Ladies Tailor Ch. 02

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Autumn Falls

Nitu was dismal. It had been 3 weeks now. 3 weeks and 2 days. After the first and last time fucking her in his shop, Raj had completely ignored her. He had even sent her sleeveless suit to her house by messenger.

She had called him at the shop so many times, but either there was no answer or if he picked up he said he was busy. Every night she lay in bed twisting and turning, yearning the touch of those hands again. The memory of that degrading fucking made her pussy wet whenever she thought about it. And she thought about it a lot. The result was that she was constantly turned on these days. She looked at guys differently. In malls, in office, even at home with the hired help, when she looked a guy she thought if he could use her like a slut! Then she felt ashamed of herself.

Last week she had finally broken down and gone to the tailor shop without an appointment. Raj had looked out and asked her what she wanted. She had blurted out, “I want you to fuck me like a slut.” And he had simply replied, “I am a little busy at the moment, can you come back later? I will call you.” She had never felt so humiliated in her life.

But even at that moment, the prime emotion in her mind was disappointment. She went back to her car with her head bowed with shame and suddenly realized that she was completely soaked in her panties! God! What had he done to her! She had never craved for a guy like that before! Men lusted after her body, she was the one to tease and laugh. This guy was driving her crazy and by doing nothing!! Nothing at all!!! He was simply ignoring her!

A week had passed since he said, “I will call you!” but he had not. She, on the other hand, had called him the next day itself but with no result. She had almost lost hope, but still her pussy tingled only at the thought of his hands and his cock. She had begun to think if she should try some of the horny men at the club but she had little hope there.

There were a lot of men in the club and all of them drooled after her firm, sexy ass in those tight, short clothes she wore but none of them looked like they could handle a slut in the body of a respectable lady! And that was her problem.

Men did ask to dance with her and she did. And yes, they all wanted to fuck her, their hands groped her sexy body at the first opportunity but she felt like she was trying the amateurs after being handled by the best and the most expert already. Any time a man tried to touch her in a non-gentlemanly way she would look hard at him, giving him her lady-offended look and he would wilt. He would move his hands to a more respectable position and apologize.

She seethed internally when this happened. These were not men, they were sheep! Sheep pretending to be wolf! Raj had never given her a chance to give him that look. She was sure he could handle her looks and more.

The big party was less than a week away and she had lost hope of getting that ultra-sexy minidress from Raj in time. She was just putting her purse down on the drawing room table, thinking all these thoughts when the phone rang. She walked to the bar and picked up the phone on the wooden counter.

Her heart jumped in her chest when she heard Raj’s voice. She heard his next words in a state of dreaminess, he wanted her to come over today, this evening, for the first fitting of her dress! He was asking her if she had time to come now. She said yes. He said to come in a couple of hours and hung up.

Nitu put down the receiver and realized that her body was tingling, from head to toe. But then another train of thought rolled into her mind. He had sounded very businesslike on the phone. He didn’t ask after her or behave at all like he knew her other than as a client. And all his remarks were related to the work only. Did he want to call her just for the dress? Hmmm, she would make sure it’s not just business.

She picked up her purse and started climbing the stairs towards her bedroom with the intention of picking the hottest, sluttiest dress she could. And these days she had the sluttiest the malls had to offer.

After much deliberation, she chose a pure white minidress that was made in a “toga” style. There was a pair of straps that tied behind her neck, then these straps widened coming down towards her boobs so they barely, just about, covered her big, firm tits with a single layer of fabric. Even now, her nipples were hard and they could be seen poking through the white fabric. When the straps moved lower on her belly, they were scrunched so they xslot left her belly fully bare, her belly button was on display. The straps widened in a fan style, as they joined the skirt part of her dress. The skirt part was not tight but not flaring a lot, which was good as it ended just an inch below her ass.

Her back was fully bare, not even a single strap or string on it, right up to the point where her ass crack was about to start. There was no possibility of a bra in this slutty dress, and she had no intention of wearing panties.

She put on 6″ high stiletto heels that accentuated her ass in that short dress in a really erotic way. The heels had fake-diamond stones on the instep, glittering in real Hollywood style. As she bent over to strap up the heels on her calves she looked behind her in the mirror, yes, her ass and even her pussy could be seen from behind if she bent. Lovely!

She chose hanging, diamond earrings and made her hair in such a way that on the left side her locks were contained by her ear but on the right side it covered her cheek. She sprayed her expensive, Paris original perfume, under her arms, under her breasts, and some on her thighs, very close to her pussy.

She took a long look at the finished product in the mirror. Her body was so much on display. She looked like a slut, but a classy slut. She was so aroused by now, her pussy was more than moist. But she didn’t want to play with it. She wanted his hands on her, his fingers in her pussy…! “Oh God! I must stop thinking or I’ll cum before I get to the car!”

She took a woolen, open-weave shawl to wrap around her and it increased her sexual look, if anything.

It was only a 15 minute drive but her body was on fire, and only got hotter as she got closer to her destination.

She walked to his shop with a loudly beating heart, though she kept her stride even and sexy, her tight ass swaying as she entered.

Even before the jingle of the overhead bells died, she heard Raj’s voice from the inner room, “Come on in.”

She took off her shawl, put it on the back of a chair. And she walked into the inner room.


Raj was sitting in a chair in the corner, with his measurements notebook on the shelf, making some notations.

“Hi Raj!” Nitu tried to keep her voice normal and sexy. And it did sound sweet and melodious to Raj. He turned to look at her.

He smiled and said, “Can you close that door?”, nodding towards the small door she had entered through.

Her heart skipped a beat as she turned to close the door. Last time he had not closed the door. What’s he planning?

“Come. Take your position here.” Raj invited her to come stand in the center as last time, as he stood up and start walking towards her.

Nitu stood in the same position and held her hands behind her back. She opened her legs wide keeping no pretense of being a respectable socialite lady. She wanted him and she wanted him to know it. She pushed her ass suggestively back so her dress would hike up a bit.

As he made a small, tight circle around her, he could see that she had dressed with care. Her body was not only gorgeous, it was inviting! He let his fingers run slowly on her bare back as he mentioned, “I have been really busy, the load of work is pretty bad!”

Nitu didn’t say anything just loved his touch on her bare body.

“I am thinking about hiring an assistant.” He continued his talk and the circling, his fingers now, softly caressing her soft, shapely neck.

Standing in front of her he adjusted the straps of her dress, playing with her tits indirectly, as he continued, “That’s why your dress also took so long to do.”

She nodded at this.

He put his hand on her bare thigh and press lightly outward. She immediately and obediently spread her legs wider.

The way he was talking casual non-sense as he was playing with her body intimately, it was driving her crazy. She didn’t know what to expect, and that was making her pussy drip. She could feel her juices ooze out of her tight, excited cunt and drip on her thigh.

He moved behind her again. His hands kept moving on her back, touching and caressing her soft back, moving lower and lower, “So when’s the party?” he asked as his hands grabbed her tight ass cheeks lightly.

“Mnnnh…next Friday.” She replied with some difficulty, trying to push her ass more into his hands.

“Great! xslot Giriş You must be looking forward to it.” Even as he made small talk, his hands moved under her super-short dress and started fondling her sexy, tight ass cheeks, his fingers between her thighs, almost touching her freshly shaven pussy.

Her breathing became heavier. Her nipples were already so hard they were aching, and so clearly poking through the white, thin fabric of her sexy dress.

His fingers softly touched her soft pussy lips one fingertip even touching her slit before he took his hands out, placing them on her waist. Then around the curve on her thighs, caressing softly. He brought his face very close to hers, from behind and whispered in her ear, “This is also a nice dress.” His breath was so hot on her neck and chest, that Nitu felt a hot chill go down her body, setting her pussy on fire.

His hands moved up and cupped her tits; in that totally revealing dress he could actually touch and knead her tits without taking it off. Nitu’s head automatically lifted skywards as he proceeded to knead and crush her firm tits in his big, strong hands. A soft moan escaped her lips.

He touched his tongue on her spine, right between her shoulder blades and licked up towards her neck. All the while his hands, crushing her soft tits through her strong fingers, pinching her erect nipples through the fabric of her dress that felt strangely coarse and so erotic on her body. She kept whimpering like a kitten. “unnnnh…aaanh…mmm!”

He continued to play with her soft, supple breasts standing very close behind her. His long hard rod pressed on her ass and adjusted itself right between her firm, perfectly shaped ass cheeks. She could feel the heat emanating from his hard stick as he pressed it in her ass crack, still kneading her tits and his mouth came on her neck and started sucking slowly. She almost came!

His lips touched on the side of her soft neck, she felt the hot, wet touch of his tongue and her pussy started flowing like a stream, her thighs soaked in her pussy juices. “Oh, please take me!”, she blurted out, losing all control, her mind in a sex-starved frenzy.

He sucked her neck harder and then whispered in her ear, “So you want to try the dress first or you want me to fuck you first?”

Nitu tried to control her breathing before replying, “Please fuck me. Fuck me, now! I want you so bad!”

“Do you remember what you became last time?”, he pulled on her earlobe, his hot breath on her chest was driving her wild!

How could she forget! “Yes, I am your slut.. Please fuck me like your slut!”, she begged.

Grabbing her hair in a tight grip he smoothly bent her over the same table as last time and she gasped as he slapped her ass hard enough to make it sting all the way up her spine.

“Spread your legs, slut!”, he ordered and she immediately obeyed, moving her high-heeled foot another foot to the right, so she was opened wide, her private parts on display.

Her head was swimming, her whole body electrified with desire as she waited for him. She could hear the rustle of clothing behind her and then he lifted her short dress and jammed his hard, thick cock up into her wet cunt in one powerful thrust!

“Ow-eee!”, she screamed, surprised at the roughness of his first stroke. With the big beast buried deep in her tight cunt, she could feel its throbbing through her body. He undid the straps behind her neck and the dress top fell forward, exposing her firm, proud breasts, with the nipples standing erect like steel points.

He grabbed the sexy, firm tits in his big hands and started kneading them as he pulled his cock slowly out of her hungry pussy.

“You are no longer the gorgeous Goddess, Nitu”, he said as his cock slowly slithered out of her wet pussy, “Now, you are a slut, my slut!” and with that he slammed the thick, long shaft so hard into her soft, little cunt that her whole body jerked forward, her head lifting up to scream again, “Oh my Godddd!”

“Yes, sir. I am your slut!”, she agreed, “Please use your slut, Sir.” The responses came naturally to her, her whole consciousness was focused on this raw hunger, she was hungry for him, only for him. He started pounding her tight, wet, juicy cunt in hard, deep thrusts that rocked her body.

She collapsed forward on the table as her first orgasm hit her. She didn’t realize how hard she was screaming, with every thrust she yelped like a puppy as he took her with xslot Güncel Giriş the rough force that overtook her whole body.

He kept pounding her wet cunt with long, merciless thrusts and her orgasm seemed to go on forever, filling her whole body with a feeling like she was inside a firework.

As she became more conscious after the first orgasm, he grabbed her silky, soft hair and jerked her head back, jamming his big cock deep into her hot, soaked cunt harder and harder.

He pounded into her soft, gorgeous body like he owned her, using her with a rough, animalistic force that made her lose all sense of reality other than that she was his slut.

And then she felt his huge load filling her pussy, like hot lava from an explosion. His thrusts got rougher and jerky, fucking her wet cunt in a series of unpredictable thrusts. she thought about her position, a society lady, well-respected, feared, desired and worshipped! And here she was accepting the hot seeds of this man she hardly knew. She came again, her juices mixing with his, her body jerking in powerful convulsions as if the thought of her degradation was a trigger for her erotic release.

This one didn’t last as long but made her whole body tingle with a sensation she had not known before. Tears dropped from her eyes as she collapsed on the table a second time.

Raj let her stay there for two minutes. Then he pulled her up by her hair and forced her down on her knees before him. He told her that he expected his slut to clean his cum-soaked cock, with her tongue!

Nitu was surprised that she didn’t find it surprising. She started licking their mixed juices from his cock with an expertise that surprised even her. She wanted to please him and keep him happy!


He didn’t dress as he had her take the same position in the center of the room and helped her put on her new dress that he was making for her. As he adjusted the various parts of the dress on her body, his fingers moved with familiar dexterity touching her very indecently and unexpectedly in any part of her body.

“So what charity is the party for?”, he talked only of the dress or the party but his fingers were touching her bare tits, kneading them as he fit them into the generous neckline of the dress.

She moaned and groaned with her replies which she had to think hard for, but he ignored them and went about teasing her into a state of helpless arousal. Her body was hungry again as he slapped her ass and started talking about how the dress fitted on her well-shaped behind.

“Do you like the neck straps?”, he was standing in front of her, talking about the dress but his fingers were under the dress, two fingers going smoothly up into her tight cunt opening her tight little pussy hole wide.

“Mmmmm, yesss!”, she replied.

“Your husband going to be in that party?”, he asked casually as he fingered her wet pussy, her juices leaking on his fingers.

“Yessss!”, she replied with a gasp. His style of casually touching and using her was driving her crazy with horniness.

“I am going to fuck you in that party.”, he commented casually, still fingering her cunt.

“What!!?”, her heart almost jumped out of her chest, and she started blabbering, “No…you can’t..impossible….you can’t even..can’t even come into the party..invitation only..”

He simply smiled, “I am going to use my slut in that party. Are you my slut, Nitu?”

“Yes, Sir. I am your slut!” She bowed her head.

Moving carefully with practiced ease he took the new dress off of her and with the same efficiency laid her down on the carpet. Quiet casually and without saying a word he simply got on top of her and entered her.

It was his casualness that made Nitu gasp as she felt his throbbing beast enter her wet cunt, opening her tight hole wide to fit his big, fat shaft.

He proceeded to fuck her brains out like she belonged to him. She came as his mouth touched the side of her neck, sucking on her soft, sweet body!

He felt her orgasm and start pounding her harder, making her cum more and more, her body jerking up in response to every thrust from his powerful cock.

She came again in 2 minutes, her body felt like she was floating on air. Every inch of her body could feel the electric current that passed right through her. And then just as she was feeling calmed, he exploded deep in her cunt, shooting a big load of his burning hot cum into her pussy. That triggered another explosion of her own and her body spasmed, her pussy tightening around his cock that rammed hard and deep into her cunt hole.

Again she cleaned his cock like an obedient slut, feeling happy and content.

Then he told her to come 2 days later for the “final fitting” and sent her home!

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