Fuck Me Hard, Dammit!

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I much prefer writing about real stuff. This happened about two weeks ago.

We rode in the third row seats of the SUV, the soundproof partition closed, the windows completely shaded over.

Good thing, because Blue was playing with my pussy through my slutty little denim shorts, her finger sliding under the tattered fringe, all that covered my outer lips. She loves that I don’t wear panties with my shorts.

Panties are not an option. When in public and having to wear SOMETHING, I wear my shorts (or a loose little skirt) and they’re just too skimpy to bother with panties.

Fuck…it makes me so horny to be her hot, slutty wife!

That’s why, right now, my shorts were soaked. Baby likes to play with me and make me squirm, with my pussy on fire and my sweet juices pouring from me, whether at home where we never wear clothes, or away, where I’m wearing next to nothing.

Here, in the SUV, I wanted so badly to be out of my clothes, and we had another hour left in our trip. I unbuttoned my loose-fitting, little top and shook it off me. Baby leaned to my lips, brushed my lips with hers with her breath on my mouth.

“Fuck…if you don’t get out of those shorts, I will tear them off you.”

“No way! These are my best slutty shorts for the city! You won’t ruin them!”

I continued to tease her for what remained of our trip, kissing her breathlessly with my smooth thigh under her dress, rubbing her pussy through her lacy, barely-there little panties and making them soaking wet.

Her breath was on my lips when she spoke. “Sunny, you’re making me wet my panties with my hot…wet…pussy…”

I gave her a deep, wet kiss. “That’s what happens when you wear panties, sweetheart. That’s one reason I do not.”

“What’s the other reason?”

I replied to her with my lips nearly casino siteleri touching hers, “So baby can have my pussy any…time…she…wants…”

…except for now, when she had to stop playing with my pussy, giving my shorts a chance to dry before we arrived at our hotel.

We arrived and pranced through the lobby, I in my shorts that made no effort at covering my ass, a filmy top that draped over my breasts and six-inch heels. She in her hot little skirt that did cover her ass, but almost didn’t, and high- top sneakers, socks with lacy ruffles around the top of her ankles. So adorable, I could just eat her up!

We made it to our room and she was so fucking horny, she wasted no time…she slid her finger around the narrow strip of denim that separated my swollen, soaked pussy lips and tugged on it. She bit my lower lip with both of her lips and said hotly, “Out…of…those…shorts.”

My desire to have my pussy sucked into her mouth, and my desire to save my shorts, caused me to wriggle my ass out of them…I pulled one leg from them and left them hanging on my other thigh so I could spread my legs for her. My bangs were partly over my eyes and I looked right at her…

“Does Blue like Sunnypussy? This good stuff is all yours, baby. Now, eat me and own me.”

My hot baby undressed in record time, then sucked me so fucking hard, it felt like my pussy was headed to her throat! The orgasm she gave me was wild and I came forever!

Blue got up on her knees and placed her hand on my tummy, pointing her finger at me. “Don’t…you…move. I am SO not done with you.”

I giggled. “Good! I’m not done with you, either, hotstuff!”

Baby grabbed the strapon and my eyes lit up. “Hell yeah! I’m gonna get my pussy fucked!”

She was strapping on the toy and smiling, “Oh, you have nooooooo canlı casino idea…”

When she was properly equipped for fucking me how I need to be fucked, I backed against the wall, pulling her to me. I lifted my legs and wrapped them around her waist, my pussy sliding down on her strapon toy…I squealed as it filled me, my juices already flowing down to her…

“Oooooooohhhhhh…yeah, baby…”

I wriggled my ass to get my pussy to swallow ALL of the toy…it slid around so nicely on the walls of my pussy…I bounced on it, making it hit the back of my pussy…Baby had a firm hold on my ass and was pushing me against the wall, my legs tightly around her waist.

I reached over and grabbed a small bullet vibrator and the remote. “Sunny…oh fuck!” I slid it under the toy and in her pussy, pushing it deeply into her, then I hit the “high” button on the remote… Blue screamed out, “FUCK, BABY!!”

I tossed the remote across the room and giggled. “Just a little something to make you fuck me harder, baby!”

“Oh, I WILL fuck you hard!”

“You own my pussy! Make me your fucking hot whore!”

With her juices streaming down her thighs from the vibe, and a hot look on her face, Baby, bucked her hips, making me bounce on the toy, fucking the HELL out of her hot slut…my breasts and hair bounced and I squealed and urged her on, “Yeah, baby! I want all of it! I can take it”

We were both screaming now, and her thighs were now soaked with BOTH our juices…she relentlessly fucked me against that wall, taking control over my body…I was in a state of absolute, total pleasure, holding onto her and surrendering my body to the hottest woman on earth…


The vibe inside her was driving her insane!

Baby fucked me harder, lifting her kaçak casino ankles off the floor with each merciless drive into me, yelling with each stroke, “FUCK!…CUMMING!…FUCK!…FUCK!…YEAH!”

We both came like wild animals! My pussy bounced on the entire length of that big toy and my cum flowed to her, drenching her…my body slumped over on her shoulder and I kept softly grinding myself on the toy, smothering her neck with hot, wet kisses…

“Sunnybaby…I can hardly stand up!”

I laughed softly and wriggled myself off the toy, then gently pushed her backward onto the bed. She wriggled herself out of the toy, the vibe easily slid from her pussy. I slid my face between her thighs and gave her soaking-wet pussy a bunch of sweet, sucking kisses, rubbing my face all over it.


She grabbed my hair and pulled it tightly, her body a mass of shuddering and shaking…I held onto her and rolled us over with her on top and yelled, “Cum on me! I wanna wear your cum!”

I fucked her savagely with my fingers and she DID cum! A fucking LOT! We both cum a lot, and did she EVER!

Blue fell over beside me, catching her breath. I kissed her deeply, fucking her mouth with my tongue, both of us purring to each other. I smiled at her, then laid on my back beside her and poured musk oil all over my Bluecum-covered body…

She turned on her side watched me…I smiled at her and said, “This is it. I’m wearing nothing but your cum and musk. The world will always know I am yours…your very own slutty playmate who is also deeply in love with you!”

“As I love YOU, Sunnybuns!”

“And I’m just going to keep wearing your scent. Bluecum and musk! I am never taking a shower!”

“Oh, I think you’ll need a shower sooner or later.” She wrapped her legs around me, held my ass, placed her lips against my neck and whispered, “Don’t worry…I’ll mark you as my possession all over again…”

“Oh, fuck, yes…”

The End

Thank-you for reading!

My love to all,


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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