Finding Out Ch. 04

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Football games were a big deal in towns like ours; be it high school or collegiate, there was always a big crowd of supporters sporting team colors. Matt played for the local team, the Greenwell Grizzly’s. They had been the best football team in the state for the last 3 years. Even I could see they were brilliant at what they did and deserved all of the titles that they had won so far.

All I knew about football had come from Luke, Mat and their Dad. They took me under their collective wings (much to my frustration at the time) and taught me how to throw a football, about the different positions, rules, teams and all the other bits and pieces that went along with the game. It took me a long time to realize how important all this information was to maintaining a normal social life in Greenwell and how much I would have outcasted myself by not joining in on the town’s football hysteria.

While football wasn’t my first choice in entertainment, it wasn’t all bad. Live games interested me more that televised ones and when they were close, they often had me on the edge of my seat. There was also those fantastic male specimens running around on the field displaying their athletic prowess. Whenever a game got boring, I would mentally scope out the players, ranking or comparing them. Which would have been a lot easier without their bulky equipment and large helmets. The ere of mystery only added to the fun though. I could escort imagine them to be anything I wanted; pretend they were buff, wild looking sex gods or slim, blonde Swedish men. Beneath those jerseys and helmets could be anything I wanted, if only for the length of the game.

Number 37 however, was rippled under his black and gold jersey. I’d seen that delicious body in most of its glory only nights ago. All those perfectly formed muscles and that delectable olive skin dusted in light brown hairs. I had spent the last few days reliving those short moments over and over in my head. This was the first time since then, that I had managed to maintain focus on something else. Sadly my distraction was more Mat, but who could blame me when he was wearing those football pants. His bubble butt in that tight black spandex; the material clung to him like a second skin allowing me to enjoy all sorts of delicious fantasies with minimal imaginary effort.

However the fact that I was sitting with all of our family and friends stopped me relishing those delightful thoughts. I would have to save those mental pictures and ideas for later, when I was home and alone in my room tonight. I’d let myself fully envision all of the alluring and no doubt hilarious positions and moves he would have to use to remove such tight pants after the game and jerk off to my current favorite fantasy of pushing him back against a wall and sucking him off while he was still in izmit escort bayan his jersey. But at the game I couldn’t afford a large bulge in my jeans or to start drooling for no apparent reason, so I’d have to behave myself and wait.

The game was a close one but the Grizzly’s managed to pull off a good win. We were all on our feet cheering the victory as the team celebrated among themselves, before they came to the sidelines, removing their helmets and waving up at the crowd. When I saw Mat looking up at us I waved and winked. I saw him blush and look down at his feet, but there was definitely a smile on his face.

And that’s when it happened…..


The game was over, while the Hornets had put up a strong fight, all of our extra training and hard work had payed off. I was on a high, energetic and foolhardy in my adrenaline rush. I felt myself swagger off the field, tossing my short hair as I pull off my helmet and combing my fingers through it to push it into its place. I looked up at the stands to my family and friends and gave them all a big smile and wave. Luke was brandishing a very large foam finger and looked almost as excited as myself. Next to him was Julian, standing there calmly, his eyes trained of me and his lips curved into a cheeky half smirk/half smile. When he winked at me my heart skipped and I felt my face grow hot.

I drank him in. He looked so tall and fit, izmit sınırsız escort his dirty blonde hair blowing in the wind. He was wearing a thick body hugging black sweater that accentuated his thin, muscular build and washboard stomach. Just looking at him made me want to kiss those sexy glasses right off his face.

Far too soon though my gaze was interrupted by Cassidy. Cass was relatively new to our town having transferred in at the start of the year for family reasons. She’d managed such big changes at such a difficult time impressively. She had made the cheer leading team, hung out with the popular crowd and was also surprisingly smart and sweet. We had been lab partners this past semester and she had really impressed me. I could really see us being good friends. So I wasn’t shocked when she ran over to me and hugged me as the cheerleaders joined in on the celebration. What I hadn’t been expecting though were her lips coming down on mine in what can only he described as a very passionate kiss.

I could hear hooting and whistling around us and I knew that most of the crowd was watching. I didn’t want to embarrass her by pushing her away but I also didn’t want to lead her on. I didn’t want her getting the wrong idea, I didn’t want Julian getting the wrong impression. Especially when things had seemed to be heading in the right direction. When the kiss broke off I looked up into the crowd to see Julian’s stunned and disappointed face. He turned and left, leaving me stuck in Cassidy’s arms, surrounded by people who moments ago were my friends and comrades celebrating with me but now felt more like barriers between me and that lone figure disappearing into the distance.

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