Helen’s Enjoyment

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Author note: This story is set to come after Enjoying Adrian (which I haven’t finished yet!) but also stands alone. Enjoy!!


Clothes were strewn all over the apartment floor in messy piles. A black thong and matching bra were the nearest to the bed, accompanied by a dark pair of cK boxers.

The bedsheets were rumpled, and laid in the middle, curled together like sleeping animals, were Helen and Adrian.

Helen was a curvy blonde, her hair short against her head, mussed from her sexual adventuring. There was a remarkable brown birthmark on her left knee, her only distinguishing feature apart from her startling eyes, a combination of green, gray and amber.

Adrian, curled protectively around Helen, was tall, stocky and well built, with clearly defined muscles in his arms and legs, which were wrapped against Helen’s curves. His hair was brown, flecked with ginger, cropped extremely short, almost military buzz cut.

Slowly, Adrian stirred, his eyes fluttering open to reveal their dark chocolate colouring. A sensual, satisfied smile spread across his face as he noticed his lover was still asleep. It was time to grant one of her Cebeci Escort fantasies.

Sliding a gentle hand up from its resting place on her waist to the well rounded curve of her breast, he began to lick and nibble her inviting neck, one of the most sensually connected areas of her body. The effect was almost immediate. Helen slid her ass sensuously against his stomach, down to his groin, causing Adrian to growl as he became intensely erect, obviously not as sated as he had felt.

Helen, meanwhile, was being awoken in a rather interesting way. At first she felt as though she was awaking from a particularly erotic dream, but as her consciousness came up through the levels of her mind she became aware of her lovers hand on her breast, rubbing the nipple between finger and thumb, his lips tormenting her neck, and his erection pressing against her tight asshole.

As she became more awake, her arousal increased, and she began to moan softly. This always had a devastating effect on Adrian’s self control. The audio feedback he received from Helen always increased his own pleasure, and now he was fighting Kolej Escort the urge to plough straight into her, unprotected, and let go. But this was about Helen’s fantasy, slow and sensual, and that is how it would be.

Bodies rubbing eagerly against each other, Helen was rapidly losing her self control, pressing her ass against Adrian’s rock hard penis, wanting to feel it fill her. The tip rubbed against her asshole, which was rapidly becoming lubed by both the pre-cum and her own pussy juices. Helen deliberately pressed down against Adrian’s prick, allowing the head to slide a little inside her, causing Adrian to freeze.

“Helen, don’t… that’s not…” He tried to speak, tried to ignore the voice in his head telling him to plunge…

“I know,” She replied breathlessly. “I want to… it feels good…”

Adrian still had his doubts. Helen had once told him she didn’t hold with anal sex, and he had promised never to try it with her. But now she was pressing so invitingly against him, taking almost all the head inside her tight hole…

“Are you sure?” Adrian managed, one hand holding Yenimahalle Escort onto her hip, trying to steady himself.

As if to answer, Helen pushed her hips downward, engulfing him inside her tight ass. Adrian loosed a low groan as he felt her slowly relax and loosen against him, and began to thrust slowly, gently.

Helen was concentrating on keeping her muscles relaxed. It had hurt when he first entered her, but relaxing had helped, and she was soon pounding against him, vocally approving of his rapidly increasing thrusts, her self control abandoned as he began to play with her breasts, stroking the nipples, squeezing, flicking…

“Helen…” He suddenly warned her, “I need to stop, now!”

Helen kept moving, trying to keep him inside her. “I can’t get pregnant in this position babe,” She replied, tightening slightly, increasing the pressure on him.

“Uhhh… its… dangerous…” Adrian retorted, and rapidly pulled out, laying on his back, breathing deeply and trying to calm himself.

Helen slowly turned over and kissed Adrian deeply on the lips.

“Oh babe…” She whispered. “I never imagined it could feel like that!”

Adrian managed a smile. “It was really good.”

“Yeah. Thank you babe. I trust you. That was one of my fantasies you know.”

“I know. That’s why I did it.” Adrian smiled, and kissed her lips softly, trying to ignore the fact he was getting aroused again.

Helen glanced downward at him and grinned. “Want to go again?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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