My Aunt’s Summertime Dick Ch. 03

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Big Tits

The ride back felt shorter, maybe because Dana wasn’t as anxious about coming back to her Aunt’s place as before. She was still feeling the adrenaline in her system after her experience with Olivia. The warm summer air that blew up her skirt actually felt good, especially now that she was completely hairless there. It made her feel more confident. Even if her aunt was intent on fucking her brains out this month, she was beginning to not mind. If anything it might be fun, but really it was just the price she’d have to pay in order to see Olivia and her friends. Either way, she wasn’t getting out of it, she might as well try to enjoy whatever her aunt had in mind for her.

Though her confidence began to waver as the house came into view. Thinking it was one thing, actually going through with it was another. But Dana steeled herself as she rode down to the garage and parked the bike where it was initially, plugging it in before she entered the house.

“I’m back!” She called as she entered, expecting to find her aunt in the kitchen or living room. She wasn’t there. Maybe her bedroom? No doubt she had something waiting for Dana there…

The room was empty.

Curious, Dana continued to look for Ailen. It was then she noticed the door to the attic was open. One of those ceiling mounted ones that opened up to a ladder.

“Hello!” Dana called up.

“There you are,” her aunt’s voice called back. “I was beginning to think you’d run off,” she chuckled teasingly.

“I… ran into a friend,” Dana said, not sure how much she should tell her aunt. She wasn’t sure what the ‘rules’ were about her playing around with anyone else.

“Ooh sounds fun,” Ailen said, her tone felt like she was reading Dana’s mind. “Come up here, you’re just in time.”

Dana wasn’t sure what to expect but she started climbing the ladder. Confidence. She kept telling herself. She could handle whatever her aunt had in store for her.

Dana reached the top and saw the attic was mostly empty, save for the large collections of paintings that lined the walls. Some were of things you’d expect, landscapes, bowls of fruit, random other objects. But there were others that were nude paintings. Some men, mostly women. There was actually one she recognized. Anna from the salon, in the painting she was sitting with her legs spread, showing off her pussy, considering it was leaking cum there was no doubt that she was also in on her aunt’s “secret.”

Actually, Dana didn’t know if it was a secret or not, for all she knew Ailen could be showing it off to everyone.

“You like that one?” Ailen’s voice interrupted Dana’s thoughts. “She and I hook up sometimes,” She answered Dana’s unspoken question. “I bet you’d be able to have some fun with her too if you want. She doesn’t get to play with younger girls like you very often.”

Dana was not expecting that, “Uh… well we’ll see,” she said, trying to push down the bashfulness. Confidence. “It’s not like she hasn’t already seen me naked anyway,” she said.

“Ooh, she did the job herself, did she?” Ailen asked. “Well, how’d she do? Actually..” She paused and stepped over to the other side of the room where a pedestal was set in front of an easel with a canvas already set on it. Behind it was a large window that let a lot of natural sunlight in.

“I was just about to paint something, but now that you’re here I think you’ll make the perfect subject. Come here, take your clothes off and sit on the pedestal, legs spread please,” Ailen told her.

Dana shouldn’t have been too surprised that her aunt wanted to do something like this as she found herself getting undressed for the second time today. Though as she striped naked for her aunt she was finding it didn’t bother her as much. Maybe she was just getting used to Ailen’s whims as she stepped over and sat on the pedestal as she was told.

Thankfully it was sturdy, and it was wide enough for her to sit on comfortably. Dana found a position that was comfortable, leaning back a little while bracing herself with her arms behind her back, hands grabbing onto the edge of the pedestal.

“Ooh, good girl,” Ailen said as she saw Dana’s obedience. For some reason hearing her aunt call her that caused a small twinge of excitement in her. She blushed a little but tried not to let it distract her as Ailen approached, looking her over.

She placed a hand between Dana’s legs rubbing her fingers over her newly hairless pussy. “Mm, she did a good job,” Ailen said as she reached further down and felt th plug still in Dana’s ass. “Oh and you kept this in, very good girl.”

Again Dana felt a twinge of pleasure upon being called that, in addition to her aunt’s hands on her she felt a warmth forming between her legs. But just as soon as it did, Ailen withdrew her hand. “Stay just like that,” she said as she returned to the easel. She opened up a few paints she already had on hand and put a few colors down onto a handheld tray.

“Um… were you planning on this?” Dana found herself asking.

“No,” Girne Escort Ailen chuckled, “I was planning on painting something else but you came home when you did and I jumped on an opportunity.”

“I see you’ve done a few already,” Dana commented.

“It’s a hobby to pass the time,” She said, “Now, no more talking.”

Dana bit her lip lightly but she did as Ailen told her. Sitting there in such an exposing position, she couldn’t imagine doing something like this before she came here. Now she hardly thought twice about it. Though she could feel her aunt’s eyes on her when she looked up from the canvas. The way it followed the contours of Dana’s body, something about that aroused her. She found herself thinking about this morning, how Ailen fucked her. She found herself wanting that again, her aunt’s cock buried in her pussy, cumming inside her…

The more she thought about it, the more it turne Dana on and Ailen definitely noticed.

“Hanging in there?” She asked, causing Dana to snap back to attention. She hadn’t even noticed that she must have been sitting there for at least an hour.

Dana nodded, her arms were a little tired but nothing she couldn’t handle.

“Good,” Ailen said as she added a few more details. Before setting her brush and paint tray down.

“Not quite done yet but I’ve got most of the major details down,” she said, “but don’t move yet. There’s something else I want to capture.”

She approached Dana with a smile, before Dana could respond she felt Ailen grab her roughly by the hair and kiss her. Dana was surprised but didn’t resist, if anything she reciprocated. She pressed her lips against her aunt’s letting Ailen pull herself in close between Dana’s legs. She could almost feel her aunt’s cock straining against her through her short.

“You’re getting better at this,” Ailen said softly as she broke the kiss. Dana panted softly.

“I guess I don’t see a point in resisting, might as well enjoy it,” Dana told her.

Ailen smiled, “I didn’t say you could talk yet,” she teased before kissing her again. Her free hand sliding along Dana’s body, working its way down to her pussy. She gently teased her, causing Dana to groan softly, shuddering lightly as she found herself wanting more. She didn’t have to wait long as Ailen slipped to fingers into her.

“Fuck,” Dana gasped.

“No. Talking.” Ailen said more sternly as her other hand was pressed to Dana’s mouth, leaving her to only moan against it in response as Ailen smiled at her. “That’s better,” Ailen said, withdrawing the hand over Dana’s mouth.

Ailen leaned in close and spoke into Dana’s ear, “Do you crave my cock?” She asked.

Dana almost answered her verbally but caught herself, nodding softly, still feeling her aunt’s fingers in her pussy.

“Do you want me to fuck you? To fil your little pussy with my cum?” Ailen continued.

Again Dana nodded eagerly. She didn’t care if this made her a slut or whatever. All she could think about was her aunt’s fingers in her pussy and how much she wanted her aunt’s cock to stretch her out more.

“Good girl,” Ailen said as she pulled back, pulling her fingers free of Dana’s folds. She took very little time removing her jean shorts, reveling her thick cock already stiffened as she stroked it lightly.

“This what you’ve been waiting for all day to feel inside you again?” Ailen asked.

Dana nodded, biting her lip. She was so worked up she wanted to beg her for it, but she kept quiet. Ailen rewarded her by not making her wait as she stepped back between Dana’s legs, guiding her cock to the lips of Dana’s pussy. She grabbed Dana by the hip and slid her dick into her. Dana arched her back and moaned out, feeling Ailen’s cock entering her and reaching so deep. “Ffff”, she almost let a word escape her lips but held it in as best as she could.

Ailen chuckled, “Trying so hard,” she teased, kissing her as she reached up and placed a hand at the back of Ailen’s neck, holding onto her as she felt her Aunt begin to move. She pulled her hips back before pushing into her, causing Dana’s to moan and cling to her more. Her lips hungrily pressed to Ailen’s, she was done caring about anything outside of this moment. She wanted her aunt’s dick, her cum, her everything.

Ailen would deliver.

Ailen’s hips would push wildly against Dana, driving her cock deep into her. Dana rocked against each thrust, groaning deeply as Ailen always seemed to be able to push faster, harder into her whenever Dana thought she had reached her peak.

Dana clung to her greedily, her legs wrapping around Ailen’s waist as she took her cock in its entirety. Dana’s body twitched and tensed as Ailen was able to bring her to climax over and over again, Dana could feel her juices leaking from her pussy as her aunt railed her. Each time her cock pushed into her, it pressed against the plug still in her asshole. It was even more intense than this morning and Dana began to understand Magosa Escort the appeal as she was brought to orgasm again, her pussy clenching down on Dana’s cock one more time before Ailen started to show signs of her own impending orgasm.

Her thrusting slowed down and became more deliberate, a bit harder and deeper and Dana knew her aunt was about to cum. Dana clung to her tightly, leaning in to moan into Ailen’s ear.

“Cum in me,” she gasped, “fill me up. Please.” Dana said softly. She was breaking the rule Ailen set earlier but she was feeling playful and it seemed to work as Ailen groaned loudly in response, pushing deep into Dana, she could feel the head of Ailen’s cock against her cervix as it pulsed, shooting her thick load into her. Dana quivered at the sensation of being filled with her aunt’s cum again. She no longer denied how good it felt as it seemed to fill her completely and leak from her again. She wondered if her aunt always came this much.

Ailen grabbed Dana by the hair again, pulling her into a kiss, her tongue sliding against Dana’s and Dana pressed hers back until Ailen pulled back. “You were a bad girl,” she said with a smile. “I said no talking.”

“I couldn’t help it,” Dana responded with a sly smirk.

“I’ll have to punish you for that later,” Ailen teased her before pulling her cock free of Dana’s pussy. As before, Dana felt her aunt’s cum leaking from her, dripping go to the pedestal she still sat on and onto the floor.

“Now back to position 1,” Ailen said as she returned to the painting that Dana had completely forgotten about, but she did as was told and returned to the initial position she first sat in. Though she was still panting as she was catching her breath, Ailen didn’t correct her as she continued to glance over to Dana and apply paint to the canvas.

“There,” she said after a short while. “It’s not fully complete but I have enough that I can finish it on my own. Would you like to see it?” She asked.

Dana got down from the pedestal and stepped around the canvas to look at her aunt’s work. Across the canvas was the image of Dana as she was sitting previously. However her hair and face had that “freshly fucked” look as Ailen’s cum dripped from her pussy. For some reason Dana found this arousing. This image, a memento of this moment immortalized. Was this just for Ailen’s private collection or would she show it to people? Would they know the subject of this painting was the artist’s niece? And that it was captured just after Ailen had actually cum inside her for real? Dana found herself a bit excited by this.

“It looks good,” She said, feeling a bit odd to be complimenting the piece at the same time, even if she was excited by its existence. Maybe because it was an image of her and she had never considered herself terribly attractive.

“It’ll be great once it’s done,” Ailen said, “i just have some more color work to do but that’s for later.” She set the paint tray down. “I’m a bit impressed with you actually,” she changed the sujbect. “You’re taking to our little arrangement a bit faster than I expected. I figured you’d put up more of a fight for longer.”

Dana wasn’t really sure how she should explain it, “I dunno,” she said, “I guess I don’t see the point in fighting it,” she said, “might as well get my fun where I can get it.”

Ailen laughed, “now you sound like a real college girl,” she said, “I was a lot like that when I was your age. Fucking around with whoever I could, showing off my little surprise.” She shook her hips, letting her now flaccid cock sway as she referenced it.

“So… you’ve always been like that,” Dana commented.

“Oh yeah,” Ailen said, “our parents wanted to keep it a secret but growing up and getting hit with two puberties at the same time, that kinda became an impossibility. I’ve been told that it’s technically not a medical impossibility for someone to be born like me but it’s very rare. Still to this day never met anyone else like me. Guess I’m just one in a million.”

“I guess so,” Dana said, she was curious about it herself so it was nice to at least have that answered. “Um… can I put my clothes back on now?”

“What, you don’t want to hang out around the house naked?” Ailen asked, laughing a bit. “In a second, I need you to do one more thing for me. Go bend over the pedestal for me.” Ailen picked up another small pouch and a bottle of lube like the one she had used this morning.

This part she must have planned for, Dana thought as she stepped over to the pedestal and bent over it. Though after having this plug in for a while, she had to admit she did get used to it. She was a little more confident in her ability to take something bigger.

“Good girl,” Ailen said as Dana obeyed. She stepped up behind Dana, running her fingers over the base of the plug. She applied a little bit of lube to make retrieving it a little easier as she slowly pulled it out of Dana’s asshole.

Dana groaned a little as she Kıbrıs Escort felt the plug opening her ass and once it was out, there was a slight emptiness she suddenly felt.

“A good start,” Ailen said as her fingers prodded Dana’s asshole. It was certainly looser than it had been prior, Dana felt Ailen slipping two of her fingers into her ass with very little resistance.

Ailen applied more lube to Dana’s ass, using her fingers to push into her and coat both the ring of her asshole and the inside with the cool gel-like substance. Dana enjoyed this a bit more than this morning. Moaning softly as Ailen’s fingers entered her. She almost felt like she could cum from this if Ailen chose to keep going. It made Dana consider if she should try anal mastrubation when she got the chance, but there would be time to think about that later as it became time for the new plug.

Dana didn’t get to see this one before Ailen was lubricating it and pressing the cool tip to her ass. It started to slide in with ease, but it was bigger than the first one, stretching her more as Dana fought the urge to clench down on it. Overall her ass accepted this one a little easier than the first one, even if it was bigger. Once it was all the way inserted, Dana could feel it tight against the inside of her ass. It was a sensation she couldn’t say was entirely unpleasant as Ailen finished.

“I’m really impressed with your progress,” Ailen complimented her. “Despite beng an anal virgin your ass seems like it can take quite a bit. At this rate you’ll be taking my dick in no time.”

Dana found herself looking forward to that, a thought she’d never thought she’d have in her entire life. She decided not to voice it as she stood up, taking a moment to get used to the new plug before she put her clothes back on.

“So this new friend of yours…” Ailen said once Dana was dressed again. “Who are they?”

“Oh… just some people my age I met yesterday…” Dana said.

“Have you fucked any of them yet?” Ailen asked teasingly, a question that caused Dana to choke on her own breath.

“It’s fine if you have,” Ailen laughed, “so long as you always come back to me, you can fool around with whoever you want. But you do have to tell me about it, mostly just because I’m nosey. And I can jerk off to it later. So dish.”

Dana was a bit bashful still to be telling her aunt this but, she did tell her about the group she met. She told her about meeting Olivia after getting her Brazilian wax done, and how she showed Dana her little hiding spot and how they had fooled around.

“Ooh, she’s right, you should get your nipples pierced,” Ailen told her when Dana finished recounting her adventure today. “Maybe tomorrow you can do that and you’ll definitely have to tell me if you end up having that threesome.”

“Okay…” Dana said, trying not to slide back into her habits. She didn’t have to be shy and bashful. She was new Dana now, sex confident and bold.

Ailen seemed to notice this and chuckled, “you’re so cute,” she said, kissing Dana softly. “This is going to be a fun month. Now how about you go get cleaned up and we can do dinner. “I’d offer to shower together if I didn’t think we’d just end up making another mess,” she teased again. “Maybe some other time.”

“Uh.. sure,” Dana said before descending the stairs, she got a new change of clothes from her room, (a tank top and a pair of lounge pants), and found the second floor bathroom. She took a shower and changed into the new clothes once she dried off and then dropped her old clothes off in her room. It was then that she noticed she had gotten a notification on her phone. A video message from Olivia.

Dana opened it and found a video of Olivia, naked, laying on a bed with Robbie’s head between her legs. He was eating her out and Oliva was moaning loudly as it seemed like Robbie was making her cum. The text across the screen reading, [Making sure he practices for you ;)]

Dana blushed as she watched the video, despite just recently having sex with her aunt she was already getting turned on again.

“Hopefully he’s as good as you,” she responded back. The old her from just a few days ago would never have said anything like that. Would never have even gotten into a situation like this before. Even more she was looking forward to more.

“If you don’t hurry up I’m gonna come get you!” Ailen’s voice called from downstairs. “And we both know what’ll happen if I do.”

Dana definitely knew and part of her was tempted to find out firsthand. But instead she stuffed her phone in her pocket and left her room, descending the stairs. She met her aunt in the kitchen and the rest of the night was relatively normal. They made dinner, discussing normal things like school and boys. Afterwords they sat together on the couch and watched TV. Though the way the two sat together, one would be mistaken for thinking they were lovers and not relatives. Though, Dana supposed by now they were both.

Not that she found herself minding much, as her arms were wrapped around her Aunt’s abdomen, Ailen’s very firm abdomen. Did she work out? She must to keep a great figure like this…

Dana found her hand and fingers gently caressing Ailen’s stomach. Slowly her fingers inched lower and lower across Ailen’s skin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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