Katy in St. Lucia Pt. 01

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My wife Katy and I have just arrived home after a two week summer holiday in St Lucia and the things that took place on our holiday mean that our marriage, only two years in length, will never be the same again…

I know I am extremely lucky to be married to Katy who is a very beautiful 28 year old woman. She has a very pretty face with stunning deep blue eyes, long blonde hair and she possesses a fantastic body with 34C rounded breasts and lovely thin and shapely legs. She’s been asked a few times to do modelling but she enjoys her job in leisure management too much.

She is also a lovely girl with a great personality and a warm heart which makes her popular with everyone she meets.

We met whilst at University and started going out with each other after she had broken up with one of the rugby team. She told me that he was an arrogant bastard and that I was the polar opposite in terms of personality and our relationship survived the rest of college and a year after graduating we moved in together.

Our sex life was fantastic. Despite an exterior personality of being a ‘good girl’ Katy was a real firecracker in bed. I had only slept with one girl before her and according to Katy she had only ever slept with the rugby player and a boy from school that she had lost her virginity to, at the age of 18.

I loved our life together and with us both getting good jobs, then buying a house and getting married, our life together was fantastic and promised so much for the future.

Like any young couple, we had sex as much as possible and were adventurous in xslot terms of trying out new positions and using role play in the bedroom. At times Katy was insatiable and I loved seeing her amazing body as I made love to her, hearing her squeals of delight as she climaxed.

One night feeling kinky, we experimented with porn and used our TV to search the internet for suitable websites. I realise now that this was a turning point although I didn’t know it at the time. We looked at a few videos randomly and Katy was amazed at the various video categories that existed.

‘What is interracial?’ she asked as we were searching through the categories. I told her that I presumed it featured interracial sex between black and white couples and she eagerly told me we should have a look.

As I pressed play on the video, a small part of my stomach churned. I knew from going to the gym that I wasn’t the most well hung man in the world and although Katy had never complained, I had a slight concern that she would make the obvious comparison with me and the men in the videos. I had myself been shocked by some of the sizes of the penises of the black guys at our gym which put mine to shame so knew that watching such interracial videos carried a risk.

The one we watched contained a blonde girl who was pretty but not as stunning as Katy and she took on a black guy who possessed a massive prick when she sprung it from his pants to give him head.

‘That thing can’t be real!’ I laughed nervously as the blonde got to work on the massive black schlong but Katy xslot Giriş didn’t answer. She was glued to the tv screen and just murmured ‘Yes’ as the action continued. Her gorgeous mouth was wide open and her nipples were erect as she lay on our bed and continued to watch the video with eager attention at what she was seeing.

The video continued with the black guy eating out the blonde as she cried out in ecstasy. I have to admit that the contrast in colour between the blonde girl and the big black man was a turn on and my 6 inch cock responded accordingly.

‘Lick me baby’ Katy said without looking at me but with her eyes fixed to the tv screen so I moved to the bottom of the bed and began to lick her clit and pussy all over. She was soaking wet with juices flowing from her as I used my tongue on her.

I couldn’t see the tv from my position below her but from the noise it sounded like the black guy had begun fucking the blonde girl and I looked up at Katy who was still fixated on the screen. Still not looking at me, she quietly but sexily said, ‘Oh my God his cock is so huge!’

I went back to her pussy but it wasn’t long before her climax came and as she orgasmed with my tongue on her clit, I heard her murmur quietly ‘big black cock, big black cock.’ As the video continued we lay for a bit but I was now rock hard and had to fuck her so I got on top and entered her divine wet pussy before pumping away for a minute or so and coming hard into her.

Katy and I lay in each others arms whilst the video went onto it’s conclusion which xslot Güncel Giriş saw the black guy pull his mammoth cock out after fucking her for ages and spray his seed all over the boobs of the blonde girl. Katy to my surprise had started playing with herself by this point and she climaxed again softly saying, ‘big black cock’ once again.

We drifted off to sleep and didn’t talk about what had happened the next morning but I was haunted by her reaction to the interracial video all day at work. She seemed to be transfixed at the sight of the black guy and his huge cock and although it turned me on immensely, there was a bit of me that was concerned at how much she had been into what she had seen and the words that she spoke as she had come.

I also knew that we had booked a 2 week vacation in St Lucia staying at the Sandals resort and that we were only 2 weeks away from leaving. I resolved not to bring up what had happened the previous night with Katy unless she did with me and luckily it wasn’t mentioned by either of us, we didn’t return to any internet porn and our preparation for our first Caribbean holiday all went smoothly.

Katy showed me some of the sexy bikinis and lingerie that she had bought for our trip and I couldn’t wait to see her modelling them in St Lucia. The last two weeks before the holiday flew by and before I knew it we were landing on the island and in the bus en route to the resort.

I had been used to men checking Katy out throughout our relationship but at the airport and in the reception at Sandals she seemed to be a magnet for the eyes of seemingly every black man who seemed to be intent on staring at my beautiful young wife.

Although Katy seemed oblivious to all of the attention, I however felt a churning in my stomach, even if, at this stage, I didn’t know why…

To be continued…

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