Her Boss, Her Lover; Her Sex Slave

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It had been two months since Chelle Rollins and Lila Carter found each other as lovers. They were inseparable. No one suspected in anything. One day at work, Chelle felt brave… brave and horny. She cleared Lila’s schedule for her and surprised her in her office. She went to the bathroom, and removed all of her clothes, and put on a gray trenchcoat. She walked into Lila’s office locked the door and said:

“I have a surprise for you baby.”


“Close your eyes.”


Lila closed her eyes, as Chelle removed her coat. She grabbed Lila’s hand and pt it on her wet pussy.

“MM. surprise!”

Lila moaned.

“I want you right here, right now Lila.”

“Take me Chelle.”

Chelle helped Lila get out of her business suit. When both were nude, they tore into each other. Chelle sat in the chair as Lila

kissed her way from Chelle’s lips, to her neck. She went to he breasts, and nibbled, sucked, and licked them to supreme stiffness, as Chelle moaned in approval.

“Oh yes, yes, yes, oh baby yes!!!”

Encouraged by her lover’s moans, Lila kissed down to her navel and practically made out with it.

“Oh baby yes yes yes I love it when you hit my special spot uhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Lila, when she was through with Chelle’s navel, thought she would play with Chelle a little. Instead of going directly for her pussy, Lila went down further to Chelle’s feet.

“Oh, Mmmmmm you bitch!”

Lila laughed as she began to suck and lick Lila’s toes one by one. She then began to make her ascend upwards. She kissed her ankles, her lower legs, her knees and her thighs, before eyeing her prize: Chelle’s juicy pussy.

“Mmmmmmmm, jackpot!”

“Go for it baby!”

Lila dove in to Chelle’s pussy licking every inch of it. She rammed her tongue deep in to Chelle’s pussy as Chelle released screams of joy!

” Oh yesssssss! Yes! Yes! Yes! Moreeeeeeeeeeeee!

Lila gave Chelle more, by sticking two fingers up her pussy, and began pumping them as she ate her out. After a few minutes, she shoved a couple of more fingers in her ass. This drove Chelle over the edge, she came in what seemed like gallons. As she came she had to pee, and couldn’t help it, so Lila got her first golden shower.

“Oh GOSH baby I’m sorry.”

“Mmmmmm its ok baby I love it yummy.”

Chelle loved the taste of pee coming from her lover. She licked and licked and licked until her lover was dry.

“Ok baby it your turn.”

“Bend over.”

Lila did as she was asked and felt something new up her ass- Chelle’s tongue! Chelle stuck her tongue way up Lila’s ass, driving her wild! She stuck three fingers in Lila’s pussy, and Lila started fucking them!

“Oh baby baby yes! yes! more! more!”

“Oh baby yes! You have the best ass I have ever tasted!”

When Lila finally came, Chelle had her mouth over her pussy ready for Lila’s tasty cum. It was bursa escort delicious!

They laid together, in the middle of Lila’s office for a long time. Before the decided to go home to Lila’s.

Lila got home before Chelle did. Chelle went to get some groceries. When Chelle got home they made spaghetti. After an intimate supper, they Lila decided to watch some tv. While Chelle was reading a magazine.

“What are you reading?”

“UM, a magazine.”

“WHATS it about?”

“UH, S and M and domination stuff.”

“Are you in to that stuff?”



“You surprised?”

“No, intrigued, really?”


“You ever tried anything like that?”

“Yes, with my ex.”

“Who was who?

“We switched roles from time to time.”


“What would you be Lila sub or dom.”

“I’ve given orders for so long, I would love to be a sex slave.”

“I’d love it if you were my sex slut!”


“You are serious?”

“I am if you are Chelle.”

“Say it.”

“Say what?”

“That you wanna be my sex slut.”

“I wanna be your sex slut.”

“No! Say I wanna be your sex slave Mistress Chelle!”

“I wanna be your sex slave Mistress Chelle!”

“Good I will address you with many names, except your real one, but I’ll mainly call you slut. Understood?”

“Yes Mistress Chelle.”

“God now get nude slut! Now!”

“Yes Mistress Chelle.”

Lila got nude as she was asked. When she was nude, she kneeled before her mistress.

“Come lets go to your room.”

Lila crawled behind Chelle up the stairs to her room. Chelle went to Lila’s closet, and proceeded to throw away most of Lila’s clothes, with the exception of some sexy revealing outfits. She then got her bra and panties together and threw them away too.

“From now on, you will wear whatever I want you to. And from now on, no more underwear! Now get over here and get me nude slut!”

“Yes Mistress Chelle!”

Lila got her mistress nude. Then Chelle gave more orders.

“Make me cum cunt!”

“Yes Mistress Chelle.”

Lila got on her knees and crawled over to Chelle’s pussy. She opened her mouth, and closed it around Chelle’s magnificent pussy.

“Mmmmmmmm, eat me good whore!”

Lila ate and ate at her new mistress’s pussy, ramming her tongue as far as she could up Chelle. Chelle in the meantime, was bucking up and down on her new sex slave’s tongue. Finally, Chelle came.

“Oh good slut! You eat pussy the best. Now do you wanna cum?”

“Oh yes Mistress Chelle, I wanna cum.”


Chelle pushed Lila on the floor and dove in to her pussy. She licked and licked making Lila scream and scream in pleasure. She inserted four fingers in her pussy, making her moan louder and louder. Lila was on the brink of coming, when Chelle stopped.

“Oh, oh, escort bayan more! Ha- why did you stop?”

“You get to cum when I want you to cum, understood?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Chelle than ordered Lila to give her a bath. She did as she was ordered. When the bath was through, Chelle ordered Lila to dry her off. Chelle ordered Lila to sleep at her feet nude, Chelle slept nude as well.

The next morning Lila was woke up with a slap on the ass. She looked up and Chelle’s ass was in her face.

“Slut, eat my ass out good, and I may let you come.”

“Yes Mistress Chelle.”

Lila ate Chelle’s ass out the best she could. It was a mushier taste then her pussy, but Lila liked it. Chelle came quickly, and Lila loved it, as the came was all over her.

“Was I god enough Mistress Chelle?”

“Yes you were baby. No spread your legs.”

“Yes Mistress Chelle.”

Lila spread her legs, as Chelle rammed three fingers up her pussy. She once again finger fucked her slut. to the brink of an orgasm but stopped.

“Oh, oh, oh baby babe what? why?”

“Call the office tell them you are not coming in today, tell them you gave me the day off.”

“Yes Mistress Chelle.”

Lila did as she was told. Then Chelle took her to the bathroom, made her spread her legs, and shaved her pussy smoothe. Chelle then made the comment that her pussy was smoothe and hairless; just like a slut should be. She took her back to the bedroom and tossed a tight white thin top and a short pair of daisy dukes that would barely cover her ass at her.

“Put these on.”

“Yes Mistress Chelle.”

“We are going shopping today to make you the complete sex slave slut.”

Chelle ordered Lila to drive to a sex shop in town. As she was driving, Lila felt Chelle play with her all over. When they got to the sex shop, Chelle led Lila in there. They bought a selection of straps, diodes, collars, vibrators, hand cuffs, whips, leather restraints, but plugs, and a chain.

“Mistress, we bought a lot of stuff, can we afford it?”

“Don’t worry slut, we can afford it.”

Chelle went to the clerk on duty, whispered something in her ear and walked back to Lila with a seductive smile on her face. The clerk put the closed sign up and locked the door.

“The clerk said that if you eat her pussy good, we get this stuff for free! So you know what you have to do slut.”

Lila smiled.

“Yes Mistress Chelle.”

Lila walked over to the clerk pulled her leather pants down, eyed her magnificent shaved pussy, and dove in. The clerk moaned as Lila got her wetter and wetter.

“Oh god you are right she does eat pussy good!”

Lila made the clerk cum in bucketful’s. Once again Lila’s face and hair was drenched in cum as well. They left the clerk with a smile on her face, as they left with their toys.

Chelle then had Lila drive to a pierce and tattoo parlor.

“What bursa escort are we doing here mistress?”

“Getting you marked.”

They went in and Chelle ordered Lila to get her nipples and navel pierced and a tattoo. The piercing were a bit painful, and didn’t take long.

“Slut you look so.. so fuckable!”

“Thank you Mistress Chelle.”

“Now, time for your tattoo. I think one between your navel and your pussy. A red rose with the words Chelle’s pussy on it. Do you like it slut?”

“If you do Mistress Chelle.”


Lila got the tattoo. Then it was time to pay for it. Chelle whispered something in the tattoo artists ear. She smiled. Chelle looked at Lila and said:

“You know what to do.”

Lila, the tattoo artist, and Chelle walked to the back room. Lila removed her pants and dove into her pussy. Just as she had done before that morning, Lila made the tattoo artist come a lot of cum. Once she was through, she and Chelle left for the department store. Chelle got a closet full of the sluttiest clothes she could find. When she was through Chelle told Lila:

“Now we cant pay lie we have before, we will have to use my money this time. But we are going to the bathroom and you are going to pay ME, ok?

“Yes Mistress Chelle!”

They made it into a big stall in the MEN’S bathroom.

“Mistress why are we in the men’s bathroom?”

“I want to give someone a show! Now I’m going to sit on this toilet and you are going to eat me out.”

“Yes Mistress Chelle.”

Lila dove into her mistress. as Chelle moaned at her loudly.

“You know slut, you made me so horny being the slut you were today…. ohhhhhhhh… you really will do whatever to please me?!”

“Yes… I will… mistress!”

A department store worker walked in the bathroom, and peeked over the stall watching the mistress and her slut perform. Chelle and Lila noticed him, but they did not stop. When Chelle came, she and Lila left the bathroom, paid for the clothes and went home.

“You know you have been a good slut, and I wanna make you cum, but you have to do something for me.”

“Anything for you Mistress.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Sell the law firm, and we will both become strippers.”

Lila thought for a minute. She was a lawyer, that firm was up until now the best thing she ever had, until Chelle came along. But she really loved her new life, she loved being a submissive slut. She had been so sexually starved, and now she couldn’t get enough sex.

“Ok, I’ll sell it tomorrow, and we will become strippers the day after!”

“Good answer slut, now get naked and bend over!”

“Yes Mistress!”

Chelle fucked her slut\lover with every dildo, vibrator, and strapon she could find. Lila came till she could come no more. Then Chelle brought out Lila’s favorite fuck toy: a banana, and they fucked it till there pussies were full of banana mush. They 69ed and cleaned there pussies out. They fell on top of each other in exhaustion.

“Mmmmmm thank you slut.”

“Mistress Chelle?”

“Yes slut?”

“I love you.”

To Be Continued…

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