My Girlfriend’s Slutty Roommate

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I’ve had a number of girlfriends, but none better looking than my current girl, Abby. I started dating Abby about six months ago after we met at a party. She is tall and slim, with nice curves and high cheekbones. She is the kind of girl that makes guys drool and girls go green with jealousy just by walking down the street.

Like many girls who are very aware they are beautiful, Abby was a bit stuck-up. It took me a month of dating her before I got to fuck her, and I quickly learned that I was going to do all the work in bed. I love her body though, so I can’t complain.

Abby is asked several times a week if she is a model, and in fact she does do some catalog work in addition to her PR job. I work as an digital editor, or at least I did until I was laid off last month. Unfortunately for me the media industry is quick changing to being self-published, which means there are less and less roles for editors. To be honest I’ve never been one of the best editors, which was likely why I was amongst the first to be let go when the firings started a few months ago. I have always got by on my looks and a bit of charm vs. the quality of my work. I may have to find another career.

Anyway, with no money coming in, I had to make a few changes to my lifestyle. The most dramatic was giving up my expensive bachelor pad and moving in with a couple of buddies. This was a bigger adjustment that I thought it would be. Abby had been spending a lot of time at my old place, staying over many nights a week, but that was not as appealing to her or I when Billy or Chris seemed to be permanently parked on the living room couch playing video games. My bedroom was a little more private but not much more appealing. Since I was the third man in, I got a space that barely fit a bed, and was closest to the noise from the living room. With no windows I felt claustrophobic almost as soon as I walked in.

I promised Abby this was only temporary, and we started to spend more time at her place. “It’s ok hun.” Abby said softly one night. “You’re pretty good and you’ll probably find something soon.”

Abby’s place was much nicer than my new dwelling. There were big windows, although this being new York City they looked into another building. It was clean and smelled nice, which I certainly couldn’t say about my place. Abby did have a roommate, Kate. Kate was also around quite a bit since, as an artist, she worked from home but she generally kept to herself though, often working in her bedroom.

I didn’t pay a lot of attention to Kate at first. She was shorter than Abby with a rather plain face. She had big curves, but she also carried a few extra pounds. Her hair was often frizzy and she wore shorts and oversized t shirts most of the time she was in the apartment. She was friendly though. As is the case with many less attractive girls, she always seemed eager to please. She would greet me with a smile when I was there, then disappear back into her room.

As the weeks went by I started to spend more time at Abby’s. I dreaded going back to my place and I didn’t have any workplace to go to. Since I didn’t have cash, Abby and I were going out less. Instead we would hang out at her place and watch a movie on Netflix, or just smoke some weed and listen to music. I started to see Kate more often. Sometimes she’d sit with us and watch a movie or smoke, but mostly I would just see her passing through to the kitchen of bathroom. I realized she had a decent body. Her ass was fat, but it was actually big Trabzon Escort and firm. I had the chance to check it out a number of times as she got more comfortable with me being around and started to walk around in just a long t shirt and panties late at night.

One night Abby and I were still up binge watching House of Cards to the early morning when late when Abby came back home after a night clubbing. She said she had some weed and when she offered to share we greedily accepted. Kate sat down in her little blue dress exposing a lot of leg. She had a looked pretty hot when she left in that little dress, high heels and a lot of make-up, but as she kicked off her shoes she looked a little worse for wear. As she rolled a joint she told us about her night. Her friends and her had met some guys and they ended up getting bottle service. One guy was aggressively after Kate but she wasn’t that interested until she saw him sell some weed to another guy at the club and heard him say it was an excellent strain. Kate asked for a sample and they smoked in the back of the club. It was very good stuff and after a few hits she was more receptive to the guy’s advances. They ended up at his place and he apparently gave her an aggressive spanking.

Kate was a very open girl, so I wasn’t shocked when she told us this, but I was surprised…and rather turned on. She got up to get a lighter and I watched her ass sway, imagining her bent over some guys lap an hour or two ago. I was sure she had also been fucked hard. As we took a couple of tokes I checked out Kate’s cleavage and noted how high her dress was rising up her legs. Abby went to the bathroom and Kate shook me from my daydreams.

“You might want to have Abby take care of that Scott.” Kate smirked. I looked down at saw my erection had formed a tent in my sweatpants. I started to say something but Abby came back in the room and I adjusted my cock instead. Soon after Abby and I went to bed. I took care of my arousal with Abby, but I was still imagining Kate and her ass.

After that morning there was a little sexual tension between Kate and I that hadn’t existed previously. At first she’d just catch me checking out her ass while she was looking in the fridge in the morning or I would tell her she looked like she was ready for a big night when she got dressed up to go out. On a couple more occasions she gave Abby and I sexual details on her dates with other guys and it was clear to me she was watching to make sure she was making me hard. What really drove me crazy though were the outfits she started wearing around the apartment. While she used to walk around in a long t shirt and panties only when she was getting ready to call it a night, she now often did so for hours in the evening. And somehow the shirts seemed to be getting smaller. I would often see her ass cheeks peaking out when she bent over or sometimes even just when she walked by. It was clear she was aware of the effect she was having because she would smirk when she caught me staring. Abby seemed completely oblivious, presumably very secure in the fact that she was so much more beautiful than her roommate.

Things changed the night that Abby’s grandfather took a fall. I was waiting at her apartment to come home from work when she texted and told me she had to go upstate to see him. She’d stay overnight. I half-heartedly offered to join, but she refused and suggested I stay at her place and catch up on Breaking Bad on Netflix so we could watch the Escort Trabzon last season together. I was happy to stay in a clean apartment and told her I’d see her when she got back to the city.

The thought of being alone with Kate did cross my mind, but I had no idea when she would be back. She was a free spirit and sometimes would disappear for a couple of days. I was smoking a little weed and absorbed in my fifth episode when she stumbled back in. She was wearing a sparkly top and what might have been the tightest black spandex skirt I have ever seen. It was clearly struggling to contain her big ass, which swayed and jiggled with every movement. Kate had clearly had a few drinks, which became more evident as she struggled to take off her high heels. I explained that Abby was not going to make it home and I saw that familiar smirk. Kate took the joint from my hand and inhaled deeply.

“God, I really wanted to get fucked tonight.” she whined playfully.

I went with it, asking if she got close. She told me she was dancing with a cute guy but he was married and ended up scooting home to the wife.

“He sure didn’t seem married when I was rubbing up on him with this” she said, stroking an ass cheek playfully.

“Maybe you weren’t forward enough” I joked. “How were you rubbing up on him?”

Kate took the cue with a smile. She stood in front of me, spread my legs apart, then turned around. For a moment my vision was eclipsed by her big ass, wrapped tightly in her black skirt. Then she pulled it up a little and lowered herself on to my lap. She started to grind without mercy, my hard cock pushing into her through my shorts. As she rubbed into me her skirt went higher still. The sensation was intense, her skin on my bare legs and her giant ass pushing into my cock.

Finally I grabbed her tits and pulled her to me and started kissing her neck. When she turned her head I started passionately making out with her. I knew this was dangerous territory but I needed to have her and it was clear she desperately wanted to be taken. We got up from the chair and I pushed her against the wall, kissing her greedily. As we kissed I palmed her big ass cheeks under her skirt and finally unzipped it and pulled it down. She grabbed my cock through my shorts, then pulled it out. I peeled down her panties and was ready to push inside her when she stopped me. I suddenly panicked, thinking that she had second thoughts but I watched her bend over, naked on the bottom, and hand me a condom from her purse.

Kate knelt before me and started to expertly suck my cock. It felt amazing. Abby almost never put my cock in her mouth, and she certainly didn’t know how to suck it like this. I grabbed Kate’s hair, directing her head back and forth and she obediently followed my direction. I got a little rougher, fucking her face and she also took this obligingly.

I remembered her talking about the spanking she had received, so I pulled out of her mouth, and directed her to get on all fours. I told her to raise her ass high for me and again she acquiesced. She looked so slutty like that, wearing a top, but her big bare ass presented to me, ass cheeks spread exposing her already damp pussy. I slapped her ass suddenly and hard, and followed that with several hard swats that made her ass bright red. She flinched and gasped at the blows, but seemed determined to take whatever I was going to give. I told her what a good slut she was and could see she was grateful to Trabzon Escort Bayan be told. I roughly stuck one finger into her, then another. She writhed and told me moaned with pleasure and I told her to beg for me to fuck her. Without hesitation she started to plead.

“Oh, God, fuck me with that hard cock. I need all of it inside me. Fuck me Scott.”

I teased her longer, then spanked her again and told her I liked that she was such a desperate slut. My cock was throbbing with excitement so I finally took the condom, put it on, positioned her over a chair, then plunged into her. I pushed all the way in right away and she yelped a little with surprise but quickly started to push back into me to make sure she took all my cock. She was not as tight as Abby, but she was wet and easy. My body slapped against her ass as I pulled up her top and squeezed her big nipples.

I must have been with girls who were as into getting fucked as much as Kate was that night, but I couldn’t remember when. It made me want to own her.

“You’ve been waiting for this a long time, haven’t you?”, I asked as I rammed into her. “You couldn’t wait to be my fuckbunny whore!”

Kate came loudly as I taunted her, biting her lip and nodding. I turned her around and got her on her knees then started to jack myself off in front of her face. She opened her mouth eagerly and I finally couldn’t hold back. I shot into her mouth, but also on to her eyes and tits. She looked like such a slut with my cum all over her and I told her so. She thanked me for fucking her so well, then went to clean herself up.

While Kate was gone the magnitude of what I had done started to sink in. Abby was the most beautiful girl I have ever been with. Was I going to blow it all on her very average roommate? I tried to think of the best way to extract myself from the situation gracefully while I heard her splashing water in the bathroom. When Kate came back out she was completely naked, looking disheveled but sexy. I started to tell her that this was all one time but she quickly got on her knees and started to suck my flaccid cock. I got a little annoyed and started to push her away but she looked up at me and said she wanted me inside all of her holes.

My cock twitched in her hand then she took me in her mouth again. This time I responded, hardening as she licked my shaft. She started to give the best blow job I have ever had, but all I was thinking about was what i would be like to push inside her asshole. I had never had anal sex, but it was a fantasy for me. Soon my cock was big enough to fill her mouth again and she was eagerly showing me her deep throat skills. Without being told she turned and bent over the chair.

“Spread your ass cheeks for me.” I croaked.

Kate presented her asshole to me, reaching back and rubbing some lube on to it as I told her what a good bitch she was. I pushed my cock all the way in. I knew this would have to hurt but I didn’t care. She was going to get what she was begging me for. Kate yelled out in real pain, but I kept pushing. Her ass was so tight and very warm and I didn’t want to stop. Kate fought past the pain and started to moan gibberish,

“Fuckkkk…yes…ohhh…cock, mmmmphhh…fuuucccckkk.”

The whole thing was very hot for me and before long I shot into her ass, and watched my cum slide along her ass crack and down her leg. Kate looked at me over her shoulder and smiled back at me. She started to straighten but I held her bent over.

“You understand this is between us right?”

Kate nodded back at me.

“Good girl. You can be my little cumslut, but Abby can never know.”

Kate nodded again and I slapped her ass hard and told her to clean herself up. I wondered if it just might be possible to pull this off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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