Fraternal Twins Pt. 11

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The night before they were to leave, Slater was lying on the couch in the living room just staring out the screen door. He thought about how he had become very close to his sister Karen. He thought about how his mother and he had become close. Was it too close? He didn’t know, except he loved her so much that he would do anything in the world for her and Karen. Thinking further on the subject, he found he would do anything for his other siblings too. He loved them all. It was just that he loved some of them differently right now.

He was startled and sat up when Mom sat down with him. She patted him on the back as he was jerked from his thoughts. He smiled at her. She hugged him, then sat back looking into his eyes.

“Did Emily get to sleep?” Slater asked.

“Karen finally got her down and I think she’s asleep. That was a complete surprise. She is a very perceptive little girl,” Eileen said softly.

“She is at that,” replied Slater. “She had us all in tears this afternoon.”

“I just hope this doesn’t…hurt her in any way.”

“Me too. It would be a shame if a smart little girl was sidetracked by this.”

Mom nodded.

“Well, we better get some sleep, we leave tomorrow morning.”

“And two weeks later Karen and I are gone. Are you going to hire a nanny before we leave?” Slater asked.

“Yes. I hope you and Karen could help with that,” replied Eileen.

“Sure, whatever you need, Mom. I’m going to bed, I’m exhausted.”

“Me too. Give me a kiss goodnight,” Eileen said leaning toward Slater.

They kissed. It wasn’t a mother, son kiss, but they didn’t linger. Both got up and went to bed.


When Slater woke, he found Emily snuggled up to him. He was surprised, to say the least. She had gotten into bed with him without waking him. Karen poked her head in the door, just minutes later. She smiled at finding Emily, and upon seeing her brother awake. She nodded at him as she closed the door. Slater just smiled down at Emily as he waited for her to wake on her own.

He lay there a long time. The rest of the house was quiet. He wanted to close his eyes, but he didn’t want to miss Emily waking. Eventually, sleep overtook him.

He woke once more. When he opened his eyes, Emily was laying there staring at him. He smiled at her, as she reached up and caressed his cheek.

“You sure do sleep a lot,” Emily said softly.

“And you are a sneaky little girl,” Slater said caressing her head.

“I’m not little,” she complained.

Slater laughed at her as he sat up swinging his legs over the edge of his bed. Emily sat up, then she stood up and kissed Slater’s cheek. He hugged her, she hugged his neck. Then she was gone, laughing as she hurried out the door. Slater got up and went to the bathroom. The door was closed. He heard the shower running. He looked in Karen’s room. She was gone. He peeked around the corner into the kitchen. Emily was sitting at the table waiting.

When Slater tried the door, it was unlocked. He stepped inside. Karen was in the shower. He smiled as he listened to her sing. She had a nice voice. Then he was peeing. She looked around the shower curtain and gasped. He laughed as he held his hand over the flush handle.

“Don’t you dare,” Karen growled swatting at Slater.

He ducked and was out the door. In the kitchen, he found his mother and Emily. His mother looked at him and smiled. He smiled back.

“Is Karen in the shower?” Eileen asked.

“She is,” Slater replied.

“Did you peek?” Emily asked shocking both Eileen and Slater.

“No, I didn’t peek. I told her I needed to use the toilet.”

“Did she peek?” Emily asked.

“No. Emily, you shouldn’t ask questions like that and you should never peek,” Slater said.

“Then how am I going to learn?” she asked.

“I will teach you, dear,” Eileen said softly to her daughter trying not to laugh.

“Oh, okay mom,” Emily said. “Can I go watch some TV?”

“Of course dear,” Eileen said still trying not to laugh.

Slater was trying not to laugh also. He looked at his mom. She shook her head.

“She is a precocious child,” Eileen said.

“She will be a handful when she gets older, mom,” Slater said shaking his head.

“Don’t I know it, just like you and Karen.”

“Where we really that bad?”

“When you both turned thirteen you and she were hellions. I was thinking of shipping you off to military school, but you father forbid me.” Mom giggled as she reminisced.

Actually, Slater did remember her threatening him with military school way back when. He heard mom and dad arguing and promised to not to be trouble to his mom. If he remembers correctly, that was when he fell in love with her. He coughed then looked up at his mom. She was watching him.

“I know that you heard dad and I arguing. After that scuffle, you turned your life around and became the best child a mother could wish for. I know you tried to ride herd on your sister, but she just didn’t learn.”

“I love you mom,” Slater said.

“I know, dear, you Onwin told me that for the first time right after your father and I argued. I almost fainted.”

“Sorry mom,” he croaked.

“I know. Now go pack your things. We leave in about an hour or so.”

“Yes, mom,” Slater said going to his room.

When he was done packing, he put his bag in the back of his mom’s car, which he would be driving back home. He then went and helped pack up the boys things and tossed them in the back of mom’s car.

When he was done, he started by making sure everything was in the house that should be in the house. He then started to clean up the living room. When Emily saw what he was doing, she pitched right in to help. He smiled at her as she gathered all the toys and put them in the chest in the corner while Slater straightened up the tables and other furniture.

When he was done, he knelt down, gathered Emily in his arms and hugged her, kissing her on the cheek. She hugged him back and kissed his cheek. She looked at him and smiled.

“When can I kiss you on the lips?” she asked.

Slater looked at his little sister. For an eight-year-old, she was sure asking questions beyond her age.

“I’ll let you know, okay?”

“Okay,” she said and went back to watching TV.

Slater wandered into the kitchen and looked around. His mom had cleaned and stored everything already. He went and found his sister, Karen. She was packing hers and Emily’s stuff. Slater lugged Karen’s bag out to his mom’s car and stowed it in the car. He didn’t know who was going to be riding where. But it really didn’t matter, they were all going to the same place. When he went back in, he spotted his dad dragging a bag down the hallway.

He took it from him, along with the keys to his dad’s car and lugged the bag outside and put it in the car. When he got back in the house there was a pile of bags in the kitchen by the back door. Slater shook his head and sat down to take a little rest. The long four weeks was coming to an end for him and his sister. For everyone else, it was the end of the annual two weeks at the lake. He wasn’t sad that it was over. He wasn’t happy either.

He had made some attachments to two of his family that he never thought he would. It also looked like one other had made an attachment to him, also. He was kind of glad he was going away to college. If he stayed home he could get in some serious trouble and he certainly didn’t want that happening.

The rest of the family joined him in the kitchen. Karen pulled the two coolers out and dumped ice in each of them. Any sodas left in the fridge were split between the two of them. The drivers would stop on the way out to fill them up for the three-hour drive home. Slater picked up one of the coolers and hauled it into the garage to put in the car he would be driving. Karen picked up the other one and put it in dad’s car.

Once back inside Slater sat at the table with the rest of the family. When Karen sat down, everyone looked at mom.

“Who is riding in which car?” she asked.

“Slater is driving yours and you are driving mine,” Dad said.

Who wants to ride with Slater?” Mom asked.

Slater frowned hoping it would just be him and Karen.

“I do,” Emily said raising her hand.

“I do,” said Karen raising her hand.

Everyone else laughed. Slater nodded smiling at the two girls.

“Fine, that’s settled. Everyone outside,” Mom said get up grabbing her purse and heading for the front door.

Slater went and checked to see that the back door was closed and locked. he then went around the house, checking all the windows. He knew his dad had probably done the exact same thing before he sat down in the kitchen, but Salter did it anyway. When he finished he made sure the front door was locked from inside and went into the garage. The big door was open and Karen was waiting for him to back the car out.

The three hours went by slowly. This time Karen wasn’t in a bikini and Emily was belted in the back seat behind Karen. Actually, the drive wasn’t that bad. Karen kept Emily busy with singing songs and watching for VW’s. The miles went by and soon they were pulling up in the driveway at home. The unloading of the cars went quickly. Most of the clothes would be laundered before they needed them. Once inside the house, Slater went to his room. He flopped down on his bed and stared at the ceiling.

Thinking about what his family would soon be going through. When his door opened, he was hoping it was Karen, but when he looked Emily was standing in the doorway waiting for him to invite her inside. He waved her to come in, she closed the door and ran to his bed. Frowning, she climbed up and lay on her side looking into his eyes. He rolled so he was on his side facing his little sister.

“What’s the matter Em?” asked Slater.

“I thought I would be happy to come home, but I’m not. I want to be back at the lake. I like to swim and play in the sand.”

“I know honey, but school starts in three weeks for you. Don’t worry, you’ll Onwin Giriş be happy to see all your school friends again, won’t you?” Slater asked.

“I guess,” Emily groaned.

“Anything else?” asked Slater.

“No, not really. Can I just hang out here for awhile?”

“Sure, but I might fall asleep,” said Slater.

“Me too.”

“Well, then why don’t you go open the door so they can look in on us to see that you are here.”

“Okay.” Emily got off the bed and went and opened the door.

When she climbed back on the bed, she snuggled up to Slater. He put his hand on her stomach and held her. He closed his eyes and fell right to sleep.


Karen was going into Slater’s room to put some of his clothes on his bed. When she saw Emily with him, both of them asleep, she backed out quietly and closed the door. She put Slater’s clothes on the floor by the door, then went back to the kitchen to sit with her mom.

“Emily’s in with Slater. They are both asleep,” she said.

“Well, he’ll be gone in a couple of weeks. Nothing to worry about right now,” Mom replied shaking her head.

Karen was having the same thoughts as she sat there watching her mother. Eileen was chewing her nails. She had too much stress to worry about her youngest girl. Let alone the way that little girl felt about her older brother. Did all little girls worship their older brothers the way it appeared Emily was doing? Karen wondered how she would feel if she was more than two minutes younger than her brother. She guessed she would feel the same as she did now.

Mom sighed. Karen got up and went to her, pulling Eileen into her arms. Eileen sighed again as Karen hugged her. Then Karen was walking away. Mom sighed, rose and followed her daughter down the hall to her own bedroom where Jordan was taking a nap. The boys were in their beds taking a nap, so why shouldn’t mom take a nap.

Laying down next to her husband, she closed her eyes and fell asleep.


When Slater woke, he saw his door had been closed. He could feel Emily was still there with him. Smiling he rolled away from her as gently as he could. Getting out of bed, he opened his door. On the floor was a stack of his folded clothes. He picked them up and put them on the dresser. He stepped out of his room leaving the door open so as not to scare Emily.

Walking down to the kitchen, he opened the fridge and grabbed a soda. Opening it he took a sip while he walked to the sliding door to the deck outside. A silently as he could he opened the door and closed it before he sat in one of the chairs. He looked out over the backyard. It was a great backyard. The part of the deck he sat on was in shade. While the part down by the bedrooms was in the sun.

He smiled to himself remembering watching Karen sunbath in her bikini at that end of the deck many a summer. He shook his head. Those times were a little scary. When she was out there he always looked and got excited. He knew back then he shouldn’t, but she was so pretty he couldn’t help himself. His mom used to lay out there too. He remembered the day he started having fantasies about her. She put on one of Karen’s bikinis and lay out in the sun.

He remembered running into the house so he wouldn’t look at her like he looked at Karen. Back then he felt it was wrong to want his mom like that, but now… he felt as long they weren’t trying to have children and it was just sex for love and fun, what was the harm. It’s not like it was going to screw him up in the head. He could separate his love for his mother and the fact that he was in love with his mother.

She was a beautiful woman that had needed him to love her in that special way. She knew it wasn’t right, but she needed him and he was there for her. He would always be there for her. To help her through things. To bring her pleasure and his love. The same went for his sister. He knew they could be lovers, but not bonded lovers. He wanted her to have a full and happy life. He would be there for her whenever she needed him. Just as he knew she would be there for him.

Slater shut his eyes trying not to think too deeply about what some people would call a dilemma and what he called happy circumstances. He would never betray their trust as he knew they would never betray him.

When the door opened, Slater turned to see who it was. It was Karen. She smiled at him. She was in a bikini and headed to the lounge at the other end of the deck. Slater chuckled to himself as she watched her walk away from him. Getting up he picked up his chair and went over to where Karen was just lying down. Sitting down he smiled at her.

“What?” said Karen.

“Nothing. I was just remembering.”

“Remembering what?” asked Karen.

“The way I used to look at you when I first noticed your… anatomy,” Slater said chuckling.

“Did you notice mom too?” Karen whispered looking up at the bedroom windows. They were closed.

“I did. That scared me back then.”

“Seeing me didn’t?” asked Karen.

“No. You were hot. All my friends Onwin Güncel Giriş said so, so I noticed.”

“Oh brother,” Karen growled.

“Yes, I am,” shot back Slater chuckling again.

Karen shook her head giggling at her brother. She put her head down and closed her eyes.

“Don’t let me burn, okay?” Karen asked.

“I won’t, sis,” Slater replied.

Karen was laying on her back. Her bikini covered breasts were magnificent. He watched her as she just lay there, letting the sun bake her wonderful body. After about ten minutes or so, she started to sweat. Her body was covered with a smooth sheen of small sweat drops.

Slater kept watch over his sister as she baked herself in the sun. He heard the door open again and turned to see Emily come out and close the door. She skipped over to where he was sitting.

“Can I sit in your lap, Slater?” Emily asked.

Smiling Slater grabbed her and set her down on his lap.

“Thank you,” she said. “What are we talking about?”

Karen giggled. Slater chuckled.

“Nothing hon,” Slater told her. “Just sitting here relaxing and thinking.”

“About what?”

“School, friends, family, the world, the cosmos, silly things like that,” Slater told her.

“What’s the cosmos?” Emily asked. Karen giggled.

“Yes, Slater, what is the cosmos?” Karen asked sarcastically.

“The cosmos is a wondrous thing, that surrounds everything. You can only see it at night. All those stars that come out up at the lake, that’s the cosmos.” Slater smiled. “A lot of those stars aren’t really stars but other worlds like ours that have mothers and fathers and sons and daughters on them. All looking up and wondering what’s out there.”

“Wow,” Emily said eyes wide with wonder.

“Wow,” Karen said the sarcasm gone from her voice, eyes wide with surprise.

Emily just sat there looking up at the sky, watching the clouds go by. A little while later mom came out, looked around and pulled a chair over by them. She didn’t say a word just sat back and looked up into the sky. When Jordan came out, Eileen got up and pulled another chair over. He sat down with them and gazed up into the sky.

“Karen you better turn over before you burn,” Slater said nudging his sister with his toe.

Groaning, Karen turned over on her stomach and promptly went to sleep. Slater chuckled. Then the boys were out. Instead of sitting with the older folks, they ran down the stairs into the backyard screaming and shouting.

“Geez,” Karen growled closing her eyes again.

Slater chuckled, mom giggled and dad laughed. Emily just sat there staring at her young brothers. After a while mom, went back inside. After about a half hour she came back out and called everyone to dinner. Slater helped the boys wash up. Karen and Emily washed up. When everyone was seated at the table Karen once again said grace. Emily smiled up at her big sister, nodding her approval. Karen smiled at Emily.

After dinner, mom and dad cleaned up, while Slater and Karen got the children ready for bed. While the two boys were in the bathtub, Carl looked up at his brother.

“Slater, since we aren’t at the lake anymore, do we have to behave since you can’t dunk us?” Carl asked.

“What makes you think I can’t dunk you right here?” Slater asked back.

“But this is bath water, not nasty lake water,” Carl said.

“Really? Is your butt in that water? Is your brother’s butt in that water?”


“Do you really want to drink butt water?” Slater asked almost breaking up laughing.

“Ew, no.”

“Then I suggest you behave yourselves,” Slater said gruffly.

“Yes, Slater,” Carl said. Troy nodded.

Slater finished washing his brothers and dried them off. He watched them put on the PJ’s, then let them go watch TV before they had to go to bed. Slater jumped in the shower and was out fresh and clean and ready for a night in his own bed. Smiling he headed for the family room where everyone would be.

For the first time, he walked into the room to quiet. The TV was on. The kids were on the floor intently watching a cartoon on TV. He looked at his parents, they were both watching the kids. Karen was reading a magazine. He shook his head, smiling and sat next to Karen. She punched him in the arm. He smiled even wider.

Looking at his mom, she smiled at him and mouthed ‘Thank you’ to him. He smiled at her and nodded. For the next half hour, the family sat together quietly. When mom determined it was bedtime, Karen and Slater herded the kids. First, they kissed their parents. Then Emily kissed Slater on the cheek. Carl and Troy kissed Karen. Carl tried to kiss Karen on the lips but she turned her head and he got her cheek. Emily scolded him.

Slater tucked the two boys into bed. Karen tucked in Emily. Slater and Karen met in the hallway, the dark hallway. Karen pulled his lips to hers. They kissed for a few seconds.

“Tonight, your room,” Karen whispered.

Slater just moaned as he squeezed her wonderful ass. They hurried back to the family room. Mom and Dad were hugging on the loveseat. Neither Karen or Slater said a word. They just sat and watched what was on the TV. When mom and dad pulled apart, they were both embarrassed that two of their children had caught them in a close embrace.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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