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Lacy was exhausted and irritable. She had been unable to sleep more that an hour at a time for the past week. The temperature had climbed above 100′ and remained in the low 90’s at night. It was sultry and humid as only it can get in the deep south. Lacy had tried everything to find relief from the oppressive heat.

She stood now at her window watching the sky lighten. The sun would break over the horizon any minute now creating another furnace blast for her to endure. She sighed and started to turn from the window when the field workers emerged from the cook house to head to the fields. She nodded her head. It was smart of them to go very early before the terrible heat.

Lacy didn’t have any particular regard for the workers beyond the fact that they were valuable property. They were, after all, only slaves. She was, however, much kinder to them than Martin with his brutish temper.While she watched men, women and children file off toward the field, her eyes were drawn to the last one to leave. It was Thomas. He was Mandingo, big and powerfully built. Muscles rippled up and down his arms and torso when he moved. He bent to hoist a small, laughing, child upon his shoulders. They had had him for almost six years

As Lacy watched Thomas, she felt a warm tingle around her pelvic area , but dismissed it as another result of the oppressive heat. She would never admit that it might be in any way sexual. She had no interest in sex and certainly no interest that involved a slave. Martin had made sure she felt no interest with his brutal rutting.

Even this early in the morning, perspiration gleamed on Thomas’ shoulders, accenting the massive bronze body. He wore only baggy sackcloth pants tied at the waist with a piece of rope. The loose fitting pants did nothing to hide his magnificent physic. His back was furrowed with deep scars from the whip. Lacy loved to watch him .There was a sensual rhythm to his every move. She was unwittingly leaning farther out the window to watch when he suddenly looked up at her.

Lacy felt an electric charge jolt her body. She knew she should turn away, but was powerless to do so. He raised a hand in greeting. She nodded her head in return. His smoldering eyes seem to bore into Lacy’s for a full minute, then he turned to follow the others. She was momentarily angry at his impertinence. How dare he be so familiar! The anger didn’t last long and

Her eyes followed him until he was out of sight. She could not understand what had happened to her. She was numb, unable to control her emotions.

What was the matter with her? She was a married woman, a pillar of the community. What she was feeling was unbelievable.Martin had taught her that sex was a painful and brutal act enjoyed only by the man. After her wedding night, Lacy had never felt sexual arousal. She couldn’t possibly feel any sexual feelings for a slave! My heavens! That was unheard of and also against the law. Although white men routinely used the black women for their pleasure, a black man would be beaten half to death just for looking at a white woman. Touching one was a killing offense.

Try as she might, Lacy could not control the heat that was coursing through her loins. It’s got to be this interminable heat, she thought. Everyone is getting out of sorts. For the first time in her married life she wished Martin was here instead of off to Atlanta for the multi-state meeting to discuss the rumors that President Lincoln was threatening to abolish slavery.

Although Lacy was never involved in the financial affairs of the plantation, she was aware that they had a large fortune tied up in the slaves. After all, it took a lot of workers to operate a 3,000-acre plantation. The Randalls, like many of their neighbors, would be severely hurt if they lost the slaves.

Lacy tried to think of those things and not about the feral sexuality Thomas exuded.

When the workers came in from the fields for their dinner, her eyes once again sought Thomas. He carried himself proudly, xslot tall and erect. That pride had won him many welts and cuts from the whip, but they failed to extinguish his proud arrogance. Thomas took off his hat and wiped his forehead with a forearm. Lacy felt the tension mount in her pelvic area. She sighed and wondered how it would feel to lay in those strong arms. Did one of the female slaves enjoy his attentions?

Lacy could stand it no longer.. Never in her life had she felt such uncontrolled desire. She had never truly desired sex and was unprepared for all that was happening to her. She felt a sudden panic at the wetness that was trickling down her thighs.

She wanted Thomas!

She called Mandy, her maid, and told her to fill a cool bath for her. She had to do something to ease the fever coursing through her. She paced the floor and went several times to the window hoping to catch glimps of Thomas

My god, she thought, what’s happening to me? This heat is driving me crazy.

After her cool bath she did more pacing . she advised the cook on the evenings meal. She yelled at Mandy and told her how lazy she was. She did anything she could think of to fill the time and take her mind off the burning in her lower regions. Finally, after the evening meal she heard the Negroes singing and all the workers had settled down to their rest, Lacy decided to go for a walk down by the creek. There was a lovely weeping willow there and perhaps there might be a cool breeze by the water. She could dangle her feet in the water and cool off. Perhaps that would help to extinguish the forbidden desire that was ravaging her body.

As Lacy neared the stream, she thought she heard splashing so she went quietly up to the willow. Her breath caught in her throat! Thomas was in the water up to his waist. He didn’t see Lacy and she didn’t call out to him. She just stood there silently devouring him with her eyes .Thomas ducked under the water and when he came up, the sparkling water running off his body sent electric shivers over her body.

Lacy’s body trembled. Uncontrollable hunger swept her toward the water and Thomas. She HAD to be near him. Had to feel those powerful arms around her.

Lacy was wearing a thin dress of batiste over a light camisole. Even so, she felt as if the material was plastered to her. Lacy lifted her dress up to her knees( Scandalous!) and walked to the water’s edge.

“Would you help me into the water, Thomas”? she asked.

Thomas just about fell over. What was the Missus doing here? and wanting in the water with him at that.

Lacy smiled sweetly and held her hand out to be helped into the water.

“Miss Lacy,” Thomas sputtered. “what ya’ll doing? Ya’ll shouldn’t be here.”

“Nonsense” she told him. “I’m hot and I want to cool off, too. Now help me before I slip on a slick rock”.

Nothing for it but Thomas had to do as he was told. He stuck out a trembling hand, took hers and led her into the shallow water. He was leaning forward trying to stay in the deeper water while he maneuvered her into the shallows, but Lacy was having none of that. She managed a convincing slip and fell toward Thomas. He instinctively grabbed her to keep her from falling.

Lacy flung her arms around Thomas’ neck and clung on. His body felt like iron. Every muscle sculpted from hours of hard work. Lacy clung tightly against him.

He was naked!

Thomas was visibly shaken. This was a dangerous predicament. If anyone saw her wrapped around his neck like that he was a dead man. He tried unsuccessfully to push her away from him.

Lacy pressed her body against him and felt a quick response from his male organ. She nuzzled into his neck and pressed tighter against him. She could feel the full length of his penis through the thin dress .

“Hold me, Thomas”, she whispered.

“Miss Lacy, this ain’t right” the worried Thomas pleaded.

Lacy stood on her tiptoes and placed a kiss full on His lips.

“Hold xslot Giriş me Thomas,” she whispered “touch me”

In spite of his fears, Thomas was responding and felt heat rising in his groin. His cock was becoming rock hard. He let his hand slip down to cup her breast. She was grinding her pelvis against his swollen member.

Thomas was hot blooded and didn’t need a lot of coaxing. He lifted her in his arms and carried her out on the grass under the willow. He lay her down gently and sat down beside her. He untied the laces on her bodice and pushed the fabric aside. His hand was cool when he cupped her bare breast in his large hand. He bent to kiss the nipple and tease it with his tongue.

Lacy was burning up She took his other hand and pushed it between her legs. Thomas wasted no time . He teased her swollen clitoris and rubbed his finger up and down her wet pussy until she was moaning for more. She was wild, clawing and writhing beneath him. She pushed him back and grabbed his cock. It was so large her hand barely circled it. She bent forward and licked the velvety head with her tongue. Thomas went wild.

Lacy had never had oral sex , but somehow it seemed the right thing to do with Thomas. He guided her mouth down over the big bronze rod and she sucked as though she would never get enough. He placed his hands on the sides of her head and held her as he pumped his cock in and out of her mouth.

His breath was literally being thorn from him in ragged gasps. Lacy was moaning and pumping her hips as Thomas plunged two of his fingers deep into her sex starved pussy in time with her sucking.

Thomas forgot about the danger. At this moment there wasn’t anyone or anything in the world. Nobody except Lacy and the hot, wet white pussy he was about to dip his pecker into.

Thomas had always heard white women were cold, why else was white men always coming around for the black women? but Lacy was surely giving the lie to that rumor. She was hotter than any black wench he had ever bedded. He pushed her away from his penis, crawled over her and slid it slowly into Lacy’s waiting depth. She was so tight that it took Thomas a few gentle strokes before he was able to get all the way in.

“If I’m too big just tell me and I’ll hold back”. He told her. Lacy wanted it all and slammed her hips up to meet him. Nothing had ever felt so heavenly!

Lacy was frantically trying to touch Thomas all over. If she could she would have pulled him into her own body. Wave after wave of pleasure filled her. She was so lost in the wonder of her feelings that she was unprepared when her body exploded in a shattering climax. Her nails tore flesh from his back. Thomas gave two powerful plunges and barely jerked his cock out in time to spill his juices onto her belly.

Crickets and frogs filled the sultry air with their evening chorus. To Lacy it seemed they were performing just for her, celebrating her new sexual awakening. She snuggled closer to Thomas luxuriating in the feeling of closeness. Until this morning she would never have believed she could feel such warmth toward another person. Or that she could be such a wonton slut and love every second of it.

“We will definitely do this again” she told him. “ tonight you slip into my bedroom after the servants are asleep”

Suddenly, before Thomas could answer, their reverie was shattered!

“Now ain’t that a pretty sight?” a nasty sounding voice snickered.

Thomas and Lacy sprang up. Lacy frantically grabbed her dress and held it in front of her. Thomas pushed her behind him, expecting the worst.

Jake Crawley stepped out from his hiding place behind some thick brush. He had been watching them the whole time. He was a dirty, shriveled, mean little man with a terrible reputation. Worst of all, he was a slave trader.

Thomas and Lacy both knew Jake could kill Thomas now and nothing would be done about it. They held their breath, waiting for Jake to lift the xslot Güncel Giriş rifle he carried and fire at Thomas, or even at her.

Jake looked Lacy up and down with a bold lecherous stare. He chewed his lower lip for a minute deciding what to do with them. After a few thoughtful minutes of agony for the lovers, Jake made his decision.

“Git going nigger,” he told Thomas. He swung his head toward the house for emphasis.” Go on now before I change my mind”

Thomas looked at Lacy for direction and she nodded for him to go. He was reluctant to leave Lacy with this hated man.

As soon as Thomas was gone, Jake moved to Lacy and tore the dress from her trembling hands.

“Now,” he said, spitting tobacco juice .”Let’s see what we have here.”

Lacy slapped his hand away.Jake’s bony hand snaked out grabbing her wrist , twisting it cruelly.

“what’s the matter? Not good enough for you , Missy?”Jake forced Lacy back against the tree and held her there with his shoulder. She scratched and kicked wildly, trying to break free . His stinking breath filled her nostrils making her gag as he tried to kiss her. Unable to gain control of her, he slapped her hard across the mouth.” Now be still,” he ordered.

“You got one choice,” he grated out. “You behave and give me what I want and I won’t tell your husband what I just witnessed”.

Lacy kicked wildly at him and spat in his face.

He turned from her to reach his pack that lay just beyond his feet. Lacy grew frightened as she saw him pick up a pair of shackles. He roughly circled her wrist with one end and wrapped the chain around the tree before fastening the other end to Lacy’s other wrist. When he had her secured he bent to pick up the whip he used on the slaves.

“Now, we can do this the easy way or not. Makes me no difference.” He slid a rough hand down Lacy’s breast and abdomen and shoved a hand between her legs. Lacy tried to force her legs tightly together, making Jake angry.

“You want another slap, bitch? You didn’t seem to mind letting that black buck fuck you and now I’m gonna fuck you. You might even like it.” Jake gave an insane giggle. He was untying the rope that held up his grimy pants with one hand while he tortured Lacys vagina with his other.

Jake kicked off the loose pants and came toward Lacy, his scrawny penis erect.

Lacy was hysterical. She wished with all her might that Martin was here now. His brutality was more welcome than this dirty little man.

Or Thomas….but Jake would kill him if he returned. Lacy continued to squirm and avoid the jabs of Jake’s penis as he tried unsuccessfully to gain entrance. He was becoming frustrated and angrier. He was a violent man by nature and delighted in cruelty. He laughed a nasty laugh when he hit Lacy a resounding blow to the temple. She crumpled forward in the chains.

Jake move in to claim his prize. He was going to like fucking this high and mighty bitch. She had always stuck her nose in the air when he came to see Martin about selling him slaves.

He pushed her legs apart with a knee and prepared to plunge into her.

He smiled as he guided his penis to the entrance , but he never gained entrance.

Suddenly there was a loud crack of a carbine. Jake grunted and crumpled to the ground holding his chest. Blood oozed out between his fingers.

He uttered one word before he died.


Martin Randall dismounted from his horse and rushed to Lacy. He viciously kicked Jake’s body over looking for the key to the shackles.

When Lacy was free she fell against Martin sobbing in her relief. When she had dressed, a confederate officer who had waited discreetly in the bushes came forward.

“Martin, thank God you came back.”

“Just in the nick of time, too.’ Martin said.

“I thought you would be gone a lot longer. Why are you back early?”

“Lincoln has declared war. I will be leaving as soon as I get a few things settled here.”

One week later Lacy and all the slaves gathered to say goodbye to Martin and the confederate officer.. He ordered Thomas to take care of the plantation and Miss Lacy in his absence.

Thomas gave his solemn word he would take care of everything the best he could.

The end

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