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It’s Sunday again. And I again invited my four friends to drink alcohol and watch football. Surprisingly, Amy’s sister, Lucy, and her husband came to visit us. Tony and my other three friends were silent about the incident of the previous Sunday. Amy and Lucy had been hiding in the kitchen, but from their drunken laugh, I made sure they had a good time. Several times they had brought more alcohol and nuts. With each subsequent loading of the table, I felt Lucy’s nipples swell more and more.

“Hell, what are the sisters talking about?” I thought.

Previously night Amy had told me she was in a monthly cycle. The challenge of watching me drink the semen of my four friends might be gone. But what Lucy was broadcasting seemed like a desire to replace me with this task. When the referee blew the start of the match, the two sisters entered the room. We stared in surprise. They were both naked, Amy in a bikini and Lucy completely. I saw Lucy naked for the first time and I was very impressed. Her breasts were larger than Amy’s. They looked like huge pears, with large areolas and bulging grains. When I looked at her loins, I saw that she had a strapon with a big latex penis. One end was pressed against her shaved pussy and the other was probably intended for use by someone in front of her.

“Amy, what the hell does that mean?” I asked with a misunderstanding.

“Well! I told Lucy that you love to give a blowjob,” she began, “Lucy decided you could try something new while you were making blowjobs tonight.”

“What?” I burst out.

“Relax, Jack!” Lucy began, with a soft but powerful voice. “You may like this! But I want you to blow Bill first. Because I would never suck his dick. Besides, I don’t want any of your friends to touch me. Especially you, Tony!”

I was just wondering what to answer when Amy smiled at me like a fox, showing her belt with the same size of latex penis.

“Because Lucy wants to fuck you, I’ll fuck her husband while you blowing him.”

When I looked at Bill I saw the indifference in his eyes. Maybe he had already tried Lucy’s strapon. Before that challenge begin I looked at all my friends and reminded them, “Vegas rules, guys!”

They silently agreed and began to undress. When I took off my underwear, I said, “Today you will only get whistles. Start with me. After me maybe Amy, because her pussy’s traffic light is red for the second day.”

They giggled at the comment, apparently hoping Lucy would change her mind. Bill sat on his knees on the floor, and I got down on my knees and elbows in front of him. His cock looked ridiculously small at the moment, but when I caught it in my hand and slowly inserted it into my mouth, it quickly began to grow. Bill, who had never received a blowjob before, tremble at my first touch and groaned. As I licked his cock, I felt Lucy pour something slippery on my anus and start fingering it down my hole. A little later, I felt one of her fingers break through and sink into my ass. I was groaning around Bill’s cock. The feeling was not as unpleasant as I expected. Soon her fingers became two and a little later three. When she decided that my ass was ready, she slowly pushed her fake penis into my hole. When her hips touched mine, I heard her moan, apparently, the other end of the dildo had touched her in a sensitive place. After a moment, I felt fulfilled, and the worst part was that I was starting to like it. The penis in my mouth continued to swell and throb. I learned that Bill had grabbed his ass cheeks and stretched them to give Amy’s dildo access. She pumped it in slow and smooth movements, just as Lucy pumped me. With every her thrust, his penis reached deeper into my throat. At one point, I felt myself swaying between Lucy’s fake penis and Bill’s cock, and my own cock was firm and hit my stomach every time Lucy was moving. With my one hand I caress his balls and space between them and his anus. With my fingertips, I even touched Amy’s slippery dildo, sliding Zeytinburnu Escort slowly in and out of his anus.

“Oh yeah, that’s pretty hot!” Joey’s voice commented on the situation. A moment later, Lucy accelerated, but a moment before it exploded, she stopped deep inside me. I could feel her hands trembling and her juices spilling over his strapon and running down my balls. Maybe a minute later she slowly pulled away from my anus and I felt empty and unsatisfied. It was a new feeling about me. The balls hurt me from the tension in them. I kept turning my tongue around Bill’s dick when the latex penis began to enter my anus again. He stops moving for a moment as if enjoying the view. This time, though, he seemed somehow hotter and bigger than before. When the whole entered, I understood why. Her legs, which were smooth, were strangely hairy already, and the dildo had two big hairy balls which are hit mine.

“Hell, it’s a dick!” I thought, but after Lucy’s dildo, I liked that feeling of pulsating fullness. Despite that pleasant feeling, I decided to object. Just then Bill’s cock entered my throat. I could feel the ripple of the vein on my tongue and the first stream of hot cream in my throat. I swallowed impatiently so as not to choke. He kept firing at my mouth and in an attempt to squeeze it to the last drop, I reached up to caress his balls. Then I realized what was happening. His dildo too already had a pair of balls. Before I wonder who they were, I heard Tony’s voice.

“Oh yes, Billy, your ass is squeezing me! Lucy may not want to touch her, but maybe to you like it!”

Pushing Bill’s cock in my throat, which remained firm after the ejaculation, continued.

“Are you ready, Jack?” Frank said behind me but didn’t wait for my answer.

It just increased the speed at which he was sinking into my bowels as if trying to get to the bottom. After about a minute the cock in my mouth stopped moving. I reached under the balls and found that Bill’s ass was wide open and Tony’s dick was missing. So I inserted two fingers into it and continued to suck it. At one point Tony stood up and stepped over me.

“Now, Billy, let’s see if you can handle the blowjob as well as Jack did last week.”

“Tony, I don’t want to do it!” Bill cried.

“Your dick says something else. Come here and suck my cock! I need very little after your tight ass.” Tony said mercilessly and soon I heard wet sounds of action over his head.

“Hey Lucy, I guess your husband will be as good as mine!” I heard Amy’s voice somewhere.

I had forgotten that this show was the result of their fantasies. I stopped sucking on Bill’s penis and looked for her with my eyes. They sat with a glass of wine in hand with their sister on the couch. Lucy had taken off his strapon and now her shaved pussy shining with excitement. My Amy hadn’t taken off her strapon, but I noticed a camera in her other hand.

“Shit, this whole thing has already been documented.” crossed my mind as I felt Frank accelerate more and more. After another two minutes, he rammed into my rectum to the bottom and started pumping his hot cum inside me. The feeling was quite pleasant!

Over me, Tony emptied too. Then he walked away from the words. “Billy, you already know what that feeling is. Now is the time you give a blowjob Jack. Do you agree, girls?”

They giggled in agreement. After brief thinking, Bill gave in to the urge to repeat the blowjob with other men. Lay on his back under me and I soon felt his lips curl around my penis, his tongue sliding against my dick head. Frank got out of me and move in front of my face. He didn’t need to talk. Just I went his dick in my mouth and cleaned the remnants of sperm. When I was done, he backed away. His place was taken by to Joey. His cock was already hard. I didn’t try to refuse, I just grabbed it and start sucking it. It was the cock who first emptied in my mouth last week. Joey groaned and caught my Zeytinburnu Escort Bayan head, pushing his cock deep into my throat. I had already stuffed my nose into his belly when I felt two strong hands squeeze and open my cheeks on my ass.

Shortly after, I felt a huge head of Lou’s nine-inch monster touch my unclosed, completely anus. Right now I was about to find out how my wife was feeling last time. I was scared. His dick is not only was it nine inches long, but also quite thick. He touched it to my hole and pressed hard. Maybe because of the lubricant, or because he was already visited by Lucy’s dildo and Frank’s dick, I don’t know, but Lou’s cock head easily slipped into my bowels. Lou stoped for a moment, then slowly continued to sinking into my rectum. I felt like it rive me into two pieces. I wanted to scream, but with Joey’s cock in my throat, it was impossible. In an instant, I felt his big balls they touched mine. He had put in all his monstrous cock in me.

“God, Jack, your ass it’s hotter than your wife’s pussy!” Lou commented, while moaning. “I’m going to fuck your ass for the first time. So I’ll be careful! I promise!”

After these words Lou started slowly pulling him out, helping me to relax from the tension in my bowels. Joey pulled it out of my mouth, grabbed Bill’s legs and lifted them. He pushed his pelvis forward and easily sank into Bill’s anus. The view of Bill’s stretched ass was great. Within a second, he began to pump him rhythmically as Bill’s already soft cock swayed across his belly. Lou sank into me again, and a moment later he began to fuck me more faster. What used to be a pain was now giving way to pleasure. Five minutes later, my prostate was not able to withstand the pressure and I poured a huge amount of semen into Bill’s mouth. He swallowed everything. I closed my eyes, sunking in a sea of delight. I felt my cock was still hard and the tension in the balls was rising again. When I opened my eyes again, I saw Bill’s penis rise again. Maybe because of Joey’s cock pounding his ass or because of my cum in his mouth, I didn’t know. I just when decided to blow him again, Joey pulled his wet cock out of Bill’s ass and put it into my mouth. A second later he began to spray his hot cream into my throat. With my tongue, I could feel the ripples of his vein. Were four strong and two or three weaker. Then he slowly pulled it out and walked away from us. I felt myself bump into Lou’s dick, which was already coming out and entering my anus much easier.

“Come on, Lou! Fuck me! Fill my bowels with your hot cum! “I heard myself scream as he accelerated more and more.

Soon his thrust became stiff and deep. But not for long. After seconds Lou stuck his cock deep inside me. I felt like it was getting thicker. After a moment he start cumming. It was as if someone had put a hose in me and had a jet of hot water. I felt like it ejaculated right into my stomach. The heat slid across my body and my balls surrendered again, pouring a new batch of cum into Bill’s mouth. For a moment I felt like I was losing consciousness. When I got up, I felt Lou’s monster slip away from me, leaving my anus wide open. From him starting leak mixture of cum.

“Thank you, Jack! It was an amazing experience! I think!” He continued, clutching my ass. “Maiby that like not only me. If I’m right, next Sunday we can repeat it.”

He backed away from us. Tired, I fell to the floor. I was breathing hard and my heart was beating like crazy. My anus is throbbing after that hard fuck. When I briefly regained consciousness I heard dirty comments from friends about a surprisingly enjoyable evening. I also heard the referee whistle for the end of the match. Shortly afterwards Tony’s words reached my ears.

“Thanks for the nice evening, guys! Although the girls did not want to be entertained! If are wear cheerleading costumes with Bill next Sunday, you can release them for the evening.”

For a moment Escort Zeytinburnu I introduced myself to such a role. It was crazy and weird, but somehow enticing. “We’ll see, Tony! We’ll see!” I murmured.

A little later, I heard the front door open and close behind the voices of my four friends. A little later I heard moans from the sofa. I stood up and was struck by lightning. Amy had rammed her latex penis into her sister Lucy’s anus. In front of the expanding rhythmic anus, her smooth pussy shone with moisture.

“Come here,” Lucy said, “if you lick my pussy, you can even correct the taste of sperm in your mouth.”

I looked at Bill, but he didn’t respond to these words, so I turned around. Shaking hands and knees, I approached the sofa. Then I noticed that Lucy was stringing herself on Amy’s dildo. I shook my head between her legs and stuck my tongue into her wet pussy. The aroma was incredible. I felt drunk with him. I started to lick and suck her juices with thirst and passion. A few minutes later, I felt Bill’s hands on my ass and his voice echoed directly into my brain. “If your wife fuck my ass, I’ll fuck your ass!”

Then with one push, the entire length of his penis plunged into my bowels. He stopped for a moment and then began pumping me with deep strokes. After Lou’s monster, I felt the move of his dick as a slight pressure. I could hear the plashing of his balls in my ass. I felt the semen in my anus push out a little and run down my legs. Apparently he was able to get to the magical place in my bowels because I felt good again. My penis hung low, but the warmth of pleasure filled my balls. Lucy’s clit was swollen and I could feel it tremble with every touch of my tongue. Ten minutes later, she started screaming in ecstasy and spat out a solid amount of ejaculation in my face. I continued to attack her with my tongue until she was almost lifeless on Amy’s dildo. She was breathing heavily, and her pussy juices kept running down her hips. She regained her composure and turned her face to Amy. She grabbed the vibrator, removed it from her anus, and adjusted it again, but this time he sank into her wet pussy, and her rectum remained open to me like an eye.

Some crazy desire made me put my tongue in it and start drilling it. Bill couldn’t last long and I felt him pour his load into three long squirts. Shortly after, he got out of me and sat on the ground. I heard Lucy asking for Amy’s permission, and when she got it, she called out to me. “Jack, if you’re ready, this hole is yours!”

I was ready naturally. After licking her sweet juices, my cock was as hard as a rock. I stand up, pointed my head at her anus, and sank with thrust. I began to fuck her with passion and desire, feeling the latex dildo through the thin barrier. Then I felt Bill’s four fingers sink into my ass. The heat of her intestines and the assault of Lucy’s husband played a bad joke on me. I soon squeezed her ass and I shot a large amount of semen into her rectum.

Then I again got down on my knees. I don’t know why, I thrust my tongue again into her sperm-filled anus, feeling her whole body tremble with pleasure. Bill stopped twisting his fingers in my ass when Lucy screamed for the second time, leaning again on Amy, spraying juices from her pussy and the remains of my semen from her anus. A little later, Lucy to pull out of the dildo and looked at us with a fuzzy look.

“Vegas rules, guys! That you fucked with four men and that I fucked with my sister, I’ll ask you to stay here! That was crazy, but I liked it! I want to repeat it, first, because now Amy is dissatisfied, and because of Tony’s idea, somehow, I like it very much. ” On her face, I saw Amy’s devilish smile from the previous Sunday. That was not good at all. Still, there were one or two weeks to what our naughty ladies had planned for us.

About an hour later, Amy and I were alone. After bathing, I was wrapped in her hot body and felt more and more loved and desired. I was ready for anything for her, but I was scared of the fact that what started for her started to please me. I kissed her with passion, she replied to me.

“I like Tony’s idea a lot, it’s naughty and exciting! Jack?”

“You’re right, honey!” I said tiredly, and soon afterward fell asleep from exhaustion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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