My Igloo

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With every snowstorm since the 1st I have worked hard at this. I packed snow, I reinforced the sides when it got warm and finally today I got the roof on it. You said if I could build it you would, I’m hoping when you get home and see it you’ll be true to your word and not chicken out. I’m waiting just inside the door when you pull in. Your headlights splash across the snow covered lawn and hit on my igloo. You turn the truck off and come in the house.

I greet you at the door with a great big kiss and ask; ” Well what do you think?”

You say, ” I see you’ve been working hard at your igloo again today.”

I smile and shake my head yes. ” I got the roof finished today. Wanna check it out?”

You grab me in your arms and kiss me fiercely maneuvering us inside the house further. “It’s kinda cold out there, ” you mumble kissing my neck.

” I know. We can take blankets if you like or the sleeping bags. I zipped them together to make a big sleeping bag we both will fit in. Wont have room for very many positions anyhow.”

Your hands wander up under my t-shirt tweaking a nipple as you still move in the direction of the couch. “MM then why not stay in here where its nice and warm Ill help you make it even hotter.”

“You said “If I built it” you would,” I pout, sticking out my bottom lip.

You kiss my protruding lip. ” I know and I will, but not tonight. I have tomorrow off we can go out when its daylight and warmer.”

“You promise?”

“Yes I promise. Now come over here and keep me warm.”

” Ok but I think your just saying that to get in my pants, ” I say trying to sound hurt, but playful.

” No I’m not babe, ” you say. ” They don’t look very good on me.” You laugh and pull me down onto your lap as you sit on the couch. You grab at the hem of my shirt and try to tug it up, but I hold it down playfully. You grab my hands and hold them together with one of yours as you lift my shirt up with the other. Kissing my hard nipples lightly you pull my arms down behind me tangled in my t-shirt, thrusting my tits into your face. You busy yourself kissing one then the other licking them kissing them teasing them with your lips. I moan deeply as you do this. My head tilts back thrusting them further into your face. I grind my hot crotch down onto your lap. Your hands tangle into my long hair and you pull my face to yours kissing me deeply. Our tongues dance around each other. We tip over on the couch together, my arms pinned behind my back, and you slowly kiss your way down my body.

Kissing my neck, the little curve at the base you trace with your tongue- goose bumps appear on my skin, I shiver. You chuckle a little without a word I know what your smart comment would be about being cold, but you keep to yourself. You slowly swirl your tongue around my left nipple, gently sucking it into your mouth. You play with it in your mouth with your tongue, gently nip at it and then release it as you move over to the right. You slowly swirl your tongue around nipple. You blow cool air across it then suck the cool air back in, oh that drives me nuts. I arch my back offering my nipple up to you as my lips quiver slightly. You gently kiss my nipple then slowly move down my body further kissing and nipping me along the way. As you reach my belly button you trace around it with your tongue. Gently testing the sides, then thrusting your tongue into it. You wiggle your tongue back and forth and I moan very loudly. I feel your lips kissing my belly button then you move down further.

I feel the heat from your chin on my clit as your lips reach the top of my shaved pussy. Slowly you lick down the left side of my pussy lips with just the tip of your tongue. Reaching the bottom you kiss where the 2 sides meet. Then you lick your way back up the right side. When you reach the middle I feel your tongue flicker over and across my clit ring. With your tongue you flip it up and lick the hard nub of my clit, then you flip it back down and press the ball against my nub, moving it back and forth. I arch my back more thrusting my pussy up against your face. I moan even louder as you move your tongue back and forth. You kiss my clit and then lift your face up and move over to the inside of my left thigh, I groan very loudly with pleasure as I feel your hot breath on the inside of my thigh and you gently kiss nibble your way down the inside of my leg.

I jump and giggle a little when you kiss the backside of my knee. You chuckle a little as you continue your way down my calf and kiss the inside of my ankle, licking your way along the insole of my foot down to my red toenails. You kiss the tip of each toe very lovingly. Then you move over to the right foot, starting on my little toe you kiss Rize Escort your way back inwards. Kissing the insole of my foot, then the ankle gently lovingly. Your lips kiss my calf then my knee I jump again. My mind swims in pleasure as you work your way back up.

I feel the heat from your mouth near my wet slit. I feel your tongue flicker across my clit. I gasp. Your tongue slides along the inside of my slit, just touching the outside of my sweet hole. The juices are starting to flow out of me. You readily lap at the juices. I wrap my legs around your body, pressing my feet into your back. Your tongue slides into my hole, I jump as I feel the heat from your mouth and tongue in my pussy. Your fingertips reach up and tease my very hard nipples. I groan in pure pleasure. My mind numbs as you lick my pussy, your tongue flickering across my clit. I feel the gentle air being blown on my clit, then you suck back in across my clit, the feelings are so incredible. You slide up and kiss my clit, the top of my pelvic area, my belly slowly working your way up your tongue flickers in and out of belly button. I feel your hard cock through your jeans pressing against me as you kiss first my right nipple and then my left. Your lips gently trail up my neck; I struggle to free my still pinned arms from beneath me as your lips cover mine. Kissing making love with our tongues to the other.

I finally get my arms free and my hands wrap up around your head pulling you harder against me, I wrap my legs around you pressing my pussy hard against your hardening cock. You break free of my kiss, you whisper against my ear that you love me. I whisper I love you back as my hands tug at your waist of your jeans. I finally undo the button and pull your pants open. I snake my hand in and gently stroke your cock with my fingertips. I pull your shirt off of you, kissing your nipples gently I feel the hair tickle my lips. I kiss your neck, as your lips crush down on mine, the soft hair rubs on my nipples. I manage to hook my feet into the waist of your pants and push them down your legs.

“Hungry?” You ask. I nod my head yes as I maneuver my hips so that I can feel the head of your cock on my clit. You raise yourself up and I tilt my body towards you, your cock slides into me. I let out a deep moan. My legs wrap up and around your body, my feet hook over your ass pulling you deeper into me. Slowly you begin to glide your cock in and out of my pussy. You lean forward, your lips lock with mine as our bodies move rhythmically together. Your hands in my hair, gently caressing. Slowly we make love. I can feel the hair on your chest lightly rubbing my hard nipples, your cock sliding in and out of my pussy our mouths kissing caressing the others.

Our pace quickens, as our need becomes more urgent. Two bodies pressing against each other trying to become one. My back arches up to meet every one of your downward thrusts. Our bodies move together sliding apart then back together. Kissing our hands exploring, caressing the others body. My nails gently running up and down your back, I moan against your lips as my body tenses under yours. Urgently our bodies pick up the pace. Slamming into each other, I bury my face in your chest as I let out a low scream. My pussy tightens around your cock, I bite my lip trying not to scream out afraid of waking the kids. Our bodies grind harder into each other, our breathing quickens. As my pussy spasms around your cock, I feel your cock jump inside me and at the same time I feel your lips over mine inhaling the scream I release as our orgasms over come us. Our bodies subside; we kiss, holding each other close. Slowly you pull up away from me.

“Shall we go to bed?” You ask. I nod my head yes, I moan and you lean in and kiss me again as another after shock ripples through my body. Slowly you raise up off of me, kick off your jeans and help me up. Together we walk kissing to the bedroom, climbing into bed we snuggle up against each other; my arm lightly drapes across your chest. Your arm wraps around my shoulder gently caressing it. You turn your head and kiss me. You whisper ” I love you” and I whisper ” I love you” back. We sigh together and fall asleep in one another’s arms.

The next morning I woke, stretched, opened my eyes and saw you. I smiled as I snuggled against you remembering that you didn’t have to leave today. Your arm gently wrapped around me, I gently kissed you. Quietly I slipped out of bed, slid on a robe and went to make coffee. I got the kids around quietly and sent them off to school. After the bus left I brought you a cup of coffee.

Leaning over I kiss you and say, ” Wake up sleepyhead.”

You smile, returning the kiss. I break the kiss and hand you the cup of Rize Escort Bayan coffee. ” Where are the kids, ” you ask.

“Gone to school. ”

” Already?”

” Yep its midmorning. I let you sleep in cuz you didn’t have to work.”

” How sweet of you.” I just shrug as I lean over and kiss you again. Somehow you manage to put the coffee on the stand and wrap both your arms around me pulling me into the middle of the bed with you. We snuggle and kiss your hand pulls my robe open. I feel your fingers lightly caress my bare skin. As much as I hate to I stop you. You look at me questioningly as I slide out the other side of the bed. I grab a pair of my jeans and your jeans, 2 flannels and with my pointer finger beckon you to follow me. I go to the bathroom and start us a shower knowing I’m tempting fate but wanting to be clean. You follow as I step into the shower. I stand under the spray facing you the water running down my breast across my tummy coming together in a V and running off my pussy lips.

I hand you the washcloth and soap, tilt my head back into the water, thrusting my tits out to you. You generously lather my breasts, the nipples hardening under your touch I moan and my legs involuntarily part slightly as your hands work their way down my body. Just as I feel your finger tips flicker across my clit ring I turn, handing you the shampoo. I hear you chuckle, but I feel your fingers in my hair, gently you lather up my hair. Oh how much I love this. I hear you Whisper in my ear to turn around lost in your touch I do as you bid. As your lips cover mine my mind clicks its going to take every ounce of my will power not to give into you this morning. Your hands run through my long hair, rinsing all the shampoo from it. Your hands cup under my ass, pulling me close to you but also signaling all the shampoo is out.

With great effort I get us turned around so you are under the spray. I soap up your body pushing you directly under the water. I shampoo your hair, it rinses quickly and I soap your whole body. My how beautiful your cock is in the water. My lips part in anticipation how much I want to kiss it, I want to take it down my throat. I keep telling my self soon very soon. I have to get out of the shower before I loose all control. I turn the water off behind you, you wrap your arms around me, we kiss deeply passionately. Breathlessly I break free, I grab a towel and practically jump out of the shower I toss you one as I grab my jeans and flannel and leave the bathroom, if I stay in there any longer with you I wont get us where I want to be. Quickly I pull on my clothes, slide my feet into my boots and as you emerge from the bathroom I’m debating what to do next.

Thank goodness you put your clothes on, helps with the temptation. I know your not upset or confused by my actions, perhaps a little amused. I skirt around you to get back in the bathroom; I have to brush my hair out. I hear you chuckle lovingly as I dart in. I quickly brush my long hair out. When I reemerge I see your sliding on your boots.

” I’m guessing we are going somewhere, ” you say with a hint of merriment in your voice.

“Yep, ” I reply with confidence. I smile, a twinkle of mischief in my eyes. ” We are going out to play in the snow. ”

” Oh, ” you say with an upraised eyebrow. ” What do you plan to play in the snow?”

I give you this look that says you know and say, ” Ohh I don’t know but I thought I’d show you my igloo. After that perhaps I’ll have to defend my fort and bombard you with snowballs. ”

You laugh lightly at me. ” Where’s my snow fort?”

“ If you’re nice maybe I’ll let you share mine.” I grab my jacket, toss you yours, slip mine on, and a pair of gloves.

” Do we need anything else?”

” Yeah we’ll need the sleeping bags. I didn’t want them to get cold so I kept them in here. I zipped them together last night to make a 2 man bag then rolled them up, they are over there, ” I say pointing to a large bundle near the door.

You grab them up and say, ” Ok show me this igloo.” I lead you out across the yard.

” You follow me in ok?” As I get down on my knees and crawl in.

I hear you whistle, ” What a nice sight!” I toss a handful of light snow at you. You dodge and laugh lightly. I smile and wriggle my ass more then needed to get in. When I get in I turn around to take the sleeping bag you hand in. I work on the ties as you crawl in to join me. ” Nice job. Can we go inside now? ”

I look at you and pretend to pout. ” If you want you can, but I’m going to stay out here.” I lean over and wrap my arms around your neck kissing you hard. I feel your arms wrap around me, pulling me closer to you. I pull you over with me Escort Rize onto the bag. I caress the hardening lump in your jeans. ” Are you sure?”

” Yes, If I wasn’t we wouldn’t have gotten here, ” you say. My fingertips rub across the hard lump in your jeans, I bend over and gently kiss it through your jeans. I reach up and unzip your jeans, freeing your cock. I take the tip in my mouth, kissing it. I feel your hands tugging at my coat I slide out of it and toss it up at the head of the bags. I pull the top one over so they lay open pressing you down I resume licking and kissing your cock. As I take your cock deep in my throat I undo the button on your jeans. I moan against your cock, sliding up to the head kissing it I maneuver my self between your legs on my knees, I reach down as my mouth glides down. I untie your boots, wondering why you ever tied them, as my mouth goes deep. Feeling the head in my throat I hold it and alternate between hard sucking and just holding it. I push your boots off; you kick them off to the side as I kneel between your legs my head slowly twisting its way back up to the head.

As I draw you back into my mouth slowly I grab hold of the waistband of your jeans and gently tug them down. I twist my way back up and as I reach the head I tug the waist of your jeans down over your ass, you raise up your hips thrusting your cock deep in my mouth so I can pull your jeans down. Holding your cock in my mouth I move off to the side. Sliding my wet mouth up I push your jeans further down your thighs. Sliding my mouth up and down I get your jeans down far enough I can once again climb between them. I press them down further around your ankles with my feet as I continue to glide my mouth up and down over your cock. You kick your feet free as I take your cock deep in my throat again and hold it, letting your body do the work of moving your cock in my mouth. I feel your hands on my shoulders and I look up, you nimbly undo my flannel revealing my naked breasts underneath, the nipples so hard.

I slide up on top of you and kiss your lips. My hands quickly undo your buttons, I feel your fumbling with the button on my jeans, and I inhale sharply. I finally get your flannel undone and run my fingers through the hair on your chest. I gasp as I feel the cold air hitting my backside you pull my jeans down to my knees quickly. I hear you chuckle as you roll me over onto the edge of the bag and in one move you quickly remove my jeans all together. I pull your flannel off of you and kiss your right nipple, then your left nipple. Your hand wraps in my hair and pulls my head back you crush my lips with yours, I groan. My hips raise up to yours; you press back down against me, teasing the pussy lips with the tip of your cock. I spread my legs, wrapping them up around your back. You pull back as I try to pull you down and into me. A cool draft flows in the door way across your ass and across my pussy. I moan against your lips as we kiss. How incredible a feeling the natural cool air and the heat of our bodies together.

I reach over and flip the top of the bag over your back. At the same time we both reach for the zipper, we giggle against each other’s mouths. I let you zip us in, as I concentrate my effort at licking, teasing your nipples with my tongue, then move up and nibble your Adams apple as the zipper comes all the way up. My legs wrap around your back and now it is harder for you to pull away, as I rub my wet pussy lips up and down over your cock. Finally you relent and with a gentle push the head enters my pussy. I whisper yes in your ear as I feel this. You look me in the eyes locking them as you push all the way in my pussy spasming around your cock. You hold it as you kiss me your eyes wide open looking me in the eye. Slowly you back out, my back arching trying to keep you in me, then relax and pull back as you press back forward I raise up to you.

You grind your pelvis bone against my clit, then pull back. Our bodies slowly slide together then apart then back as we make love very slowly confined in our sleeping bag. The heat is incredible in our little world; our bodies pick up speed. I watch your face, kissing your lips, sucking your bottom lip. The wonderful feeling of your coarse chest hair rubbing on my hard nipples. My pussy spasms around your cock, my moans becoming louder screams with each stroke. My nails dig into your back, you lean forward kiss me deeply and I scream against your lips. I feel your cock jump in my pussy, knowing the end is near both of our bodies begin driving harder against each other. Faster and harder your cock drives into my soaking wet pussy. I let out a long low scream, my pussy spasms very hard, the juices running all over your cock. Your cock jumps and I feel your hot cum spraying all over the inside of my pussy. Our bodies cumming together as one. Our arms entwined around each other, kissing each other.

” Thank you!,” I whisper in your ear when I regain some composure. We snuggle against each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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