Just Fun Ch. 03

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Black And

Lina sprayed some of the itchy liquid onto Riya’s pussy and also on Lisha’s pussy. Almost instantaneously the itching commenced. It was a sweet torment. Sometime later it seemed to stop but would return with renewed force or so it seemed, to the two rope-bound girls.

The afternoon turned into evening and the corners of the room turned into darkness. Lina had turned off the lights from a main switch. With the growing gloom the lust grew in the thoughts of the two bondaged girls. And so did the itching in their pussies. The darkness seemed to have increased the power of the liquid and the itching in their pussies seemed to grow and grow. The two could only let out groans of frustration through their gags. Lina and Sweety had placed them apart but with their backs to one another. They could only hear each others muffled moans.

Soon the bedroom was in total darkness. As the itching in her pussy reached a crescendo, Riya imagined Sweety with Lina’s whip in her hand standing with her legs spread apart. She imagined the whip slicing through the air and hitting her with force on her nipples, causing her nipple rings to spring upwards. Again and again the whip found its mark on her body. She imagined that it curled into the fold below her breasts and seared the skin and then it flicked wickedly into her pussy slit to fall exactly between her pussy lip and the bondage rope and the itching continued to grow. So did her thoughts about the whip, as she imagined it reaching every possible crack and fold of her bound body.

Lisha was having similar lustful thoughts. She was fantasizing about the paddle, about Lina thrusting the flat end of the paddle between the rope strands and into her pussy hole, twisting it inside forcibly, taking it out and pushing it in again and again. Each time with increasing force and speed. Then she seemed to move it round to the fold of her butt and pushed it into her butt-hole. In and out, in and out, interminably.

And just as their fantasies seemed to reach a frenzy, the lights came on. Lina and Sweety walked into the room. Lina reached Lisha and squatted in front of her face and rubbed her pussy on her nose and gagged mouth. It was dripping with semen and the wetness and stickiness transferred to Lisha’s face. Sweety did the same to Riya. Lina once again took the bottle of itchy spray and applied a liberal spray to first Riya’s pussy and then to Lisha’s pussy. The two of them laughed wickedly and invited the two girls to continue their fantasies till they returned later in the night. Once again the lights were switched off leaving the two girls in total darkness and to the renewed itching.

The mixed smell of the semen and pussy cum and the itching in their own pussies drove Lisha and Riya mad with lust. Their pussies were dripping with their juices and the rope seemed to cut further into their cracks as it got wet. Lisha imagined that it had somehow made a hole in the tissue separating her anal hole and pussy. As if it was moving in ever smaller and tightening circles. Riya’s fantasy with the whip had continued. The tip of the whip now was penetrating her pussy and was drawn out roughly, repeatedly. The fantasies only increased their longing for some real hard cock or lapping tongue. It did not give them any release. And the itching this time did not seem to subside at all. It only increased in intensity. The room was filled with their muffled moans. The two of them drifted into slumber, to be tortured by dreams of heavy sexual activity.

First Lisha and then Riya opened her eyes to bright light. Both thought that Lina and Sweety had returned. The two had not returned but it was sunlight that was coming in through the two side windows. They realized that they had slept through the rest of the night and well into the morning. About half an hour later they heard the door to the bedroom open and Sweety, in all her nude splendour, walked in and inquired how they felt. She laughed when they just moaned. Soon Lina, wearing only a tight leather thong, had joined her and the two of them removed the bondage ropes. Sweety made them sit on the bed and handcuffed their wrists in the front.

Lina had been busy with a rope. She had tied one end to a ring on one bedroom wall. She had moved with it to the opposite wall where she fastened it to another ring. Sweety pulled up Lisha by the hands and pushed her towards one end of the rope. The rope was sagging down. Sweety asked Lisha to put one leg over the rope. The rope immediately became taut. Sweety adjusted it into her pussy slit. The rope had large knots in it at regular intervals.

Lina took the paddle and smacked Lisha’s butt with it, ordering her to move along the rope. As Lisha moved the rope cut into her pussy flesh at the top and into her butt crack at the back. And then she came to the first knot; it hit and bit roughly into her flesh. She let out a moan form behind her gag, a mixture of pain and pleasure. A whack on her butt from the paddle made görükle escort her jump and push forward. This went on till she reached the other end. Ten knots passing from her pussy, round to her anal hole and out at the top of her butt crack. Sweety then removed Lisha’s gag and handcuffs and helped her off the rope.

It was Riya’s turn next and again Sweety helped her get onto the rope. For Riya, Lina used the whip. The first lash was perfectly placed into the crack of her butt making her jump. Riya was off to a flying start. And would have fallen at the first knot but Sweety held her. On the ninth knot, Riya got stuck. The knot stuck into her anal hole and she could not move ahead. Lina took the paddle and inserted the handle into her hole and released the snagged knot. Lina could not resist the chance to fuck Riya. She pushed the paddle handle in and out a few times causing Riya to moan. Eleven hits of the whip and Riya too had finished the length of the rope and was freed from the bondage.

Lina gave them tubes of some soothing cream to apply to the sore flesh of their pussy and butt cracks. Meanwhile Sweety had removed the rope from the rings. They asked the two girls to get up and led them to the bathroom. It was a large one and had several overhead showers. Sweety turned the showers on and started lathering herself with soap. The other three girls followed her example. Riya and Lisha felt a stinging sensation in the marks left by the bondage rope and the welts left by the paddle and whip on their bodies.

Sweety gathered all four of them together and they started sliding their soapy bodies against each other. The steam from the hot water shower added to the steamy scene. The girls could not keep their hands from roaming over each other’s bodies. Lisha latched onto one of Sweety’s already hardened nipples with her mouth. Her hand found the other nipple with its ring and tugged at it playfully. Lina was sliding down Riya’s body, trailing her tongue along her side. Her hand was busy in her own crotch. Riya’s hand had wandered over Lisha’s firm, rounded butt and was caressing it.

Lina had tongued her way down to Riya’s knee and had moved it to her inner thigh, making her moan. As Riya spread her legs, Lina’s tongue found the puffy folds and pink flesh of her pussy. She moaned louder as Lina tickled her hardened clit bud with her tongue. Lina slipped her middle finger into her and explored the slit of her pussy. Riya had gone crazy with lust by now and her hand on Lisha’s butt had moved to the crack of her butt. Her fingers explored it stirring the puckered anal hole, before smoothly sliding a finger into it, probing her nether recesses.

Sweety’s fingers were similarly busy probing Lisha’s pussy folds. Lisha was swamped by the twin assault on her holes and had a huge orgasm as Sweety had slipped her index finger deep into her pussy. Sweety could not contain her own lust when she realized that her finger fucking had made Lisha cum. She pushed Lisha on to the floor and making her tongue into a tight roll, pushed it up into Lisha’s gaping hole. Lisha let out a loud wail and pushed her pelvis up into Sweety’s face. At the same time she had found Sweety’s pussy in front of her face and had eagerly latched onto it with her teeth.

Lina realized that Sweety and Lisha were down on the floor in a sixty-nine position. She too followed them, pulling Riya on top of herself. They hungrily sought each other’s pussies. Riya licked Lina’s inner folds and worked her way slowly to her gaping hole. Both of them reached round with one hand and sought the anal opening, sliding a finger into it. They rocked and sucked and fucked each other.

Lisha ate Sweety’s pussy hungrily, causing her to moan and yell. Sweety then forced her head into Lisha’s pussy sucking hard on her clit. Both of them now increased the pace and force of their thrusts, sucking back hard and eating out each other’s pussies. Almost simultaneously they could feel a flood of pleasure sweep their bodies. And then their bodies stiffened as massive orgasms hit them together. They lay still, savouring the juices flowing out of their pussies. Finally, Sweety rolled off Lisha and let the hot shower fall against her naked body. Lisha too quietly enjoyed the tingly water jets of the shower for a moment.

Lisha turned her attention to the other couple and saw that they were going hard at each other’s pussies. She rolled closer and inserting her hand between the two, sought and found Lina’s nipple. First one then the other, rubbing it, pinching it. Sweety too joined the fun on the other side and grabbed Riya’s boobs with both her hands, just when their movement formed a convenient gap. She pulled and raked her boobs with her long nails.

The added action on their boobs brought on an urgency into Lina and Riya’s movements. They thrust harder and faster, probing deeper with their tongues, biting into the folds of the other’s pussy. Suddenly, Riya’s wandering eskort bayan fingers found Lina’s anal hole and slipped inside. She thrust it right to the base and moved it inside with a circular movement. This invasion of her anal hole pushed Lina over the edge and her body was racked with pleasure as she came. Just then Sweety’s nails caught Riya’s nipples in a pinch and she pulled on them. Almost at the same instance, Lina took one big bite of Riya’s pussy. The combined assault drove Riya to a frenzy and she yelled loudly as her orgasm burst, squirting a load of juice into Lina’s mouth.

The four of them relaxed in the hot shower for some time. They got up one by one and picking up the toweling robes off the shelf, went out drying themselves. Sweety brought out a couple of string bikinis and suggested that they share the top and bottom. She herself chose a tiny triangle top and clasped it on. The two triangles barely covered her dark nipples and showed off the top part of the lighter circles surrounding them. Riya chose the matching bottom, which was just one triangle with strings. The triangle just covered her slit. The string entered the cleft of her butt and emerged at the top, past her hips and plunged to meet the two strings on either side, where she clasped them together.

The other two girls had to share a bikini, which was equally tiny. Only it was held in place by tying the strings into knots. The knots hung alluringly on Lina’s hips and from Lisha’s back. Lisha’s large boobs could not be contained in the tiny triangles of the bra and her nipples kept on peeping out. Finally Sweety tightened the knot at the back and pushed out both her nipples, leaving them to hang out adorned with their rings.

With much touching and fondling they moved into the dining area and had a leisurely lunch. It was well into the afternoon when they finished and the evening and night of the second day of Riya and Lisha’s gift stretched ahead of them. Riya and Lisha had enjoyed their time with Sweety and Lina, so far. The marks left by the bondage rope were clearly visible on parts of their bodies. Also the whip and paddle marks had turned dull. They both were now wondering what sexual delights awaited them.

They moved back to the bedroom and all four lounged on the large bed. They tugged playfully at each other’s bikini strings. This finally loosened the knots and the unclasped the bikinis. They did not remove them altogether, just yet. They continued their playing, tugging at nipple rings, grabbing a quick bite at an exposed nipple, fondling a butt here or just trailing nails along sensitive skin, causing goose-bumps. All four were partial to the rope and whip marks on Riya and Lisha’s bodies. They deliberately teased the tender skin of those marks.

Finally all four had completely shed their bikinis. The constant touching and teasing of the bodies had brought them to a heightened state of arousal. All four pussies were wet with their juices. Sweety had pressed a button on the bedside and suddenly four well-built boys entered the bedroom. All the girls were on their tummies at that instant and suddenly felt the bed move. When they turned their heads and through widened eyes, they saw four boys lunging at them.

The boys grabbed the girls’ butt cheeks and spread them apart. Their cocks were ready and well lubricated. Without further hesitation they plunged their cocks into the four girls’ anal holes. The four cocks were thrust deep into the holes. Each of the boys grabbed some part of the girls’ body for support.

The guy on top of Lina held onto her hips as he got into an in and out rhythm. He pulled out his cock completely and plunged it back with ease into her anal hole. Lina grunted with pleasure as he thrust in and out of her. She enjoyed cocks in her anal hole more than her pussy. She was more of a lesbian and preferred and enjoyed the tongue of a girl in her pussy. This was one of the few instances when she had sex with a male. She always offered her anal hole to lusting cocks that she occasionally encountered.

Riya was a true bisexual. She enjoyed girls and boys equally. As the guy spread her butt cheeks, she obligingly pushed her butt in the air. He immediately kneeled on the bed and entered her anal hole. As he settled into vigorous thrusting, he bent over her and caught hold of her dangling boobs. He developed a strange movement. Each time he plunged his cock into Riya, he pulled her backwards with her boobs. He pushed her boobs away as he moved out of her hole.

Sweety’s partner had caught hold of her hair and placed her other hand on her back. He yanked her each time he moved in and out of her butt-hole. Each time he pulled on her hair, Sweety let out a yell. Her yelling only seemed to increase the ferocity of his thrusting.

Lisha, too, was on her hands and feet. The boy held onto her hips and placing his well-lubricated cock against her anal opening, made a smooth altıparmak escort entry into it. Lisha too liked anal sex. She and Riya had often used a strap-on with each other. The two had settled into a smooth rhythm. She matched his inwards thrusts with backwards movement. They soon adjusted their position. Riya had slid down the bed. He had followed her and reentered her.

Sweety’s partner was the first to release his load. Her yelling, apparently hastening his cum. Half his load splattered onto her butt cheeks. He had let off inside her anus and his cum was now slowly trickling out. Riya, Lisha and Lina’s partners followed him. What a sight they presented. Four guys with cum dropping out of their still wet, penises and four butts splattered with cum, some of it running down the inside of the girls’ thighs.

Lisha took the lead and moving behind Lina, started licking cum off her butt and from her crack. One of the guys got an idea and he pushed Riya behind Lisha, where she immediately started licking her butt crack and finally Sweety was pushed behind Lisha, where she got busy with her tongue. Finally, Lina found Sweety’s cum splattered butt staring her in the face. She immediately stuck out her tongue and got to work, licking off cum. Moving closer, she licked her dripping anus. It was a sight worth watching. The girls were in a circle licking each other’s anal cracks and pussies.

The four guys watched and laughed. They moved to the toilet and cleaned their penises. Back in the bedroom they found the girls relaxing on the bed. Sweety got up and got out some beer and refreshments. Later the eight of them relaxed round the room, some on the bed, others’ on loungers. They had started the touching games. A lick at an exposed nipple; a pinch at another; gentle and not-so-gentle tugs on nipple-rings; fondling of penises and pussies; caressing of butts; the atmosphere in the bedroom was becoming steamier by the minute.

One of the guys decided that he had enough foreplay. He got on top of Lisha, who was with him on one lounger. He quickly stuffed his hard cock into her pussy. Lisha gasped at the sudden penetration, at the same time adjusted her position to receive him fully. Another guy joined the two; he pushed his, now, hardened cock into the other guy’s anal hole. Lina too joined the three of them. She pushed her pussy down on Lisha’s mouth, allowing her to take a lick. She then moved up and shoved it into the guy’s face. He held her butt with one hand and stuck the roll of his tongue into her slit. Lina alternated between Lisha and the guy’s mouths. The four of them got into a nice rhythm.

Sweety and Riya had go into a sixty-nine position and were busy licking each other’s cunts. Their male partners joined them, entering the anal holes. They repositioned themselves, one on top of the other. The guy on Riya’ back would slip out of her anus and dip his penis into Sweety’s willing mouth. Riya, who was on top of Sweety, would occasionally stretch her neck and lick the shaft and balls of the guy fucking Sweety’s anus. The action became strenuous for the four of them and they fell apart. Sweety now straddled the guy’s penis in a sitting position and found Riya’s dripping cunt pushed into her mouth. Riya was pushed forward by the other guy, who then reentered her anal hole and started sawing away, in and out, in and out.

The eight of them grunted and gasped their way to an almost, group orgasm. The guys got up and squirted the remainder of their juices on the butts and breasts of the four girls. The girls then grabbed a penis each and licked it, till each one was free of cum. They continued to fondle the guys’ balls with their hands. They traced patterns with their long nails, pinching them and slowly pressing the penises into erections. Each girl as if on cue, tickled the tip of the penis with their tongues and slowly slid them into their mouths. The guys now got into the action and grabbing the girls’ heads thrust their penises down into their throats.

The girls had grabbed the guys’ balls in their hands and were squeezing them hard. This seemed to drive the guys into a frenzy and their thrusting reached a crescendo. All four exploded into the girls’ mouths one after the other, their cum filling the girls’ mouths. It dribbled out from their mouths onto their necks and breasts. To this was added the drops falling from the guys’ penises. The girls moved towards each other and shared the cum in each other’s mouths. They got into a huddle and they were all over each other licking cunt, anus, breasts and mouth. The guys slipped quietly out of the room. The girls lay quietly after some time but were still entwined.

It was Riya, who suddenly exclaimed that the night was still young. The bedroom clock showed that it was eleven in the night. As she turned to get up, she faced Lina’s boobs pointing at her. She stopped and stared at them. She could not resist trailing her finger along the contour of the breasts. Lina sighed with pleasure. Her nipples were erect, once again. Riya playfully hooked her fingers through Lina’s nipple-rings, giving them a gentle tug. She bent forward and pulling the rings further, licked the stretched nipples with her tongue. Lina gasped and then moaned with pleasure.

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