Harmless Fun!

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It began several years ago, bored one evening sat in front of an uninspiring computer with several hours of work ahead of him yet no inclination whatsoever to get started.

Research! That’s what he needed to do, that will surely get his presentation under way, finding out how his competition present their products, crib that a little and use it as a basis to kick start the task ahead that’s what he thought.

So online he went, typed in the subject matter into his favourite search engine and there in front of him was several thousand pages of links to sites pertaining to his chosen subject. Great he thought, time to get reading….

After scrolling through several pages which in all honesty were as thrilling as watching the proverbial paint dry, he chanced upon an entry that perked his eyes somewhat… an excerpt from a story, a story that described things he didn’t expect to find in his search parameters, he couldn’t resist he had to read more.

The story was a only little bit naughty if truth be told, however it did fire his imagination so he began to read other stories and more explicit ones also. They tantilised him, they teased him but it was okay, it was harmless fun.

When things were a bit slack in his office and the work had been done, he’d take a break and call up the site to read some more, he got braver and started to explore the site further, there were the private ads to look at. His imagination started running away with him, fantasising over the women in the ads, again it was harmless fun as it was just fantasy.

Weeks passed with more stories being read and more adverts being looked at, one particular female took his eye, she was fairly local although she didn’t know it as usual he had filled in his profile with a misleading location for his home town. He clicked on her profile and suddenly, purely by accident he was in a chat room. Panic struck, what should he do? A complete sense of naivety kartal escort bayan hit him, could any snoopers see him there, would the IT department alarm bells start ringing, then sense prevailed, the IT police would have descended on him already if it had been a big organisation, however it wasn’t and whilst he was concerned he knew no one else in the company knew the machines better than he did and even he didn’t know them that well and simply called in IT specialists when something went wrong. Anyway it was harmless fun after all!

Months went by with him reading the stories and going onto chat, a few of the rooms kept his interest with a few of the regulars of those rooms keeping his attention level high. It was in one room that he was drawn back to again and again and again. Two females were regularly on cam and obviously knew each other well, there were others in the room also but one of those two were like a magnet to him, he kept seeking them out and watching them from a distance. Several weeks passed by and he summoned up enough courage to actually say something in the room, it was a chat room for heaven’s sake so he really ought to chat instead of sitting on the fence observing what went on, surely it was harmless fun afterall. Never one to be pushy and always polite he joined in with chat, adding to the conversation where he could, keeping a watching brief where he hadn’t anything pertinent to say. His fellow roomies seemed to like his polite manner, others barging in and being crass or downright disrespectful were not welcomed, he was allowed to become part of the friendship of the room, appearing to earn the respect of the regulars. One particular female, one of the two that had caught his eye beforehand and the one he secretly desired, spoke to him privately, he was extremely taken aback. Here was the woman that he fancied the most, not only he as most of the room appeared to want to get to know her, and yet yakacık escort here she was quietly talking to him. He had to pinch himself that he wasn’t dreaming. The private chat continued again the following night and again his heart fluttered in disbelief that he could be so lucky to catch the eye of the most sort after female in the chat room. After all he’d put nothing much on his profile, had lied about his location and was generally quite shy in the room, however the sexiest women in the chat room wanted to talk to him and who was he to want it to stop, after all it was only harmless fun!

Time went on again and their virtual relationship had blossomed, chats were relaxed and no one else in the chat room had figured out their interest in each other so they were comfortable in keeping up the pretence in not being a virtual item until one night and most unexpectedly she invited him to a Private chat room for the pair of them only, hell why not he thought, it’s only harmless fun.

So every Tuesday evening when her partner went to his bowling club they would go to their virtual room and just spend an evening relaxing and chatting about their lives, their worries, their desires and just about anything that they felt like taking about.

Having been frequenting the room for nearly two years and having that special virtual relationship with the special lady he’d still not been to any gathering as his shyness was overriding, so it came as a major shock to him when his special lady suggested meeting up for a coffee and he, without any second thoughts, said yes. Now if he had been playing it cool then a little bit of hesitation may have been good, but he threw coolness straight out of the window with his keen response, which prompted a gentle and good humoured giggle out of his lady friend, she who was the most stunning sexy female in the chat room. How lucky was he, he certainly felt the need to pinch himself hürriyet mahallesi escort again.

He felt like a teenager once more, nervy stomach, shaky hands, dizzy thoughts all contributed to the feeling like he was going on his first date ever. They exchanged mobile numbers and arranged their clandestine meeting for coffee.

He arrived early, the traffic being kind and he certainly didn’t want to stand the most sexiest female in the chat room up on their first of hopefully many meetings. In she walked and WOW! Not only was she a stunner on cam in a chat room, but the reality surpassed all his expections of the virtual person, he was speechless!

Her long flowing russet coloured hair cascaded down past her shoulders and whisped around the front of her revealing dress showing more than a hint of her cleavage. Her perfect cleavage! She wore a blue woollen dress that clung to her body. Her curves were just right for him, not a skinny bag of bones but a perfectly proportioned body that he simply wanted to be able to touch. They chatted for ages as if they had known each other for years with never a stumble in the conversation, he certainly felt very comfortable with her. It was far too short a time together, their excuses would be running thin if they stayed much longer and with a heavy heart he had to say goodbye, though he knew, or at least he hoped, they would be seeing each other again… it was after all harmless fun!

On his return journey, he had to call her just to hear her voice again, they spoke about seeing each other when yet again the sexiest woman in the chat room surprised him by asking

“I hope you weren’t disappointed in what you saw.”

How could he be, it was along those lines that he was, himself, thinking, simply hoping that she wouldn’t be disappointed with meeting him, thankfully she said she certainly wasn’t disappointed at all.

He certainly wanted to see her again and it appeared that she wanted to also…

They would meet again soon for more harmless fun!

Chapter two soon!

Please be kind and constructive with your comments as this is my first submission and there is plenty more to tell of the following three years together…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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