Holly’s Day of Dreams 02

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Under Howard’s tutelage, Holly had become a recognized leader on the Ohio University campus. As the dean of the school of education she had changed the department from one mired in tradition and on the borderline between inadequacy and nonexistence to one known by every teaching professional in the United States and most of the world. She had became known on campus for her tireless efforts that transformed a department barely on the radar screen for future teaching professional to one that had doubled in size over three years and currently had students from thirteen foreign countries. More foreign countries were represented in her school than any other school within the university.

She had become a prominent and much sought after orator which had allowed her to travel extensively over the summer breaks to the larger universities, to the gigantic cities and metropolises around the globe. Her circular career path had lead her from being a student at OU to various teaching assignments at both the high school and college level and then finally back to OU as the dean of the school of education. She often remembered her student experiences at OU.

Those experiences included being a cheerleader for the OU bobcats and Holly would always remember the excitement and pride she had felt while cheering for various teams on campus. Other experiences included her day of dreams. That experience had changed her life forever and had led her to the presidency of the Sigma Kappa sorority. The presidency had given her the knowledge that had allowed her to become a world traveler, but there had been less cheerful experiences as well such as the Sigma Kappa calendar that had led to twelve days of pleasure and pain for her. The calendar was very much in her mind tonight.

She was in Austin at the University of Texas where she was scheduled to give the key note address at the National Education Association’s annual conference. As was her normal routine, she had flown into university the day before her speech and had spent the night at the student union. She had arrived in the early afternoon and had taken a short nap. As she had slept her subconscious mind had returned to her time at Sigma Kappa.

Holly had gladly accepted the invitation into Sigma Kappa that Barbara Welch, her friend, mentor and head cheerleader, had extended her. Barbara had transferred from OU to the larger Ohio State University and had highly recommend Holly as a replacement for her to the sisterhood of Sigma Kappa Holly had finished the sisterhoods initiation ritual but had been unaware that her ‘Day of dreams’ test had guaranteed her the presidency of Sigma Kappa for as long as she remained at Ohio University. She had reluctantly donned the mantel of the presidency. Holly still remembered the words Barbara said as she placed the sororities golden Tiara on Holly’s head.

“Wear this with pride and always bring dignity to the sorority.” She had said with a smile as the sisters watched and snickered at her words. Holly should have been able to guess from those laughs what the next three years would bring.

As president of the sorority Holly had had many responsibilities, one of which had been acting as the sorority’s representative to the university’s’ inter fraternity council. This assembly had and still does govern the activities of both fraternities and sororities on the OU campus. The council was very active in charitable activities and had insisted on every member organization being equally active in these activities.

While each sorority had had equal representation on the council, some had been more equal than others. Delta Gamma qualified as one of those sororities that had been more equal than others. More importantly, Cathy Cunningham had been the president of Delta Gamma and had become the cheerleader captain when Barbara resigned do to her transfer. Holly had despised Cathy much more than she had admired Barbara.

Holly’s conscious mind had shuddered at the thought of Cathy and had forced Holly to awaken. She had slipped out of bed and watched the local newscast on television until boredom had overtaken her. She had reached for and read the hotels literature. The normal safety warnings and advice were in the booklet with room and guest services.

The hotels pool was highly advertised in the hotels literature and Holly had decided a swim would be a nice break before super. She had quickly undressed and had momentarily paused in front of the mirror. Her lean and taunt 5’7″ frame topped by shoulder length red hair had stared back at her. She had slipped into her tiger stripped bikini and exited the room.

She had entered the crowded elevator and had smiled to herself as she had watched strangers pretending not to notice her tanned legs that had protruded from beneath the hotel towel. The last person had left the elevator one floor before the pool level. After the door had closed, Holly had started laughing as she thought about what the stranger would have done if she had pushed the stop button and turned around and kissed him passionately Gaziantep Grup Escort on the lips as her hands had played with trousers.

Holly had continued laughing until she had reached the roof top terraced pool. The brochure hadn’t lied, she had thought to herself as the doors opened and she had been able to admire the view. She had intentionally swayed her hips as she had removed the towel as she had approached the vacant pool

The orange fired sunset had outlined her athletic frame as she had dived into the deep blue water. Her lithe body had barely disturbed the surface of the still water. She had been alone and had swum for a short time before stretching out on a lounge chair. The water soaked bra of her bikini had barely covered her heaving 36B breast as her eyes had closed and she drifted off to sleep.

Holly’s mind had wondered back to OU as she had slept. She had finished second best to Cathy for cheerlead captain. Sigma Kappa had always been rated second best to Delta Gamma or so it seemed. Delta Gama’s charitable activities had always made more money than Sigma Kappa. Delta Gamma’s grade point average had always been slightly higher than Sigma Kappa. Holly had intended to change that second place rating. Cathy had been Holly’s nemesis and Holly and sworn to beat her at one thing before she left OU and that one thing would be the charitable event.

The idea for the calendar had entered Holly’s mind as she had passed the campus bookstore on the way to a council meeting about yearend charitable activities. January had been fast approaching and there were numerous calendars displayed in the establishment’s windows. She had been drawn into the store and had spent an hour flipping through calendars that ranged from pictures of antique cars to paintings by Michelangelo. The faces of her fellow sisters in the sorority had passed thru her mind as she had flipped through the pages of the calendars and a plan had started forming in her mind as she raced from the store. She had known how she would finally defeat Cathy.

Holly had been smiling uncontrollably as she entered the conference room in Baker center where the council always held their meetings. After the council had assembled, she had proudly announced Sigma Kappa’s intention of producing a calendar that would guarantee the sorority’s donations would eclipse Delta Gamma. She had boastfully bet Cathy in front of the entire gathering that she would win the donation completion for the year.

Cathy had gladly accepted the challenge with the caveat that the loser would be forced to perform any activity the winner chose. Cathy had accepted the bet knowing she could not lose for Cathy also knew one thing the Holly did not know. Delta Gamma had a spy living in Sigma Kappa.

Holly had barely listened as the remainder of the members had announced their more mundane plans which ranged from cake walks to recipe books. Instead of listening she had spent the time trying to determine how she would get the sisterhood to agree to what she had in her mind. She needn’t have been concerned; her plans were docile compared to other Sigma Kappa events that would happen during her tenure as president.

Holly had returned late that night to sorority row. As she had entered the house, she had considered postponing the announcement of the calendar until the morning but she had been unable to contain here enthusiasm and had awakened her other sisters.

Holly had watched as all 82 of the sisters had gathered around the great room in various states of dress or undress as the case may have been. Once they were assembled Holly had begun the speech she had been practicing since she had revealed her plans for the charitable calendar at the council meeting.

“We can keep on doing our regular car wash and bake sale.” Holly had said. “In which case we will probably finish last as usual, or we can branch out and be more creative more daring. Wouldn’t it be nice to finally defeat Delta Gamma?” She had asked.

“What do you have in mind?” the triplets, Judy, Jody and Sandy had queried in unison.

“Look around us.” Holly had said. “We have high school prom queens and cheerleaders.” She had said pointing at Dana, Jennifer, Gretchen, Jena and Pam. “We have potential models.” She had said pointing at Tricia, Vicki, Gayla, and Kittora. “Not counting the rest of the beauty that is in this room.” She had said as she had gestured to the throng.

“We have poets, pilots, teachers, and doctors. We have people from all the schools that make up this wonderful university. I dare anyone in this room to question why we shouldn’t make a calendar of the women of Sigma Kappa — Beta Upsilon at OU.” She had said using her best cheerleading voice and the room had exploded with clapping and cheering.

“Do we agree?” she had asked and the crowd once more had shouted their consent. “Tomorrow we will vote on who will be in the calendar. Tonight please place your name on the clipboard and what outfit or pose you suggest if you want to be in the calendar.” Holly had said as each member filed past her on their way back to their rooms.

There had been fifteen suggestions ranging from plain vanilla pictures to the extremely exotic and erotic. They had been voted on the next day and the top twelve had been chosen and the results announced to the group. Holly might have wished more vanilla posses had been chosen if she had been able to foreseen the future.

Holly had been awakened at the present day pool by the sound of the custodian moving chairs around.

“Sorry ma’am but it’s time for me to close the pool” He had said as his eyes stared at her breast. Her nipples which had been hardened by the cool night air were clearly visible through the thin damp material of her bikini.

She had returned his stare before her eyes had traveled down his lanky frame to a spot just below his belt. How long had he been staring she had wondered as she noticed the bulge in his pants. She hadn’t bothered wrapping the towel around herself as she got up from the chair and sauntered back to her room.

Once safely in her room with the door locked she had found her special bag and then freed her body from her swimsuit. As she was opening the bag she remembered her embarrassment when airport security had once opened that bag in public and various vibrators, dildos and lotions had spilled from the bag. She had always checked her special bag at the airport from that day forward.

Lying on the hotel bed she had closed her eyes as her fingers began massaging her breast with a finger vibrator. Her nipples slowly responded to her touch as her mind once more drifted back to the calendar.

The twelve women who had won the voting came from twelve different schools within the university and had represented a multitude of cultures:

Pam had been the red headed, hazel eyed Amazon from the school of Nursing.

Jennifer had been the raven headed basketball star from the school of political science.

Judy, Jody and Sandy had been the golden haired blue eyed triplets from the school of philosophy.

Gayla had been the gorgeous ebony skinned beauty from the school of African American Studies.

Gretchen had been the outspoken blonde from the school of economics.

Gena had been the Native American from the school of dance.

Kittora had been blue eyed blonde from the school of music.

Vicki had been the dark haired Spaniard from the school of geography.

Kim had been dark haired French woman from the school of Leadership and Public Affairs.

Dana had been the blonde from the school of history.

Tricia had been the brunette from the school aviation and of course, Holly from the School of Education.

The women had gathered in the great room of the sorority to discuss how the calendar would be produced. Only three months had remained in the year and all had agreed the photo shoots should start immediately. Fortunately the house had a member from the school of visual arts majoring in commercial photography.

One of Holly’s hands had continued to play with her nipples as she lay on the hotel bed remembering the calendar. The other hand had slowly applied nipple clamps. Shots of pain and excitement had immediately traveled though out her body as the clamps vibrated against her breast and tugged on her enraged nipples. Her hands had traveled past her belly button; one finger had slid into her pussy as she remembered the photo shoots.

The photo shoots had started late that night on the west green in Grover Center. Holly remembered passing by the columns of the Georgian style brick building before climbing the circular staircase that surrounded the atrium. Pam the willing model and Cindy the photographer had smiled as they had thought about what would happen at the old arena that night.

They had passed by several classrooms before arriving at their predetermined lab. As always the doors had been unlocked and the women had quickly covered the windows with cloth to keep any intruders from seeing the photographic lights and flashes that would be used tonight. Outside the remaining women of Sigma Kappa were wandering the block. Just as Paul Revere had warned of the British invasion so had the sisterhood been ready to delay any unwanted intrusion that night.

Cindy had started taking pictures as Pam had slowly begun a striptease to the sounds of unheard music. Holly had marveled as the 6′ 2″ Pam had slipped out of her clothing and revealed her taunt stomach and slender legs leaving only her pussy encased in a pair of red thongs and her 38D breast encased by a matching lace bra.

Holly had watched as Pam had used her soft arms to remove her bra and panties. Both Holly and Pam had been surprised as Cindy pulled a spray bottle and a canister filled with glitter out of her camera bag. She had quickly used the spray bottle to cover Pam’s body in a shimmering coat of oil. Then she had scattered the glitter over Pam’s flaming red hair and body. The glitter had twinkled under the intense lighting.

Cindy had then reached into a smaller bag she had brought along and pulled ice cubes out. These she had quickly applied to Pam’s nipples making them hard and erect. Holly remembered Pam groaning slightly as Cindy had massaged her breast with the cubes.

Pam had grabbed a short lab coat and hung it around her shoulders as Cindy had moved a microscope in front of her. Water and oil had fallen from Pam’s erect nipples as her exposed breast had dangled downward as she bent forward to stare at the view glass. The lab coat had barely covered her rounded ass while she was standing and had ridden upwards as she had bent forward to reveal her glistening pussy.

In the short time she had been president, Holly had come to know her sisters very well. She knew there likes and dislikes as well as their role models. As Holly watched Pam bending over the microscope, she had wondered what Elizabeth Blackwell, Pam’s role model and first women MD in the US would have thought.

That’s the calendar photo Holly had thought just before Cindy had called it a wrap. The women had quickly brought the room back to its pre photo condition and had quickly left the building to continue their adventures. Had Holly known she would soon be back in this building taking the same pose as Pam, she might have chosen a different picture.

The entourage had quickly proceeded to Glidden Hall and the School of music. They had passed by the bike racks and had entered the brick and concrete structure through a side door. As with Glover Center the sisterhood had camped outside keeping watch for any unwanted intruders.

Cindy, Kittora and Holly had passed by the classrooms and administrative offices before finally arriving at the auditorium which was deep inside the hall. The women had started the photograph session immediately since no time needed to be wasted covering their antics.

Just like Pam, Kittora had stripped down to her panties and bra. Her nipples and pubic hair had been clearly visible through the mesh material. This time instead of oil and ice, Cindy had poured cold water over Kittora soaking her blonde hair and further exposing her hard nipples and pussy.

Kittora’ ass and dripping pussy lips had been clearly visible through the exposed mesh material of her panties as she had bent over and pulled her piccolo oboe from its protective case. Cindy’s’ camera had caught every movement. Music and flashbulbs had filled the air as Kittora sat and played. Her luscious lips and mouth consuming the instruments tube as her beast heaved from the exertion and excitement. Her steel blue eyes had stared at unseen sheets of music and Holly had stared at her.

While not a lesbian, Holly couldn’t have helped but be aroused as she had thought of the number thick hard cocks that would enjoy receiving the same treatment the piccolo had been receiving. She had also wonder what the legendary conductor Mary Lum would have thought about an audience gazing at the semi nude Kittora while Mary was conducting the orchestra. Had Holly known this vision would soon come true, she might have chosen a more mundane subject

The three had quickly finished the session and had excited the building. There had been time left for one more sitting that night and the troop had headed to Putnam Hall and the school of dance.

As before the sisterhood guarded the entrance. The high arched windows above the doors were the only witness as the women entered and made their way to the third floor. Cindy and Holly drew the window blinds as Gena prepared for her erotic dance.

As Holly had turned from the window she had noticed Gena spinning and jumping across the floor in a tiger striped leotard. She had been dancing to unheard music her body contorting into various positions that only a yoga master could achieve. They had been no need for Cindy to play any tricks with water or oil. Gena had already been covered in sweat from her exertion.

Gena had strategically cut slits in her outfit and her 36C breast became more and more evident with each jump turn and pirouette. Her shinning dark black hair spun around her shoulders while she had danced like the lariat in an experience cowboys hands. Cindy’s’ had use her camera to capture the increasingly nude images of Gena.

Holly had gasped as more and more of Gena’s outfit and fallen from her body with each jump and turn. With one last spin and a cartwheel across the floor, her costume had flown from her body landing on the floor in a sweaty heap. Gena had spun to the floor. Sweat had shimmered on her dark Native American skin as she had lain on her side. One hand had held a leg up high giving a clear few to her womanhood. Her penetrating eyes had gazed into the camera lens as her smile had seemed to guarantee enjoyment for any who glimpsed this amazing figure.

The excitement of the night had overtaken Holly and she had almost cum as Gena finished her dance. She had wondered what Walt Disney would have thought if they knew Pocahontas was Genas’ role model. Then she had smiled at the legend of Pocahontas turning naked cartwheels with the boys while running through the forts marketplace. She had done her ancestor proud Holly had thought.

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