Lisa Loses Her Virginity

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It was early in the summer vacation, and I was enjoying the time off. I teach at an all-girls school and am blessed to see hot teen vixens every day in class. I have made it a rule never to fool around with them, even though some of them seem to be teasing me, tempting me to fuck them. I came close to fucking a student but got by the student part on a technicality. My cock started to stiffen as I recalled that time, two years ago.

School had been the usual routine, nothing too special. There were of course the hot, sexy vixens who were made for fucking and sucking. One of them, Lisa Bowles, was 18, and ready to graduate. She was very hot, 5’9″ tall, a solid 145 pounds, with luscious tits, a fabulous ass, and a nice wide set of hips. She was a green-eyed redhead, with a shoulder-length mane of light copper-colored hair, and eyes the color of jade. I am a sucker for redheads.

With Lisa in class, I spent many a time after class stroking my cock to the vision of Lisa, wondering if she was a true redhead, imagining the feel of plunging into her redheaded pussy, until my cock exploded, gushing thick ropes of spunk into a towel.

I noticed that Lisa was wearing a dress to school every Friday, and she had great legs. The desks in the room are arranged in tiers, like a university classroom. This gave me a great view of her legs. She noticed me looking at her legs one Friday, and she hiked her skirt higher. I was stunned and looked at her face. She gave me a lustful smile, letting me know that I could keep looking, I did!

She was in the last class of the day, and when the bell rang, everyone got up and gathered their things together. I was tidying my desk up and heard the door to my classroom close. Since it is usually left open, I looked up, and there she was. She stepped down the tiers until she was at the right height.

“Mr. Richards, I saw the way you were checking out my legs. Want to know what kind of panties I’m wearing? Wonder no more!”

With that, she reached down and pulled her skirt up above her waist. I saw her pussy just barely covered by a thin triangle of red silk. My cock started to throb, and Lisa saw my pants tent up. With a smile, she turned around, and let me see the thin strap of her thong that ran up between her ass cheeks, giving me a clear view of her luscious globes.

She giggled, “I can see that you like it. And next Friday, I will give you another view. I love buying hot new panties, thinking about showing them off to the sexiest teacher in school. Every Friday, I will wear a dress, and let you see my latest buy. And, I think I know what you’ll be doing this weekend. Anyway, I’m going to go home now, so you can go home and stroke off that big cock of yours. Have a great weekend Mr. Richards!”

She was so right. My cock was throbbing, and all the way home, it stayed rock hard. I got home, stripped, and in no time was lying back on my bed, stroking my throbbing shaft. My cock started to boil, I knew I was gonna explode damn soon. I ran her sexy show over in my mind, then switched gears, imagining her spread out on my bed, her mane of red hair spread out over the pillow, her legs apart, her hips tilted up, her red-haired beaver upthrust and ready for me, placing my cock-head against her steamy entrance than slowly sinking my entire 8 inches deep into her. That did it, and as I fucked her wildly in my mind, my cock started to pulse wildly, shooting out thick streams of spunk.

Next Friday, as she said, she was again wearing a dress. Knowing what was going to happen, my cock stiffened up just seeing her entering class. After class, she again closed and locked the door. Taking her position in front of me, on the first tier, she raised her skirt up with a smile. This time, she was wearing snow-white, shiny satin panties. After letting my eyes feast on her front, she turned around. the panties had a tanga-style bottom, which left half of her glorious globes naked to my gaze. She repeated the display, so I could fill my mind with the sight.

She said, “That’s the latest pair, Mr. Richards. So, you have a wonderful, stroke-filled weekend, and we’ll do this again next Friday, good night Mr. Richards!”

At home and naked, I started to stroke my throbbing prick. This time, I imagined her on all fours, with her ass upthrust and ready. Her head was on a pillow, and she turned her head to me, her lips covered with a thick coating of shiny red lipstick. She pursed her lips in a sucking motion, then formed fuck me, fuck me, with her lips, and I thrust into her, wishing I could fuck her pussy and her mouth at the same time, getting that red lipstick smeared all over my cock as I fucked her mouth. That did it, and as my imagination filled her with hot streams of spunk, the spunk gushed out of my cock wildly.

Every Friday, I would get a fashion show from Lisa. Tanga styles panties, string bikini panties, g string panties, in all different colors. And every weekend, my cock would be pulsing and shooting spunk wildly, as I imagined I was fucking her hot, red-headed beaver as I stroked myself to orgasm.

The Ataşehir Escort last class of the year arrived, and I wondered what Lisa had planned for me. It took a while before the class emptied, what with everyone wanting to say goodbye for the summer. But finally, we were alone.

“This time”, Lisa said, “I wanted to give you this. I am sure you’ve been wondering about this, so here you are.”

She lifted up her skirt and OH FUCK. She was wearing black stockings and a black garter belt. That was hot enough, but this time, she wore no panties. Her sexy tuft of red pubic hair told me that she was indeed a true redhead. My cock was steel hard as she turned, showing me her sexy naked ass.

“I thought you’d like to know that the carpets match the drapes,” she giggled. “And, now, watch this!”

She produced a banana and peeled it. She started to lick at the top of the banana, her tongue running around and around, until she wrapped her lips around the banana, and slid it into her hot mouth. She gave an excellent simulation of oral sex, as she slid the banana in and out of her mouth until she slid it in completely. My cock was stone hard, she slid the banana out, and then she ate it.

She said, “That’s just like the way I want to suck your cock. Mr. Richards, I want you to make love to me, hear me out. I’m over the age of 18, so I’m old enough, as far as the law is concerned. We won’t be doing anything on school property, so the school won’t have anything to get you on. The school season is over, so, if you make love to me, since I have graduated, you won’t be breaking any rules against student-teacher relations.”

Her voice lowered as she said “I’m still a virgin, all the boys want to do is molest us, and get their horny rocks off. I want a real man, someone who is kind, gentle, and loving, to deflower me. I am sure that is you. My Mom started me on the pill so no problems with an unwanted pregnancy. I want you to be the one to introduce me to the wonderful world of lovemaking as it should be, I am hoping you will say yes. And, how would you like to come over to my house right now, and we can have a preview, we’ll masturbate in front of each other!”

No way could I turn that down.

I replied, “Lisa, I would love to be your first. I would love to masturbate with you. And I will make sure that your deflowering is as wonderful as you wish it to be. Shall we set a date for your deflowering?”

She replied, “Yes, I’d love to. How about Friday, July 7?”

“Sounds perfect”, I replied.

“I’ll wait for you in the food court of Centertown Mall, I’ll be there at 11 AM”, she said, “and then you can pick me up, and take me to your place, and introduce me to the wonderful world of lovemaking.”

“Lisa, I look forward to that, and I promise to take your virginity gently, and give you all the pleasure I can. I have a few things to clear up, and I can be at your house in half an hour.”

“Umm, sounds great, my parents are at work until 5:30, and it’s not even Noon yet. See you in 30?”

With my smiling nod, she smiled and slowly lowered her skirt, and we said goodbye, for now.

In 30 minutes, I was ready. I parked the car a half-block away and casually strolled over to her front door.

Lisa answered the door, her face flushed.

“Come on in Mr. Richards,” she said, “and follow me upstairs.”

I did, enjoying the sway of her ass cheeks under her skirt. In the bedroom, she stripped down, at my request, she left on her black stockings and black garter belt. She sat down on her bed, turning her head towards me. I quickly stripped naked and enjoyed her excited gaze when she saw my stiff eight inches, rock hard and ready.

“Um, so big and hard. Is your cock excited, by getting a peek at where he’ll be soon? I know my pussy is excited, look!”

She brought her legs up on the bed and put her feet together. In this position, her legs naturally spread wide for me, and I could see her pussy lips were slightly parted, red and swollen with excitement, glistening with her juices, I could see the dewy wetness of her inner silken flesh.

“Stand by the bed, and stroke that gorgeous cock, will you watch me play with my pussy. When you cum, I want to feel your cum on my body, spray me down with your juicy load. My clit is throbbing, it’s almost painful, I need to cum!”

I started to run my hand up and down my cock. It throbbed, eager to be stroked off. Lisa’s eyes were wide, she reached down. Cupping her mound with one hand, she spread her inner lips open. Her other hand reached down, and she started to run her fingers gently over her glistening lips. She gave a gentle moan, as I started to stroke my cock. I watched her, trying not to shoot off too fast. She watched me, as my hand went up and down my cock, her fingers started to plunge into the glistening wetness. Juicy squelches and her moans of pleasure rose up, and she started to gently strum at her clit. Her moans turned to gasps of pleasure, she started to breathe faster. Soon, she was fingering her clit wildly, I could feel Anadolu Yakası Escort it, my cock was just about at the boiling point.

“Yeah, I’m so ready, Mr. Richards, are you ready?” At my nod, she said, “then let’s do it, let’s cum together, yeah, shoot it, shoot it, I’m cumming, oh yes, oh fuck, yes, yes, YES!!”

As her voice rose to a shriek, I let go, and she howled with pleasure. I grunted and saw the first stream of spunk shoot out, and splatter all over her breasts, my cock continued to pulse, more thick ropes gushed out, splattering her breasts, her belly, her neck, and her face, I grunted as I shot my load, gushing 6 thick ropes of spunk all over her sexy shape. Her orgasm crashed into her, she shuddered and shook as it roared through her.

We floated back down, I grabbed a towel but she told me to leave it on, she wanted to enjoy the sensation of my load all over her, and she would shower it off in a while. To make sure we didn’t just say fuck it, and do it then and there, I got dressed, and she led me to the front door.

Two weeks later, I was ready to go. I had not stroked off since Lisa and I had masturbated together, I wanted to save it all for Lisa’s deflowering, and I was so horny, I almost couldn’t see straight.

At 10:00 AM, I got into my car, and drove to the mall, arriving at 10:30 AM. I entered and made my way to the food court. Scanning the tables, I could see Lisa was not there yet. I took a table where I could watch the entrance and waited. At 10:50, she arrived. She was wearing a dress that fell to just above her knees, and I could see she was wearing a white hose, and she had a sports bag slung over her shoulder. I saw her looking around, then she saw me, and gave me a big smile. She made her way over to my table and sat down.

“Hi Mr. Richards”, she said. Lowering her voice, she continued, “I am so glad my deflowering day has arrived! Are you ready to take my cherry?”

“Lisa, I am so ready”, I replied, “Let’s have a light snack, and then I will take you home, and take your virginity as gently as possible.”

She smiled as she replied, “And I can’t think of a sexier, more wonderful man to give it to! Mr. Richards, I’d like to know your first name.”

I replied, “It’s Anthony, or Tony if you prefer. I like either.”

“OK Tony”, she smiled.

I wondered what was in the sports bag, she must have guessed my wonderment, with a giggle, she told me I would have to wait and see, but she was sure I’d love it. After a light snack, I escorted her to my car. Soon, we were alone in my bedroom.

I drew her into my arms, and I could feel her trembling a bit, as she faced her. I tilted her head up to mine and pressed my lips against hers. Our kiss grew longer and hotter, as she opened her mouth, and our tongues met in a hot, wet kiss. I reached around behind her and unbuttoned her dress. Sliding the shoulders to the sides, her dress dropped off her body, pooling at her feet. I broke the kiss, and stepped back for a look, and what a view.

She was wearing a white garter belt, white stockings, white bra, and white, crotchless panties. Her neatly trimmed tuft of red pubic hair was perfectly framed by the open bottom of the crotchless panties.

She smiled as she said, “Since I am a virgin, I thought it would be nice to give myself to you in all virginal white. Call it my ‘bride presenting herself in virginal white’ fantasy, so you can fuck the virgin right out of me.”

I replied, “Lisa, that is indeed a nice touch, and very sexy, too.”

I slipped my hands around her back, unhooked her bra, and slid it off her shoulders.

“Lisa, I want you to keep your garter belt, stockings, and panties on”, I whispered to her.

She smiled and nodded at me, as her hands started to unbutton my shirt. Soon, I was completely naked to her view. Her eyes grew wide as she stared at my cock, at a full 8 inches, stiff and hard and ready for her.

“Tony, I’d like to give you a blow job, this will be my first time giving oral sex, I hope you won’t mind my inexperience”, Lisa whispered.

“Please do”, I replied, “My cock feels like it’s ready to explode.”

She dropped to her knees and surrounded my cock with her hands. She pulled down gently on the foreskin, and my cock head popped out, she smiled and brought her mouth to my cock head. She planted delicate kisses all over my cock head. She ran her tongue up and down my throbbing shaft, planting kisses all along the way.

She parted her lips and slid her hot mouth down my cock. I groaned with pleasure, her mouth was hot and wet, and oh so tight. Her lips clamped tightly around my shaft, and she started to slide her hot, pliable mouth up and down my prick. She slid in half my cock the first few strokes, then she swallowed me right to the balls. I grunted with pleasure as she deep throated my entire 8 inches. She was a natural-born fellatrix, with a mouth and tight cocksucker lips just made for sucking out my load. It was way too good to make it last, in all of 1 minute, I could feel the cum boiling. The feel of Kadıköy Escort my cock surrounded by her hot, wet mouth, the tight grip of her lips milking my swollen shaft, and the gentle thrusting motion that I was making into her mouth made my cock jerk and swell up tight, ready to explode.

I warned her that I was going to cum, and she kept her mouth clamped tightly around me. Knowing that she was going to take my load into her hot mouth took me over the edge, my cock started pulsing, and I grunted with pleasure as my prick exploded. I could feel thick streams of spunk gushing, filling Lisa’s hot mouth. She kept me in until every drop was in her sweet mouth. She released my cock and looked up at me. For a second, she looked like she didn’t know what to do with her mouthful of spunk, then she smiled and I could see her throat muscles working as she swallowed it all. I pulled her up, and eased her down on the bed.

“Now, I am going to give you a tongue bath, and then I am going to go down on that sweet pussy of yours, and lick you until your toes curl in orgasm,” I whispered to her.

Our lips locked together as I ran my hands over her body. I broke the kiss, and started to plant a line of kisses down her body. Reaching her belly, I gently rolled her over and kissed my way up her back. She cooed with pleasure as my mouth kissed her hot flushed skin, everywhere I could reach.

Once more on her back, I kissed my way down to her breasts. I ran my tongue over her breasts, reaching her nipples. I sucked, licked and nipped gently at her nipples, feeling her tits becoming stiff and engorged with excitement. Her nipples became rock hard, sticking out, swollen and pink, reminding me of the pink pencil erasers that were on the end of a pencil.

Her gasps of pleasure urged me on, as I kissed down towards her thatch of red pubic hair. I swirled my tongue through her bush, enjoying the hot smell of Lisa in heat. Bypassing her pussy, I ran my tongue up the inside of her left leg, than returned, kissing along the inside of her right leg. Positioning myself, I slid my fingers gently along her pink opening, feeling the slickness of her juices coating my fingers. I licked the hot buttery musk off my fingers. Her taste was exquisite, and I wasted no time.

Lowering my face, I slid my tongue along her long pink trail, hearing her moans of pleasure, and tasting her rich cream. I spread her lips apart with my fingers, and began a long, stroking movement with my tongue. Her pussy was churning, sweet cream flowed out, filling my mouth, as I worked on her pussy. I could feel the obstruction of her hymen, she was, indeed, still a virgin.

As I licked her pussy, I ran a finger along the skin between her pussy and her anus. Her juices were running down, and my finger slid lower. Her moans started to turn to gasps of pleasure, as my finger started to stroke lightly at the tight pucker of her asshole. Her asshole was twitching with excitement, as her excitement mounted higher. I zeroed in on her clit, sucking and licking at it, driving her to orgasm.

She let out a shriek of pleasure as she came, grinding her dripping young pussy at my mouth with a force, her body shaking and shuddering. Her cries of orgasm filled the room, her pussy was positively gushing juices, filling my mouth with her intoxicating taste as she rode the crest of her orgasmic wave. As she relaxed in the post orgasmic glow, I crawled up to her and pressed our bodies together. I ran my hands over her body, stroking her soft, warm skin. Her hands reached down, Cupping my balls with one hand, her other hand wrapped around my cock, stroking me up to my full 8 inches.

“Mmmm, Tony, that was wonderful, It was like nothing I’ve ever felt before”, Lisa cooed. “I think it’s time for you to take my cherry.”

I was more than ready, and I told Lisa that I was going to lie back, and she would mount me, so she could control the penetration. She smiled as I did so, and she swung into position, her hands taking my surging prick, and positioning it at the entrance to heaven. Seeing my cock ready to enter her, and ready to fill up her tight young red headed pussy, framed by the white crotchless panties, made my cock steel hard with excitement. She pushed down, and my cock-head entered her. She stopped at that point, her face in a grimace. She pushed down again, and again she stopped. She got a look of determination on her face, and she pushed down hard. That did it, and I could feel her pussy open up as her hymen broke. She flinched and gasped a bit, but as she sank down, sliding down my pole, her gasp turned to a moan of pleasure. My groan of pleasure joined hers, as she sank down right to the balls, encasing my cock in the heavenly wrap of her virgin tight teen cunt.

“Yes, oh yes, oh yes, so big, so hard, feels so good”, she whispered softly.

She started to ride my cock, her tightness sliding up my stiff cock, and sinking down the shaft again. This was the first virgin I had ever had, and the warmth and tightness of her virgin cunt made my cock sizzle. Soon, she was pumping her hips up and down, riding me hard. She came hard, her pussy clamped around my cock, her howl of pleasure bouncing off the walls. I was almost ready to shoot, but I held onto it, I wanted her to cum again. I asked her if she would like to do it again, and she smiled at me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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