Lisa’s Seduction Continues

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Lisas email to me.

I lay awake last night after I got home, hot, bothered ,wanting you beside me, touching me, inside me ,I lay on my back, thinking of you I should have stayed last night I felt so dirty such a slut so bad and yet so good ,your text message made so horny again thinking that I want to submit to your every whim.

I jumped in the shower I was so wet I imagined you there all wet, letting the water wash your cum off your body, your hands running over yourself soaping yourself up, imagining I was there doing it for you, sliding my soapy hands up and down your body, cleaning every inch of you, feeling your cock harden as I tease my way down, cleaning you there, kissing you while I play with your hardening cock .After my shower I got back to my bed I turned my lamp on , I have three floor to ceiling mirrors in front of my bed, propped myself up, threw off the sheet ,,raised my knees and let them fall open ,,and watched as I slid my hand down between my legs, was still so wet ,was seeing you laying on your lounge, your hand on your cock, stroking yourself, I love how you cum, how you sound when your nearly there, turns me on.

My right hands between my legs stroking my wet clit, the fingers on my left are pinching my nipples into hard little peaks, watching my fingers dip inside and then circle Sinop Escort my clit again, only getting wetter and wetter, thinking of you down there between my thighs, licking me, touching me, bringing me so close, and I start to fuck your face, hmm can see you down there, its finally to much for me, when I cum, my hands wet, my thighs are wet Hmm like to switch places with you, would you like to watch me suck your cock till you cum again Jon?

Would you like to watch me swallow all of you cream I love the taste I think I am addicted to it I want it, When can I have more?

I want you to make me your toy make me your slut ,make me do whatever you want to do.

My email to Lisa

Mmmmm heres and idea for our next meeting my slut .You are tied and blindfolded ,I have total control of your body I pull back and look at you,I slip from the bed and leave the room for a short while (for me ) an eternity for you .Lying there you wonder what is happening where I had gone .Soon I return ,you ask where I had been ,my only reply is my mouth on yours ,your body is mine for the taking my hand reaches to your breasts pinching and squeezing your nipples now wonderfully erect begging to be sucked hard .I rub my hand between your legs as I move down and suckle your breast ,your juices flood my Sinop Escort Bayan hand and your hips push hard against my fingers .Mmmmmm I bring my wet hand up and watch you suck lick your juices ,love it that you do that .with my other hand I reach over to the table .I pick up a cube of ice from the cup there , its hot and is already melting I bring the ice to your mouth and drip the cool water onto your lips . Lying beside you I drip the water onto your upper chest and watch the cool droplets slide down your body , between your breasts and pooling in your navel .You squirm at the sensation , mmmmmm the ice melts more and I put it in your mouth .I reach for another cube ,this time I focus on your erect nipples ,you jump at the icy touch on your hard nipples I watch as the coldness sends shudders through your body and watch the pain turn to ecstacy when I place my hot mouth where the ice had been .mmmmmm I follow the water trail down , licking and drinking from your navel ,I move lower I take a ice cube and put it in my mouth my head is now between your legs I push the ice into your hot holemy tongue follows you shudder at the ice entering you and moan as my tongue probes and sucks , teasingly I flick your clit with my tongue .Your legs wrap hard around my the back of my head forcing my mouth Escort Sinop onto your hot wet pussy .Trapped there you move your hips against my face , almost a frenzy my tongue probes you licks you sucks you ,you cum and relax and then start again .Mmmmmmm moving up I lie between your legs I kiss you again sharing your sweetness with you .My cock is so hard I put the head at the opening of your hole ,your legs wrap around my waist and I slowly fill you my length slides easily into you ,you gasp and moan at the pleasure of it .Still kissing you ,I reach up and release your hands ,immediately we move into a wild fuck .My cock is pounding you ,you pull the blindfold off and watch as I near orgasm our animal grunts and rutting reaches its peak and with a loud moan we cum together ,and collapse .

K xxxx

Lisas reply

Well what can I say? Your a terrible tease, and I should have known better than to open that email at work, its now 9am, my panties are stuck to me because Im so wet, and I have to be here for the remained of the day in this state, I keep thinking of what you’ll do to me when Im tied up, , how you’ll touch me, and when you finally let me cum? Sounds like you just want to keep teasing me, playing with me, driving me crazy, is that what you want?

Hmm no ones here, do you think I could slip my hand up my skirt and into my panties and make myself cum? Will anyone notice? Will they smell sex in the air when they walk throught the door? I wonder… Thats what I need, I need to touch myself now, here, you’ve turned me on so much,Hmm maybe…yes


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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