Kate’s Test Ch. 06

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… and nothing happened. Kate had expected something significant in whatever way to happen, like the earth opening a hole and swallow her. But then… something happened. Claire was finally taking care of her! With one hand she took the remote out of Kate’s hand and in the same time, she started kissing Kate’s pussy. Then, after dumping the remote and having both hands free, she took Kate’s outer labia and pushed them out and upwards, making Kate’s elongated clit stick out even further.

Claire stopped for a short moment to adore the sight and then sucked Kate’s clit into her mouth, flicking it with her tongue. Then she lapped at Kate’s whole cunt with gusto, over the full length in slow long strokes.

Kate was in heaven: Finally she got what she needed – attention for her hungry pussy. Her breathing became quick and she grabbed the blanket she was sitting on, and pulled on it with all might. She could feel an orgasm building up in her, and didn’t want to cum too quickly. With all the waiting for it, she didn’t want this moment to be over too quickly. She wanted to stay on the brink of orgasm, forever, sure in her feeling to be finally able to cum.

Claire could feel Kate trying to resist and put all her attention back on Kate’s clit, sucking it in, holding it with her lips, letting the tip of her tongue caress it in a slow circular motion.

Kate responded to this by going over the edge, and finally having a much awaited orgasm, the first for many days. Her clit took over and her whole body shook in unison with her vagina doing gripping motions.

Claire was holding her, while Kate was riding out her orgasm, and when she could feel Kate regaining control of her senses and her body, she let go of her and stood up.

“Kate, my darling, now that you gave yourself to me I will take good care of you. But I know that you love masturbating too much, and I do not allow you to play with my property, which is you.” She grinned at her and continued, “Listen up, I have a few rules for you, and I want to explain something to you.”

Kate, upon hearing this, quickly shook off the last waves of her orgasm that still were travelling through her body, and looked at Claire warily.

“That clit piercing that keeps you so nicely on the edge, is not only heavy and large to do what it did to you all the time. There’s more to it, and now that you gave yourself to me and pushed that release button on the remote, it will control you.” Claire took Kate’s hands and folded them on her belly. “Those titanium rings that you got on each of your index fingers are senders, and in the one small ball on your clit piercing is the receiver. If you get your hands too close to your clit, you will get an electric shock in your clit. No more frigging yourself anymore!”

Kate was shocked to hear that, but in the same time, her pussy responded by sending an ‘electric’ shock on its own through her belly. Again Kate had to learn that somehow she was getting off on this being owned by Claire. She was just not sure, if she could refrain from masturbating for long. Not with that damn piercing pulling and twisting her clit all the time.

Certainly her first reaction was to do, what was forbidden: Her hand sneaked down her belly towards her waiting wet pussy. She closed her eyes, half waiting for an electric shock, half not expecting anything. When her fingertips were just touching the stubble of her not so recently shaven mound, she suddenly jumped up with shock. Her clit just got hit by an electric shock. It wasn’t as bad as she was fearing in the back of her mind, more like touching a 9 volt battery with your tongue.

It didn’t *hurt*, but certainly it completely upset her and destroyed all ideas of touching herself. Being kicked out of her sexually charged mind-set for the moment, she turned to Claire and screamed “You bitch! How can you dare doing that to me! I really thought you’re good to me, and you like me, but this is too much!”

Claire had expected something like this and kept her cool: “Kate, I am very disappointed in you. I don’t want to hear any such talk from you anymore!” She was chiding xslot Kate like a little child, and clearly showed that she was in charge.

“I am going to leave you alone now, to think about your behaviour. Best would be you go to sleep now.”

Instead of leaving as she had just announced, she first turned to Kate’s cupboard and opened it. Before Kate could say anything, she removed a long skirt and a tight top and threw them on Kate’s bed.

“This is, what you’re going to put on tomorrow.”

She then locked the cupboard and took the key with her, leaving the room.

Kate just stood there, still naked, with an open mouth and looked at the clothes. With a sigh, she sat down next to them and tried to reason herself into her new live. After all, Claire hasn’t been abusing her so far, and besides, looking back on the last days, as humiliating as it has been, she really liked the way she had felt all the time.

She smiled to herself, absently playing with her breasts, and thought about how she used to jog for 10, 15 miles until recently. Sometimes she managed to run until she reached a point where she didn’t feel any tiredness anymore, no pain, couldn’t stop, didn’t even want to stop, passing her 15 miles, kept on running, feeling high like a lark. The past days, since Claire had caught her impaled on the monster dildo had been the same, only a hundredfold stronger!

Her hands still played with her breasts, and she slowly, without noticing, pushed herself back into a state of arousal. Thinking of being high from running led to thinking of being high as Claire’s sex slave led to giving up all resistance, falling back into the obedient mode she had been in. She sighed again and finally noticed how she was playing with her breasts and stopped with a smile. Her pussy was wet again and she felt the urge of touching herself, but didn’t.

“I am going to wait. Claire will be there again soon, and I will tell her that I am sorry”, she thought. Since it was still not quite time to turn off the lights, she decided to do something for her future, sit on her butt and study until Claire came back.

Several hours later, lost in her studies, she suddenly realized that it was way past midnight, and that there was no Claire coming back! She felt a weird loss and sadness, seeing that Claire was so upset that she had decided to not come back for the night. At least she had managed to get her mind off her sex-hungry pussy for awhile, she thought with a smile.

She quickly got herself ready to go to sleep, threw the clothes that Claire had left for her to wear the next day on her chair and went to sleep. Since it was really late, she quickly was asleep.

The next morning when her alarm clock kicked her out of bed she saw that there was still no Claire. Where did she sleep? With whom? She was jealous! Angrily she stomped to the bathroom for her morning routine, which included shaving her pussy. After cleaning herself, rinsing off the soap, she shaving cream in her hand and wanted to rub it on her mound.

The unexpected shock from her activated clit piercing forced her to remember what had happened yesterday, and that she couldn’t touch her pussy anymore. She closed her eyes and sighed. How’s she going to clean herself? She felt so silly doing that with the shower head from a distance, as if she was one of those weirdos who thought sex was dirty. But it looked as if that’s what she had to do from now on. Another thought crossed her mind. She had to clean her most private part, as if it was not _her_ most private part. Is that what Claire wanted? Make her see, to whom it belonged?

But that still didn’t help with the problem at hand – literally. How could she shave herself? How get the cream on the stubbles? In the end (after another shock), she found out that she could put the cream simply on her razor and hold the razor at the end of the handle. Shaving herself like that was very awkward, and humiliating in a sense. She really felt detached from ‘down there’!

Returning to her room, all fresh and dry, she picked up the clothes that Claire told her to wear. The top xslot Giriş was too tight, showing off her breasts in a very aggressive manner, but Kate was getting used to the kind of clothes that Claire had left her, when she sorted through them. Thankfully, the white skirt was a long one going all the way down to her ankles. Only when she was ready to leave for classes, did she realise, that it was one of Claire’s skirts – and that Claire loved to wear that skirt together with her leggings, because it looked so sexy seeing the leggings shine through the very see-through skirt! Only there were no leggings anywhere for Kate to wear! Since she was not wearing any underwear, nothing was shining through, but that was exactly the problem: Everyone could see that one would have seen any existing underwear – and didn’t see any.

Claire made her again walk around half-naked, showing off her body to everyone she passed. And again Kate was giving in. With a shrug she set out to walk over the campus to the first class. It was a bright morning with clear sky and the sun was smiling down on her. When the first guy walking the other way stopped in his tracks to stare at her legs, she realised that with the morning sun behind her he could see through the skirt as if it wasn’t existing. Her pussy responded to that with a warm feeling spreading out, and in the same time she blushed like a little school-girl. The piercing did not help either, with its usual pulling and twisting of her clit, and by the time she was past the guy and reached the building, she was surfing on a cloud into the hallway, high with arousal. She could feel her arousal run down her legs, and had to stop, leaning against the wall for a moment. When she closed her eyes, she saw her huge monster dildo appear in her mind and her eager pussy responded with a burning desire to be filled.

With growing frustration she continued towards class, knowing that she couldn’t even masturbate anymore. Arriving at class she sat down at her desk and tried to relax and concentrate on the teacher. In her horny state she couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the young teach looked. She must have been around 26 or 27 and pretty tall, certainly taller than 6 feet. Only her strong features and the womanly curves she was presenting kept her from being seen as a stick.

Kate tried to squeeze her legs together for some kind of stimulation, but got only punished by the clit piercing getting twisted and hurting her. “Damn”, she muttered in frustration. She wasn’t able to do anything with her pussy anymore. At least she could still play with her boobs, but not in class.

She kept checking out the teacher and imagined how she would push the poor woman down on the floor, pull up her shirt and sit on her face. She needed release so badly. Poor Kate was so hot and horny, she didn’t even notice that her daytime wet dream was “Chicks only”.

After lunch she caught herself humping a good deal of nothing while playing with her breasts in a bathroom stall. Her nipples were even longer than usual, and she paid them special attention – big surprise, it was the only thing she could do. Sitting on the toilet seat she tried to lick her own nipples, but couldn’t quite reach them with her tongue. Not daring to play with her pussy, she gave up and quickly left the bathroom. On the way out she bumped into another girl in the door, and to prevent falling down she had to cling to the girl for a moment.

Suddenly the girl opened her eyes wide in shock and pushed Kate away from her, screaming “Get off me, you pervert!” Kate realised only then, that ‘clinging to the girl’ meant holding her left breast in her one hand, and the girl’s butt in the other.

Looking in shock at the slowly closing door of the bathroom, tears shot into her eyes and she turned around and ran all the way back to her dorm room. She was a lesbian! Claire had turned her into a lesbian. Choking on her sobs, she threw herself on her bed and asked herself what was going on. She was not a lesbian! She still liked cock and she was going to prove it right now!

Not realising that her wet cunt xslot Güncel Giriş was still in control and just made her come up with whatever reasons needed to reach an orgasm, she jumped up from bed and turned everything upside down to find one of her sex toys, hoping that Claire would not have taken them away, or at least might have missed one.

In the end she hit the jackpot by simply looking where she used to hide her sex-toys until recently. She thought Claire had taken them all away, but there was only left: The small vibe she had bought as her very first sex toy, a thin little thing that had looked interesting until she had tried it the first time. It was too thin and too short to do anything exciting with it she had learned back then.

Turning it on she found the batteries okay and quickly got to her bed with it. She would prove once and for all that she still liked cocks and she was not a lesbian.

At first she set the vibe aside and started to play with her nipples, flicking them to make them even larger as they usually are. They responded quickly and stuck out a full inch, helped by the titanium bands holding them in bondage. Hefting her tits in her hands, she was feeling herself up, enjoying the weight of her tits, still amazed about their unnatural shape and how they defied gravity. Since she’s gotten them bonded (with the help of Claire), she still hasn’t dared going to swim, showing herself to just anyone in a bikini. But somehow it didn’t sound so bad to her anymore as it used to. Maybe she should join the crowd on the next spring break, she thought.

Letting her hands move down slowly over her body, she could feel goose bumps spread over her skin, in eager anticipation of her ultimate goal, making herself finally cum. Only when she reached the first stubbles of her shaven mound, she remembered to not go any farther, or she would get zapped again. In her heat she had almost forgotten. Quickly she took the vibe and turned it on and set it on the mattress, holding it at the lower end with her hand. She was hoping she could fuck herself silly on it, without getting zapped. When the tip of the vibe touched her pussy lips she moaned and could feel herself open up. Slowly she lowered her pelvis, driving the vibe into her love-channel. Her heart started to beat faster and faster and she could feel her mind slipping into a pink cloud of arousal and need. Forgetting all caution she shoved the little vibe all the way up into her vagina, and then let out a high-pitched scream of hurt, anger and frustration. She had gotten zapped by that damned piercing. All her sexy feelings were gone, the perfect interruption before anything could happen. She swore and threw the vibrator against the door, shattering it into pieces.

Before she could do anything else, the door opened and Claire came in.

She stood there, her arms akimbo, and she said “I heard you scream, and I heard something hit the door – did you do anything you shouldn’t?”

Assessing the situation, she quickly knew what must have happened. Kate stood in front of her bed, naked, her juices of need still running down her legs, and the small vibe she had left intentionally where it has been lay broken up right in front of her.

“Didn’t I tell you already several times that you are not to cum without my permission? Didn’t I tell you to not touch yourself? You are mine now!” Claire was furious, shut the door behind herself and grabbed Kate by her wrist. She pushed her towards the bed, making her fall on it. Leaving her there, she went to fetch a thin very short dress and threw it to Kate.

“Don’t say a word, put that dress on, get into your red shoes and come with me – I’ll give you one minute.”

After that she left Kate alone and waited outside in the hallway, looking at the clock there. 40 seconds later, Kate came out, wearing just the dress and her shoes. Awkwardly standing in the door, she clasped her elbows and asked in a tiny voice “Where are we going?”

Claire took hold of her and pushed her along while walking down the hallway towards the exit. “You will see,” she said. Reaching her car, she opened the passenger door and told Kate to sit down and buckle up, closing the door behind her as Kate complied.


I think this is my second to last submission. I have one more piece on my mind, and that’s it. Anyone wants to take over?

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