My First Foursome

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I was still at college at the time of this story, it was summer and i had just turned 18, i was getting into my new found freedom to drink in a big way. I had been invited to a big party at a friends house, it was great fun. Lots of drinking and flirting going on, plenty of people getting heavy in dark corners.

By 4 am i was getting tired, my friend and i had decided we would get one of the bedrooms and therefore be more comfortable. My boyfriend and i got the bed, my friend and her boyfriend were on the floor next to us. We put the lights out but the light from the street shone in through the curtains, leaving the room pretty light. All thoughts of being coy were washed away by the alcohol, i just dropped my skirt and climbed into bed in my knickers and top.

My boyfriend kissed me and our tongues entwined, his hand ran down and made contact with the front of my knickers, making me gasp. Anyother time i would have stopped him, what with Sarah and Alex being in the room. He slipped his hand down the front of my knickers and began caressing my clit. He was doing it so slowly, i was trying not to moan out loud, but i needed it faster. I reached down and pulled his hard cock out of his boxers and began to pull him, showing him the pace i wanted. He leant close to me and asked me face the other way on my side, i said he would have to be quiet. I turned over making sure i was covered by the duvet and stuck my bottom out. Dave reached down and pulled my thong aside and pushed his cock against my wet pussy. His dick was slipping in with no effort at all, it was then i remembered the presence of Sarah and Alex. I looked over and saw them doing exactly the same, facing us. They had thrown the duvet off and were just fucking brazenly. Dave had spotted them too and pulled the duvet off us.

Alex reached over and ran his hand inside Pendik Escort the front of Sarahs top, caressing her 32E tits. Sarah was certainly getting into the attention she was recieving and was squirming on his cock, moaning softly. She reached down and pulled her top upover her massive boobs determined to show off. They were watching us as closely as we were them, there was a sexual buzz in the air, knowing we were all really into what was happening. Dave said to me “show Alex your tits Chloe, i know you want to show him”. I was feeling so turned on by now id have done pretty much anything he had told me. I wipped my top up and over my head to reveal my pert tits. not as big as Sarahs but not small at a 32D and extremely pert, i was so proud of them – my favourite part of my body, and my boyfriends!.

“Hey Alex, what do you think?” Dave asked. “Mmmm, very nice” Alex said, “definately worth it!, what do u think of mine?”. “Oi i have a name!” Sarah butted in. “Be quiet!” Alex said and thrust into her hard, pulling her hips back onto him, making her moan. “yeah shes gorgeous!” Dave said “Would love to give her one!”. “Mind if i feel Chloes tits?” Alex asked. “How about we swap?” Dave said. “Yeah cool!” Alex said.

Alex withdrew from Sarah and knelt next to the bed groping my boobs, he took my hand and placed it on his cock, and i started jerking him. Dave got up and walked over to where Sarah was still laying, he lay next to her and kissed her. “God youre so horny Chloe, im not going to lie to you, i really want to fuck you. Come on kneel over the bed for me” Alex said. I did as i was asked and Alex penetrated me from behind. I gasped as he pushed his hot cock in, “On god thats amazing Chloe, you feel so good” Alex exclaimed.

Sarah broke off her kiss with Dave and said “Im feeling so horny right now, Kurtköy Escort i need to be fucked”. Dave knelt her on the bed infront of us and penetrated her quickly. Sarah was begging Dave to give it to her harder, she was visibly turned on. I dont know what came over me, but i reached up and started to rub her clit. She was cumming loudly in seconds. As she came down from her Orgasmic bliss she turned to me “You dirty bitch!” she said “that was my best orgasm ever”. She made Dave pull out much to his consternation and sat in front of me legs open, begging me to touch her. Alex was slamming his cock in to me, over excited at seeing me play with his girlfriend. I reached out and slipped a finger inside her, she bucked her hips with appreciation and was slowly but surely shuffling her hips nearer to me. Her hips were right under my face and i could smell her excitement, i couldnt believe how dirty i was behaving and it was turning me on so much behaving this way. I knew what she wanted, i dipped my head and trailed my tongue across her clit, tasting her wetness, she moaned her appreciation so i began licking her properly she was moaning loudly, pushing herself onto my face hard “Lick me come on, im cumming!” she screamed as she climaxed on my tongue. she sat up and kissed me deeply. She broke off the kiss and said “Shall we “double team” the guys, one at a time?”. “Lets” i replied Alex pulled out of me and Sarah sucked his cock briefly caressing his balls. “Alex is nearly there” she exclaimed “Bend over Chloe” she said. I bent over the bed again and she fingered me breifly then helped guide Alexs cock into me, he didnt need much encouragement he was screwing me hard, i was cumming on his cock moaning for him not to stop. I felt him spasm as his first shot squirted up me, Sarah pulled him out and jerked him over my ass, his Ümraniye Escort hot cum splattering my round bottom. “Oh dont stop!” I begged as Sarah pulled him out, i was on the brink of cumming again. Sarah pushed me forward and slipeed her fingers inside me, working me expertly. She dipped her head and began licking her boyfriend cum from my bottom, working down where it has dripped till she came to my soaking pussy, she prised my legs wide open and began licking me, i was shuddering uncontrolably, i came twice on her probing tongue

Sarah then turned to Dave and said ” boy, i bet youre ready for yours huh?”. She pushed him onto his back on the bed, mounting him as she sat ontop of him. “Oh yeah, your cock feels lovely and big in me, seeing that really turned you on didnt it?”. She was riding him slowly at first, sitting upright on him. “Did you enjoy watching Alex fuck your girlfriend?”. Dave was merely grunting by way of reply, enjoying the sensation of Sarah fucking him. “Well he’s had his fun now, he has to watch me fuck you, and i really do want to fuck you” She said. Dave was really responding to her talking dirty to him, so i resigned myself to just watching. She as cupping her tits as she rode him, then leant forward so they were in his face, he sucked them hard. Dave put his hands on her bottom pulling her on to him, “You want me to fuck you faster?, is that better?” she said speeding up. “I hope youre getting close, because im gonna cum soon, you think you can cum at the same time?”. “Come on then” Dave said. “Oh god hurry up Dave, i want you to cum in me so much. Oh god im so turned on, i want to cum on your cock”. “Im nearly there!” Dave exclaimed. Sarah speeded up to a frantic pace “Im cumming!” she screamed moaning really loud. Dave groaned as he shot his load up her. After their orgasms subsided, Sarah slumped forward laying on top of Dave, his dick still inside her, so we decided to spend the night with each others partners.

Next morning we had sex again with each others partners and have since made it a regular thing. It certainly keeps the flames of passion alive!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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