Free Use Family

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Note: A story about what Free Use is like for regular families. Has mother-son and brother-sister segments. Almost exclusively involves anal, as usual, so feel free give this a pass if that’s not your thing.

“Hey Simone.”

“Welcome back James, what can I do for you this session?”

“I was thinking about another incest story, only with a mother this time.”

“Well you’ve certainly changed your tune.”

“Yeah I know, what can I say, this place is turning me into more and more of a pervert.”

“No judgement here.”

“OK well, it’s the same deal as last time, the idea appeals to me, but only as a fantasy. I don’t want you to change my beliefs this time, I don’t even want to fake believe I’m with my mom so I was thinking you could give me like a 3rd person perspective to the whole thing.”

Simone hummed. “So an incest story where you’re just a voyeur? One of your easier requests, we can manage that.”

“Well, not just an onlooker, that’s no fun is it. Could you hook up my senses and emotions to the male protagonist, but keep my mind separate if you know what I mean?”

“Aaaand we’re back to making my job hard. So you want incest, without the incest, got it.”

“Can you do it?”

“Have I ever failed you before? Compiling now James.”

The transitions were so seamless now. I found myself as a disembodied spectator looking down at a scene, somehow just knowing the backstory and relevant information. A stream of consciousness somewhat like narration flowed into my head.


For the past few days, Susan had noticed her son Mark coming back from school seeming distracted and distant, like something was bothering him. But when she asked, Mark wouldn’t tell her what was upsetting him so much and just brushed her off. But as the week went by and his mood got worse, eventually after a lot of nagging Mark caved in and blurted out to his mom over dinner when it was just the two of them.

“It’s just, at school my friends were telling me about how they’ve been with girls before, and I’m the only one that hasn’t yet. It’s just embarrassing me.”

Susan gave her son a sympathetic look. “Oh is that all? Well then why don’t you just try finding some girl willing to consent? I’m sure there would be a few around that wouldn’t mind being used by a teen.”

Exasperated, Mark complains. “Mom I’ve tried, but there aren’t any. God, I wish I was 21 already so I wouldn’t have to ask, or better yet, I wish we lived in one of those countries where the Act kicked in at 16, whose idea was it putting it at 21?”

“3 years isn’t that long honey. And there must be some, what about the girls that your friends used? Why not just use them?”

At this, Mark looked away uncomfortably; this was where things would start going south. “My friends, they uh, none of them found regular girls that consented, they all just got, y’know, their moms to help.”

Susan gave mark a disappointed look. “Really Mark? Haven’t I made myself clear on this?”

Mark’s pent up frustration made him blurt out. “But mom, please! I’m the only one out of all my friends, maybe everyone at school that hasn’t tried anal with a girl yet.”

“Oh now it’s anal you want to do with me? What happened to just being with a girl?” Susan said, tilting her head to the side and frowning.

Mark shrugged weakly. “Iunno, it’s just everyone does anal now, I don’t want to be the weird one that doesn’t.”

“If your friends all jumped off a cliff would you?”

“Mom please, I’m not asking much, I just want to buttfuck you a little.”

“Mark Stewart,” Susan snapped testily. “I don’t care if everyone else in the world sodomizes their family, we don’t do that in ours.”

Mark sags at his moms scolding and drops the subject looking dejected. It strikes a nerve with Susan, she doesn’t like seeing her son so upset.

“Mark,” Susan begins in a softer tone. “You know how I don’t even like when your father does that to me and you’ve heard me complain all the time about my coworkers constantly sodomizing me, do you really want to put your mother through that?”

Brightening up Mark replies with a host of prepared answers he came up with earlier to try and sway his mom. “But Ethan’s mom loves it. He says she lets him use her ass whenever he gets good grades which is all the time. And if dad and your coworkers and strangers all assfuck you, one more isn’t going to hurt right? Plus I’m probably not even as big as dad, you could take me easy.”

Ticking off the fingers on her hand Susan rattles off counterpoints. “Well first of all, I’m not Daniel’s mom. Second of all it’s the principle. Thirdly, yes you are and no I couldn’t.” With each point, Mark deflates more and more until he’s convinced his mom is completely opposed to being used.

Seeing her sons disappointment and unhappy with causing it, Susan sighs. “But just because anal is off the table doesn’t mean there aren’t other options. You can have some oral if you really need it dear.”

Mark perks up at this cloud storage a little, but stays mostly glum. “It’s not the same I’ll still be the only one at school that hasn’t tried anal yet.”

Susan folds her arms. “Is that a no then? Well that’s fine by me.”

“No, no, orals fine too, I’ve never done that either… Can we do it now?” Mark blurted out quickly.

Susan sighs again at her son’s eagerness but gets up to oblige him anyway.

Making her way around to Mark’s seat, Susan gets on her knees and mechanically fishes out her sons rapidly hardening cock. He wasn’t just as big as his father, he was bigger and still hadn’t finished growing. At eight inches long, and almost three thick, Mark’s cock was one of the largest Susan had ever seen and she’d struggle to take it anywhere.

Susan wanted her son to finish quickly and she had an idea of what men liked so looked up at Mark and opened her mouth invitingly, making sure to stick her tongue out. It did the trick. Mark quickly slid his cock into his mother’s mouth and pressed deeper into her throat. Despite all the complaints, Susan, like every other woman in a Free Use society was deeply experienced and in just a few minutes managed to take Mark down to the balls in her throat even if it did make her choke, sputter and gag.

The warmth, slickness and pleasure of her throat was all new to Mark, he hadn’t ever been deepthroated before and it drove him into an uncontrollable frenzy. He gripped the back of his mother’s head and slammed her down onto his cock rabidly and selfishly, facefucking her like a maniac, using her throat as a sex toy to get off with, heedless of his mother’s choking and sputtering. The manic facefucking made a mess of Susan’s face; her mouth and chin were soon covered in phlegm, spit and precum that dripped down onto her blouse and tits while black tears ran down her cheeks.

As Mark recklessly facefucked his mother, she thought to herself with amusement. Boys really are all the same while reminiscing on old memories. She didn’t forget her job though, Susan made sure to swallow constantly so that her throat would massage Mark’s cock as he fucked it.

Unfortunately Marks inexperienced, careless fucking wasn’t giving Susan any chance to breathe at all and she was getting desperate for air. Despite her views on penetrative incest, she still wanted Mark’s first taste of oral sex to be as pleasant and memorable as possible. So she didn’t want to stop him yet while he was having so much fun in her throat, but she was running out of air. Susan figured she could hold out another 30 seconds or minute longer for him though. Let the boy have a good time, you only get one first blow job.

Susan let her son Mark fill her throat for as long as she could, until spots started playing in the corners of her vision before she finally started slapping his thigh and trying to pull off of him. Thankfully Mark didn’t take too long to let his mom off his cock. He watched with concern as Susan gasped for air unsteadily on her knees as soon as she was off, a sudden pang of guilt hitting him for losing control the way he did.

Mark shot off a quick apology, hoping his mother wouldn’t be so mad she’d stop this all right now. “Oh God, mom I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to hold you down so long, I didn’t realize you couldn’t breathe. I, I just got so caught up, I swear it won’t happen again.”

“That’s alright Mark,” Susan said, in between heaving breathes. “Your father did the same thing the first time. All boys are the same, it’s fine honey. Just give me a second before we start again.” While still recovering her breath, Susan reached out and absentmindedly began stroking Marks cock.

After a minute or so, Susan got her breathing back to normal. “Alright honey, we can do more, here you go.” And opened her mouth compliantly, sticking out her tongue again.

Susan looked like a picture perfect slut to Mark, obediently sitting there on her knees, hands clasped in between her legs, strings of spit hanging from her chin, tears and mascara running down her cheeks, waiting for Mark to fill her throat again. This time around he moved slower to savor things. Placing the head of his cock on his moms tongue, he slowly fed her his cock, basking in the sensation of it sliding over her tongue and hitting the back of her throat where it met resistance. He kept it there for a moment, enjoying the sight of his mother looking up at him with her mouth filled with his cock before he started pushing again, forcing his cock past and into her throat, making her choke at last. Susan choking around his cock sent a shiver of pleasure through him as her muscles contracted; he decided he liked making women choke on his cock.

In a haze of pleasure Mark breathed out. “Mom you’re the best, this feels so great.”

With the cock in the mouth, Susan couldn’t reply but the corners of her lips curled up slightly and she resumed the swallowing motion, heightening Marks pleasure.

Mark noticed that if he stayed still inside her, he could cloud file storage leave it there while Susan swallowed and massaged him, but if he gave her little rapid thrusts that hit the back of her throat again and again, he could elicit the chokes whenever he wanted. It was like a button he could press to have a better time with her mouth, though it wouldn’t be much fun for Susan. Mark felt a slight twinge of guilt for putting his mother through this, but it was a small thing he ignored. He consoled himself with the fact at least this time she could breathe as he choked her repeatedly with his cock. He loved the sight and feel of his mother’s throat distending as it stretched to accommodate his thickness and the muscle contractions when she choked.

When Susan realized Mark liked feeling her choke on his cock, she thought to herself again that boys really were all the same with a mental headshake. Susan tried to oblige him by not trying to stop herself from gagging and just letting her body react.

The look Mark was giving her had made her worry slightly though, she was afraid that Mark might learn to love oral so much he’d want to stuff her throat every chance he got. She could get things done with a cock in the ass but it was just impossible to get anything done when men were throatfucking you. Still, she wasn’t willing to change her mind just for the sake of convenience. He’ll have to be satisfied with just my mouth.

Mark pulled back out to let Susan recover. Spit and mucus trailed from Susan’s tongue to his cock as he did. Susan kept her mouth open and panted like a dog to catch her breath. When Mark thought it was long enough, he slowly fed her his cock again, each repetition giving her another inch here and there until she couldn’t handle the meat filling her throat and choked again. Eventually, he was buried down to the balls back in her throat again and loving every second of it, especially since his mom had pulled out another trick and stuck her tongue out further to lap at his balls whenever her nose was pressed against his pubes. Lost in complete bliss as his mom swallowed repeatedly and licked at his sack, Mark drove his cock in as deep as he could. He pressed Susan’s nose into his crotch so hard it almost hurt and stayed there, savoring the feeling of his mom servicing his cock.

This time though he remembered his mom needed to breathe so reluctantly pulled off after a while and eagerly waited for her to recover before sensually feeding her his cock again and again. Mark watched, mesmerized as Susan’s throat bulged to take his cockmeat and closed his eyes to enjoy what Susan was doing.

Suddenly, remembering when one of his friends bragged about what his mom would do when she was deepthroating him, Mark wanted to see if Susan could do it too.

Mark looked down at his mom and asked while still completely inside her throat. “Mom, one of my friends said his mom could actually swallow his balls when she deepthroated him, I thought he was just making stuff up, people can’t do that can they?”

In reply, Susan nodded slightly, as much as she could with cock filling her throat.

Heart thumping inside his chest at, Mark asked, hoping fervently. “Can you do that?”

Susan hadn’t done that for anyone in some time and worried she’d be out of practice but thought she could at least try for Mark. Pressing her faced even harder against her sons pelvis, she stuck out her tongue and tried to use them to swallow his balls but couldn’t quite manage it. Deciding she needed to use her hands, Susan finally unclasped them and moved them from between her lap for the first time. She gently handled Mark’s balls and fit them into mouth; incredibly, she managed it on her first try, filling her mouth with Mark’s ballsack, giving her a chipmunk look.

The sight made Mark shiver with delight and was the hottest thing he had ever seen, he immediately knew he was about to cum. Swapping from the slow, sensual throatfucking he had been giving her, Mark went back to the rabid skullfucking he gave her before, eager to dump his cum down her throat.

Grabbing the sides of Susan’s head, he threw it back and forth on his cock, using it like a toy to get off with, making Susan gag and sputter horribly. “I’m gonna cum,” Mark grunted out, moments before driving his cock hard down her throat. Susan knew just what to do and expertly resumed swallowing and licking Marks balls to milk out his cum, hoping to make him cum soon so she could breathe.

With his mom’s nose buried in pubes, Mark shot massive, endless spurts of jizz straight down her throat.

Susan tried to swallow what she could but Mark’s load was overwhelming, practically drowning her with its volume. She couldn’t help but cough, sending cum back up around Mark’s cock despite the seal it was making and out her nostrils messily.

Coming down from the mind blowing orgasm he’d had, Mark slowly pulled his cock free of his mom’s mouth and was shocked seeing how sexy she looked. Her cheeks were streaked with running mascara, file upload cum was trailing from her nostrils while spit and more of his semen was drooling from her mouth, she looked perfect to him. While Susan coughed and gasped for air, Mark thanked her profusely. “Mom you were incredible, that was the best thing ever.”

“You’re welc-” Susan said with a wet, phlegmy voice before clearing her throat and trying again. “You’re welcome honey. I’m glad you liked it, maybe now we can put this whole anal business to bed?”

While still disappointed his mom wasn’t letting him have her ass, he supposed he could live with this for now and nodded in acquiescence.


Later that night while she was getting ready for bed, Mark came into her room looking like he had something to say. Susan couldn’t say she was surprised, she figured he probably wanted to use her throat again. She expected he’d be asking all the time now that she’d agreed to let him have a taste of what Free Use would be like. She of course could still turn him down since the law only covered those 18(21) and up but found the idea too cruel to actually go with now that she’d given him a taste. I suppose I’ll just have to deal with this for a few more years.

“Hey mom?” Mark said, slightly embarrassed to be asking again so soon after their last session,

Susan gave her son a knowing look. “Did you want another turn in my throat honey?”

Mark just nodded eagerly.

Putting down the book she was reading, Susan got ready for another session of manic throatfucking. She laid down and moved over to the edge of the bed so her head hung off the end of it upside down. This was always her husband’s favorite way to use her throat; she figured Mark would probably enjoy it too.

Mark for his part was still inexperienced and didn’t know why his mom had maneuvered into that position. “Mom, what are you doing? Why are you lying like that?”

Susan chuckled lightly at her sons inexperience. “It’ll be easier for you to use my throat like this honey, your penis won’t have to bend and can just go straight down. You’ll get to use my mouth like a pussy too, trust me you’ll like it this way too dear. Just remember to let me up for air every once in a while Mark.”

“I will mom, I won’t forget.” Accepting his mom’s experience and eager to try it out, Mark quickly took off his pants and made his way over. Once near, his mom opened her mouth for him invitingly. He took aim and guided his cock into her wonderfully warm, wet mouth where he belonged. Pressing in, he found that she was right; his cock didn’t have to bend as it went down her throat, making the throatfucking feel even better.

Remembering what his mom said, Mark began fucking her mouth like it was a pussy, using his hips to drive in rather than grabbing her head. It felt viscerally better moving his hips and pressing his weight into his moms face rather than using his hands, he definitely preferred it this way. He liked how he could watch his moms throat bulging as his cock made its way down it, or the way her body arched and tensed when she choked on his meat. It felt so good and natural to just push all his weight against his moms face, driving it hard against the mattress when he buried himself in her throat and left it there. Closing his eyes and savoring the familiar feel of his mom’s throat wrapped tightly around his cock, Mark absent mindedly reached under her nightgown so he could play with and squeeze her tits, momentarily no longer thinking of her as a person, but just a set of holes to enjoy and soft mounds to squeeze. Mark was in heaven while Susan choked and her lungs burned for air.

As he stayed inside her, he saw Susan had stuck her tongue out again and was licking the top of his cock. It wasn’t very sensitive there and he didn’t feel all that much as she did it, but Mark was so grateful his mom was so caring she’d go the extra mile like that, she really was the best.

Remembering the other thing his mom said, Mark only spent a minute or two fucking his moms throat before he let her up for air. The minutes went by all too quickly for Mark but felt far longer for Susan. As experienced as she was, being throatfucked with 8 inches of cockmeat wasn’t something anyone could handle easily. Every so often when Mark got too energetic and forced his cock in without giving her throat the chance to open up, she’d gag and cough, sending saliva and mucus geysering up past Marks cock where it would run over her nose and down her face in torrents. In just those 2 minutes of throatfucking, Susan’s face was completely drenched in her own spit. Mark didn’t notice or care as he made a mess of his moms face though, lost in his own pleasure as he pounded it.

The next quarter hour went by slowly for Susan as Mark used her throat with all the vigor of someone new to Free Use. Stars appeared in the corner of her eyes as Mark leaned his weight into her face, smothering her with his cock. She knew he was close because he was spending longer and longer without letting her up, soon enough she knew she’d have to start pushing the boy off if she didn’t want to black out. It annoyed her slightly that Mark was almost suffocating her with his cock but she reminded herself that boys will be boys and tried to be a good sport about it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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