silence again for a little while. I could here Ben gulping down my spunk and breathing heavily.

“Well ok, that was a bit gay” he said after a minute or two.

“Yeah” I said, laughing, “maybe just a bit.”

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