I Wanna Be

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I had always been curious about sucking cock. To think about it in certain scenarios always made my cock hard.

I started cruising the gay sites on-line and soon discovered that my favorite subjectwas Dominant straight males who enjoyed having their cock sucked by men who thought they were straight.

Videos about gloryhole were a particular favorite of mine. I could imagine myself in one of those little booths and as I watched a video and stroked my cock I would notice shadow pass over the hole next to my face. Suddenly there would be a nice cock sliding thru.I would touch it, stroke it, wipe the pre-cum from the tip with my finger and then taste my finger.

The person on the other side would become impatient and tell me “suck it slut, make me cum”. That was my fantasy for a long time. I jerked off so many times imagining how that cock would taste.

One day I was browsing thru the personals in Literotica and I saw an ad that really caught my attention. “Dominant wants a cumsucking slave to service him at his apartment. Sucking only, complete discretion and privacy”

I knew I had to answer this ad and within minutes I had sent the following: “I am not very experienced but I am interested, I have wanted to be a cumsucker for a long time and I hope you will allow me to demonstrate how much I want to.”

I waited anxiously all the next day and finally late that night I received an e-mail, it had a photo! The photo appeared to be a man in his mid thirties, he was nude except for a black hood. He was lean and muscled and his cock was beautiful. Not large but nicely curved with a thick head.

The note with it read as follows: “It’s good you wrote me when you did, I have already auditioned 3 other cumsuckers and was about to choose one, however I was struck for the need to suck cock and eat cum that you obviously have and Taksim Escort I will give you a chance to show me how well you can worship my cock. Come to the address I give at the bottom at 9PM tomorrow. Ring the bell, it will open, step into the foyer, close the door, take all your clothes off. Stroke your cock and when it is hard you will hear a buzzer. Open the door and come in, kneel in the middle of the room facing the door with red drapes covering it. Put your hands behind your back. Do not speak unless I ask you a question. Be prepared to service me without reward for a minimum of one hour. If these terms are acceptable to you dial XXX-XXXX at 9PM tonight and when you hear me pick up the phone just say Master, may I suck your cock.”

At 9PM exactly I made the call, it rang for several seconds and then the connection was made. I listened for a few moments and heard what I thought to be some heavy breathing.

“Well?” I heard a husky voice whisper.

“May I suck your cock Master!” I said excitedly.

“Is that what you really want, to suck a Master’s cock, to suck the cum from it, to fill your mouth with it”

“Yes, please” I whined, stroking my cock.

There was silence for a moment. “You pathetic little cumsucker, you’re stroking yourself just thinking about how you are going to worship my cock, aren’t you?”

“Yes Master.” I groaned.

“Well, if you want it that bad why don’t you come over right now and show me.”

“Yes Master” and I heard the phone disconnect.

I was so excited I could barely contain myself and I hurriedly dressed and left my apartment. The location he had given me was across town and it took me about 25 minutes to get there. I almost had two wrecks because of my preoccupation with what I was about to do but I finally arrived at an old remodeled apartment building. Taksim Escort Bayan \

The apartment was on the second floor and I almost ran up the stairs. I was near out of breath when I finally reached room 201.

I rang the doorbell and almost immediately the lock clicked and I pushed it open. I moved into what appeared to have been a foyer at one time but now it was just a second security entrance.

I heard the door lock behind me as I began to remove my clothes. I also noticed a small round security hole in the inner door and I felt as though someone was watching me as I began to masturbate.

I was already erect and after a few moments I had to stop for fear of cuming. A few moments later I heard the buzzer and I pushed the door open. The room was lit only by two candles, each one on a table across from each other. The room was indistinct beyond the candle light. I moved to the center of the room, exactly between the candles and knelt on the floor.

I began to masturbate again as I watched the drapery covered door. After a few moments the drapery stirred and the open. A man clothed in a black robe entered. The hood covered his head and most of his face, I could see the candle light glisten on his pupils.

He walked forward and stood before me, slowly he open his robe and I sighed or moaned, I don’t recall which, but what ever I did it caught his attention.

“So you approve of my cock do you” he said as he began to slowly and sensuously stroke it up and down.

It truly was a beautiful cock, about seven inches long ended in a mushroom shaped head.

“Yes” I said with a visible shiver.

He stepped closer and pressed his cock downwards so that it jutted out only inches from my lips. He stroked his cock several times and I saw a clear liquid ooze from the dilated hole. His Escort Taksim hand reached out and cupped the top of my head, slowly he pulled my mouth forward.

“Lick it,” he said huskily “taste it.”

I licked forward and touched the glistening nectar, knowing that this was always the most delicious part of him. More nectar flowed out and dripped from the tip as I sat back.

“Mmm…” I moaned and I rolled my tongue around inside my mouth.

He allowed me a moment to enjoy the taste and then pulled at my head again, this time stepping closer and pressing his hips forward. His cock slid into my mouth, but only the head.

“Now, suck very slowly and very softy. Just the head, use your tongue as you suck, enjoy the texture.”

I did as I was told and I did enjoy it. His cock felt so perfect in my mouth and I could tell that his precum was continuing to seep out as I sucked the swollen head.

I felt his finger tighten in my hair and with a small shudder his cum erupted into my sucking mouth. It happened so fast I didn’t have time to think I just started swallowing as I sucked.

It seem liked a long time, his cum came in several large gushes, filling my mouth faster than I could swallow and it began running out of the corners of my mouth. Finally I was able to swallow more than he was spurting and he began to move his hips as he fucked my mouth.

I’m not sure if he ever stopped cuming because I had to continually swallow. I think he made me swallow 4 loads of his cum, it was unbelievable.

When he was finally sated he pulled his hood from his head and removed the cloak and as I continued to suck his flaccid cock he looked down at me. “You are a great cocksucker, and no one has ever swallowed all my cum before.”

I felt proud. I sucked his cock all the way in, my lips brushing his balls. I wanted more!

“Ahh…, so you are still hungry eh?”

I nodded my head up and down and began sucking harder.

I stayed for another hour and I managed to make him cum twice more. When I left I knew I was hooked and so did he. I would be back, sooner than even I imagined.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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