Metro Rub

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Big Tits

With each stop more people stuffed themselves into the car. Before long I began to feel like livestock being transported to their doom. Despite the stuffiness, I keep thinking back to the meeting.

Why did I let that smug little prick throw me off with such a stupid question? Once again I was too damn nice and tried to answer someone’s totally irrelevant question as opposed to either putting them in their place, which I really wanted to do, or doing the best thing which would have been to just not really answer the question and move the presentation along.

Why did I take this transfer? What in the hell is a small town guy doing in this super sized city full of super sized egos and super sized jackasses? All any of them want to do is make themselves look good. The thought of being a team player simply does not compute with these people. I’ve got to get out of here.

Speaking of getting out of here, I think it’ll take a can opener or a crowbar. It’s not possible for another body to be stuffed in this car. Yet another reason to leave this place. God I really miss driving. I mentally talk to myself too much.

And this was my routine. I would get stuffed onto the metro going to work, get a knife or three in my back at work, and stuff myself back into a metro car for a ride home. Mentally bitching about my job was about the only way I could stand the rides to and from work, providing me a mental oasis even though it was full of bitching. I’m friendly enough, but there are only so many people I can stand pushing, bumping, swaying, and rubbing up against me.

As I tried to continue my mental bitch session, something kept stopping me from fully submerging myself in my thoughts. That smell, it’s pleasant, floral. Looking around for the source I noticed for the first time a lady standing in front of me. Well, not really in front of me. Due to the livestock like environment, she was pressed up against me.

She was a little shorter than me and petite with below the shoulder dark, curly hair. From what little skin I could see on her shoulders I guessed she was Hispanic or something along those lines. Regardless, it was nice to have a pleasant smell filling my nostrils that must have been coming from her hair or maybe it was her perfume. Who knows, who cares.

Before long I found myself mesmerized by her smell and my mind started drifting off to thoughts of how nice her hair looked and smelled. I imagined my hands gathering it into a ponytail, pulling her back and forcing her to arch her back as I pounded her sweet ass from behind. As I continued my little fantasy, I sudden came back to reality when I started to feel my cock stiffening. Oh shit! I can’t let this happen. This woman is going to scream, slap me, pepper spray me or stab me in my crotch!

It was too late though. My cock had already stiffened to the point where there was no hiding it or making Rize Escort it go down quickly. The swaying, bumping, and jolting of the car wasn’t helping one damn bit either. With each movement of the car my cock was rubbed and pressed into her ass. Despite my desperate attempts to go limp I remained semi-hard.

That’s when I felt it. There’s no way this happening. She’s no longer just moving with the motions of car. I can feel the pressure of her pushing her ass into my crotch. My heart started beating even faster and my breathing became noticeably heavier as my cock immediately went to a full blown hard-on.

Her ass cheeks formed a perfect mold around my raging hard-on. She stopped swaying and began a more rhythmic up and down motion. It wasn’t noticeable to anyone around us, but that few inches of vertical motion along with her pressure against me was more than enough friction to stroke me through my pants. I could see her shoulders moving as her breathing picked up.

The metro came barreling to a stop pushing my cock hard into her ass along with the rest of my body against her back. I was so caught up in the moment that I wasn’t prepared for the stop that I didn’t have a hold of a grab bar or a seat to stop my forward momentum. I had no choice but to wrap my hands around the tops of her hips to help keep my balance and stop from stumbling forward.

As the car stood still, a few people exited but even more crammed themselves into the car. The lack of motion didn’t stop her. As I remained firmly planted into her ass, she started flexing her butt cheeks. Somehow she managed to flex and move her ass without the rest of her body moving continuing the rhythmic onslaught against my cock. My hands remained on her hips bones and I started to kneed her hips when we started moving again to the next stop, which was my stop.

Soon enough her flexing combined with the metro’s motion and on top of that she resumed her vertical gyrations. I could feel the pressure building inside me. She could feel it as well because my grip on her hips began to tighten. As I muffled a groan, my cum started spurting down my pant leg with each pulse of my cock. When she felt my cock twitch she stopped all her motions except the flexing of her cheeks which worked to milk out every last drop of cum from my balls. The pulses from my cock slowed and she stopped her milking. The last twitches pulsed through my cock when the train began to slow for my stop.

Luckily this was a common stop so a large crowd would exit allowing me to exit without having to expose my cum soaked slacks and still hard cock. I took my hands off her hips and started to shuffle my way out of the car. I looked back at the source of my pleasures. Her face was flush and she displayed a sly smile. I couldn’t swear to it, but I’m pretty sure based on her look that she came too.

I made it back to Rize Escort Bayan my shit hole of an apartment without anyone paying me any attention. What a fucking mess. I’ve had cum on my clothes before, but I’ve never had what looked like a gang bang session sprayed all over me. For the first time since I came to this city, I had a huge smile on my face after returning home from work. Her face was forever etched into my memory.

For the next week, it was all I could do to contain myself before leaving the office and heading to the metro. And for the next week I came home without a smile on my face. Am I ever going to see her again? Did I snap and just dream the whole damn thing? No, the cum stained pants are still sitting on the back of my chair.

Nearly a month passed without seeing my metro partner. I finally secured a transfer back to my old office and I was once again becoming my old happy self as my final days in the city ticked away. My last day in hell finally came. Luckily they were shipping all my office junk back to my old office so I was able to walk out of the office without having to lug anything other than a few items I stuck in a briefcase.

Once again, I found myself on metro’s cattle car thinking to myself. No bitching this time, just pure joy. Once again, my mental oasis was invaded with a familiar scent. In an instant three things happened: I recognized the smell, my cock became engorged with blood, and I locked eyes with my metro partner. She flashed me a smile, but two people blocked my path to satisfaction. Knowing that our current proximity to one another prevented us from being able to repeat our mutual satisfaction before the car emptied I decided to take charge.

“Hey. How are you doing?” I yelled over to her.

“It’s good to see you.” she yelled with a hint of an evil smile.

“I don’t remember where we left off last time we met.” I responded. Although no one ever makes eye contact on the metro with someone yelling, they are pretty aware of their surroundings and don’t like hearing people yell. So as I continued yelling people allowed me to squeeze my way to her with my brief case leading the way to prevent my erection from stabbing other members of the herd.

When I reached her she smiled again and said “I think it ended with you making a trip to the dry cleaners.”

“Dry cleaners were not going to be able salvage those things. It was truly a mess.”

She was certainly several years older than me, not the most stunning woman ever. If I didn’t already know what she was capable of, I would have simply passed her off as forty-something woman with a boring and nearly non-existent sex drive. Knowing what I knew she was a minx in my mind. With time of the essence, I had to move it along. “I’m afraid this our last ride together. I’m transferring out of town.”

“I hate to hear that.” was all Escort Rize she said as she smiled and turned around. With that she slowly inched back into me so as to not draw attention to her movement. Soon enough my cock found its familiar home between her cheeks. She wore a tight black skirt that clearly showed the valley formed by the junction of her two globes.

As soon as my cock was snuggled into its home, she began flexing her cheeks again. After a bit she tilted her head to the side and I leaned forward as she whispered “Lets make this a little more exciting this time.” How in the hell was that possible I thought as she turned forward once again.

Just as I completed that thought I felt the pressure of her ass against me ease. Then I felt a hand slide between us. Holding my brief case to my side blocking the sight of her actions, her hand worked its way to my cock and gave it a gentle squeeze. Her grip relaxed and her fingers found my zipper, worked it down, and squirmed their way to my cock. Once her hand was fully around my cock, she worked it out of my pants.

She opened a small gap between us to allow her hands to work on my cock. She was so skillful with her hand and fingers. A few strokes and then she’d trace the head of my dick with her finger a few times concentrating on the overly sensitive underside of my head. “Two stops to go.” I whispered in her ear.

Using her wrist and forearm, she slowly worked her hand up and down my shaft. With her thumb and index finger, she would squeeze them together tightly as she reached my head causing them to pop over it with a sudden force. The sensation was absolutely incredible. “Only one stop left.” I panted.

Her pace picked up a bit then she inched back with her ass against my cock once again. She used the palm of her hand to stroke the underside of my shaft as she ground it into her ass. “I’m going to cum soon.” I nearly breathlessly panted into her ear.

She inched forward again creating a gap between us, grasped my cock and tugged like she was milking an utter. This was the final straw. When she felt my cock pulsate in her hand she squeezed harder preventing my cum from squirting out. She continued to stroke me so that with each stroke she would milk a sticky stream out of my cock, loosen her grip to allow a pulse of cum to fill my shaft again, and stroke again to milk the new cum out of me. This continued for five or six times until my spasms stopped producing cum.

Once I was fully drained, she released me and tucked my cock back into my pants. Acting like she was covering her mouth to cough, she brought her hand that she was jacking me off with to her mouth, turned her head so I could see her, let out a fake cough and sucked the cum left on her hand into her mouth. In an exaggerated manner, she swallowed to make sure I got a good show as the metro slowed at my stop.

When I started to shuffle away, I looked down at her ass to see her left cheek covered in the cum she milked out of me. She smiled saying “Got any recommendations for a good dry cleaner?” With that I exited the car with a huge smile, the same smile I had as left the city.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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