Long Island Cuckold Ch. 11

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After the evening with Mark and Beth, we stayed in touch with them. We didn’t see them right off because the holidays came and we were pretty busy. The kids were back for Thanksgiving and then for Christmas. I remember thinking how strange it was to be wearing chastity in front of the family, but also that I really didn’t have any objections. It was a frustration, and embarrassment, and part of what I was at this point. I wouldn’t say that chastity was a non-issue for me, but it was manageable.

Every few days to a week, Donna would reseat the CB-3000. There was one time that I didn’t get hard at all or grow when she had it off. I’m not sure if it is my age at this point, atrophy after 3 plus months in chastity, or if my dick knew what would happen to my balls if it grew. Regardless, she didn’t comment until I was locked back up. She teased me about being impotent.

I remember being concerned, then my dick drove into those spikes. Those “Points of Intrigue” and that wasn’t on my mind any more.

After the holidays we invited Beth and Mark over. Donna made a lasagna and we had an enjoyable dinner. They had brought a cheesecake from Dolci Bakery in East Patchogue for dessert. They raved about it and I’m not much of a cheesecake person, but that was a tasty cheesecake.

While had gone through three bottles of wine and were enjoying round of Sambuca with our coffee and cheesecake. We were in the middle of our dessert when Donna, who was sitting next to Mark, with her hand in his lap, said to me, “Mike, we are forgetful of our manners. Cuckolds should never be dressed when at home, right?”

I didn’t say anything right way. Beth and Mark caught on pretty quick and they both said, “I agree”.

So, I just said, “Yes Ma’am”. I got up, stripped naked. I put my clothes and my shoes in a neat pile by the wall in our dining room and stood there.

Donna said, “Mike, sit, finish your dessert. Being a cuckold doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy things.”

Everyone laughed. I didn’t. My face was red. I wasn’t angry. I was just humiliated. I wasn’t in the mode. I was enjoying the meal and the company. Donna and Mark were being subtly touchy-feely, but that wasn’t really affecting me. This brought it all back. I sat down, was looking down and feeling degraded.

Beth was sitting next to me and she reached over and played with my balls and stoked my naked thighs a little bit. She had the softest hands. I looked up at her and she was smiling and it was contagious. I smiled to.

Beth leaned over and pinched my nipples between her finger nails and said, “Better?”

I said, “Much”

Then we finished eating and drinking as we did before. As we finished, Donna and Mark were kissing. Beth went around the table and was kissing Mark, and undressing Donna. She was sucking on her boobs, then disappeared below the table line and I watched Donna and Mark make out and Mark play with Donna’s boobs.

Then Donna got up and said that they were going to go to the bedroom “for some fun”. She told me to clean everything up and I could camp out in the den.

They disappeared and I cleared the table, did the dishes, and put everything away. I thought about another pieced of that cheesecake, but it would come back to haunt me in the dojo, so I skipped that idea.

They had brought another bottle of wine with them to the bedroom, but I just grabbed some water and put the TV on. I watched a move, naked, in chastity, while my wife had sex with another couple. I didn’t’ feel out of place any more. I did feel somewhat degraded and very much subservient, but it wasn’t a bad feeling.

I fell asleep on the couch. About 2am, I was woken up by Beth. She was fully clothed. She said that they were leaving and that Donna said you can go to the bed room.

Mark appeared and thanked me for a great evening. He teased me and said, “Maybe next time I”ll let you suck my cock again.”

We laughed, well, they laughed, and then I saw them to the door and said good night.

I went to the bedroom. There was my wife. She was naked and half under the covers and half out. She had that extremely sexy just fucked look. I stood at the doorway and she saw me. She said, “Come here cucky”.

I went into bed with her and we kissed and our hands were roaming over each other’s bodies. She said to me, “Aren’t Mark and Beth great?.” She pushed my shoulders down and said, “Taste”.

I was straining against my CB-3000 as I licked Mark’s sperm out from my wife. I made sure I tongued her asshole for a good while just in case he left anything inside there for me to clean as well.

Then for another couple of months we didn’t see them. We did stay in touch via phone. During that time, Donna had made her plans with work to retire.

She started working at the food pantry more and more. I remember she called for legal advice one day and as I was giving it, I told her that there would be more work and paperwork to submit. She said to me, “if you take are of this for me, Mike, I’ll suck your cock.”

I İstanbul Escort made her repeat that. Of course I agreed! I was excited to be coming out of chastity. I took care of all of the paperwork, submitted them, and personally ensured that they were approved. I had my assistant help to push and we gained approval about two weeks later.

The night I had the approval I was excited. My poor dick was straining. After dinner we were on the couch and she started to make out with me. She told me “A deal is a deal.” She asked if I wanted me to suck her cock on the couch or to go to the bedroom. I opted for the bedroom.

In the bedroom I stripped and hopped on the bed. Donna told me how appreciative she was and said that she would get naked too. She stripped. She looked and smelled wonderful.

We were kissing and she was touching me all over. She was wearing the two keys to the chastity lock like the normally does on her necklace chain. She lowered herself and her hair glided from my chest and stomach, to touching my balls. I was so on the edge. I was starting to worry about coming too soon.

I said to her, “Donna, I don’t want to cum too soo.”

She looked up at me and said, “Mike, you can cum as many times as you can tonight.” She had the key in her fingers as she said that.

Then she put started to tongue my balls, then engulfed the CB-3000 into her mouth and was licking and sucking my dick through the plastic. I know knew exactly what she was doing. She had no intention of releasing me. She was going to suck me through the CB-3000.

I didn’t want to break the mood, so I went with it and she played with me. She put me through hell for the next 5 minutes or so. It seemed like 30. After she was tired of licking and sucking me through the CB-3000, she came back up to where my head was resting and she kissed me.

With a smile she said, “Did I do a good job sucking your cock? Did you come many times?”

I just said, “Yes Ma’am. I love you.” Then we made out for a while. She eventually had me go down on her and I made her orgasm.


One evening in February the phone rang and it was Beth and Mark. Donna and I spoke with them for a while. This wasn’t unusual. We hit it off outside of the bedroom with sports, political views, and they were interested in spending some time on our boat in the summer.

Beth brought up that they plan a monthly or quarterly “Bisexual Meetup”. It was mostly for couples and it happened whenever they could plan it. Sometimes they were active and it was every month and other times, it was closer to 3-6 months between meetings.

Beth said, “You can probably tell that I’m bisexual.”

Donna laughed good naturedly at that.

Beth continued, “It certainly seems like Mike is, too.”

Donna chimed in, “or he is gay, we aren’t quite sure.”

Beth giggled and continued again, “Well we have a meet up. Mostly couples. We encourage bisexuality, but it isn’t a requirement. Sometimes there are singles. Mostly couples. It is primarily swinging, but there are a few dominant and submissive players that attend and it is fun. I think you’d be our first cuckold couple. We typically have a couple of rooms and will be in the hotel from Saturday afternoon through Sunday afternoon. What do you think?”

Donna was interested. I didn’t say anything since if Donna was interested, that is all the confirmation that was needed. I was thinking how far we have come in a short time. We were just described as “The cuckold couple”.

Beth invited us to a dinner at TGIFriday’s in Huntington on Rt 110 to plan it. Beth and Mark typically plan the party with a single woman named Amy. She is a dominant from Amityville. They joked that she has the nickname “The Amityville Horror”, but said she is a very nice person.


It was a Wednesday evening when we were meeting Beth, Mark, and Amy at T.G.I.Friday’s in Huntington. I had picked up Donna after work, so I was wearing a suit. Donna was wearing blue jeans, a white collared button down shirt, and some moderate heels. It was Friday’s, so she was dressed more appropriately than I was.

Donna had brought a folder with a pad and a pen. She is a pretty good organizer and I was assuming she would join in and help set up this meet/event.

As we drove up Beth texted Donna that they already had a table and they were sitting with Amy. She told us where to find them. This Fridays is located close to the Walt Whitman shopping mall and adjacent to office buildings. For a Wednesday it had a healthy crowd of both shoppers and people going out after work for dinner. Parking was more of a challenge that I would have thought. We managed to find one of the few open spots.

When we walked into Fridays we quickly found their table. We all said hello and were introduced to Amy. Amy was our age (Mid-40’s at the time). She was striking. She had long straight black hair. A very well proportioned woman. She looked her age. Kadıköy Escort She didn’t have that younger look that Donna had and exuded, but had a look of maturity that was sexy. She had long shapely legs. Unlike Donna, you could tell she didn’t go to the gym often as her muscles weren’t as defined, but she was a very beautiful woman. Her dark eyes, long hair, and long legs were what had men looking at her all the time.

As we finished our introductions and sat down, Amy said, “Donna, I understand your husband is a submissive. While I make no assumption of dominance over him in any way, it would seem fitting and make me more comfortable that he only refers to me as ‘Mistress Amy’ in all situations, public and private. Are you comfortable with that?”

Donna replied, “That sounds reasonable. I’m very comfortable with that.”

Everyone seemed to then look at me. Beth, Mark, and Donna had smirks on their faces and Mistress Amy had a serious stare. Had a judge had that stare in a courtroom, I would be in trouble. I could think of nothing else to do, so I said, “I appreciate the clarification, Mistress Amy. I appreciate that you would think of me at all.”

She then smiled, but didn’t reply. She started small talk with Beth and Mark, then asked Donna about herself. She would direct all questions to Donna when pertaining to us. I found it amusing and erotic that she did treat me as an inferior and while the rest of the table included me in discussions throughout the evening, Mistress Amy never spoke to me, even if she had a question about me. She always asked Donna. I remember thinking, “Holy Shit, this is the real deal.”

We talked about the logistics. Beth and Mark were handling the communication to the people and attendance. At that point it looked like there would be 8 couples. A couple of single guys wanted to attend, but they would probably not be invited.

Beth and Mark had dealt with the logistics of the rooms before and Donna had volunteered to take it over. We were going to get 4 room at the Huntington Hilton on Rt 110. It was actually in Melville, but it was right down the road from where we were having dinner. We would get 1 suite with an area to just lounge, 1 room would be designated as a private room if a couple or few people didn’t want others gawking, and the rest of the areas would be basically open play. Beth gave Donna advice on what to ask for when reserving.

The plan was to gather with everyone or most everyone for an early dinner and cocktails on Saturday and we would have the rooms for a late checkout around 5pm. So, that the whole session would be around 24 hours. I volunteered to have a bar setup and some catering for late night sandwiches and snakes. I knew someone who could set it up for me and it wouldn’t cross any personal or professional lines. Discretion was important.

Donna asked about cell phones and people taking pictures. Mark said it is mostly frowned upon. There were some exceptions, but only if agreed upon fully. There was a time someone took pictures without permission and they took the cell phone away and ensured everything was deleted. He said that is came close to a fist fight. Those people are no longer part of the group.

With all of the planning done, we were just having coffee at the end of the meal. Mistress Amy said chucking, “It dawned on me that everyone at the table as swallowed Mark’s sperm.” She was staring at me when she said it.

Everyone laughed, especially when Mark raised his hand and said, “Not me!”

Beth said to Donna, “Darryl is going to love you.”

Donna asked about Darryl and it turns out he is a black man, in his younger 30’s. They said he was very bright and in very good shape and well hung. His wife is attractive too. They both like being with white women. Darryl especially likes fair skinned women. Donna looked excited at the prospect.

Mistress Amy commented on Donna’s necklace that she was wearing with the two chastity keys. Donna confirmed what they were and explained how difficult it is to keep me in chastity for an extended period. She told about how we need to readjust every week or less.

Mistress Amy offered to show some chastity options that she has. She said she had chastity options that may be better long term, close to permanent, or that were even for short term that were pretty much torture.

Donna was interested. Mistress Amy furthered the offer by saying, she can show her some bondage and impact play with me that she may be interested in. When Donna said that we weren’t much into pain other than punishment, Mistress Amy said, “I can show you and like anything, you can keep what you are interested in and forget the rest.”

They made a date for Saturday for us to visit Mistress Amy in her apartment in Amityville. There wasn’t a glance in my direction for concern or agreement.

I looked at the people’s faces at the table as Mistress Amy was basically talking to Donna about how to torture me and both Donna and Beth were looking at Mistress Ataşehir Escort Amy with serious interest. When I looked at Mark, he had a smile on his face and said to me, “This is going to suck for you.” Then he laughed.

With the meal finished, we all got up to leave. In the parking lot I was talking and walking with Beth and Mark and Donna was talking to Mistress Amy. I vaguely heard Mistress Amy Donna if she could use “Your husband for this?”

I was in mid conversation when I saw Donna nod her head then Mistress Amy leaned on her car and said to me. “Mike, I seemed to have something on the bottom of my shoe. Get down and lick them clean.”

I looked at Donna and she was just looking down at Mistress Amy’s shoe that was now being raised so the sole could be seen. I’ve never thought about doing anything like that, but I’ve been saying this more and more of late. The commanding voice that Mistress Amy had and the idea of being so close and intimate near hear and those legs drove me to get on my knees at her feet and start to lick the bottom of her shoe.

There really wasn’t anything on the bottom of her shoe other than dirt and grit. I was a little worried she stepped in gum or something. It was still disgusting. As I licked, she said, “Make sure you clean the whole sole and swallow”.

Mistress Amy went on speaking to Donna about her crop collection and how she loved using them. She then lowered her foot with the shoe that I had just cleaned and presented her other shoe for cleaning. I went to work right away.

When Mistress Amy thought I was done, she moved the shoe that I had licked clean and tapped me on the tap of the head and said, “Thank you.”

Still kneeling, I responded “Thank you Mistress Amy”

Mistress Amy ignored me and I got back up. While Donna hugged Mistress Amy goodbye, I hugged Beth and shook Mark’s hand. It was odd after what I just did that they acted as if it was natural. Donna said her goodbyes to Beth and Donna and Mistress Amy ignored me.

Donna and I walked to our car in silence. It was a buys parking lot and I was wondering who may have seen me. I probably should have been wondering what Donna was thinking. Donna teased me on the way home about being attracted to Mistress Amy. I was. She was an attractive woman, but I was equally as intimidated by her.

Donna had made plans for us to meet Mistress Amy. Mistress Amy thought that she could show Donna how to use the crop, paddles, and other things on me. Neither one of us are really interested in pain. However, Donna clearly liked the idea of keeping me on edge and keeping me guessing.

As we approached arriving at home Donna also let me know that Mistress Amy had a few chastity devices that she thought Donna might be interested in. She told me that I’d be modeling them on Saturday evening.

When we got home, we both got ready for bed. Donna was talking to me about the plans she will be working on for the meet-up at the Huntington Hilton. She was pretty excited about it.

I have to admit, I was too. It was basically a full blow swingers’ party. Something neither one of us have been involved in. I was very interested. Nervous about what my role may be, but the whole thought of it was hot.

I was in bed first this night. Donna came out of the bathroom naked and definitely had that look in her eye. She crawled into bad and climbed over me to kiss me. She bit my neck, sucked and bit my nipples.

Lying next to me she said, “You looked adorable when Mistress Amy was teasing you. I don’t know what it was, but when you were licking the bottom of her shoe and looking up at her, your eyes were so blue. I may let other women abuse you, but you’re mine.”

She kissed and licked me from my neck to my balls. She took the CB-3000 into her mouth as much as possible. She saw that I was swelling up inside of the cage.

She raised herself back to where my head was lying, still holding and stroking my balls, and said, “Does that hurt, when your dick gets hard?”

I said, “Yes Ma’am”

She teased, “I love your Mikey. I’m so sorry that you can’t get it up. “

Donna then mounted me, her pussy was wet and she was gliding over my balls and the CB-3000, all the way up to my stomach. She was grinding her hips as if she was fucking me.

She said, “If you get it up right now, you can fuck me hard. Fuck me in any way you want.” She was kidding me and speaking in between her tongue kisses now. “You just need to get that dick up and put it in me. You can break out of that things and fuck your wife.” She was breathing heavy and about to orgasm. Then she shuddered. I felt her wetness on me.

She fell on to me. She was pure heat and I could feel her hot breath on my neck. With the orgasm over, she kissed me again, long and deep. She smiled at me and said, “You can’t get it up, Mikey because you are my faggot cuckold.”

Donna kissed me like that for a while with intermittent comments of “I love you”, “You give me everything I ask for and want”, “You are my faggot”, and so on. It was romantic, humiliating, and sexy.

With a whisper Donna said, “Beth showed me a picture of Darryl. He is a sexy black man. I want him. I’ve never been with a black man. She said he said he wants to be with me after seeing my picture.”

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