Grievance Ch. 02

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She crept into the bathroom and a cloud of steam rolled into her body. His body was beautiful with water, exposed as she slid the shower door open. Her skin was silk when she wrapped her arms around him, her lips at his back, her breasts along the ridge of his spine. He smiled as he ran his hands through his hair, loving the feeling of her slow kisses, enjoying the way her hands kneaded into his muscles with glory. There was grace in the way he turned to face her. He smiled into her damp hair and rubbed his fingers on her neck, along her collar bones and they grazed her nipples; he smirked into the side of her face as he cupped her breast. He felt her shake.

She brought herself on her tiptoes to meet his lamps and her hands slid to his hips. He pushed her so her back was against the slick wall opposite the shower head. Her thighs were smooth as he knelt down and kissed them.

“There is nothing that can take you away from me,” he whispered into her navel. She closed her eyes kurtköy escort as his lips moved kisses to her hips. He kissed her thighs apart and kissed her soft, sweet smelling hair. He gripped her ankles and made them bend so that her pussy rested comfortably enough for him. Her skin was deliciously smooth as he let his tongue wander, his licks pressured near her plump lips. His hands now lifted their tight hold and he grabbed her ass, using it to bring her pussy to his mouth.

Her body began to twitch gently and though her moans were genuinely gentle, they still met his ears. He didn’t use his teeth this time but instead kept his roughness in his tongue, his kissing, and the way he dipped them into her cute fold. She was beautiful to watch, her face enticing even with the slightest movement, the fire grew. He was generous in his clear demand for her devoted gaze.

She was well groomed, only having a tuft of black, so light that it tickled his nose. Everything else, every part of what aydıntepe escort really mattered during pleasure, was soft and a loving shade of clean pink. She was warm and a bit swollen from his attention.

He loved every part of her; he made sure it was shown through the way he brought her to her orgasm. His hand squeezed bruises on her buttons and thighs, his other hand reaching up to massage her breast.

She squirmed to her and met his shoulders. She reached down to the softness between his legs and teased his balls with gentle grips. She pushed his upper body so he was fully exposed, and she could see the lust growing in his eyes. The water was still and it trailed down his chest, following her knees to his crotch. She licked his dick from his base to his head and lathered it with spit. He took her head and waited while she teased him. Her lips were relentless along his inner thighs, near his asshole, his balls and eventually she wrapped them around his dick. She tried to take it tuzla içmeler escort all in. He moaned as he felt her tongue glide with the same motion of her mouth, he murmured her name as she massaged up and down his torso.

She was graceful not to slip as she got on top of him, reaching back and positioning his dick, comfortable as she met his pelvis. She bit her lip when he rose and her body was drawn closer; he gripped her ass, his arms holding up her legs so they were pinned up. Her pussy was plump, cute and smooth. His sack hit her ass with every thrust. She cried out and let her head drop back.

He went for her neck and bit into multiple soft spots. His tongue trails down her shoulders, the sounds of wet skin reverberated, and when he bit into her nipple and moaned and arched so more of her tit would have attention. He was hard while she scratched his back, grasped for his shoulders and she came as his motions quickened and grew more into a thrash. Her body was wonderful as she brought him closer. He made a low yet loud sound that vibrated against her nipple and climaxed. He carried her to their bedroom and set her down on the bed, both of their bodies still wet. Her legs kept him inside her, and they fell asleep in their vulnerability.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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