My First Time with Another Man

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It wasn’t written so much for entertainment as it was to tell it like it really was. This is the true story, and the true feelings. You can feel free to comment on that as you will.


This is my true story of my first time with another man. It’s something that developed later in life. As a young man, I never, in a million years, dreamed I would ever fantasize about another man, much less carry through with something like this. As we age, I don’t know if the changes are psychological, or physiological, or both, but something changed, and a fantasies begin forming in my head the last few years of giving another man a blowjob.

Now, I am a man in his 50s. My wife and I have been married for over 30 years. We have lived all over the world, and for the last few years, had lived in my wife’s home country (which is different from mine – she is from Asia and that is where I met her). When my assignment was up, she said for the first time in her life, she was able to really experience her own culture in a way she enjoyed, and she said she was not ready to move back to the US with me. This caused much friction, but after some time, we came to agreement where she would stay in her country for another 6 months without me. Our sexual fantasies are something that we have shared with each other (so far as I know), and when I told her that 6 months was a long time for me to be away from her sexually, she told me that I could use this time to pursue those fantasies that I had told her about that she could not fulfill, but I just had to be safe. (I understand that these kinds of arrangements happen with some commonality in Asian marriages … but the offer was a surprise to me).

So once I started my new life by myself, I advertised to see if I could find a reasonably safe situation where I could be with another man and give him a blowjob. I placed an ad, and got several responses – most of which I disregarded after the first paragraph. But there was one that interested me: This guy was about my age and physique, and had also been in a long-term marriage. Recently, he, like I, had begun to have bi-sexual fantasies about giving another man a blowjob. He had discussed this with his wife and she told him he should try it, but when he placed an ad and got very close to trying, his wife became very uncomfortable with the other person (something didn’t set right about his relationship story), and his wife asked him to not meet that guy. Since he, like I, wanted to stay married, he complied. After exchanging email with me for a few times, both he and his wife decided I was legit and my story was legit, and so we made arrangements to meet in a hotel room that I arranged (I’m not hurting for money. My skills pay well … which is also part of why they are transferrable all over the world as they are.)

At our appointment time, he Bostancı Escort came to the door and I let him in. Since it was a first for both of us, we were both very nervous, so we started with a beer to take some of the tension off. After the beer, we both stripped. I moved first by walking up to him and taking his dick in my hand. He reciprocated by reaching out and taking my dick in his hand. As I fondled him, I felt him begin to get hard – not fully erect, but some excitement was there. Unfortunately, I remained completely flaccid at this point. He commented that I was much bigger than he expected, and he was not sure he could get me in his mouth when I got fully erect (My wife can, although she doesn’t do it much, nor for very long, so I knew he could, and I think he was mostly trying sexy talk. Honestly, I have no idea how large my dick is in comparison with other men, and I’ve never measured it.)

After a few minutes, I invited him to lie on his back on the bed. He quickly complied. I got on the bed about a 45 degree angle from him. My wife and I often start like this and as I eat her, she reaches out and fondles me to get me ready. I expected him to reach out and touch me, but he didn’t. Whatever the case, I put my head next to his dick, then began licking the head, and around the edge of the head. Every time my tongue went across his hole, or around the underside right about the little V shape, his dick or his balls would twitch, giving me an indication he was enjoying this stimulation. He began asking me questions about whether or not I liked it, and I assured him I did. Then, I took him in my mouth and began to suck up and down, careful to swirl my tongue around the head each time up. He seemed to be enjoying this tremendously as he grew to fully erect while I was doing this.

Then, he suggested he should suck me for a while, so I rolled over on my back. He positioned himself between my legs and started sucking me. I have to admit that I enjoyed him sucking me, but for whatever reason, I just could not get up at this point. Maybe I need the female pheromones to really stimulate me as I ALWAYS begin sex with my wife by inhaling her deeply and licking her as much as she will allow, or maybe it is more correctly stated that the male pheromones keep me from becoming fully aroused – I’m not sure what it was, but I could not get an erection while he sucked me.

After a few minutes, I suggested we get into 69. I actually expected him to get on top of me and straddle my head, but instead, he lay on the bed beside me. I’m right handed, and this put me on my right side, so that meant that either I sucked him and stroked awkwardly with my left hand, and fondled his balls awkwardly with my left hand, or else, I tried with my right hand, but because I was lying on that side, my mobility was limited. Still, Anadolu Yakası Escort he seemed to be enjoying it, and I noticed that I was beginning to get erect as we sucked each other like this.

I rolled him over, and got between his legs and started sucking him. Now, I started going deeper until he hit the back of my throat. I have read about people deep-throating, but I didn’t seem to be able to do that, so I just continued to suck him up and down to the depth where he hit the back of my throat. I used my right hand to stimulate in front of my mouth, or to stimulate his balls further.

After a few minutes, he said “I’m getting close … I’ gonna cum.” Almost immediately, his dick began to twitch, and I began to taste cum. It tasted exactly as I expected (Of course I’ve tasted my own.) It twitched for several seconds, and when he stopped twitching and moving forward, I swallowed, and did not lose a drop.

I know that immediately after a man cums, he can become very sensitive – I do this, but if someone slows down and goes slowly during this sensitive time, although the man’s desire will drop along with the sensitivity rising, as the sensitivity begins to drop, gentle stimulation is VERY nice. I’ve experienced this with my wife when she has decided after I cum to gently suck me (Those occasions have been VERY few, but they have been VERY good). I kept this in mind and slowed down, tried to milk any more cum out of his dick (he didn’t have any more), and gently sucked him until he began to soften.

Then he said, “Now it’s your turn.” I turned over on the bed, and unfortunately, I had grown completely flaccid. It’s not like there was no sexual excitement for me – I had plenty of excitement from stimulating him to orgasm and swallowing his load like I did – but for some reason, I could not get up. He sucked me for several minutes and I still did not get up. Finally, I suggested I could bring in some lesbian porn (something that ALWAYS gets me up – just thinking about it). Even though I got one of the most erotic pussy-licking videos on the screen, I still did not get up with him sucking me.

Remembering how I got up as we were 69, I turned back to a 69 position and began sucking his now-flaccid dick. It acted as if it was going to get up again, but didn’t quite reach half-up. Still, he said, “Even though I just came a few minutes ago, that still feels really nice.” I kept sucking, and he resumed sucking me, but I still could not get up, and never during any of this time did I feel like I was even on the road for an orgasm.

After a few minutes of this frustration, I decided he just wasn’t stimulating me hard enough, so I put my own left hand under my balls, and stroked myself with my right hand as I watched the lesbian pussy-licking on the screen. Still, it wasn’t easy, but after Pendik Escort a few minutes, I started getting up … but I felt like if I stopped, and he started sucking again, it would not stay up, so I kept stroking until I reached that last 3 – 4 seconds where you know you’re about to cum, and you know that no matter what happens, you’re not going to stop it, and then I announced to him I was about to cum.

He immediately took my head back in his mouth and stroked my shaft as I came in his mouth. He made “mmm” sounds as if he liked the taste (and I figure he’s tasted his own just as I’ve tasted my own), and when he finished, he looked up at me and said, “Now, we’ve both swallowed cum.”

It seems like we played and touched for a few minutes, but not long – we soon got up, and it suddenly seemed awkward to him, so we both dressed and he quickly left. He told me before he left that he wanted to think and compare, and see how the reality was in comparison to the fantasy, and he would decide then if he wanted to get back together with me. Since we both stated from the beginning that we wanted to swallow the other’s load, I think he may have been better for me than I was for him. I managed to stimulate him to orgasm about as quickly as I expected I could. He couldn’t seem to stimulate me to orgasm, and it may not have been due to him doing anything wrong. I really don’t know.

So will we get together again? I’ll wait for him to tell me what he thought. As for me, if he wanted me to suck him again without wanting to suck me, I would probably do it – I’m confident I can make him orgasm. But can he make me orgasm? I don’t know, and that’s a bit stressful for me if we meet again, and he wants to swallow my load.

Honestly, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE giving oral to a woman. Another of my fantasies is to stimulate a woman to multiple orgasms using nothing but my mouth. I have not gotten to fulfill this because my wife either thinks of me giving her oral as something I do to lubricate her and make initial penetration easier, or on those times when she really begins to enjoy it, she quickly pulls me up to penetrate her with my penis – what she really seems to enjoy. Consequently, even though she’s multi-orgasmic, we’ve never taken the time with me stimulating her to orgasm orally. It may just be that I enjoy giving oral much more than I enjoy receiving it. I can’t really answer. I know it was a bit frustrating today that I had so much trouble giving him what he wanted, but it was so nice that I was able to so easily stimulate him to orgasm like I wanted.

Maybe he will call back. Maybe next time it will be easier. Maybe he will be disappointed in me and will never do it again. It’s up to him at this point as I still have several months away from my wife under our agreement. Maybe I should look for that woman that wants a man to stimulate her to multiple orgasms and doesn’t want to give anything back – that would be fine with me so long as she genuinely enjoyed it. It’s been true in our marriage for many years that I enjoy my wife’s orgasm more than I enjoy my own – maybe that’s just how I am. Who knows?

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