Free Wolf

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I was headed into the Free Wolf, a seedy looking bar. The Free Wolf is owned by a werewolf and most of the clientele is of the supernatural variety. Of course all the regular people out there had no idea. Most stayed clear of the bar because of the feel it gave off. The front was covered in graffiti. It was situated in a strip mall between a tattoo parlor and an Ethiopian restaurant. The bouncer who stood at the door was large and very unfriendly. If you were watching the bar it would seem that no one ever went in. All the supernaturals went in the back door.

When I entered I was assaulted by the scents of all the different beings in the bar. As a weretiger my sense of smell is stronger than any regular human’s, though not as strong as some of the other beings in the bar. The owner, Rolf, waved to me from behind the bar. He put out a frosty looking beer bottle on the bar and nodded his head at me. I threaded my way to him and retrieved the beer. Since I’d moved to the city I spent most of my free time in the Free Wolf. I found it comforting after leaving home where I was surrounded by my family, all the regular people in my daytime-life made my skin itch.

Weretigers are solitary creatures. We live with our mates and children until they’re grown. No packs for us, not like the wolves. I left my home as soon as I’d finished college, strafing at being in my parents’ house. Yet, I longed for the interaction of other supernatural beings. So I often found myself at the Free Wolf. When it was slow I would chat with Rolf, the owner. We got along well, chatting about sports or politics. We were like-minded on most topics and I liked the man, even if he was a dog. I’d confided in Rolf that I was gay and hoping to meet someone at his bar. He thought it unlikely but my experiences with normal guys in my bed weren’t that great. I spent so much time worrying about not hurting them that I was distracted the whole time from my own pleasure. It could be suffocating, the sex without true release. I was getting tired of my own hand.

Rolf came back to me a moment later; I thanked him for the beer. “Fuck, it’s busy tonight. Can’t imagine what all these freaks are doing here….” Rolf said as he turned away to grab a bottle off the shelf behind him. As he mixed the drink he spoke again, “There are some new wolves in here tonight. A pack from out of state, they travel doing construction on new stores for some corporation. Keep an eye out. They got permission to enter our territory but I don’t know much about them.”

“Thanks, Rolf. I can take care of myself, but thanks for the heads-up.”

“Okay, Tony. Enjoy the beer, it’s on the house. Let me know if you need another.” He said as he was walking down to the other end of the bar with two drinks in his hands.

I spun around on the bar stool, nursing my drink, and studied the people around me. I recognized a few. There were a bunch of vampires in one corner hanging all over each other. Two werewolves were dancing on the tiny dance floor by the jukebox, I’d played pool with the guy a couple times. I didn’t recognize many others and scented the air to determine what kind of beings were around me. I caught the scent of something indistinct, faded but almost fresh. It smelled good and I tried to trace it from my barstool. I turned towards the bathrooms by the backdoor, where I’d entered.

I was staring at the door when the man walked out into the bar. He was tall, thickly muscled and dark. Our eyes locked and I knew the scent was coming from this man. He smelled like what the desert would smell like after the sun set, spicy and clean with the promise of heat that would come when the sun rose. It was the best thing I’d ever smelled. His semi-long, black hair was pushed behind his ears. His black eyes bored into me from the olive skin of his powerful face. He had on a white t-shirt, the fabric hugging his muscles and stretching over his big biceps. His forearms were covered in black hair and corded with tendons and veins. The shirt just reached the waist of his jeans which were snug on his crotch and thick thighs. I looked up from the worn construction boots on his feet to meet his eyes again. Fuck me, I was lost.

I’d never seen a guy so hot. I knew instantly that he was a werewolf, some inner instinct telling me. He must be one of the visiting pack members. I couldn’t look away from him, my mind went to mush. He held up one finger at me and moved to some tables at my right where a bunch of men and some women were sitting. He broke eye contact and spoke to a couple of them. It was maybe two seconds and he was staring straight at me, headed in my direction. He’d grabbed a bottle off the table and took a swig without losing my eyes. He licked his lips and I focused on his tongue and generous lips, the shadow of his beard around his mouth and along his strong jaw.

Before I knew it, he was in front of me. His thighs brushed the front of my bent knees. He put out his hand and I took it automatically. It was damp and cool bursa suriyeli escort escort from holding the bottle he’d put in his other hand. His grip was firm, I could feel the calluses on his palm. He leaned in close, still holding my hand, and brought up his other arm to place the beer bottle on the bar behind me. I felt enclosed by his arms and his scent grew incredibly stronger. My cock hardened instantly; almost painful it was so hard. His face was close to mine, his eyes filled my vision.

“My name’s Kyle. What’s yours, sexy?” His breath was cool, smelling of beer and something sweet. “Tony”, my mouth felt so dry.

“You smell good, Tony.” He practically growled it out and moved his nose in close to my neck, inhaling loudly. I felt the heat of his body so close to mine. The fine hair on the back of my neck stood up. He moved his mouth up, close to my ear. “We should get out of here, Tone. Go somewhere private.” He pulled back so I could see his face and the desire written plainly there.

He took my arm and propelled me off the barstool. Close by my side, his thigh brushing mine, he led me by the arm towards the back door. We stepped out into the humid air and he took my hand in his, leading me to a white pick-up and opening the passenger door. As he helped me up onto the bench seat it occurred to me that I was leaving a bar with a stranger. I didn’t know anything about him but his name and that he was a wolf, not usually friends to tigers. I was just thinking about getting out of his truck when the other door opened and he hopped in behind the wheel. He started the truck and put it in reverse. I was mesmerized again while watching the play of muscles in his arms and under his shirt as he maneuvered the truck out of the parking lot.

“My car….” I couldn’t finish the sentence because I wasn’t sure what to say.

“We’ll come get it tomorrow. Don’t worry, it’ll be safe there. We’re going to your place, where do you live Tony?” I was trying to process what was happening but I couldn’t keep up in my head and just gave him directions. It only took ten minutes and we were parked in my driveway. He jumped out and was helping me out of my side before I’d finished opening the door. It was like I was in slow motion. His hand threaded with mine as I led us to the front door of my little rental house. I unlocked the first lock as he moved up behind me to rub his erection against my ass. I dropped my keys, not because I was startled but because I was so hungry for him that my hands were shaking. I stooped to grab the keys, my face so close to his crotch I could smell the scent of him strongly. My mind was dazed but as I straightened up my brain cleared a bit.

“I don’t even know you, Kyle. What am I doing? I’ve never done something like this before.” My gaze lowered from his while I stammered this out. He grabbed my hand holding the keys and helped me unlock the door. Before the door was all the way open he had me in his arms, pressing me against the foyer wall while he kicked the door shut. His lips met mine, hard, and I started purring deep in my throat. I opened my mouth to him and his tongue thrust in deep and tangled with mine. He tasted like the best thing ever.

It was only a moment and he pulled away to study me, his gaze surveying my face. His lips were wet and glistened in the soft light coming from the living room. His eyes returned to mine and he spoke softly, almost into my lips. “Tony, you smell like my mate. I’m going to take you in the bedroom and claim you, mark you as mine. I don’t know if cats have mates (his look turned uncertain for a minute), but I think you’re mine. I can’t help it, it’s instinct. A wolf doesn’t argue with instinct so I’m going to fuck you now.” His lips met mine again as I tried to make sense of what he’d said. My involuntary purring started up again.

This kiss started sweet and turned ferocious as the passion built. I pulled one of my legs up the outside of his to hook behind his thigh and knee. His hands moved from my face to my ass. He lifted me against him and I wrapped my other leg around him. He walked us down the hall without breaking our kiss, our tongues thrusting against each other. He pulled back for a breath and to give me a questioning look. I nodded toward the bedroom on his right and he nipped my bottom lip. Somehow he flicked on the lights without putting me down then walked me to the bed and laid me down on it. He stretched out over me, pulling us into the center of the bed. He was between my legs, humping against me and rubbing our hard-ons together.

I wrapped my arms and legs around his torso. Our lips met and the kiss was savage, bruising my lips against my teeth. Then his tongue invaded my mouth, possessing me completely. Even the urge to breath was lost to his dominance. I suckled on his tongue and he growled from deep in his chest. I could feel the vibration in my whole body and it triggered something in me. I started to come. bursa ucuz escort I pulled my arms back from around him and pushed at his chest but he wouldn’t be moved. He deepened the kiss and ran one hand into my hair to pull.

I rutted against him and lost my load in my pants, purring and moaning against his mouth. I had to pull back and catch my breath. He looked down at me, smiling. Embarrassment welled up in me, I’d come like a teenager. I shifted my eyes to avoid his gaze but he pulled on my hair, forcing me to look at him again. He kissed me tenderly, just brushing our lips together.

I still felt uncertain and started to apologize. Before I could get a word out he held one finger to my lips. “Baby, there’s nothing to be sorry for. I love that you got so excited. It makes me think how you’re just as into me as I’m into you. You don’t have to worry, I’m going to make you come all night. That was just the first.”

He ducked and pressed his lips to mine even as he began to back away from the embrace my legs still held him in. He jumped up out of the bed and reached for my pants. He had them unbuckled and pulled down to my feet, along with my boxers, in a second. Then he removed my shoes, socks, pants an underwear leaving me in just my t-shirt. He gave me an admiring look and said, “Take it off, Tony.” I started to pull my t-shirt off but got distracted watching him undress.

First he pulled off his own t-shirt. I admired his furry abs and chest. God, he was built. Just looking at the muscles flex and move while he raised the hem of the shirt over his head had my dick back to aching hardness. He toed off his boots while he unbuttoned his pants and he was naked in moments. I rushed to finish taking off my shirt. He stood there and studied me, his eyes gleaming with lust. I studied him right back. He had thick dark hair curling on his chest, thinning on his tight stomach only to thicken again below his belly button. The hair was thicker and darker at the junction of his pelvis, the lines there etched in sharp relief. His cock jutted out and made my breath stutter. It was huge, bigger than any I’d ever seen. It was curved slightly upward. The angle of my view made it hard to really get a good look. I was especially intrigued by his big balls, hanging so ripe between his thick hairy thighs.

I looked up again to meet his eyes, my words tumbling out before I even thought about what I was saying. “Jesus, your cock is huge.” I was still purring.

“Don’t worry, baby. I couldn’t ever hurt you. Fuck, you’re beautiful. You’re hair is gold all over and your skin, shit.” He ran a hand over his face as he said this. Rubbing his eyes, as though to make sure he wasn’t seeing things, he stared at me again. He moved to crawl over me again and stopped to rub a hand through me damp pubes. He brought his fingers to my mouth as he moved up my body. I accepted them and licked at my own salty essence, he growled again.

“Fuck, baby, I don’t know what to do first. You like sucking cock? Getting fucked?” He asked all this while running his hand over my abs, supporting his body over me with the other arm. I could feel a blush rising as he reached to my dick and jacked me in one big hand. His eyes returned to me expectantly.

“I do like to suck cock, but I’ve never been fucked. I haven’t been with many guys before, Kyle.” I’d dreamt of it and fingered myself plenty.

“We’ll take things slow and easy. You’re mine, now, and I could never hurt you.” He gave me another soft kiss after he said this. He moved down my body, cupping my balls, and brought his lips to the head of my dick. He kissed it, then slid his tongue out to lap at it. The intimate contact bordered on pain, it was so intense. I shuddered under him as he slowly engulfed the shaft, not stopping until he had the whole thing. I felt his throat swallowing around the head of my cock, making me claw at the sheets. He pulled off and crawled back up to lay atop me, rubbing our dicks together again.

He was maybe an inch or two taller than me, probably six-two or three. Our bodies seemed to fit together perfectly and our lips met in another scorching kiss. Having just had an orgasm my mind was clearer and I knew exactly what I wanted. I pushed against one of his hard shoulders and rolled my body against his. He ended on his back with me straddling him.

I held his eyes as I wrapped my hand around both of our cocks and stroked them together. After a dozen strokes and some serious eye-fucking he closed his eyes and fell back onto the pillows. “Fuck, Tone, I’m so close. I need you to make me come, baby.” I longed to do just that. All I could think of was his comment about marking and claiming me. I slid toward the bottom of the bed, kissing his chest and nipples then running my tongue along the grooves of his stomach muscles. I found the head of his dick and pulled it up with my lips to capture the head in my mouth.

I licked all around the bottom of his bursa üniversiteli escort big cock as I slowly sank down on it. I forced the big head into my throat and swallowed against it, getting used to the feel of his thick meat stretching me open and trying not to gag or choke. His hands came to play in the hair at the back of my head. He didn’t force me down but it wouldn’t have mattered as I was forcing myself to accept his dick. I held my breath and took his entire dick. Kyle was moaning and grunting. Just as I was planting me nose in the thicket of hair at his base I felt his dick tense. He started whimpering and I felt the come climb his shaft and pump into my throat. I swallowed against him and he shouted out. I pulled back to take some of his come in my mouth, sucking on the head to draw all the come out. It tasted good.

He pulled me up to him and kissed me soundly, then rolled me under him. He pinned my arms above my head and captured my eyes. “That was the best I’ve ever had. Not many guys can take me so deep so quick. Or make me come like that.” Kyle told me this with an inquisitive look in his eyes.

“I wanted it so bad, I didn’t think about if I could do it. I just did it because I wanted all of your dick inside me somehow.” He kissed me again, letting the kiss deepen slowly. I was trapped under him, pinned to the bed. I spread my legs wide and wrapped them around him. We began rubbing against each other. I wondered at how turned on I was, acting the slut and letting this man dominate me. His dick had only briefly lost its hard rigidity and was already full and hot against mine. He let go of my hands and pushed up to look down at me.

“We’re gonna fuck now, Tony. I need lube.”

“It’s there, on the nightstand.” I turned my head to look at it and his gaze followed mine. He reached over and grabbed the bottle then rose to his knees. My thighs were open and draped over his. He uncapped the bottle and poured some out over his fingers and into his palm. He capped the bottle and placed it back on the nightstand as he shoved his other hand between out crotches and brought it to my ass. Quickly he inserted one thick finger and I pulsed against him. I squirmed and closed my eyes against his possessive, hungry staring. His other hand grabbed my jaw roughly and I opened my eyes to him.

“Tony, I’m going to fuck you.” He added another lube wet finger. “I’m going to claim you as mine. And I will be yours. Forever.” I could feel that he had tipped his hand up and was pressing his third finger into my painfully stretched hole. The lube puddled in the palm of his hand was sliding down into my ass. Making me wet. I growled and purred as I moved on his fingers, my whole body writhing to make it feel good and make the pain go away. He growled and I looked up at him, stilling for a moment. “Fuck, you want it. Don’t you, Tony? Tell me you want my dick. You’re fucking begging for it without saying a word.” He was thrusting his fingers into me and spreading them to stretch me.

“I want it, Kyle. Fuck, I want it bad.” I started to thrust my ass against his hand again. Fucking myself on his fingers. “Give it to me, Kyle. Make me yours.” My eyes had not left his and I saw his beast come out in them. They turned hard and dark with lust. He pulled his fingers from my hole and palmed his dick a few times to get it somewhat lubed. He grabbed my thighs behind my knees and pushed them up towards my chest, pulling my ass up and off the bed. He pulled his eyes from mine to look down at the entrance to my body and exhaled all the air from his lungs. He pushed his dick down and placed the head against my throbbing ass lips. Pulling my legs up onto his shoulders he leaned over me in a push-up position and caught my eyes again.

Slowly he began to exert pressure with his hips. I pushed my inner muscles out to accept him, taking confidence from the look in his eyes. The head slipped into me and I fought not to tense, the pain was almost overwhelming. I cried out and he thrust more of his big cock into me, giving me no respite. He buried himself to the hilt, until I felt his big balls resting against my upturned ass. I was panting and groaning. He bent me more in half and leaned on one forearm as he brought the other hand to my face and caressed me jaw.

My whole body convulsed against him, my ass and guts constricting rhythmically around his huge cock. It was more than my mind could encompass. The feeling was so large and vast. Being impaled on the thick shaft of his manhood was almost more than I could bear. I felt the need to move, to alleviate the building pressure in me. “Fuck me, oh God, fuck me. Move please. Please.” I begged like the wanton thing I had become. I felt like I didn’t know myself and he was the only thing reining me in, keeping me from losing all control.

His lips met mine and his tongue thrust into my mouth as his cock withdrew from my still clenching hole. I moaned deep into his mouth and he thrust hard back into me. He set a driving rhythm using long full strokes. I felt my ass opening to him completely, submitting before the onslaught of his giant cock. I spread my legs more, to the very edges of his wide shoulders and thrust my body up to meet and take each of his steady strokes. I gripped his biceps and he pulled up to watch my face. I saw the concentration and hard lust in his.

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