Jay and Noami Ch. 01

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Picking out the perfect outfit for a night out is the hardest thing a woman can do. My name is Noami and at 24 years old I have never been to a club or bar, but since it is my birthday in a few days my friends and I decided to go celebrate. I am super excited, yet nervous because I don’t know what to expect.

After 2 hours and many piles of clothes later I finally picked an outfit out. I landed on a black button up that hugs my 34DD breasts nicely, my favorite pair of jeans that show off my thick thighs and round soft ass, and lastly my bright red heels. Shaking out my thick long curly hair I let it fall around my round shaped face.

I was putting on my mascara when my roommates/best friend Julia busted in my bathroom saying, “Are you finally ready Mi? We’re supposed to be meeting Lacey and Tyler there. You know they hate to wait.”

I rolled my eyes and looked at her through the mirror, “yessssss Julia I know, let’s go.”

We grabbed our purses and headed out, before I closed the door I looked at the mirror once away. Hmm, not bad Noami, you look good.

When Julia and I walked up to the club Lacey and Tyler were already waiting outside for us. We walked over to them, said our hellos and walked into the club. Soon as I stepped inside my eyes went to the dance floor. So many people pushed against each other, I was getting nervous because I wasn’t sure if my friends would want to dance, but tonight I was going to say yes to everything. I wanted to step out of my confront zone. So, if dancing is what they wanted, dancing is what we will do.

We started out at the bar where I ordered a shot of vodka and a beer. We walked here so I decided tonight I will be getting drunk for the first time. I called over the bartender and order two more shots then look over at my friends.

Tyler turned to me asking, “Hey want to dance with me? These old ladies don’t want to yet.”

“Um, yeah sure why not?” I took my last shot and stood up.

Tyler grabbed my hand leading me to the dance floor. I happily followed and started moving my hips to the beat. I immediately felt those three shots, but I was loving how they were making my body feel. I’m in my own little world dancing when I hear Tyler yelling in my ear.

“Hey, I have to use the bathroom. I’ll be right back”

“Okay. I’m going to go back to the bar with the girls.”

She nodded her head and turned around to the bathroom.

As I was walking back to the bar I could feel someone staring at me. I looked around to see if anyone was really looking at me, but nope. When I finally reached Lacey and Julia they were laughing about something that happened at their job. I ordered another shot and was waiting for it when I felt like someone was staring at me again. I looked around again and saw this woman leaning back in a booth staring at me. When we locked eyes, she gave me the sexiest smirk and nodded her head at me.

I looked around to make sure the nod was for me then back at her. I smiled at her and looked down. Feeling insecure that someone was staring at me I started patting my curly mess of a hair down and looked back at her. To my disappointment she was looking at some woman sitting next to her. It looked like they were here together and smoking a joint. I felt someone squeeze my arm and turned back around to my friends.

“What are you looking at Mi?” Lacey looked at me concerned.

I shook my head. “Oh, nothing. Just looking around. I’m going to order another drink then do you all want to dance?” That last dance wasn’t long enough.

Julia nodded her head, slapped her hands together, and said “yes ma’am. I’m ready to shake my boooootyy.” We all laughed and moved towards the dance floor.

I was feeling the alcohol a lot by now and was loving the song playing. I was singing loudly while dancing in between Lacey and Julia. I wrapped my arms around Julia’s neck and put my head on her shoulder. When I looked back up I saw the woman that was staring at me earlier leaning against the bar. I got to get a really good look at her.

She was obviously taller than me. I’m thinking she’s around 5’9ish. She has long blonde straight hair that reached right above her ass. She was wearing a dark grey beanie, a black t-shirt, and dark grey jeans with some vanz. I was staring so hard. Honestly it was hard not to, her body isn’t as curvy as mine, but she had nice arms which were covered in tattoos. Her body isn’t super muscular, but you can tell she works out. I really needed to see her face so acting before thinking really, I removed my arms from Julia’s neck and started walking towards the bar. Once I got to the bar I was lost on what to do so I called to the bartender for another shot. She nodded, and I turned around to watch my friends dancing.

I felt eyes on me, so I looked to my left and saw her looking at me. I smiled at her, but she just kept staring. I started fidgeting with my nails and turned around izmit escort bayan to take my shot. When I put my glass down I felt someone touching my hip. I looked down at the hand, then up to the face. This beautiful woman was so close to me. I don’t know how she even moved to me that fast. I was met with the most breathtaking light blue eyes. They looked almost see through. She was looking into my soul.

I exhaled, not knowing I was holding my breath. I looked back behind me seeing if my friends were dancing still and looked back up to her blue eyes. I thought her body was nice, her face was nicer. She had these high cheekbones and full lips with freckles everywhere. Man, I love freckles. I was getting uncomfortable with how she was staring at me. I moved over so she wasn’t holding my hip and said, “Hey?”

She cleared her throat and step closer to me, looking down at me, holding her hand out, “Hello, I’m Jay.”

“Noami.” I looked at her hand and grabbed it to shake it.

She smiled, and I thought I was going to die, her teeth and dimples made her face even more gorgeous. “Nice to meet you Noami.”

When she said my name, I thought I was about to cum right then and there. I shuddered, shaking my head clear and smiled back, “you too.”

I went to walk back to my friends, but she grabbed my elbow, leaning into my ear asking, “Will you dance with me?”

“Ummmm” I looked around to see if my friends were around to save me, but of course they weren’t even looking my way, “yeah, sure.”

I started walking to the dance floor, shaking. Nervous out of my mind. Like, what is drawing me to this woman? Why am I secretly excited to feel her body pressed against mine?

We reached the floor and I turned around towards her sort of waiting to see what she will do. I was staring at her and she started giggling. I raised my eyebrows, giving her a questioning look. She grabbed my hand and turned me around and pulled me into her.

I gasped but relaxed against her. I let her, and the music control my body. She grabbed my hips and started moving our bodies together. I started feeling more confident to start grinding my ass against her, I felt her hands grip my hips harder. I moved my left hand to grab the back of her neck. I felt Jay move her hand to the front of my stomach and felt her lean into my neck, taking in my scent. I heard a little groan come from her throat and I immediately feel my pussy get even wet. I wanted to hear it again. Her touch was burning into my skin, it was driving me so damn crazy.

We were dancing so close and so wrapped up into each other touches we didn’t hear the song change. I heard it speed up, but we kept up with our slow grind. Then, I felt her lips on my neck and I froze. I know I’m attracted to her and I’ve never wanted to fuck someone so bad in my life, but I don’t even know her. This is moving too fast. Before I could move away from her, she turned me around and the next thing I knew she was kissing me. Instead of pushing her away my body was moving before I could think again, and I wrapped my arms around her neck kissing her back. Jay’s lips are so soft and juicy. I needed her to touch me like NOW. I slipped my tongue into her mouth making her groan again. I moaned when I felt her big hands gripping my ass. I melted into her toned body and I wanted more.

Before I could go another further I felt me being pulled away. I groaned in frustration. I turned around to see who was pulling me and Lacey was smiling at me. “What?!?!” I snapped at her.

“OMG Noami, what the hell are you doing?” All my friends were laughing at me.

I rolled my eyes and looked back at Jay, who was looking me up and down waiting for me. “Nothing you guys, just having fun. Why did you pull me away?” I chuckled, annoyed.

They all looked behind me at Jay, then at me, “because we want to make sure you’re okay, we know you don’t do well in crowds and you don’t go around kissing strangers.”

“Well, I was enjoying myself now can I go back?” I looked back to make sure she was still there.

Thank god she still was.

My friends all nodded and was giggling. I rolled my eyes, turned around and started walking towards Jay.

When I got to her she grabbed the back of my neck and forced my mouth onto hers. I moaned into her mouth and grabbed her arms. She let me go and looked in my eyes, “Want to get out of here with me Noami?”

I bit my lip and nodded my head, whispering, “Yes, please.”

She groaned and whispered in my ear, “Wait until I really make you beg baby.”

I gasped, and she smiled.

I turned to my friends, “Hey guys I’m leaving with her.”

Julia asked, “what the hell, are you really?”

“Yes, I really want to.”

They all looked at me like I was crazy and started grinning, “okay, be careful please. We love you.”

“I love you guys too. I’ll see you at home Julia” I winked turning around walking back to Jay who was leaning against izmit eve gelen escort the bar. I ordered one last shot and looked up at Jay.

“Ready babe?” Jay asked.

I nodded, and she grabbed my hand and led me outside.

We were walking to her car silently when she looked over at me asking, “Where do you stay?”

“Oh yeah, I stay like 5 minutes away from here, make a left at the light and just keep straight.”

She nodded her head and opened the door for me, I slid in and waited for her to get in.

I was so nervous; my body was shaking. When she got into the car she started the car and laid her hand on my thigh. My body immediately became warm again. I reached over and started rubbing her arm. I felt her arm tense up. She bit down, and I saw her jaw flex. God, she is so sexy.

We reached my apartment and I went to go unlock my door, but Jay moved my hair away from my ear and started sucking on it. I laid my head back onto her shoulder and gave her more of my neck and ear. I started moaning when my keys slipped out of my hand and hit the floor. I had to push her away from me to bend down to get them, but when I was bending down she ran her fingers from my pussy to my ass. I shuddered and groaned. I stood up and finally unlocked the door. Soon as the door opened I hesitated to go inside. I’ve never had a one-night stand and was getting nervous, despite how wet I was. She pressed her body against my back and wrapper her arms around my stomach.

“You okay beautiful?” Jay asked, kissing my neck.

I nodded, “Yes, I’m alright.”

I turned around grabbing her hand and started walking into my apartment. Her eyes were everywhere on my body and it made me blush. She lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around her. Jay rested her hands on my ass and started grinding my pussy against her stomach. I started moaning as I felt my body becoming warmer. I started kissing all around her neck while she walked us inside. She was breathing heavy but stopped grinding me to ask where my bedroom was. I pointed to the first door on the left.

She opened the door and looked around my room. She smirked and said, “Nice room Noami.”

I didn’t answer because I was so focused on sucking on her ear. I heard her gasp. I started tugging at her shirt, wanting it off now. She let me down and lifted her shirt over her head. I gasp at the sight of her shirtless. Jesus, her stomach was so flat and nice. I love my stomach, but I was insecure she might judge my little pudge. Oh well can’t back down now. I ran my hands all over her stomach then went to cup her breast. She stood up straight to let me explore her and I was memorized.

She finished pulling her sports bra off for me and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her perky tits. Her body is so opposite than mine. I cupped her bare tits going to lick one of her nipples. I heard her gasp. Jay nestled her hand into my hair to pull me closer to her chest. I took her nipple into my mouth and sucked it softly while I rubbed her other nipple between my fingers. I felt her body shudder and I stood up, looking up at her.

Jay ducked down to give me a kiss. She slid her hand up my shirt and reached for my boob. I moved back and removed my shirt showing off my black laced bra. I turned around waiting for her to unhook my bra. She immediately understood and came up behind me. After she unhooked it I turned around letting her see my breast. While I was busy thinking about her amazing body I didn’t really notice how her stare was so hard on my crest I started to fidget with my nails again. I cleared my throat and she looked up at me, licking her lips.

God, I want her tongue on me.

Jay then started unbuttoning my jeans. I stood there looking down watching her fingers. She slid my jeans down my thighs, kissing as she went further down. She got to my heels and started to unstrap them, I kicked off my jeans so fast she laughed at me being impatient. I blushed and started to undo her jeans, the same way she did mine.

She was finally in just boxers in front of me and I was in a thong. She lifted her finger and twirled it around indicating she wanted me to turn around for her. I quickly and happily turned around, so my back was to her. I heard her take in a breath while she looked at my ass.

“Damn, you’re something else.” Her voice was deeper and raspier than before.

I bit my lip and looked over my shoulder, “Thanks?” giggling.

“It’s a compliment. Promise” She smirked and winked.

She turned me around and kissed me so softly and deep. Her tongue slid over my bottom lip and I opened my mouth to her. I took her tongue into my mouth greedily and started sucking on it which made her groan into my mouth. I want to hear more of those noises that are coming from that delicious mouth. I turned us around to back her up onto my bed and she grabbed my hips pulling me closer to her. Jay’s skin on mine was making my pussy dripping izmit otele gelen escort wet.

I reached inside of her boxers to feel her hairless pussy. I groaned into her mouth. She then turned me around and pushed me onto the bed.

“Scoot up”

I looked up at her turned around putting my ass in the air and started crawling to the head of my bed. She basically jumped on the bed and grabbed my hips. I looked over my shoulder watching her pull my thong down over my ass.

I felt my juices sticking to my thong.

Jay moaned.

She slapped my ass, I gasp shutting my eyes.

“Flip over for me baby.”

I laid on my back and bit my lip getting nervous again for some reason. She crawled on top of me looking down at me. It seemed like hours we were staring at each other, but really it was a few seconds. Jay started nibbling on my ear, then started kissing down to my neck and dipped her tongue into my collarbone. I couldn’t stop moaning. She was making me squirm. I needed her to go faster. I arched my back trying to get her attention to my breast. She noticed and kissed down to my chest. Jay took my nipple into my mouth and softly bit down making me gasp loudly.

I started grinding my pussy against her thigh to show her where I wanted her most. Jay immediately obliged. She reached down to cup my pussy, I shuddered and groaned. She then ran her finger through my slit and moaned while sucking on my right nipple. She let it out with a popping sound.

“Damn sexy, you’re so fucking wet. Are you wet for me?”

“Yeah Jay just fuck me.”

“Say it again baby.”

“Fuck me please babe.”

She smiled down at me and I was breathless. She slid two fingers into me and I moaned loudly grabbing the sheets. I’ve never had anything inside of my vagina, so her two fingers felt amazing in me. They filled my pussy up. Feeling like they were stretching me. I dug my fingernails into her back making her moan.

“God, you are so tight around my fingers.”

I just moaned shutting my eyes while she fingerfucked me.

I felt her crawling down my body. I opened my eyes to watch her moving down my body. I saw her get to my pussy and stare at it, her eyes got darker while she watched my pussy grip her fingers. Then I saw her lick my clit and I almost screamed, but I remember that Julia might be home soon, so I closed my mouth. Stopping my moans and cries. She must have realized that I stopped moaning because she stopped moving her fingers and I groaned in frustration, looking down at her.

Jay was watching me, her eyebrows frowning at me.

“What what? Why’d you stop Jay?”

“I want to hear you cum Noami. Don’t stop your moans from me.”

“Ok sorry” I blushed and bit my lip.

She started moving her fingers in me again and I started moving my hips to meet her thrust. I heard her groan when I grabbed her hair to pull her mouth onto my clit again. I felt her lips clamp down onto my clit, my legs started shaking and my body became warmer. OMG I’m Cumming, I’ve never had this feeling before. I started cumming on her fingers, my pussy started clinching her fingers. She started slowing down while I came down from the high she gave me. I started giggling.

Jay came up to my face and pushed my hair back. She kissed me so gently and passionately. I moaned into her mouth and looked down at me.

“You okay?”

I nodded and started to move so she would end up on her back. I laid in between her thighs and started kissing her. Jay’s lips are addicting. I sat up to slide her boxers off. When I got them off I couldn’t take my eyes off her pussy, it was glistening, and her lips were swollen. God, I couldn’t wait so I didn’t. I immediately licked, and her taste was delicious. I licked again so I can taste it again and I heard her moan. I liked that sounds so I decided to keep licking from her hole to her clit. I’ve only ate one other girl out before, but she didn’t taste like her. I sucked on her clit and her hands went in my hair grabbing it.

I kept sucking on her clit and ran my fingers up her thighs feeling goosebumps where I touched. I slid my two fingers into her and I moaned into her clit. She was so soft, warm, and wet. Damn, she was so wet. I wanted to feel her cum for me, I wanted to make her feel as good as I did. I started fingering her fast and sucking hard. I heard her moan my name and then felt her legs tense up around my head.


I kept up with my fingers until I felt her pushing my head away. I moved up towards her and looked down at her. Her eyes were closed, and she was breathing heavy. I couldn’t stop staring at her face.

“Stop staring at me.” She said laughing

“Sorry.” I whispered.

I laid down next to her and looked up at the ceiling. She turned towards me with her eyes closed but she lifted her arm. I think she wanted to spoon me, so I moved my ass against her and she put her arm around me pulling me even closer. I wasn’t expecting her to stay the night, but I liked her holding me, so I wasn’t going to complain. I started to drift off to sleep when I felt her lips on my shoulder. I shuddered but didn’t move.

I drifted off to sleep.


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