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One Saturday evening, after we had been to a football match, me and my mate were sitting at my house and drinking beer. After a few hours my mate told me about a girl he had seen lately, and that he would try to look her up this evening. He knew that she was at a party in a town a few kilometres away, and we were wondering how we would get there. I was thinking of a girlfriend to another friend of ours. I knew that he was on a trip abroad, and that she probably was home alone. I also knew that their relationship had come into a dead end, and I had always liked her. I called her, and she told me she was just back from a family birthday celebration. She could drive us, no problem. Jane, as her name was, showed up a few minutes later.

I sat in beside her in the front seat, and my mate sat in the back seat. I noticed that she had a black skirt, blue blouse and black pantyhose. I guessed she hadn’t changed her clothes after the birthday. I apologized for disturbing her, but she said she was bored at home and she was glad I have called. We talked a lot of bullshit, and Jane was laughing of her two drunken passengers. We arrived to the place where the party were supposed to be, my mate went in to look for her. He came back in the car almost immediately, and told us that she had moved on to a nightclub. We went down to the city, and he took himself in to the club without paying for the entrance. He found her, and came out to the car and told us that he would stay there. Jane said she wasn’t in the mood for a nightclub, so we went home again.

When I got alone with her, we were talking about her boyfriend. She told me that their relationship probably was over, but they hadn’t broken up yet. She said that he already was seeing another woman. She offered me a chewing gum, but she lost the package on the floor by the pedals. She turned on the light, and asked if I could try to find it. I reached over with my head down on the floor by her legs, and searched for the gum. I saw the package, but I pretend I didn’t find it, because I was looking at her sexy legs. Suddenly she pressed one of her leg against my face. I couldn’t resist anymore, and touched her leg with my hand. I Sinop Escort stroked the wonderful nylon leg and kissed it. I was a little nervous for the reaction, but she just said that she thought I had found something else.I picked up the chewing gum, and kissed my way up her leg and to her knee. I straightened up, still with my hand on her knee. She smiled and laid her hand on mine and said that she thought this would happen sooner or later.

I leaned over and kissed her. It was difficult while she was driving, so she turned of the road and into a parking lot. Then she met my kisses with open lips and a searching tongue. We just kissed and cling to each other for a long time, and our tongues were exploring each other. I held her head in my hands and laid her back in the seat, and licking her mouth in the same way I would have done to her down there. I understood that this was turning her on, because her breath was getting heavier. At the same time I let my hand move under her skirt and up her thigh. Her legs felt wonderful through the nylon pantyhose, and she spread her legs as much as she could in the tight skirt. I reached up between her legs, and she felt warm through the pantyhose. We kept on with our heavy kissing, while I rubbed her between her legs harder and harder.

Suddenly she squeezed my hand with her thighs and moaning loud. She was just sitting like that for many seconds, before releasing my hand. She told me that she had felt very horny that day, and when I called her she decided that she would have sex that night. She was touching my erection outside my jeans, and opened my zipper. I helped her to pull down my jeans and underwear, and my big hard penis pointing straight up. She grabbed around it and started to masturbate me with her hand. Then she kissed it on the backside and down to my balls. I laid back and enjoyed her lips and tongue. She worked her way up and down my cock, and sometimes her lips and tongue was on my balls and even behind them and close to my anal opening. Finally she took the head in between her lips, and let her tongue play around it. Then she started to suck me, and I was surprised how deep she managed Sinop Escort Bayan to press my cock. She had obviously a lot of experience in performing oral sex. It didn’t take long time before I reached my orgasm. I warned her that I was coming, and she let the sperm pump out in her face, mouth and hair. It was a real mess, but she found a handkerchief and cleaned up her face. After cleaning up we moved on, and she was masturbating my hard cock, while she was driving.

When we arrived at my house, I invited her inside. We just got inside the front door, before we started kissing and cling to each others. I took of her jacket and opened her blouse. She didn’t wear any bra, and a pair of small and cute breasts was revealed. I massaged her breasts and kissed and sucked on her hardening nipples. I continued kissing my way down her stomach, and I went down on my knee. I lifted her skirt and let my tongue glide down her thighs and knees. I lifted up one of her legs, and took her shoe off. I kissed down her legs and to her foot, all the way to the tip of her toes. I put her sexy toes in my mouth and sucked on them, and licked the nylon sole of her foot. I have always been a lover of female legs and feet, and especially when they are in pantyhose or stockings. It’s always a great foreplay for me.

She enjoyed my treatment of her legs, and when I moved up again, she grabbed my head and pressed my face to her crouch. I felt her warm and wet pussy through her underwear. She dragged me up on my feet, and took a grip around my penis, before she turned around and leaned over a dresser that was placed in the hall. She held up her skirts, while I pulled down her pantyhose and panties. I saw her round and sexy butt, and felt between her cheeks with my hand. I reached down to her pussy, and she was wet and wide open. I took a good grip around her hips, and rammed my cock into her. She screamed and she used her muscles inside and squeezed around me. I started to pump into her from behind in a high speed, and we just went on faster and harder. I pulled almost out of her every time, and then pumped hard into her and felt her around me all the way. It was a Escort Sinop fantastic standing act, and I tried to hold back as long as I could. I manage to keep myself until I heard her make some weird sounds, and I thought it looked like she got an orgasm. Then I let the climax come and pumped the load of sperm into her.

We ended the evening in bed. We sat down naked in my bed, and shared some glasses of wine. After a couple of glass, we got turned on again. We got into a 69 position, and licked and sucked each others. She tasted and smelled of the sex we had earlier that evening, and we just lay down like that for a long while. Then she sat on top of me and gliding up and down on my cock. She started a long ride, and I saw that she really enjoyed it. She masturbated herself while she was gliding up and down me. Since I already had two orgasms, I could make it for a long time without coming. I don’t know how long we did it in that position, before we lay over on the side. I was still deep into her, and she laid her leg behind mine and squeezed us together. Her pussy felt tight in this position, and finally I made my third orgasm. We felt a sleep in that position and we didn’t woke up before early in the Sunday morning. She had to go home, so we stood up around 5 in the morning, and went into the shower together. I went down on her again in the shower, and licked her. She got another orgasm that morning in the shower.

We never become an item, but we met several times the next year and had sex. It was a nice and free relationship as lovers and friends, with no more commitment. We kept on like that, until we both got hooked up with some others. We are still friends, and we met at a party just a few years ago and dance tight. We are both married now, but we were alone at that party. It was summer and we went out for a walk after the dance to get some fresh air. We hadn’t forgotten our relationship some years ago, and suddenly we found our self in deep tongue kissing. She was just wearing a thin summer dress, and I felt her sexy body against me through the dress. We went into some bushes in the garden and she bent over against a tree. I quickly pulled up her dress and removed her underwear. We had a quick one from behind there in the garden, and she was still tight and as usual very wet.

I meet her from time to time, but that was the last time we had sex. But you never know, maybe we will meet at a suitable time and place again sometimes?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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