My Mom Has No Choice Ch. 06

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The hot water continued to pour over us. My mother’s mouth sucking on the head of my circumcised helmet was the only physical connection between us. The hot water sprayed into my upturned face from the rain shower head. Each contraction of my cock sent a lesser amount of cum into my mother’s mouth. Her lips sucking hungrily. My eyes closed in the complete ecstasy of the moment; the vision in my mind of her naked, wet, the water cascading over her skin, crouching down in front of me, her legs spread wide, my mom’s cheeks indented as she sucked the sperm from my cock swallowing it. Her own words, ‘You can do whatever with want with me,’ filled me with power as another contraction filled and fed her face.

I felt my cock last spasm of cum being sucked from it. My dicks, its resources drained, softened. My mom still sucking greedily on the head trying to coax another drop from it. I put my hand on her head, pitying her. My mother was noting more then a cum graving slut. Wanting even more of her own son’s cum. I pushed back her head and she fell back on her ass on the shower floor. Looking up at me, her expression changed from bliss to recognizing from my face what I thought of her.

I reached down offering her my hand to pull her up. She took it and stood, looking down.

I leaned over and took the shampoo bottle and handed it to her. She squeezed some shampoo into her hand and started to wash her hair as I turned and grabbed some soap and started to wash myself. As she lathered her hair and massaged the shampoo through it, the soap and water glistened over her skin. Her arms raised, I looked at her clean shaven armpits, something about them made my cock twitch.

She leaned forward and rinsed the soap out of her hair. When she was done, I twirled the soap bar in my hands and ran my lathered hands over her neck, shoulder, under her arms. She raised her arms slightly giving me access to her pits. Again, my cock twitched, this time from the touch of her hairless, smooth, armpits. I washed them for another second and then moved down her sides. I took my hands away to lather them up again. She let the water rinse the soap off her. She raised her hands over her head to let the water cascade and clean the soap off her pits. I watched the water do its job. I loved the way she looked with her hands over her head.

I took my soaped-up hand and washed her tits, squeezing them gently, moving down over her stomach and then her pussy. She spread her legs slightly to allow my access. I slid my fingers over her sparse pubic hair, around and between her lips. My other hand reached around and I parted the cheeks of her ass to clean the crack. The water rinsing the soap off her as soon as I washed her.

I now crouched down in front of her, lathered up my hands and washed her thighs, lingering a bit on her inner thighs as I gazed at the water streaming down over and off her sparse pubic hair. I washed off her calves and stood, looking down at her.

She sighed, leaned her head on my chest, put her arms around me; “Oh William, what have we done?”

I gently pushed her head off my chest and her arms fell off me. She then took the bar of soap, lathered up her hands and then reached out and took my cock and balls sac and cleaned them. She gently pulled my flaccid dick to her, looking down at it, soaping it up, lovingly cleaning it. She then massaged my balls with the soap lather, taking a step back to let the water rinse me off. Twirling the bar of soap in her hands, she slid one hand down between my legs and clean my taint and then, as I spread my feet wider apart for her, she moved her hand further up my back side and cleaned the crack of my ass, paying close attention to my ass hole.

She moved her hand back to the front of me and released my cock and balls and let the water again, clean me off.

“Enough.” I said sternly and turned off the water. I stepped from the shower and grabbed a towel to dry myself off. My mother reached for her towel and wrapped it around her head and then took a long white terry cloth robe from the back of the door and put it on. She swiped at the mirror with her hand to take the steam off so she could look at herself. Her image only lasted a second as the mist returned on the mirror.

I opened the bathroom door, turned and looked at her. She was looking at me, her expression was blank.

“Mom, I want you to put on something that you’d wear when you want dad to fuck you. You know, lingerie. Fix your hair up, make-up, but no perfume or deodorant, I want to smell and taste the real you. You understand what I want mother?”

She nodded and just above a whisper, “Yes William. I understand.”

Her use, again, of my proper name, this time it gave me a sense of how much I was in control of her.

“Call me when you’re done.” I turned and walked out of the room, with the towel draped around my waist. I went into the den, played back the security video and the position I had placed my mother in was perfect, from her Magosa Escort sucking my cock to me fucking her. I smiled and thought, ‘how many guys got to record the lost of their virginity and to their MOTHER no less!’ Again, I made a back up of the disk. I then delete both the episodes from the security system, my mom with that old fucker and then my mom and me. I chuckled; ‘If it hadn’t been for old Tommy boy, I wouldn’t be fucking my mother. Thanks Tom.’

I went my back into the living room, picked our clothes of the floor and threw them into the laundry room hamper. I then went to my room to get ready for my mom. I hid the scan disks and then I put on a short sleeved button shirt, a pair of boxers and some calf high white socks. Pants? No why bother. I then sat on my bed and looked over to my computer. GOD! I had homework to do, it was Thursday, a fucking school night. I laughed out loud thinking, ‘I’m sure mom will call the school in the morning and let them know I’m not feeling well and that I’m staying home so she can suck my cock!’

Good. a nice long weekend with MOM.

I lay back on the bed and thinking of my mom, standing in front of me for the first time, with her hands over her head, totally naked. I closed my eyes and went to sleep.

I awoke to a my mom’s voice calling from across the hall from her bedroom to mine.

“William, I’m ready.”

The word shocked me awake, ‘Ready’. I could feel my heart pumping in my chest. My breathing was heavy. ‘Ready’. Shit!

I got myself off the bed, wiped some drool off my mouth with my shelve. Glanced in the mirror, straighten my hair with my hand, and walked out of my room across the hall to my parents bedroom.

I stopped in the doorway. There stood my mom next to the bed. She was wearing a short mid-thigh shear lacy black robe. Underneath I could see her matching black lacy bra and panties. The three-inch black heels accentuated and shaped her calves and thighs. The black mid-thigh covering nylons added the perfect touch.

I ran my eyes back up her body, taking it in again, I focused on her face. She looked years younger with her make-up on and her hair flowed out around it down to her shoulders.

I took her all in. SHE WAS BEATIFUL and she was mine.

I walked over to her. She looked at me, with her heels on she was almost at eye level with me. I stopped about a foot way from her and again eyed her up and down. I then walked slowly around her. Her ass looked tighter, pushed up by high heels.

I inhaled. My mom smelt natural and fresh.

I stood in front of her. Our eyes met. I quickly took my right hand and put it on her neck right under her chin. I could feel the artery pulse under my fingers. Her eyes opened wide as my hand reached and squeezed neatly around her throat. Her lips parted, her breathing steady, but heavy. She reached up with both her hands and gripped my wrist and forearm. Not speaking, just a frightened look on her face. I lifted my hand up slightly, forcing her to stand on her heeled toes. I started to move forward, forcing her to make tiny steps back on her toes.

My mom tightened her grip on my arm and lifted herself up to take pressure of her neck from my hand. I moved her back further until her back was pushed into the wall. She grunted when she felt the jolt of the wall and her back. I stood glaring at her. My arm straight out. A firm grip around on her neck.

Her face flushed red. Her breathing was heavier, but not from my grip, from the uncertainty of what was happening. I held her in place, just staring at her. Then that familiar scent rose from her pussy. She was stimulated by the domination, the helplessness of her position. Her eyes narrowed; her breathing was hollow through her parted red lips.

Still holding her in place, I bent my arm, tilted my head and kissed her solidly on the mouth. I ran my tongue over the outside of her teeth. She sighed a silent warm breath of air into my mouth. Then our tongue met and took turns swapping each other’s mouth.

I took my other hand and grabbed a hold of one of her wrists and put it over her head, holding it there. She moved her other hand up and held the hand of the wrist I was holding. I then took both wrists in my hand tightening my grip and kissed her hard. I felt her body wiggle under my grasp as her toes barely touched the floor.

I tightened my grasp around her throat and scowled at her. My mom looked confused and frightened. I then released my grip from around her throat. She gasped for air and her body lowered to where her heels now touched the floor. I lowered my hand, not touching her. I looked at her pinned against the wall. Her wrists held high in my hand. We were face to face.

I pushed my hand against her soaking wet, laced, panty covered pussy. As I pushed two laced covered fingers into the warmth of her cunt, she let out a girlish sigh, “OOOOHHHHH”. I moved my fingers deeper into her past the panties, she lowered her pelvis Kıbrıs Escort to try and get as much of my fingers into as she could.

I pulled my fingers out of her and this time her sigh had a tinge of disappointment. I let go of her wrists.

I ordered, “Turn and put your hands against the wall.”

She obeyed.

I bent down and looking straight at her ass, I reached up and yanked the pantie’s out of her pussy and off her. I moved them down her thighs, over her calves and tugged them off her feet. I held them in my hand. I then stood and forced the soaked panties into her mouth.

“Suck your juices off them mom.”

I then again crouched down again behind her admiring her ass. I took my hands against her hips and pulled her toward me. Her hands slid down and her face pushed against the wall. I moved my hands between her soft, inner thighs, moving them apart. I crouched lower. Looking at her now exposed cunt, I put my mouth up to her pouting pussy lips and let my tongue slice into her pussy. My nose pressed hard into the crack of her ass.

A muffled, “OH GOD BILLY,” escaped from her mouth, as my tongue probed her. Her taste and scent bringing my cock to life. I moved from her pussy, up the crack of her ass and ran my tongue up and down the crease. I found the button of her butt and circled my tongue around it and then pushed into it. I heard her sigh as my tongue prodded her asshole. She moved her ass back into my face trying to get my tongue to probe deeper.

My cock was now fully erect. I moved my face from her butt and stood back up. I positioned my hands on her hips, moving her pussy to the level of my pointed cock head. I moved to the mouth of her pussy, just parting its lips, letting her feel my engorged head against her. Then in one trust I sliced all my cock into her. Her face forced into the wall; her fingers spread wide pushing back. She moaned around the panties stuffed in her mouth.

I held still, enjoying the warmth and dampness of my encased cock in my mother’s pussy.

I moved my hips slowly back, letting my cock ease out of the inside flesh of her cunt. When I got to just my head being in her, I again rammed my dick into her. Now I quickened the pace and started to hammer my staff in and out of her. Not caring that with each stroke I was smashing her face into the wall. I looked down, my fingers digging into her hips, holding her tightly as I continued to assault her cunt. Each trust causing her to gasp around her mouthful of panties.

The sight drove me to fuck her harder, to push myself as deep as I could with each stroke. Wanting to hear her moan. I let one hand go from her hip and moved it in front of her and smacked her clit hard. She let out a muffled “YELP” and then I massaged her rigged clit with my fingers. Stopping only to slap it. I moved my finger all around it, pulling the knob, twisting it, then I felt her pussy start to shudder, then her ass and then the tremor took over her whole body as she shook in an intense orgasm. My cock buried deep inside her EXPLODED with her. Filling her with my sperm, our warmth fluids mixing together and leaking out of her and down her inner thighs.

I let my balls empty into her, delighting in the moment. When my cock was limp, I let it fall from her pussy. A glob of our mixture, falling to the floor.

I grabbed my mom by the hair. Pulled her face from the wall and turned her to face me. I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her down. She had one knee on the ground the other up. Her legs apart.

“Clean me.”

My mother looked up at me and then, as she had done before, took my dripping dick head to her lips and sucked it into her mouth. Looking up at me, she kept sliding her face onto my cock until she had the hole piece of meat in her mouth. Sucking the remaining cum out of me and licking her own juices off my dick. I just looked down, watching my mother piston my cock in and out of her face.

It doesn’t take a boy of 18 years to revive. My cock started to stiffen. She reached up with one hand as she moved her mouth off my cock. She held my dick firmly as it continued to harden and them used her mouth and tongue my ball sac. I smiled when I noticed her other hand between her thighs, dipping in and out of her pussy. God, the woman, my mother, is an insatiable slut.

Suddenly, her body began to shiver. SHIT, my mom was having another orgasm. Not as intense as the one she had just had, but one that made her suck my dick harder between her lips. As the quaking ebbed and ended, I pulled back from her. Her eyes questioning me. She half knelt on the floor, her fingers still dappling in her pussy. Her other hand letting go of my firm cock.

“Get on the bed mother, time to fuck.”

I moved over to the bed as she stood. I watched as she passed me. “Take off your robe and bra. Leave the stocking and heels on.”

She gave me a quick glance and then peeled off her lacy robe, unhooked her bra and let both Lefkoşa Escort of them fall to the floor. She got on the bed and lay on her back.

“No mom, get on all fours facing the dresser.” My mom turned over and propped herself on her knees in a kneeling position and then put her hand on the bed, her arms straight. She looked over at me and then straight ahead. Her eyes widen as she noticed she herself in the mirror.

I crawled up on the bed behind her. I looked at her reflection as she looked mine. Her dark wavy hair framing her face. Her make-up still intact, except for her lips stick which was not as bright as before since she worked on my dick. I saw her tits hanging, sagging down.

I got on my knees behind her, my dick pointing straight out. My cock and her pussy were at the same height. I moved forward, my cock head spreading her pussy lips.

My mom closed her eyes.

“Mom, look at yourself in the mirror. I want you to what your expression is when I penetrate your pussy.”

We both watched her face as I placed on of my hands on her hip, the other on her shoulder. Then I shoved forward, embedding my cock completely inside her pussy. Her mouth opened as she took a deep breath. I let out a low groan between my clinched teeth, as I watched my mother’s face and felt my cock entrenched in her canal. I started to move back in forth in a steady rhythm. My mom’s drooping tits swayed with each movement. Her mouth open, her eyes fixed on herself being fucked by her son. I pushed back harder with my hand on her shoulder. I saw her watch me raise my other hand off her hip and then whip down and smack her sharply on the ass.

She let out a cry, “OOOOOOHHHHHHH!” That filled the room. Her ass responded by pulling away from me. I gripped her shoulder and forced her back onto my cock as my hand came down again slamming into her ass, leaving its imprint. Again, she let out a cry, this time softer than the first. Each time she moved away and I pulled her back, her ass felt the stinging spank of my hand.

I felt like I was about to cum again, I held her back on my dick with both hands now on her shoulders. I waited till the feeling past, not wanting to release my next load just yet.

I eased my cock out of her pussy. She grasped it with her cunt muscles as I pulled out. Her mouth open, showed she was gasping for air. She was looking at herself in the mirror. Her tits hung still. Her dark hair framed her face beautifully.

I looked at the back of her head, her hair parted slightly, revealing her neck, her soft, slender shoulders, the smoothness of her back, her tapered waistline, her rounded hips and ass, and then the crack of her butt. My mother body on display for me. My rigid staff, glistening wet with my mom’s cum pointed at her.

I placed my hands on her hips and lifted myself up on my haunches. My feet on either side of my mom’s knees. I inched forward, my cock head pressing against my mother’s asshole.

“NO! GOD, NO!” she screamed as she tried to move way, but my hands on her hips held her in place.


I let go of her hips and she slumped to the bed on her elbows.

“Thank you, Billy,” she sighed.

Her sense of relief didn’t last long. I reached up with both hands, grabbed a fists fulls of my mother’s hair, pulled back hard, yanking her back up on all fours. My cock head again flush against her asshole. I pulled her head back. Looking at her reflection, her mouth open, eyes wide, mascara tears forming on the corner of her eyes.

I pushed the engorged helmet of my cock into her unyielding hole.

“I gave you my virginity mom, now give me yours.”

I pushed harder as I pulled back on her hair.

“OOOOOHHHHGGGGOOODDD!”, she wept out loud.

I felt her sphincter muscle give and the tip of my cock pressed slightly into her. Then more of my cock head eased into her hole. Unable to stop my invasion, she started to sob, as four mascara-stained tears etched down her cheeks from the corners of her eyes.

We both gasped as the complete head slipped passed her entrance and into her ass. Her anus closed tight around the top of my shaft. I eased it into my mom ass.

I kept my grip on her hair. Looking in the mirror, both of us had our lips apart, our teeth clinched together, whereas, I had a look of lustful anger, mom had a look of painful pleading. My eyes open, hers shut. Her whole body was tense. Her feet arched; her toes curled. She had a fistful of the bedspread in her hands.

I felt like I was slicing her open as my rod kept moving deeper into her ass. Her vain resistance to my intrusion only added to my desire to fuck her ass. I thought to myself, ‘ENOUGH’. I looked down at my dick in halfway into her butt, I grunted, jerked my hips forward and lodged the entire length of my cock in my mother’s ass.

I looked up into the mirror. My mom’s eyes and mouth were now opened wide. She made no sound. Holding her breath. Her whole body quivered. I held still. Crouched behind her, my inner thighs around her ass, my arms slightly bent, my fingers tangled in her hair pulling her head back. My cock embedded in her tight ass. She seemed to be holding my dick in place.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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