Brian’s Story Ch. 03

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OK, here’s the deal. Dennis has been bugging my ass to fill in the gap at the end of my story, the part before I moved back and started the relationships that lead to the present day (2005).

That way everything is tied up and we can bring all our stories together (including our meeting with another future Literotica author. Talk about fucked-up coincidences!)

And oh, by the way, a warning… there is some male/male action in this story. If you don’t like it, please move along. Thanks.


Anyway, I was working in the bar after Dianne broke things off with me. I was too ‘out there’ sexually- meaning I was bisexual. It was okay for her to be bi- or even gay, but if I was, that was too much. Too fucking bad for her.

I got a job offer from a rancher who lived west of Denver and I took him up on it. I didn’t have any experience working on a farm or anything, but he said it didn’t matter as long as I had a good work ethic, and could drive a standard. I could drive a stick, and I had never been afraid of busting a sweat, so I was hired.

I lived alone in the bunkhouse and got to work. The bunkhouse was pretty good. There were nice showers and there was my choice of beds, since I was the only man working. The hours were long and I was dead tired most of the time, but the food was good, so everything evened out. They had a few horses to help with the cattle operation, but I wasn’t wild about riding. I drove a lot of tractor and slung a lot of feed. I was there for about six weeks when things got weird.

I really liked Bonnie, Don’s wife. She was a down-to-earth rural type, fresh faced and rosy cheeks. She was short and a few pounds overweight. (Must have been all her good cooking. But she was a laugh a minute and fun to be around. She reminded me of Joely, a girl that I had had my first foursome with, last semester at college.) Don, her husband, was a wiry dude, about my height, though skinnier.

They had one 18 year old daughter, Rebecca, who was an almost carbon copy of her mom. She had the same voluptuous curves as her mom, with one difference- she wasn’t as shy about showing them off. It was late fall, but she wore skimpy stuff around the house. She’d wink at me when ever she caught my eye at the dinner table, or when she passed me in the barn. They had another son, Reg, who was nineteen and going to an agricultural college out of state. That’s why Don needed the help.

We’d sit around the living room after supper and watch TV. Rebecca had a sort of steady boyfriend and other friends from school and so she wasn’t always around. Bonnie and Don and I would watch TV and most nights about 10, Bonnie would slap Don’s skinny thigh and say, “Well hun, time for Carson and a quickie.” Then she’d laugh and Don would grin and they’d head off to their bedroom.

I’d head off to the bunkhouse to jerk off before I fell asleep.

It was winter, and Don had to go to town for a supply run, and since I had the hang of the operation, I was left in charge. Before supper, he apparently called and told his wife that one of the tractor parts he needed was late getting in and we was going to stay overnight. Besides, it looked like snow. Bonnie was her usual self through supper, though she confessed that she hated spending nights alone. I reminded her that Rebecca was here and she said that Rebecca was going to spend the night at a friend’s place to study for a test. Sirens should have been going off in my head. But I was stupid.

We sat on the couch and watched TV when the inevitable happened. She turned to me with a glint in her eye and said, “How about Carson and a quickie?” I was totally lost for words. She started unbuttoning her flannel shirt. She took it off and dropped it beside her, smirking. She reached behind her to release her bra clasp. I gained my voice and said, what about her husband and she said, he knows. She asked if I wanted to see her tits- after all, she knew I’d been looking. She also knew that I had jerked of nearly every night when I went back to my room.

I asked how, and she said that a few weeks ago, she sent Don out to see what I was doing. She said he came back and said I was lying on the bunk, stroking myself- and that I had a nice sized pecker. When she said this, she popped the clasp and her bra fell in her lap. With one hand she tossed it away and with the other she reached over and cupped my cramped and aching cock and balls. Her tits drooped a bit (she was over 40, after all), but since I was so horny lately, they looked great to me.

She said that her husband didn’t mind if she messed around with the hired help, as long as it was just sex, not anything serious. She swung a leg over me and sat on my lap and ground our denim-clad crotches together. Yeah, she was just like Joely- their body types were the same. Roly-poly Joely and Bonnie. Two peas in a pod.

Her nice, big tits were right in my face so I said what the fuck, and took one nipple into my mouth and sucked it for all I was worth. She hissed and arched her back and I used my hands to bring her two globes taksim escort together and sucked both nipples almost at the same time. She moaned loudly and wrapped her hands in my hair to pull me closer. She was still humping the lump in my pants and after a while she cursed and got off me. She shucked her jeans and panties in a flash, and she was naked. She told me to stand up and when I did, she leaned back on the couch and started caressing her pussy. Get naked, she said. Let me see this nice, big cock that Don said was so great.

I slowly undressed, getting harder at the thought of this older woman getting off watching me. When my cock was finally in the open, she hissed and started frigging her cunt faster. Yes, she said, that’s a nice one. She sat forward and grabbed my cock and brought me to the edge of the couch, and wrapped her soft lips over the tip. She started sucking, taking as much as she could into her mouth, moaning all the while.

I told her that I was going to cum and she leaned back and told me to jerk off all over her. Fine with me- I love that kind of thing! I grabbed my rod and started stroking. Soon it all came to the surface, and as she sat there rubbing her clit, I let fly with a load all over her. I leaned over her and supported my body with one hand on the back of the couch. That way I directed streams of cum onto her tits and her belly. She even leaned up and took the last few drops in her mouth. I collapsed beside her while she rubbed it into her skin. I looked over at her and she looked at me and smiled.

She asked how long it would take for me to recover and I said it depends. She said that she wanted to get fucked, but she wondered if I could do her a favor. I asked what it was, and she said quietly, nervously, that she wanted me to treat her nasty.


Like a whore, like a slut, like a tramp, she said.

Fine, I thought. If its games she wants, it’ll be games she gets. I looked at her and said, if you wanna fuck again, you’d better suck my cock. It didn’t look like that registered, so I sort of yelled, now bitch! She got this look in her eye and she cowered back into the couch. Not knowing if I was gonna get a kick in the balls, I said, come on you fucking slut, suck me off.

She got all flushed, but she got up and crouched in front of me and whispered, “Thank you.” And she took my limp prick all the way down. It was weird, I wasn’t into mistreating women at all, but I sure let Bonnie have it. I called her every filthy name in the book and she responded by giving me world class head. When I was good and hard, I asked if she wanted my cock in her, she looked up and said, yes, please. I told her to lie back on the rug and when she did, I got down and mounted her. No preamble, no nothing, I just stuck it into her dripping wet pussy and fucked her, still calling her names all the while.

She wrapped her legs around me and we fucked like animals in the middle of the floor for almost a half an hour. She had, what I found out later, several little orgasms, but she was building to one big one. When she came, it was all howling and writhing. Thank god there were no neighbors. She flopped flat out on the floor. It looked like she almost passed out. I was still hard ready to go, but she begged me stop, she was so sore. I told her, look bitch, I wanna cum again, so you’d better suck me off. She got to he knees and meekly shuffled over to where I sat, leaning against the couch. She looked at me reluctantly and bent to take my prick in her mouth. Her ass was in the air and I admired its meaty, substantial form.

She was good. I kept up the commentary, asking her if she liked the taste of her own pussy. She nodded, yes. I told her I was cumming and she was going to swallow everything like a good little whore and she nodded again, still sucking. When I came, she was moaning and sucking for all she was worth. When my balls were empty, she rolled off to the side, onto her back. She had two fingers jammed up her pussy. I told her to take them out and lick them dry. She hesitated and I said, now, you fucking whore. She obeyed immediately and brought them to her mouth. With her eyes closed she licked them cleaned, while pinching her nipples with her other hand.

I was about to give another command when all the sudden she jumped up and started gathering her clothes, telling me to do the same. She said thanks for the lovely evening, and for being a good sport. She explained that her husband got off on being humiliated like that and she just wanted to try it. She said thanks again and she was gone, her bedroom door closed behind her.

I just shook my head, got dressed and went out to the bunkhouse.


Nothing much happened for a while. Things just carried on with us all working and Rebecca going to school. Christmas came and went and I stayed with the family. I met the son, Reg, and he was a nice enough guy. If he hadn’t been giving off macho vibes like mad, I might have tried something. Then it was the New topkapı escort Year of 1985, and then into the spring. Although I had a chance for another round or two with Bonnie when Don and Rebecca were out of the house, they weren’t all that frequent. But I didn’t feel too bad about it. I had found a nice stash of porn left behind by past hired hands, and so I had something to occupy my evenings.

One Sunday morning I woke up in my single bunk, with someone sucking my cock. I panicked. What would happen if Don found Bonnie out here giving me head?

Oh, God, What if it was Don? I didn’t have to worry. I opened my eyes and looked down the length of my naked body. It was Rebecca. It felt good, but I pushed her off and covered myself up. I asked what the fuck she was doing, and she said she was giving me a blow-job.

She said that she hadn’t got anything from her boyfriend for a while and she needed it. She said her parents were at church and she had faked being sick so we had a few hours before she got back.

It’s okay, she said, I won’t tell anyone. She was wearing a flannel shirt that covered everything. She started unbuttoning it, smiling wickedly. It occurred to me that while she was doing that, she looked just like her mother had. One difference, her tits looked like they belonged on an 18-year old, and in spite of my misgivings, I let her crawl on top of me and shove them in my face.

I sucked on her tits until she pulled away. My erection was back by this time, and she pulled away and shuffled up and settled down on me, trapping my cock onto my stomach. We kissed as she rubbed her wet pussy back and forth on it for a while, then got up on her knees. She grinned and took hold of it and aimed it at her cunt. She was just ready to settle down on it when she said, “You’re gonna have to tell me if I’m as good as momma.”


Then she sat down on my cock. I was totally stunned! She knew about me and her mother! I was ready to boost her off me, but to tell the truth, it just felt so good. She wriggled down and down on me, and in no time I was balls deep in her. She told me that it felt really fucking good, and started posting up and down on me.

I started pumping up into her, and she started groaning, loudly, and muttering fuck, fuck, fuck, over and over. I was getting ready to cum when she rolled off me and pulled me off of the bed.

She jumped back on and wiggled her ass at me. Come on, fuck me doggie style! she yelled, so I stood behind her and drove it home. We got a rhythm going, when she asked me to spank her.

Spank her? What kind of weird family was this? Her mother had me treat her like a whore and the daughter wants me to slap her ass while we fuck? Well, whatever gets you through the night. I started slapping her ass in time with my thrusting, and she was loving it. She came in no time at all. She was noisy and thrashing all over the bed. Her pussy just about crushed my cock as she clamped down on it with her orgasm. I kept slapping and her ass was red- it must have been sore; I wasn’t fooling around.

I was pretty close too, and in no time I was pumping a full load into her. That really got her going and she was moaning fuck, fuck, fuck again and again. She asked that I stop slapping her, so I gave her one or two more and then pulled out. She collapsed on the bed and I just stood there. I didn’t want to snuggle with her, and none of the other beds in the bunkhouse had mattresses. So I just stood there.

She gingerly sat up, and made a face. She said that I played rough, but not to worry, she liked it. Then, she leaned forward and started licking my flagging cock.

I asked her if she liked it. She moaned and nodded yes. I said she was just like her mother, and she asked why. I said that her mother liked sucking my cock after I had fucked her. She looked surprised at that. I asked if she liked the taste of pussy as well, and she shrugged. I asked if she had ever done anything with another girl and she shrugged again.

I asked her how she knew that her mom and I had fucked. She held my cock in her hand and stroked it. They fuck all the hired men eventually, she said.

Just a second here… They? I was going to say something, but I didn’t want to touch that with a ten foot pole.

She asked if I wanted to hear about her and this other girl at school. I said I’d love to and she said that I’d have to fuck her again. I had been thinking that I should ask her to leave, but I quickly reconsidered.

I was getting hard again with her sucking me, and so I asked her how she’d like it. She said that she’d like to ride me again. She made room and I laid down on my back. She sucked me until I was really hard and then she sat on my cock in one swift, smooth move.

She had nice soft tits, and I was having fun sucking them and playing with her nipples. She started her story as we slowly fucked…

“I played volleyball for my high school team. Because I’m so short, I’m a setter, and my best tuyap escort friend Amy, she’s the best spiker in the conference. She’s about five-eleven and skinny, so we were the school’s mutt and jeff. We always worked hard together, before and after practice, to get it right. One day we were working together when everyone else had gone home. Amy couldn’t hit a thing, she was totally useless.

“I got pissed at her and asked what was wrong. She didn’t have a boyfriend while I was getting fucked all the time, so that may have been it. She said nothing was wrong, so I said practicing was useless, and I was going to hit the showers. She kicked a ball across the gym and yelled, fine, go then.

“She was my oldest friend, so I knew something was really bothering her. I went over to her and asked her again. She said I wouldn’t understand and she said, let’s go shower.

“We walked through the door to the girls dressing room. There was a short hallway, then another door. Now the light in this little hallway had burnt out so when the door behind us closed, we were in darkness. I let out a scary ghost sound, but Amy didn’t laugh.

“I ran into her, there in the dark. All the sudden, her arms were around me and she held me tight. We were all sweaty, but that didn’t matter. Scared, I asked, kind of joking. No, she said. Horny.

“She whispered that it was really hard to concentrate on volleyball when all she could think of were my tits. I would have fallen down but she was holding me up. I mean, I had no fucking idea my best friend felt… that way. She said that she was really sorry and she hoped that our friendship wasn’t totally ruined, but she had to say something. She wanted to fuck around with me for years now, but she couldn’t bring herself to do anything.

“I wasn’t wild about Amy telling me all this, but I wasn’t turned off either. My brother had shown me some lesbo porno mags in the bunkhouse one time. I knew what went on.

“I asked her what she wanted to do, and she said, this… and she bent down and kissed me. It was really fucking nice- gentle and soft. I found myself getting into it, so I started kissing her back. She started rubbing one of my tits and that was it. I grabbed her nice little ass, and her tits and we just stood there in the dark, groping each other like rabbits in a burrow.

“She ripped off my t-shirt and then my bra, and started licking and sucking my tits. My best girlfriend was sucking my tits! Fucking wild!

“I slipped my hand down the front of her loose gym shorts and felt my way to her pussy. It was wet- either with sweat, or from being turned on. Turned on by me. I pushed her shorts all the way down. If this was what she wanted, she was going to get it. I had never touched a pussy except my own, but I had a good idea what would get her off. She was hunched over, latched to my tits, and I slid one, then two fingers up her cunt. Then, when they were good and wet, I started working on her clit. She was so far gone that I barely touched her and she went off like a firecracker. She moaned and started humping my hand and she came, right there. We were sure no-one was around, but she still had to be quiet, just in case.

“She calmed down a bit. I had to say something. So I said, you like girls, huh? And she said, I like you. She straightened up and said real casual, wanna shower? I said yeah, and we felt our way to the other door. If anyone had been in the dressing room, there would have been no doubt about what we were doing. I was topless, her shorts were around her ankles, and we both looked like we had run the 200 meter dash, even though I hadn’t even cum yet.

“But nobody was there. She went to her locker and got her shower things. I got mine and we went to the big tiled shower room.

“We washed ourselves. We still hadn’t said anything.

“I was washing my hair, I had my eyes closed against the shampoo, when I felt her behind me. First, it was just her hands, real tentative, on my shoulders. Then when I didn’t do anything, I felt her tits on my back. I had my hands up in my hair, and her hands slipped around me to… to grab my tits. She was way better than my boyfriend. He was always so rough… She kept rubbing my tits and… and I was humming like I really liked what she was doing. She twisted my nipples real gentle… and I groaned out loud and pressed back into her. She slid one hand down to my pussy and started stroking my… then she slipped…”

Her breathing started to get erratic. She was riding up and down on my cock as I lay there on the little bunk. She closed her eyes as if remembering the experience. I could feel her cunt working on me, and I knew she was close to cumming.

“… she slipped two fingers, right into me… while she squeezed my tit, and fucked me. I reached behind her and grabbed her ass… and she… fucked… fuck… oh fuck me fuck me…”

So I fucked her. And she came, and a minute later, I did too. Our breathing slowly returned to normal. I liked the feel of my cum seeping out of her pussy and apparently, so did she. She tucked her fingers between us and brought them out, smeared with our juices. She licked one finger, then brought one finger to my mouth. Without thinking, I licked and sucked what she fed me. I felt her pussy clench and she smiled. She asked me if I liked her story. I said it was good, and asked if she and Amy had done anything since.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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