Good Neighbors Ch. 090

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If there’s one thing I love about my neighbor, it’s the fact she has always been there for me since we both lost our spouses. Whether she’s my confidante or my lover, she excels at everything. That’s why when she visits her siblings, it is always difficult when I don’t get to come with. She left a few days ago to go see her sister again to check up on them and I miss her. I miss her a bunch to be honest. Although I had been able to catch up on work matters, it just felt like the hole she left behind was insurmountable. I was getting texts from her to let me know she arrived safely and that she missed me too, so there was a comfort.

Still, I miss her being close. We hadn’t been apart longer than a week, so this was a new experience. But when Aubrey (my assistant), Deb (my Human Resource person), Matt (my business partner) and a few of the security guards ask about her, it adds to me missing her more. Matt even tried to be a pal and tried to talk me into taking a few days off. However, they all knew the best way for me to deal with missing someone by now.

I did take the time to rake the leaves 1xbet yeni giriş in her yard and make sure I collected her mail as well. After all, we’re neighbors and that’s what neighbors do. Still, they were small gestures in the greater scheme of things. I even took a few hours to go visit the gravesites of my wife (Missy) and my neighbor’s husband, Mitchell. It offered some comfort.

I decided to try to surprise her for when she arrived home. I called our local florist and cashed in a favor to get some flowers delivered. I set them in the dining room. I then made sure that I gave the carpet a good trip with the vacuum before spraying air freshener everywhere. It was during this last step that I heard the door open. I turned and saw her looking at me.

“What the hell?” she started before she noticed it was me. “Romeo, what are you doing? You should be taking some time for you instead of working on my place.”

I rushed over and hugged her before she dropped her bags and hugged me back.

“I figured I’d do something nice while you visited your sister. How was the trip?”

We 1xbet giriş both sat down on her couch before she saw the flowers. She smiled and kissed me on the lips before she walked over and smelled them.

“Okay, I thought we said no more surprises, Romeo,” she said with a huge smile on her face.

“Flowers aren’t a surprise. They are something nice. It’s not like I redid all the furniture or anything.”

“True,” she said before walking over and sitting next to me on the couch.

She started detailing how her sister and her husband were doing and how the trip was less eventful than the previous one. Readers will remember the last time I had to rescue her because her car broke down. She even told me the car performed better than ever and whatever Ben (my mechanic friend) did worked like a charm. I was super happy.

“So how much did you really miss me, Master?” she said in a sultry manner.

I smiled before leaning in and kissing her deeply and hungrily. She seemed to get the idea and slipped onto my lap for some in-depth kissing. I held her tightly against me, my hands 1xbet güvenilirmi resting on her hips to keep her there. I could feel a growl rising from deep inside my psyche as I began to kiss along, then bite along her neck. I could hear her moaning into my ear.

“I missed you too, Master,” she whispered. “I’m home now. I’m in your arms where I belong.”

It was then I started kissing her deeply again before she broke off and looked me in the eyes.

“I think I should do something to make up for my absence, but I think we need a shower first.”

I nodded my head as she slid off my lap and walked into her room. We were naked quickly before we slipped into the shower together. As we bathed each other, my cock was already in position it felt like. The shower did nothing to dull our desire for each other, and as we reached the bed, I promptly smacked her naked behind once.

“I need more than that, Master,” she whispered before she bent over on the bed to present her behind for more spankings.

I proceeded to spank her more before simply burying myself inside of her. It was a quick first session, but we were both able to have our time together before some in-depth cuddling, chatting and kissing followed. I stayed there that night, not wanting to stop being with her. I hope Matt didn’t mind me calling in sick the next day.

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